The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-04-08T02:56:29Z Empowering Children with One Simple Act of Kindness 2021-04-08T02:56:29Z empowering-children-with-one-simple-act-of-kindness-1 Twice published author, Andrew Holt, has done it again! A Shooting Star is the Sunshine Coast local’s newest children’s book that encourages the core value of kindness in giving and receiving. This is no ordinary book, as the illustrations will be supplied by child illustrators from all over the globe and will the basis for educational programs to enhance feelings of self-worth, self and social awareness, and provide an antidote to bullying behaviour. Using the books to kickstart The Shooting Star Movement, a mental health and wellbeing concept for our youth created by Andrew, whose twenty-five-year career as a teacher has seen him interact with students in over four- hundred schools, spanning many cultural backgrounds. His simple but effective program uses applied positive psychology and strength-based learning to encourage each individual (child or adult) to give and receive a Shooting Star to aid in developing and acknowledging positive character traits in themselves and others. This program has been trialled in schools over the last five years and was already fully integrated into one school in 2019, with other teachers expressing their eagerness to implement the program in 2020. Andrew sees the classroom as the ideal environment for what he now calls a movement, which aims to build mental wellbeing and resilience; key factors in preventing self-harm and suicide in young people. Suicide is the leading cause of death among young Australians aged 15-24. In 2018, 22 children under the age of 14 committed suicide. Andrew will launch A Shooting Star on Tuesday 17 th April with eight of the eighteen child illustrators in person, and the remainder joining via video link. The event will be held at the Ginger Factory in Yandina, Qld, after which, Andrew will follow a brief tour across the following week, acknowleding the students who participated at their own schools. This is Andrew Holt’s third book on empowering children, following on from the first two releases from his Wise Kids Series: A Wise Water World Inspires Me and A Wise Apple Tree Helps Me. You can find more about Andrew and A Shooting Star, register your interest, or purchase a pre-sale copy at the link below: It's Not About the Six Pack; It's About Psychology 2021-04-08T02:21:43Z it-s-not-about-the-six-pack-it-s-about-psychology Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians between the ages of 15 and 44. This means that nearly 200 Australians will attempt suicide every day, and of those, an average of nine will die [1].  One Australian who has been personally impacted by these statistics, is Leon Stensholm, who lost his brother, Dean, and two clients in a very short time, to suicide. After his brother passed away, Leon used his body building training as a form of therapy, and through it, he was able to work towards a sense of purpose again. Quitting his then job as a tradie, Leon has since founded his own, one-on-one gym, which is an entire gymnasium built for just one client at a time. Training, “Isn’t just about the six-pack, it’s about the psychology,” Leon said before going on to explain that having private sessions allows him to break down his client’s barriers. By doing so, Leon believes he can, “Help his clients find a sense of purpose, and a drive to start talking about their adversities, so they too can understand the power of adversity is mind blowing if they just don’t quit.” Leon has written and published his own story, in the hopes that others will be able to observe those around them, recognise the signs of someone who is suicidal, or even recognise it within themselves, and seek help. “We all go through adversities, but it is what we do to dig ourselves out and learn to control the controllables that matters,” said Leon. Leon’s ultimate goal is to help others overcome their struggles. In his book, It’s How You Think, Leon details his approaches, which are: “All about mindset, educating ourselves, and utilising some easy tools to help ourselves and others regain the faith and hope they have lost through their adversity.”  If you or someone close to you is contemplating suicide or experiencing emotional stress you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14. If you’re at immediate risk of harming yourself or others, please contact emergency services on 000 (triple zero). [1] AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and Wellness) 2021. Suicide Self Harm Monitoring Accessed February 2021. .  