The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-05-18T00:43:25Z When Headsets and Classrooms Collide: Redmako Learning’s Virtual Reality Courses Take Students in to their Next Level of Excellence 2018-05-18T00:43:25Z when-headsets-and-classrooms-collide-redmako-learning-s-virtual-reality-courses-take-students-in-to-their-next-level-of-excellence Redmako Learning is hosting Morning Tea events to launch the 2019 programs that will keep students engaged and accelerate them into success in the real world.  Redmako Learning will exhibit over 25 courses to add value to curriculums and introduce the expansion of VR Classrooms. These courses allow students to learn in an engaging environment, utilising advanced technologies and access optimum training, which in turn creates ample employment opportunities upon completion.  Explore the features of the VR diplomas with a hands-on showcase demonstrated by Redmako Learnings leading trainers and experience firsthand the innovative journey the students will be undertaking in 2019.  Understanding the needs of schools, Redmako Learning has created four categories to offer flexible course options to cater to students; including partnerships for classroom, employment, school-based apprenticeships, traineeships and virtual reality.   Training can be modified between trainers, or the teachers within the school. Redmako Learning’s courses have been developed to work in conjunction with curriculums to enhance student skills, QCE points, boosts tertiary entrance ranks and is a pathway into the student’s vocational future.    Courses are not limited to the number of students enrolled. Redmako Learning offers superior support to schools and students alike, from the initial signup through to employment, making the process of excellence a stress-free transition.  Testimonials “It’s been a phenomenal learning experience for the students and one they’ve been really excited about. Virtual reality brings a sense of excitement to the students and you can see that transfer into their motivation to take the course. They look forward to their Tuesday afternoon when they take their business modules. Its reflective of the success they are having because they are more motivated to actually learn by VR.” — Kevin O’Dwyer, Business Curriculum Leader at Southern Cross Catholic College   “The students are enjoying the program, they’re enjoying the content.  They have the option of using the diploma as an entry which reduces really the stress involved of doing year 11 and 12 in school. The diploma gives the equivalent of an OP9, that’s very advantageous for our students. To have actual diplomas available to the students at a very, very cheap price in comparison to what past students have done through different RTOs, I think you can’t go wrong.”– Bernadette Natoli, VET Coordinator and Careers Counsellor at St John’s Catholic College     “Virtual reality is new, it’s different, it’s fun, I like it.  I would recommend it.” — Kyle Foran, Diploma of Business VR Student at Southern Cross Catholic College    “I would recommend it because it’s a new exciting way to learn, there’s lots of cool features you can do with the VR and it’s just really exciting.” — Michael Mailer, Diploma of Business VR Student at Southern Cross Catholic College    “Working in conjunction with the school its enabled the students to have a really great step up into senior years. Give them practical skills that can help them gain employment in the workplace. The students have actually taken to the delivery of VETiS program in the classroom setting really well.” — Peita Rollings, Hospitality Trainer at Redmako Learning      “We work alongside Redmako. They give us the material, they come in to one out of three lessons a week and my job is to deliver the content they give me. They also come additionally if there is an assessment, they are the assessors as they do the marking – which is good as a teacher.”– Eleanor Armstrong, Hospitality Teacher at Northside Christian College    CONTACT:  Celeste Grice  Schools Program Specialist at Redmako Learning Mobile: 0426 253 075 Email:    Reuben Brennan  CEO at Redmako Learning   Mobile: +61 0412331883  Email:  Launch of first Virtual Reality classrooms in QLD 2018-01-11T07:39:19Z launch-of-first-vr-classrooms-in-qld In a first for Queensland, Brisbane based company Redmako Learning is set to change the education system with the launch of Virtual Classrooms in 2018.  Redmako Learning is fusing Diplomas with an advanced virtual reality (VR) platform to enhance the process and maximise the potential of our Queensland students; the technology can “teleport” students to different environments all over the world to create real industry experience.  The technology uses Avatars and 3D Hologram models to give students a 360- degree perspective through their VR headsets on the places or environments they could encounter in the real world.  Redmako Learning CEO, Reuben Brennan, said he wanted to offer students more options by launching this cutting-edge technology into secondary schools and enhance their learning experience with this engaging platform to complete their diploma.  “We can teleport our class anywhere in the world and actually immerse them in a 360-degree interactive video,” he said.   “Typically, in a classroom environment, a minimum number of students would have to be required of a particular subject matter …  for a trainer to attend site.   “We have the opportunity with VR to formulate classes from all around the state and world to be in the same session at one time.”  St John’s College, Nambour, is among the first schools to trial Redmako Learning’s Virtual classrooms in 2018.  Careers counsellor and VET coordinator, Bernadette Natoli, ‘travelled to Antarctica’ during her demonstration of this platform and said she was very impressed with the simulated experience and is looking forward to students benefiting from this new program.  “I am always looking for creative solutions and opportunities for our students,” Ms Natoli said.  “This program piqued my interest because it was offering students cost-effective Diplomas, which hold more weight than most VET training, and will create more employment opportunities with the experience gained from this technology.  “This is the way of the future, our students are very excited to try virtual classrooms.”  Redmako Learning is offering a Diploma of Business, Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management and Diploma of Event Management in virtual classrooms and enrolments are still open for 2018.    Contacts:  Reuben Brennan, Redmako Learning CEO, 39  0412 331 883  Bernadette Natoli, St John’s College, Career counsellor and VET coordinator, 60  (07) 5441 2660  Driver Turned Chef is Redmako’s Trainee of the Year 2017-07-25T06:37:28Z driver-turned-chef-is-redmako-s-trainee-of-the-year Queensland, 14 July 2017 – Redmako Learning’s Hospitality Trainee of the Year for 2016 has been awarded to a young chef-in-the-making for his high level of self-reliance and development in the commercial kitchen. The award is presented to an individual who has been outstanding in all aspects of their training, and this year it was Nambour resident Eric Benson who received the accolade for his proven personal and career growth, demonstrated keenness, and development in training. Before starting his Certificate III in Commercial Cookery at Redmako Learning, 25-year-old Eric used to operate and drive heavy machinery in the oil and gas industry. Since then he has gone on to find a strong passion in the kitchen and win the title of Trainee of the Year out of more than 200 active and enrolled students. “Having found my passion is something which is important for me,” he says. “Now I can say that I can push myself to succeed in this industry, just to see how far I can take it. I never really want to settle for just getting by, it’s not me, and for me nothing compares to this. There’s just nothing like it. “For me it’s not so much a physical place, it’s more about making myself happy whether I’m in fine dining or working in a café, bistro or pub…it doesn’t really matter where I am so long as I’m using good products to produce quality food that people enjoy. “You can’t ask for more than that, right?” Eric says his apprenticeship helped shaped his life, whereby he could translate all his training into improving his personal world, and being supported by trainers and fellow colleagues was an important aspect of succeeding. He says learning to become a chef has changed his life. “A few months ago, I did a charity event with my executive chef in Brisbane, and it was on the penthouse of the Brisbane River Apartment,” he says. “There were 20-something people and I’m standing there looking at them, thinking that this time last year, I was working at a pub. It was just a really surreal moment for me – that I’ve come this far just from pushing myself at putting myself out there.” Redmako Learning trainer Ali Orchard says Eric showed the most improvement over the past year, and it was important for young people like him to consider hospitality because the industry was in their hands. She says it’s all about the support, and that having a trainer to talk openly to and ask questions of is an amazing benefit. “Eric showed creativity, dedication and innovation in his approach to cooking, which is why he won the Trainee of the Year Award,” she says. “He showed strong interests in sustainability, the environment and producing fresh produce. He is, and will be, an industry leader. “The future of the hospitality industry is in the hands of these young people, we have a responsibility to ensure they have everything they need to keep it going, to train them and develop them.” To be eligible for Redmako Learning’s Trainee of the Year Award, recipients had to complete or be due to complete a Redmako training course that led to a national recognised outcome or qualification, have a contract of training within their relevant state training authority, and excel in career and study achievements. About Redmako Learning Redmako Learning is a training specialist in niche industries including hospitality, business, tourism and events. We deliver up-to-date, dynamic and innovative Government certified training tailored by professionals, for professionals. Redmako Learning delivers training and assessment through traineeships and apprenticeships, Recognition of Prior Learning, in the classroom, and through virtual and eLearning tools. We also work with employers to help attract and retain great staff through pathway to employment program placements, traineeships, and apprenticeships. We are a market leader in providing dynamic tailored programs for students and jobseekers to meet the needs of our large, national employer database, and our success is evident through our ongoing partnerships with the largest employment services in Australia. For more information visit