The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-07-08T19:00:00Z Calls for councils to support overweight communities through National realSpaces innitiative 2016-07-08T19:00:00Z realspaces-launches-in-logan Research being launched today shows around one in six Australians (18 per cent) admit they don’t exercise at all. The study, carried out by CoreData and commissioned by Real Insurance indentified attitudes towards exercise, in the lead up to tomorrows launch of realSpaces in the City of Logan, QLD – the first of many free outdoor gyms that will be launched in communities across the country.  Logan has approximately 127,000 people overweight or obese, in a population of around 308,681 (41%). Meanwhile, according to the ABS, three in five (63 per cent) Australian adults and a quarter (25 per cent) of Australian children are overweight or obese. QLD has the highest rate of adult obesity in Australia at 30%, compared with 28% nationally.  Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert and Exercise Physiologist, Dr Bill Sukala, said there are mental as well as physical benefits to exercising outdoors. “The advantages of outdoor exercise can be far reaching, from boosted energy and cognitive performance to reduced stress and overall wellbeing. Not only that, but outdoor exercise is fun which increases the likelihood of sticking with it over the long-term” said Dr Sukala.Key findings from the researchToo Busy to Keep Fit More than a quarter (28 per cent) of Australians blame a lack of time for not getting the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise Desire to be active with families Three in five (63 per cent) wish they were more active outdoors with their family Almost half (45 per cent) of Australians feel there are not enough free community-based health initiatives in their area Cost Barriers Nearly two thirds (64 per cent) of those who exercise outside, do so because it is cheaper than the gym Australians Love the Outdoors Two in five (44 per cent) people who don’t have a gym membership say this is because they prefer exercising outside Most people (88 per cent) who like outdoor exercise do so because they enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and nearly three in five (58 per cent) say it improves their overall mood Unhealthy Nation Around one in six (18 per cent) admit they don’t exercise at all According to National ABS Statistics, three in five (63 per cent) Australian adults and a quarter (25 per cent) of Australian children are overweight or obese QLD snapshot 61% of people in QLD wish their families were more active outside People in QLD are most likely to prefer exercising outdoors even if they have a gym membership, with one in five (21%) stating this Compared to the state average (56.6%), residents of Logan City (51.9%) are less likely to perform sufficient physical activity to maintain their health* Queenslanders pay the highest gym membership fees at $29 per week ($1,508 per year) OVER 50 AND ‘OUT OF TOUCH’? AN AGEIST POPULATION PUTTING BABY BOOMERS OUT OF WORK, SAYS RESEARCH 2016-04-20T23:00:55Z over-50-and-out-of-touch-an-ageist-population-putting-baby-boomers-out-of-work-says-research A new study released today by Australian Seniors Insurance Agency (ASIA) reveals age discrimination in the workplace is rife, with close to half of Baby Boomer respondents claiming they’ve been turned down for a job past the age of 40 because of their age. The study is part of The Australian Seniors Series and is the second instalment of an ongoing national survey to investigate the shifting attitudes and concerns affecting Australia’s over 50 population. General Manager of Marketing and ASIA spokesperson Simon Hovell said, “This in depth research not only revealed the challenges this generation must tackle within their place of work, but the problems our ageing population face in trying to make a career change or re-enter the workforce. In fact, three in five of those over 50 said that they faced substantial obstacles in their attempts.” Many Baby Boomers face considerable age-related barriers in the workplace, with more than two in five respondents admitting they have felt stuck in an employment rut because a career change, opportunities or promotions are unlikely due to their age. Delving further into these challenges, close to half of Baby Boomers said it took longer than six months to find a new job when making a new career move or returning to work. A startling one in six said it took them five years or more to find a job. In addition, almost 60 percent of Baby Boomers who are considering early retirement said this decision would be influenced by not enjoying work and feeling that it is not worth trying to reskill at this stage in life. “Interestingly, amid organisations’ anxieties on the cost implications for healthcare with an ageing workforce, Baby Boomers are in fact three times less likely than Gen Y to use up all their sick leave each year. In addition, Baby Boomers typically take three days sick leave on average per year, which doubles for Gen Y’s at an average of six days,” said Mr Hovell. The fiscal impact of this leave differentiation is significant, with Gen Y costing up to $2.8 billion more than Baby Boomers a year to the Australian economy. The research also deflates perceived issues with hiring older workers in a modern workplace, including lack of adaptability and traditional skill sets. A sizeable 77 