Aboriginal Women: Time to Change Your Future 2021-03-29T23:27:45Z aboriginal-women-time-to-change-your-future In 2014, ABC News stated that ‘Aboriginal women are forty-eight times more likely to be hospitalised from family violence and almost eleven times more likely to be killed as a result of violent assault.’[1] This statement engendered discussions that Aboriginal women are probably, the most legally disadvantaged group in Australia. For Tina Haywood, author of recently published, We are Warriors: An Aboriginal Woman’s Life, the word, disadvantaged, is offensive. ‘I stand against violence against women and children,’ Tina passionately states, ‘and this affliction transcends colour and creed.’ Nevertheless, Tina shares raw and disturbing insights, in her debut publication, about being one of these Aboriginal women. Growing up, her father was quick with his fists and his verbal abuse to all family members. Further, Tina was sexually abused at a young age by someone claiming to be a friend to the family. Yet, despite such a traumatic upbringing, Tina has found the strength and determination to rise up from an environment that could have trapped her in a spiral of depression and substance abuse; a legacy that overwhelms many Aboriginal women. Yet, when searching for more information on statistics, data is outdated. In fact, The Conversation, undertook a fact-check in 2016, on the above ABC quote, and as reported by Professor Marcia Langton[2], at that time, the Federal Government should have made this malaise, ‘a high-priority issue’. Tina agrees with this, but also states that a movement about this should be self-engineered. As she explains in her memoir, everyone reaches a point trying to figure out what on earth to do with their life stating that, ‘It’s up to each of us to take control of our lives.’ Tina, who now works for the Department of Defence, is determined to spread the message to all Aboriginal women. By sharing her story, she wants to lead by example and hopes to provide guidance and encouragement. [1] ABC News Australian Broadcast (2014), Aboriginal women 48 times more likely to be hospitalised for assault ABC News Australian Broadcast, viewed October 2020, <https://YouTube/w-UKFQo4uE0> [2] The Conversation (2016), FactCheck Q&A: are Indigenous women 34-80 times more likely than average to experience violence?, viewed October 2020, <> Feeding the Soul Through Adventure Stories 2021-03-02T07:57:42Z feeding-the-soul-through-adventure-stories The Solly Trilogy draws us into a journey of ordinary characters exposed to extraordinary situations. It tells a tale of pioneers who braved vast oceans and unknown wildernesses and who faced incredible hardships to settle lands they ultimately came to love. Beginning with romantic times when tall ships crossed fickle, dangerous oceans to connect continents, we journey through the golden years when wool was king and Australia prospered, to the tragedy and aftermath of the Great War. Author, Ron Thomas, has always been inspired by the renowned English writer, Neville Shute, and particularly his ability to develop realistic and empathetic characters. The protagonists of the Solly Trilogy are portrayed with empathy and realism. We are inexorably drawn to celebrate the good times with them and to share their hard times and tragedies. The first two books of the trilogy, Solly’s Way and Solly’s Legacy, have recently been republished, purposefully timed to coincide with the publication of the final instalment, Solly’s Journey. The series commences with Solly’s Way, set in the red earth of outback Australia in the 1890s, at an embattled property named Wallangulla. Our interest is quickly captured by the intriguing relationships between an old, story-telling swagman, members of the Landerville family, and an Aboriginal stockman. In Solly’s Legacy, the adventures continue as the Great War summons patriots as far away as Australia to defend an embattled empire. Solly’s Journey begins with the birth of Solly’s consuming wanderlust and we sail wide, unforgiving oceans with him before forging a path across America to Oregon. His thirst for adventure leads him to Australia and distant horizons draw him ultimately to Wallangulla, where he can finally rest. Ron’s website banner reads, ‘A good book is soul food’, and he provides his readers with remarkable insights through historical and folklore snapshots integrated into his stories. The Solly Trilogy celebrates the earthiness and bravery of the pioneers. There’s nothing like an enjoyable adventure story to lower your stress levels; even science agrees on this point[1]. The Solly Trilogy is bound to satisfy. Find out more about the author, Ron Thomas, and his books, from his website: or, view the short Trilogy trailer at [1] [1] Inc. (2021), Spector D, Orwig J and Brodwin B, Neuroscientists and Psychologists Say Your Should Do This If You Want to Feel Happier, viewed in January 2021, <> Using a Powerful Magic to Deal with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis 2021-01-25T00:22:52Z using-a-powerful-magic-to-deal-with-a-breast-cancer-diagnosis Stacy Nottle, the author of Breastless, isn’t one to chant charms or believe that breast cancer can be overcome just by magic. But she does believe that through the creative process—in her case, writing—she has found a way to live well despite her cancer.   