The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-04-09T05:04:11Z New Fintech Tax Incentives for Retirees 2018-04-09T05:04:11Z new-fintech-tax-incentives-for-retirees In the last Census, there were almost 2.7 million Australians aged over 65, making up around 13 percent of the population. Many have worked hard for decades, looking forward to a life less stressed and more financially free. Now more than ever over 65s are looking to invest and seek tax savings to maximize their hard-earned dollars. An emerging financial services sector, Fintech refers to Financial Technology, and it has the potential to give the big banks a run for their money. Why? Because entrepreneurs are going to the public for venture capital instead of the big banks. It is risky, exciting and has been enjoying success with our European neighbors, the United States and has now arrived in Australia. Crowdsourcing for ideas through venture capital has entrepreneurs taking their master plan pitches to newly licensed regulated platform Birchal. Birchal then presents the information to potential investors. They, in turn, may choose to buy shares in the company. This peer to peer investment innovation changes how lending takes place. The big banks and financial institutions are no longer the first port of call. These Early Stage Investment Companies or ESIC would historically seek out Silicon Valley, the womb of tech advancement, to talk turkey with a high rolling investor. Now they are looking to platforms like Birchal to qualify for representation. Real Estate disruptor Next Address is one such example. Founder Julie O’Donohue saw the success of Airbnb and Uber and pondered on how transparency and communication could be implemented in the same way in the real estate industry and bring efficiency and reduce costs for buyers and sellers.  The result? A tech-savvy buyer-selling matching platform that can save consumers thousands. Now some of that pie is being offered to every day Aussies. Why is it popular? The tax advantage has positive potential with the ATO handing out attractive tax incentives for investors. Currently, if you invest in an early qualifying stage innovation company (ESIC), you may be eligible for these tax incentives. The tax incentives provide qualified investors who purchase new shares in an ESIC with a non-refundable carry forward tax offset equal to 20% of the amount paid for their qualifying investments. Capital gains incentives are also abundant for the right qualifiers. Crowd-sourced funding puts you in close contact with your investment. However, issuers using this facility include new or rapidly growing ventures and investment in these types of enterprises is speculative and carries high risks. You should be in a position to bear this risk without undue hardship. The future is looking bright for over 65s looking for innovative investments. Right now the Australian Government is tying the final strings on taking Social Impact Investing Aggregation to another level with tax incentives being called for. Many mature Australians want to see positive change and get a good return on their investment with some generous tax savings. It also has a certain socially responsible edge to it, and it could very well lift some of the burdens from the Government coffers. Social Impact Investing brings together financial support and expertise from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to achieve a social objective. Housing, programs, small business training for disadvantaged persons, etc. are examples of social impact investing. Fintech is a shiny attractor for impact investors, as we watch the emergence of these two examples of disruptive potential! Is Sticks and Wombat’s The Block Property Your Next Address? 2017-10-24T11:28:37Z is-sticks-and-wombat-s-the-block-property-your-next-address The long-running television sensation has a dynamic group of "blockheads" this season, including larrikin duo Mark “Sticks” Croker and Clint “Wombat” Price, who are being represented by Melbourne real estate agency Noel Jones. With nine offices in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and 40 years experience in the real estate business, Noel Jones is utilising the new digital platform Next Address to list the Elsternwick property. Next Address is a matchmaker for property buyers and sellers, utilising algorithm technology and an individual’s criteria to recommend homes to buyers instantly. It is also a precision tool for real estate agents offering an additional way for them to list their client’s properties as well as providing a seamless promotion. Helping agents find and reach buyers in unexpected places, the property innovator has gained popularity amongst investors with the efficient and quick turnaround of what can be a time consuming and stressful process. With the exciting finale just around the corner, the five Elsternwick houses featured on this season of The Block are set to sell for millions, making a lucky group of new homeowners dreams come true. Next Address is the brainchild of founder Julie O’Donohue, created with the vision of building an affordable, simple real estate platform that is transparent, trustworthy and laden with integrity. She says “this exciting affiliation is wonderful for Australian real estate.” Start-Up Property Disruptor and Global Tech Sector is an Australian First 2017-09-20T02:47:02Z start-up-property-disruptor-and-global-tech-sector-is-an-australian-first It is the new disruptor start-up Next Address, and it is smashing through the Real Estate industry quicker than you can say Snap Chat. Born out of a bad real estate experience of poor service, minimal communication, and high costs, Next Address is the brainchild of Julie O’Donohue, who decided to change the status quo and create a new model to supersede an existing deficit-prone industry. What started as a passionate idea has evolved into a living breathing reality that has investors excited to get on board. When the opportunity arose for the Aussie start-up to team up with a global tech partner to create an innovative and fresh viewing experience for clients, it was too good to refuse. The result was a friendship that is a first for Australian business, with the introduction of 3D viewing by tech company Fyuse. With San Francisco as it’s base HQ , Fyusion is on a mission to fundamentally change photography as we know it. The company’s breakthrough technology generates deeply immersive “surround view” images that fuse the capabilities of a traditional photo, a panorama, motion capture and 3D to create a dynamic photo experience not see before. Built on Fyusion’s underlying spatiotemporal platform that leverages advanced sensor fusion and computer vision algorithms, the app seeks to transform the user experience, and the tech is put simply- kick ass. Buyers and renters looking for a new home using Next Address will be able to get a fuller experience of properties on their phones or computers with an amazing 3D experience. Next Address is the first business in Australia using the Fyuse technology,” states Keith Martin, VP of Business Development and Marketing ( The pairing of these two dynamic companies is going to be revolutionary. Next Address allows users to bypass the need for a real estate agent by putting the control in their hands and giving them complete mastery over their real estate experience—whether they are a buyer, seller, or landlord. Connecting buyers and sellers directly to each other Australia's first online real estate marketplace, Next Address is defying the ‘old-guard’ culture. It’s real heart mission behind the venture is to serve people simply by creating a more trust-worthy and honest system with a savings potential for customers in the thousands.  It also has the capability to embrace Real Estate agents that follow the social conscience model that Next Address values.