percent of Baby Boomers adapt well to technological innovations, and 73 percent are actively seeking training opportunities. “Considering the Baby Boomer generation witnessed and participated in some of the largest social and political upheavals in Australian history during the 1960s and 1970s, including the Women’s Movement and the Vietnam War, this myth seems even more dubious. Baby Boomers grew up not only seeing change, but driving it, “said Mr Hovell. Looking at comparative skill sets and values between Baby Boomers and Gen Y, the former proves stronger in almost all surveyed talents, while the latter felt more technically savvy by a moderate margin (10 percent compared to 27 percent, respectively). “The findings point to what many organisations, academics and economists have known all along – Baby Boomers are a real asset to the workplace,” said Mr Hovell. Overall, Baby Boomers’ skill sets make a strong business case, surpassing their Gen Y counterparts in terms of people skills (30 percent, compared to 24 percent), collaboration (26 percent, compared to 17 percent), and innovation and problem solving (23 percent, compared to 20 percent). Associate Professor Leanne Cutcher, University of Sydney Business School, University of Sydney and one of Australia’s leading researchers on intergenerational employment said, “These findings support years of sound academic research into the systemic age discrimination that undermines the important contributions of older people to the labour market. Despite their tremendous value to the workplace, this research revealed over one in three Baby Boomers have decided not to apply for a job because they felt that age discrimination would affect their chances. “While there is robust evidence that older people can be part of a sustainable solution to job market challenges, existing and inaccurate perceptions of the Baby Boomer generation detract from the value of employing the over 50 population,” said Associate Professor Cutcher. In light of the increasing costs of high staff turnover and a global skills shortage, which remain primary concerns for employers, Baby Boomers typically stay in a job for an average of 13.6 years, nearly three times as long as Gen Ys (at 4.4 years). Baby Boomers are also half as likely as Gen Ys to leave their current job in the next year (24 percent compared to 47 per cent). Furthermore, the research challenges the perceived ‘Gen Y versus Baby Boomer’ workplace conflict, with the vast majority of both generations believing they can complement each other well at work (87 percent compared to 90 percent, respectively). “While exploring common misconceptions around the intergenerational workplace, we in fact found several key alignments in values,” said Mr Hovell. “Both generations identified work ethic as the most important contribution to the workforce (36 percent for Baby Boomers and 37 percent for Gen Ys), and loss of skills and knowledge amongst colleagues was the most commonly cited negative impact of retiring Baby Boomers (83 percent of Baby Boomers and 56 percent of Gen Ys),” he continued. “One of the most significant points to derive from the research is that while some negative stereotypes and attitudes towards older workers prevail, there is strong evidence of the Baby Boomer generation’s agility, progressiveness and skills-based value-add to employers that we should continue to acknowledge and address,” concluded Mr Hovell. The full report and supporting data is available on the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency website: ENDS Media Enquiries Hollie Hanlan Account Manager Hill + Knowlton Strategies p: 02 9286 1221 m: 0424 877 422 e: Lucinda Bell Account Executive Hill + Knowlton Strategies p: 02 9286 1215 m: 0439 020 024 e: About Australian Seniors Insurance Agency Australian Seniors Insurance Agency was established in 1998 to provide cost effective insurance solutions for the mature Australian Market, a market too often ignored. With product offerings in car, home, travel, funeral, pet and accident insurance, Australian Seniors Insurance Agency recognises the better risk nature of Australians over 50. About the ‘Australian Seniors Series’ In order to explore the attitudes to technology, changing family structures and living arrangements of senior Australians, CoreData surveyed online 1200 typical Australians across the nation in early March 2016. The sample collection employed soft quotas to monitor representativeness of the Australian senior adult population. While the bulk of the sample (n=1000) are over 50yrs old, a control sample of 200 Australians under 20-34yrs old was used for some key comparisons. Hard quotas by state were also employed to ensure all the main states were represented with sufficiently robust samples in the research - (NSW = 200, VIC = 200, QLD = 200, WA = 200, Remaining states/territories = 200). Hill+Knowlton Strategies appointed as Digital Post Australia media agency 2012-10-04T00:33:00Z hill-knowlton-strategies-appointed-as-digital-post-australia-media-agency Digital Post Australia has appointed Hill+Knowlton Strategies as its ongoing media communications agency. After working closely with Hill+Knowlton on a project basis throughout 2012, Digital Post Australia has formally engaged the agency as it prepares to roll out its digital postbox to all Australians in the last quarter of 2012. The launch of Australia's first digital postal service marks