Further, she felt it was vital to, take a long, hard, uncomfortable look at her baggage and ask questions around self-worth, femininity, friendship, and grief. Why was this important to her breast cancer survival? Because readers will be reminded—just as Stacy was during her cancer journey—that they are beautiful, amazing, strong, and braver than they think.                 Stacy uses magical quotes throughout her book to underline each step in her journey. Sometimes whimsical but always inspiring, one of these is from Terri Windling[1]: “Community, friendship, art: stirred together, they make a powerful magic. Used wisely, it can save your life. I know that it saved mine”.                 It’s time for the blunt question though:  Does creativity really have any health benefits? Well, according to James Clear’s article[2] published in 2010, in the American Journal of Public Health, the answer is an unequivocal, yes! More than 100 research studies concluded that there is a positive “impact of art on your health and your ability to heal yourself”. Stacy’s book is about her journey through her cancer diagnosis, treatment, and what comes after that. It’s about her search for an answer to, ‘Crap! How the hell am I going to survive this?’ She talks about the voices in her head—The Committee—and how she has learnt to live with the hand that she has been dealt. It’s about enjoying life again, taking each day as it comes, and valuing freedom. Stacy hopes that each of us—regardless of circumstances—will come away from reading her book acknowledging the importance of self-love and living authentically. This is Stacy’s second book and the insights, rawness, and quirky take on a frightening disease—the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia[3]—is well worth the read. Find out more about Stacy, and her books, Breastless (2021) and After the Flood (2019), from her website: [1] Terri Windling – Myth & Moor (2020), On the creative process, viewed December 2020, <> [2] James Clear (2020), Make More Art: The Health Benefits of Creativity, viewed December 2020, <> [3] Australian Government – Cancer Australia (2020), Breast cancer in Australia statistics, viewed in December 2020, <> Morning Time is Rush Time when Getting Kids Ready for School 2020-12-20T22:15:21Z morning-time-is-rush-time-when-getting-kids-ready-for-school What can we, as parents, do to help our kids find the time in the morning when they find it so difficult to get ready for the day ahead? Not only that but as parents, how can we work through a hectic routine that takes place within the first hour of waking up so putting us and our kids on edge … Breakfast is an important meal but if rushed, it can mean that kids are not prepared for the busy day ahead. This issue plagues many families and is a hot topic. According to Australian Parenting[1], ‘… a smooth routine helps your child to arrive at school feeling ready to make the most of the first few hours of the day …’ We all want that for our children, right? But even though some simple techniques are suggested—such as preparation the night before—each child is different. Aha! Parenting[2] shares frustrated parent comments such as, ‘… my 4yr.old is sooo slow … no matter how I phrase the request.’ Finding the right approach that works is a case of trial and error and patient perseverance. Citadel Amie's children's book, Maybe Tomorrow It’ll Be Your Turn, tackles this subject in a non-confronting, engaging story and with some charming images. It touches briefly on the topic of sibling rivalry and how two sisters’ race to be the first one into the car in the morning. This all adds to the morning rush and the tension yet is all part of what happens in real life. How the younger sister finds a way to compete with her sister is an intriguing one. Will she find a way to be first in the car despite the school rush? [1] Australian Parenting Website (2020), Morning routine for school: tips, viewed October 2020, <> [2] Aha! Parenting (2020), Getting Your Child Out the Door In the Morning, viewed October 2020, Are Any of Us Really Free of Trauma? 2020-11-08T22:47:44Z are-any-of-us-really-free-of-trauma ‘Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms …’[1] As many as 75% of Australians will experience a potentially traumatic event at some point in their lives[2], and this statistic includes children. Author, Susan Fuss, has written about a topic that concerns her and that she has had to deal with during her three decades of teaching mostly primary school children and also, juvenile offenders. There are some children who cannot relate to others, cannot concentrate well enough to learn, have deep trust issues and show extremely guarded behaviour. Instead of asking, ‘Why are you behaving this way?’ we should be seeking answers as to what has caused such anti-social behaviour. Fuss’ debut psychological thriller, I Am the Sand, tells a mesmerising tale that could be true. Dark and challenging, at the heart of this story, is a vulnerable but courageous teenage girl, Chloe, held captive by an unhinged predator—yet, this same perpetrator has himself been a victim of childhood trauma. He shows a different face to the world … shades of the notorious, Ted Bundy. As their two worlds clash, the perspectives of both characters unfold. How will this play out? It is a skillfully woven narrative that drip-feeds data to the reader so creating nail-biting suspense. And even if Chloe escapes, having experienced such intense and repetitive trauma, can she really recover from this sort of violence and cruelty? Colleen Stan, dubbed ‘the girl in the box’[3], a survivor of long-term captivity, abuse, and torture says in her autobiography, ‘Two things most people don’t understand are fear and evil.’ Fuss creates a tense tale that draws us in as these two dark topics—that affect both characters so very differently—play out. [1] UNYTE (2020), Trauma Defined, Karen Onderko, viewed October 2020, <> [2] Australian Government – Australian Institute of Health  and Welfare (2020, Stress and trauma, viewed in October 2020, <> [3] Colleen Stan (2009), The Simple Gifts of Life, iUniverse Brisbane-based poet spreading message of hope 2020-09-03T03:36:08Z brisbane-based-poet-spreading-message-of-hope With strict lockdowns and increasing periods of social isolation, some fear the long-term impacts of COVID-19 could be more deadly than the virus itself. Despite this, 2019 Australasian mediator of the year, Tom Stodulka, says, ‘Life has always had its challenges and heartache. It is, how we face these challenges which can make a huge difference.’ With more than 40 years’ experience in the legal and mediation professions, from both military and civilian backgrounds, Tom has had a long life working with people who are often at low points in their lives. And, after growing up in a refugee family in the 50s, Tom is no stranger to some of life’s hardships. ‘Sometimes it is easy to forget that as a nation, we’ve survived wars, conflicts, depressions, and economic uncertainty all before COVID-19,’ Tom said. ‘Through determination, compassion, and support for each other, we’ve survived any adversity thrown at us.’ Tom went on to say that whilst we are living in unprecedented times, ‘We should remember that life is about enjoying what we can in every single moment. Enjoy the world around you, because happiness is found in every single one of those moments, especially when you’re being active and creative.’ After selling out of all copies of his debut poetry compilation, Storm Clouds and Silver Linings: My Journey, Tom aims to spread the message of hope amidst COVID-19 with his second book, Life is a Dance. Reminding all Australians, that how we face life’s challenges is all about staying positive, and enjoying every moment. Of Tom’s new book, a Brisbane school principal wrote: ‘In this challenging year, your poetry is a gentle reminder to pause, reflect and appreciate the special moments in life’. With the sales of his new book, Tom has chosen two charities engaged in supporting homeless and disadvantaged people nationally and internationally. This is in addition to his previous support for fire and flood relief during 2018 and 2019. ‘Life is a Dance’ Life is an act, now that is a fact. And we mere mortals are mere players. Mostly stayers in life’s diverse and thorny stage. As we count the cost in our age. You are invited to the dance.  