an important milestone in the digital transformation of postal communications in Australia. Availability of Digital Post Australia's 'Digital Postbox' will trigger a massive transformation of business-to-consumer communications and bring with it significant opportunities and efficiencies for businesses while offering dramatic convenience for consumers. The company is a joint venture between Salmat, Computershare and U.S. technology firm Zumbox. "We are delighted to appoint Hill+Knowlton Strategies on an ongoing basis after working very closely together for much of this year," said Randy Dean, CEO of Digital Post Australia. "Hill+Knowlton's experience, scope and size will be an important asset as we progress towards our consumer launch later this year and formulate our strategies going forward. "The Digital Postbox will be one of the major technology advances in Australia in 2013 and we anticipate enormous interest from consumers in an innovation that will significantly enhance their everyday lives. We're excited to have Hill+Knowlton on the Digital Post Australia team," Mr Dean said. Sue Cook, Managing Director at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, said: "We are delighted to continue our close working relationship with Digital Post Australia as it enters the most exciting phase of its remarkable story. Australian businesses and consumers have led the world in adoption of innovative technologies, and digital postal services are shaping up to be another area where Australia will demonstrate that leadership. We're excited to be a part of that story." Hill+Knowlton Strategies Australia scoops eight Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards 2012-09-27T01:35:00Z hill-knowlton-strategies-australia-scoops-eight-asia-pacific-sabre-awards Hill+Knowlton Strategies Australia has been recognised with two Gold and six Silver Awards at the Holmes Report Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards last night for work in tourism, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and social media. H+K Strategies received a Gold SABRE Award for Social Media Campaign Restaurant Safety – Air New Zealand. The agency also received a Gold SABRE Award for the best Pharmaceutical campaign for Know Your Own Skin: The Sun Burn Fades but the Skin Damage Remains – LEO Pharma.* H+K Strategies also received the following Silver SABRE Awards for excellence in content creation: · Winner, Earned Media Broadcast for Tourism New Zealand · Winner, Creative Product Photography and Graphics for Tourism New Zealand · Winner, Digital Content Viral Video for Air New Zealand · Certificate of Excellence, Digital Content Viral Video for Tourism New Zealand · Certificate of Excellence in Special Event category for Air New Zealand · Certificate of Excellence, Earned Media Broadcast for OMO “It is fantastic to see the work we are doing for our clients across different sectors being recognised,” said Sue Cook, Managing Director. “The awards for Tourism NZ, Air New Zealand and OMO highlight that in an increasingly fragmented media environment, our messaging-led approach allows us to oversee the development of various types of content that deliver on our client’s goals, connects with the target audience and makes the most of the channels available. “Know Your Own Skin is a community awareness campaign to educate older Australians around the potential health risks of past sun damage. The campaign has worked to raise awareness of the importance of regular self-skin checks and further provide skin check tools for healthcare professionals to conduct patient checks.” The SABRE Awards recognise the best public relations campaigns from the world’s fastest-growing public relations region. The winners were announced at the second annual Asia-Pacific awards dinner in Hong Kong. *The "Know Your Own Skin" program for LEO Pharma also won the best Community Program in the 8th PRIME Awards in September. The PRIME Awards recognise excellence within the Australian pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. – ENDS – About Hill+Knowlton Strategies Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Inc. is a leading international communications consultancy, providing services to local, multinational and global clients. The firm is headquartered in New York, with 83 offices in 46 countries, as well as an extensive associate network. The agency is part of WPP, one of the world's largest communications services groups. For more information, please visit Contact Sue Cook, Managing Director Direct Line: +61 2 9286 1223 Email: Emily McCluskey joins Hill+Knowlton Strategies as Nutrition Communications Manager 2012-09-05T01:24:00Z emily-mccluskey-joins-hill-knowlton-strategies-as-nutrition-communications-manager Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) has strengthened its offer in the specialist food and nutrition area with the appointment of Emily McCluskey to its Sydney office. Emily joins H+K as Nutrition Communications Manager, bringing with her five years' experience in nutrition and health promotion, as well as health journalism and digital communications expertise. Emily will work alongside consumer lifestyle and other specialist public relations consultants to provide a unique offering to organisations in the food and nutrition sector. Prior to joining H+K, Emily held the position of Communications Officer at NSW Health where she helped introduce social media