In life's magic game of chance. Dog Attacks: 2020-07-22T05:31:52Z dog-attacks In January, The Sydney Morning Herald stated that close to a whopping 5000 pets were mauled by dogs in the year leading up to September 2019, in NSW alone. Whilst many would be quick to criticise the breed of dog as the deciding factor, Master Dog Trainer, Louise Harding, says it's not only about training the dogs, it's about training the humans also. With more than 20 years of experience in training all sorts of animals in Australia and New Zealand, Louise states a solid foundation for dog training is for the human to understand how their dog thinks, and how to recognise behaviours, like when play becomes prey. "Prey drive is when a dog's desire to chase and catch kicks in. All dogs have prey drive, but the amount and trigger points vary between the animal." When meeting a challenging situation, like an off-leash dog out and about, Louise recommends that the best defence is education and good preparation. "If you can't get your dog to return to you immediately, or stop moving on command, then you really need to get working on your training." With a creed to 'Helping Humans Understand Dogs', Louise is about to launch her latest solution for preparing dog owners for life with their furry friends. The Nose to Tail Workbook Series is a DIY set of workbooks designed to be simple, effective and easily incorporated into the busiest of lifestyles. "They're perfect for the busy dog-owner, with tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily routine at home, or out and about." Based on her best-selling book, Nose to Tail: A Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream Dog, Louise hopes to teach more dog owners how to be better prepared for challenging situations, and how to recognise the difference between play and prey. Her training methods focus on building a strong human-dog bond, and using positive reward-based methods. You can find more about dog training, Louise, and The Nose to Tail Workbook Series, at the following link. Louise is available for interviews and comments and will be launching her workbooks soon: +61 437 148 402 Losing Sight: Blind Author Uses Creativity to Heal 2020-05-21T23:12:59Z losing-sight-blind-author-uses-creativity-to-heal Our senior years are known for settling down, ticking things off our bucket list and spending time with grandchildren. But, in 2018, these dreams were dashed for retirees, Bettina and Gabriele Ricciuti, when Gabriele deteriorated into blindness. ‘It was devastating,’ Bettina says. 'After a last attempt to hold onto his little remaining sight with stem cell therapy, Gabriele went completely blind. For Gabby, losing sight took away hope.’ ‘To take his mind off things, we started chatting about how he left Italy after WW2 to come to Australia; his life in the cane fields in North QLD … soon, I made notes and that was the start of the book …’ Frontiers in Psychology (2019)[1], states that, ‘Depression experienced by older adults is proving an increasing global health burden …’ Yet, a proven, effective and fairly easy solution to prevent and treat depression is to use the Creative Arts—sharing stories, music, etc. Used as a therapy, Creative Arts can be used to release endorphins, which are known as the natural ‘happy feeling’ hormones. With a new goal, the couple of fifty years, have re-instated their motivation after their whole life had been turned upside down. Their debut book, INSIDE LOVE: The Book of Gabriele, was released earlier this year and is a tribute to life through hard times—much like our current COVID-19 situation. Read about Bettina and Gabriele’s life story: [1] Dunphy, K, et al (2019), ‘Creative Arts Interventions to Address Depression in Older Adults: A Systematic Review of Outcomes, Processes, and Mechanisms’, Retrieved from - Empowering Children with One Simple Act of Kindness 2020-01-21T21:42:48Z empowering-children-with-one-simple-act-of-kindness Twice published author, Andrew Holt, has done it again! A Shooting Star is the Sunshine Coast local’s newest children’s book that encourages the core value of kindness in giving and receiving. This is no ordinary book, though, as the illustrations will be supplied by child illustrators from all over the globe and will the basis for educational programs to enhance feelings of self-worth, self and social awareness, and provide an antidote to bullying behaviour. The premise of this story is the backbone of a mental health and wellbeing program for our youth created by Andrew, whose twenty-five-year career as a teacher has seen him interact with students in over four-hundred schools, spanning many cultural backgrounds. His simple but effective program uses applied positive psychology and strength-based learning to encourage each individual (child or adult) to give and receive a “shooting star” to aid in developing and acknowledging positive character traits in themselves and others. This program has been trialled in schools over the last five years and was already fully integrated into one school in 2019, with other teachers expressing their eagerness to implement the program in 2020. Andrew sees the classroom as the ideal environment for what he calls a movement, which aims to build mental wellbeing and resilience; key factors in preventing self-harm and suicide in young people. Suicide is the leading cause of death among young Australians aged 15-24. In 2018, 22 children under the