into the health system, as well as building and managing health websites, writing policies, copy writing, editing, event management and writing social marketing campaigns. Emily has also been a Food and Health Content Specialist for CHOICE, writing for print and digital platforms as well as working with their campaigns team on food labelling. Emily has a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Newcastle and has had extensive experience in communications, media and journalism. Sue Cook, Managing Director of H+K said: "Emily is a very strong addition to our food+life offer, with skills in both communications as well as specialised dietetics advice. With blue chip and long-term food and nutrition clients onboard, we look forward to continuing to offer our existing clients the highest level of expertise, while growing our portfolio in this area. "Food+life combines communications expertise across consumer lifestyle, public affairs, health, nutrition and digital. This multi-disciplinary approach ensures that client campaigns and communications cover the full breadth of audiences, issues and strategic activities." H+K's food+life team currently provides services to The Coca-Cola Company, Subway, Wrigley and Vital Foods. Hill+Knowlton Strategies Health Practice hires Angela Read 2012-08-31T02:39:00Z hill-knowlton-strategies-health-practice-hires-angela-read Sydney, 31 August 2012 Hill+Knowlton Strategies innovative campaign supporting Bayer Australia's women's health brand Canesten was highly commended at last night's NSW Public Relations Institute of Australia Awards. Managing Director Sue Cook said: "This was a campaign about a topic nobody wanted to discuss in the traditional space - thrush. Women were uncomfortable asking for treatment in pharmacies, and certainly a traditional PR campaign wasn't going to get the messages across about Bayer's new 'self-selection' model for Canesten, allowing women to seek treatment more discreetly. "The PR concept drove advertising and shelf-displays, allowing a seamless integration with the online campaign H+K developed, engaging with the target audience and sharing relevant information. We are thrilled to have been recognised by our peers in the Australian PR industry." H+K Strategies has a depth of industry expertise in consumer health, pharmaceuticals, government, travel and tourism, consumer goods, banking and technology. This is supported by specialist services in public affairs, corporate communications, analyst relations, brand and marketing communications, digital and creative. Hill & Knowlton Australia appoints Nat Bradford as Head of Enterprise Technology 2010-07-22T02:48:00Z hill-amp-knowlton-australia-appoints-nat-bradford-as-head-of-enterprise-technology-1 Hill & Knowlton has appointed Nathaniel ‘Nat’ Bradford as Director, Enterprise Technology, starting on 26th July. In this position Nat will bring his extensive knowledge and experience in enterprise technology to Hill & Knowlton’s stable of clients. Working closely with the Director of Technology, Myrna Van Pelt, Nat will help to broaden the firm’s footprint and technology offering in this market. “We are delighted that Nat is joining us. He is a very experienced and highly regarded senior practitioner and his enterprise and business insights will be invaluable to our technology clients. Nat’s appointment further underscores our ongoing revitalisation of Hill & Knowlton in this market,” said Marcus Warner, Managing Director, Hill & Knowlton Australia. Myrna Van Pelt, added: “Technology has always been a key pillar of our business and continues to be a strong area for growth. With Nat coming on board we are seeing a further investment in and renewed focus on the enterprise side, strengthening our footprint in this sector.” “I am excited to be joining the Hill & Knowlton team. It’s a market leading agency renowned for its depth of talent and legacy of brands across multiple industries. I’m looking forward to building on its strength in the technology sector,” said Nat. Nat joins Hill & Knowlton from PPR where for three years he was Group Director of Technology working for clients such as Dell, EMC and Microsoft XBOX. In previous roles he has also worked on other technology clients including Sony Australia, VMware and Kaspersky. He has more than 12 years experience in the communications industry, specialising in technology. Prior to his tenure at PPR he was Senior Communications adviser to Adelaide City Council and before that, National IT Media Manager for Centrelink in South Australia. Nat started his career as a journalist at the ABC in Adelaide. -ENDS- About Hill & Knowlton( Hill & Knowlton, Inc. is a leading international communications consultancy, providing services to local, multinational and global clients. The firm is headquartered in New York, with 79 offices in 44 countries, as well as an extensive associate network. The agency is part of WPP, one of the world's largest communications services groups. Hill and Knowlton Australia Appoints New Heads of Consumer Lifestyle and Digital 2010-07-12T02:10:00Z hill-amp-knowlton-australia-appoints-new-heads-of-consumer-lifestyle-and-digital Hill & Knowlton has appointed Penelope Holloway as Director, Consumer Lifestyle and Mandi Bateson as Director, Digital. Both start on Monday 12th July, reporting to Fergus Kibble, General Manager, Consumer & Brand. Holloway joins Hill & Knowlton from Bang! PR and previously