age of 14 committed suicide. Andrew has launched and successfully concluded a Kickstarter campaign, which will cover the publishing and distribution costs of the books, and to facilitate training for teachers, schools, and parents on how to implement the program. This is Andrew Holt’s third book on empowering children, following on from the first two releases from his Wise Kids Series: A Wise Water World Inspires Me and A Wise Apple Tree Helps Me. You can find more about Andrew and A Shooting Star, register your interest, or purchase a pre-sale copy at the link below: Swiss National introduces simplified concept to corporate well-being 2019-08-01T04:03:14Z swiss-national-introduces-simplified-concept-to-corporate-well-being Medium, HR Blog & Resources, Kristina Martic (March 28, 2019) – The Science of Health Promotion recorded that the average return on investment of workplace wellness programs is 3.27. This means that for every dollar that was spent on the program the company saved $3.27 because of reduced healthcare costs. In addition, the Indiana State Department of Health suggests that employers save on average $5.82 in lower absenteeism costs for every dollar spent on employee wellness programs. Combine that with a recent survey by Virgin HealthMiles/Workforce that found 87% of employees said they consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer.    Engineer and Health professional, Claudia Blumer launches a new book that introduces a five-finger approach to well-being titled Break Through with Well-Being in an attempt to simplify the methodology in a corporate and organizational environment to ensure a more pragmatic, structured and holistic approach to well-being is adopted. Blumer recalls a story about a women and her child diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability. This woman was determined to do all to help her child learn to read and write, which were gains that specialists had thought unlikely; these goals were realised, and improved the quality of life for both and built up resilience through daily challenges. That inspired Blumer to do a project in 2014 of running the Bibbulmun Track, a 1,001-kilometre walking track in Western Australia. The purpose was to raise funds for Sailability Port Stephens, Australia - a charity organisation that helps out children in need. She completed it within nineteen days, and it was shown to be an excellent learning experience for the mind, body, and soul. Furthermore, a recovery vessel was purchased with the funds raised, which they named the ‘Claudia B’. Blumer discovered there were five key issues that were critical in the preparation for the journey: breathing well, appropriate hydration, healthy nutrition, physical fitness, and good planning during the entire project. She comments; ‘The challenge with today's lifestyles is that disruptions threaten our natural biological rhythms, our balance, and jeopardise our well-being in everyday life. This can result in an increased strain on our bodies, risk of disease, and threats to our health.’ This awareness evolved into the simpler and more integrated five-finger approach to well-being that features in her debut book. Break Through with Well-Being has a strong emphasis on the BEING, representing five themes and chapters within the book; ·         Breathe and Sleep ·         Encourage and Engage ·         Inquire and Inspire ·         Nourish and Flourish ·         Grow and Flow With five focuses of Attention, Balance, Connectivity, Direction and Efficiency (ABCDE), this publication allows the reader to navigate easily through the different themes and find information quickly to keep their BEING in balance and shape.   ​About Claudia Blumer Claudia was born in and had grown up in Switzerland. She has spent a large part of her life in Australia. She has a background as an architectural draughts-person and studied engineering. She did further studies in psychology, health, and nutrition. In early 2018, she returned to Europe and lives in Norway with the aim to be closer to her parents in their retirement. She is now working in the healthcare industry. Reviews Annette Messenger B.Behavioural Studies (Psych), Grad Cert Human Nutrition, M. Education and Professional Studies (autism research) Break Through with Well-BEING is written for everyone. I love the original approach of this book through reference to the "hand" and it's digits; something so symbolic in so many ways, as explained at the start of each chapter.  This book shows us that improved wellbeing is always at hand.  It is written and explained in plain language, with a simple and practical approach to supporting and enhancing wellbeing, and puts the responsibility to act in the hands of the reader.     Gary Bosdyk  Carpet Layer A very, very thought out book. Very informative, helpful and amazing wording. It was a privilege to read it!   Leanne Cooper Cadence College Director Break Through With Well-Being: a five-finger approach to wellbeing offers a practical and relatable approach to find or regain balance in your life. I love the core of the principles, BEING, that we must not only take care of our ‘being’ but we too must be responsible for it, and that BEING itself is an acronym that outlines the theme throughout the book. The book works through each of the pillars of wellbeing, highlighting significant works and research that has changed the way we view life as well as providing an evidence-based exploration. The tools and strategies provided are varied to suit your individual need and preference, there is something for all walks of life, and they are engaging, easy to carry out and can provide profound outcomes. CHAMPION DOG TRAINER RELEASES DOG LOVERS COMPLETE TRAINING GUIDE 2018-02-06T05:55:38Z champion-dog-trainer-releases-dog-lovers-complete-training-guide More than a dog whisperer, Louise Harding, a veritable Dr Dolittle, is a master dog trainer, professional animal wrangler, presenter and author of the ground-breaking new book Nose to Tail; A Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream Dog.  Drawing on over 20 years of experience throughout Australasia, Harding has put together a comprehensive training book that will change the relationship between the dog and its owner. ‘Basically, it’s a DIY guide for every dog owner,’ comments Harding. Covering topics such as choosing the dog, understanding the dog, training techniques, behavioural issues, socialisation and more, Harding has created a friendly easy-to-read publication that leaves no questions unanswered.  ‘I add in the human element in my training and this book ensures that this message is unpacked in such a way that it strengthens the core relationship between you and your dog,’ comments Harding, ‘You see that’s the secret. I don’t actually train dogs. I train the owners to understand them and know how to positively interact with them to create that dream dog.’ With publication date rolling into December 2017, Harding decided to pre-sale and begin her general marketing at the most challenging times of the year – Christmas. The response was enormous as she reached mid-January 2018 with a need for another large reprint. The demand and feedback from the book has exceeded her expectation. ‘I’m humbled by the response and didn’t know what to expect,’ says Harding, ‘but seeing the sales and feedback that has come in, I am so pleased it has had this effect.’ Louise recalls how the seed was planted by the dogs and people she has worked with over the years and she generated pages upon pages over that time which then took countless hours to compile and sort through. ‘It was a calling; I was inspired to do this through the connections I have made and in many ways it is for them that I wrote it.’ Endorsed by vets, dog groomers and owners, and even psychologists, Nose to Tail continues to gather immense momentum throughout the country and Harding sees more books, video content and apps to come to ensure that the dog/owner relationship continues to evolve in the most positive way possible. Louise is available for interviews. Phone: 0402 919 693  Email: SUNSHINE COAST AUTHOR PUBLISHES MUCH NEEDED PUPPY TRAINING BOOK 2018-01-02T21:58:24Z sunshine-coast-author-publishes-much-needed-puppy-training-book ‘Growing up with pets within the family unit I gained much insight into the “what to do” and “what not to do”’, comments new author Bec McGregor, ‘Being incredibly compassionate towards animals I always paid special attention to how a person treated and spoke to their pets.’ McGregor’s career choice however, took another direction following the completion of her Bachelor of Science, Sport and Exercise Science Degree at the University of Sunshine Coast. Her fascination with understanding human physiology and how to engage children in the moment to enjoy their childhood, be active, eat well and be respectful towards themselves and others led to further accreditation in Small Business and Children’s Services. Despite her shift to childcare, McGregor’s passion for animals never wavered as she continued to educate herself on animal behaviours. ‘Over the years I have come into contact with some amazing wildlife handlers and have been fortunate enough to personally watch and learn from so many of them. Working at Australia Zoo and as a volunteer at the Alaska Zoo in Ancourage, presented some phenomenal opportunities in handling, caring for and respecting creatures that display some fascinating ways to communicate,’ states McGregor Bec’s first publication, Puppy’s First Night, is not a