Zing Communications. She has ten years experience in consumer public relations, working with major blue chip clients such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Bacardi Lion, and for Optus, leading the launch of iPhone 3G into the Australian market. Holloway held the position of Account Director at Zing, working in the Sydney office for seven years before being promoted to Vice President of the agency’s New York office. “Penelope is one of the best consumer and brand PR practitioners in Australia, and brings a very impressive pedigree to Hill & Knowlton. She will lead our consumer lifestyle offer and bring fresh eyes and great experience to our team,” said Fergus Kibble. Bateson joins Hill & Knowlton from Daemon Group. As Digital Planning Director, she managed the award winning 7 Days in Sydney campaign for Tourism NSW, in addition to major social media campaigns for Warner Bros Home Entertainment. “At Hill & Knowlton we recognise the importance of integrating digital across all our practice areas,” said Marcus Warner, Managing Director of Hill & Knowlton Australia. “Mandi’s appointment is significant and her expertise will help us continue to deliver best practice in social media and digital communications.” “I am delighted with both of these senior appointments. They augment our exceptional team of talented communication practitioners and are part of the ongoing reinvigoration of Hill & Knowlton in Australia,” added Warner. About Hill & Knowlton( Hill & Knowlton, Inc. is a leading international communications consultancy, providing services to local, multinational and global clients. The firm is headquartered in New York, with 79 offices in 44 countries, as well as an extensive associate network. The agency is part of WPP, one of the world's largest communications services groups. HILL & KNOWLTON BEIJING NAMED CONSULTANCY OF THE YEAR AT THE 2006-11-21T22:11:10Z hill-knowlton-beijing-named-consultancy-of-the-year-at-the Hill & Knowlton (H&K) Beijing today announced its selection as the Consultancy of the Year in the Asia Pacific PR Awards 2006. H&K stood out amongst 28 entries from local and international consultancies around the region (the most hotly-contested category ever) having achieved astounding growth, major client wins, and an integrated communications approach which has transformed the role of the agency in China. Chief Executive of Hill & Knowlton China, Esmond Quek said, “This award affirms Hill & Knowlton’s status as the industry leader in China.” “We have achieved phenomenal results in these few years and in an environment where it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to develop programs that drive impact for the client and the industry. I congratulate and thank our talented team of professionals who work hard with our clients – existing and new -- to deliver PR programs driven by business objectives." James Heimowitz, President and CEO of Hill & Knowlton North Asia, said, "H&K was the first international agency to enter China in 1984 and it was a very different place from today. At the time, we were helping foreign companies navigate through an unfamiliar market. Now, we are not only working with foreign companies but we are helping Chinese enterprises break into the global marketplace and become more effective internationally.”During Hill & Knowlton’s 20+ year history in China communication requirements have become increasingly sophisticated. H&K has attracted talent from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds to boost its “best teams” capability, as well as recently establishing a Brand Management team to protect brand reputation in the local market. As the firm looks to 2010, addressing the regional talent crunch will be important. Already H&K China is ahead of the curve having created a PR Associate Program (PRA) whereby batches of fresh graduates from top universities are selected and admitted into the company. PRAs undergo intensive training and rotation across various practice areas. In the last two years, Hill & Knowlton Beijing more than doubled revenues and profits in a market that is withstanding commoditisation. To cope with this growth, H&K nearly tripled its staff of 35 professionals in 2004 to over 100 in 2006 and maintained a staff turnover rate well below the industry average. While half of the firm’s business growth has been generated from major new international and domestic clients, around 50% growth was generated from existing accounts - strong evidence of client satisfaction About Hill & Knowlton China Hill & Knowlton was the first international public relations firm to open in China. Since 1984, the company has pioneered public relations throughout a vast and diverse nation. It currently has over 120 professionals serving three wholly owned offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Hill & Knowlton China offers a full range of client services, from brand management to government relations to issues and crisis management. Current clients include Hewlett Packard, PetroChina, Procter and Gamble, TNT, EADS, and Pernod Ricard. About Hill & Knowlton Hill & Knowlton, Inc. is a leading international communications consultancy, providing services to local, multinational and global clients. The firm is based in New York, with 71 offices in 40 countries, as well as an extensive associate network. The agency is part of WPP, one of the world's largest communications services groups.