training manual directed towards any one method of training, rather it is an overview of current and widely accepted routines to help children understand why your puppy requires water, food, shelter and love in order to survive and thrive. McGregor comments, ‘I wrote the book to help bridge the gap between training books directed towards adults, too much information, and picture books for children, not enough information. I focused mostly on developing the idea that a pet is another living being that has needs, although different from us their needs are rather similar to ours in way. I want children to gain a sense of love and respect towards what they have right now in this moment and know that love and respect grows from within and deserves to be shared.’ This captivating, fully illustrated, hardcover book has been endorsed by dog trainers and the author has blended training facts in the way of Puppy News, Doggy Do’s and Doggy Don’t in small chunks for older children to read and realise what a puppy needs for optimum health and to behave accordingly within their new household. Puppy’s First Night cover’s the basics of puppy care for a child to relate to and interpret. With a willingness to branch out and participate in community events McGregor became a part of the Woodford Folk Festival Executive Assistant Team as a volunteer 6yrs ago and continues to support the team in bringing Woodford to life in a spectacular fashion. It is here at the Woodford Folk Festival held between December 27th and 1st of January, she launches Puppy’s First Night. To further her formal education in dog behaviour, McGregor is enrolled in a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training course with Precise Training in Melbourne commencing 2018 with the outlook of assisting children gaining confidence in caring for and understanding their puppy. Bec is available for interviews. Phone: 0407915439  Email: BRISBANE HEALER RELEASES INUITIVE BOOK ON HER LIFE AS A INTUITIVE HEALER 2017-12-05T22:46:59Z brisbane-healer-releases-inuitive-book-on-her-life-as-a-intuitive-healer Lynne Cutler has always been intuitive, however it was in 1985, ten years after her mother died, that her spiritual awakening occurred. ‘My mother’s spirit spoke to me. I knew it was her presence immediately, but struggled with the implications of having such a contact,’ recalls Cutler. She remembers her time as a Beauty Therapist, and whilst giving facials and massage she was aware of her healing abilities. During this time Cutler began to pass messages to clients and incorporated energy healing with her treatments. ‘Meditation was always a part of my life which helped me to tune into my skills and develop on a higher vibration. All these skills have brought me to become a Spiritual Healer. I receive messages for myself and others and also teach a weekly meditation class,’ comments Cutler. Lynne has worked with auras and given psychic readings at Brisbane Mind Body and Spirit as well as at other various fairs and markets through the South-East Queensland area, including the recent Personal Growth Expo on the Gold Coast where her new book ‘I Am The Messenger’ was launched. ‘I wish for everyone who reads this book to gain insight into the real meaning of their life,’ states Cutler, ‘this book will affect people in different ways depending on their immediate journey.’ She recommends that readers pass this book to their friends, family and acquaintances as there are many amazing stories to discuss with them to open up themselves to the greater meaning. Cutler believes that this earth is a playing field for all of us to learn valuable lessons. She has the ability to release negative energy and help heal.  Cutler comments, ‘Love is unconditional and the more we love ourselves the more we are able to love others. Believe you can achieve and you will. Balance in all areas of our life. Be mindful of the words you accept into your mind. I am healthy, wealthy and very wise. Luck follows me in my life because I believe.’ Inside ‘I Am The Messenger’, the reader will discover how Cutler opened up to owning her gift, the journey she’s travelled because of it and the messages she receives for herself, friends and clients. Lynne Cutler is a conduit, a medium that brings messages to our visual physical world from the unseen spiritual realm. As you read her story, you will find yourself relating to her journey and it will inspire you to live your own unique life, following your own special path to fulfilling your potential in this life time. Real, raw and authentic, Lynne is one of life’s special people and through this book you will get to know her and in the process; look deeply into your own being. Lynne is available for interviews. ·        Phone: 0413 434 438       Email: