The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-09-14T01:01:12Z Easy Ways To Look After Your Camper Trailer Pt 2 2020-09-14T01:01:12Z easy-ways-to-look-after-your-camper-trailer-pt-2 We all love the feeling of adventure when we head for new destinations in the bush. Camper trailers allow us to explore and experience, the best destinations that Australia has to offer for extended periods of time, and more often than not, will get you to and from your campsite without any dramas.   However, these hard-to-get-to destinations are naturally going to cause a fair bit of wear on your gear and your offroad camper trailer. Corrugations will put strain on your suspension, water will work its way into bearings, poor quality drinking water will taint tanks, and general wear and tear will happen. General maintenance is all part of owning a camper trailer, and dragging it through tough terrain can lead to other issues – for most of us it’s a worthy risk to get to that hidden hotspot of a lifetime with loved ones.     Offroad camper trailer maintenance, repairs and upgrades are all part of pre and post trip work, but knowing where to start and what to inspect can be a bit of a daunting process. To make it easier for everyone, we’ve put together this easy-to-follow guide on bringing your trailer back to new. Each maintenance step will tell you what to look for, how the damage occurs and how to fix the issue. This is Part Two of our three part guide to easy ways to look after your camper trailer.     TRAILER PLUGS   Quite often your camper trailer electrical trailer plug sits right at the first point of contact on your tow bar which is underneath it, so when damage is common when towing your offroad camper trailer through rugged terrain. Try remounting the plug up higher up – even on top of the tow bar is a smarter location.   Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your camper trailer electrical plugs healthy. Give them a spray with WD40 or contact cleaner after every trip, and inspect the back of the plugs each time. The grommet here comes loose, so tape up if needed.     RUST PROTECTION   Too often we see camper trailers come back from a big trip involving sand, only to sit there and rust away. Most 4×4 camper trailers are sprayed with paint that, although it is said not to, will eventually chip from the copious amount of stones being sent its way. Leaving bare metal exposed is exactly how rust infiltrates its way into your chassis. Trailers that are coated in a proper corrosion-resistant, impact resistant coating or powdercoating do a lot better here.   The fix to corrosion really does depend on the severity of the rust. If you catch it early you should be able to rub it back to bare metal with a grinder and a wire brush. Your priority once you’re down to bare metal is to seal and protect it with paint – and a bare metal respray of the affected area is the best way to go. For the best results possible, used a rubber-based stone guard paint. It’s a tad more expensive but it’s perfect for this scenario. It’s a bit of work but in the long run it will dramatically increase the service life of your camper trailer so it’s definitely worth it!     STONE GUARD   With rust on camper trailers, prevention is definitely better than a cure – and the best way to prevent stone damage is proper stone guards on your camper trailer if it isn’t coated in an impact-resistant coating. They really are a necessity on a trailer – they’ll boost the life of your offroad trailer ten-fold. The most important thing to consider when you’re installing or maintaining your stone guard is the tension and the material. Too loose and it won’t do the job, and too tight it’ll flick rocks back at your tow rig and potentially bust a rear window. Aim to have one to two inches of movement in it.     DRAW BAR ACCESSORIES   Wear and tear on  your camper trailer coupling is as common as the cold, but fortunately there are a few simple maintenance tips to make sure they stay in tip top condition. The biggest killer of poly-block couplings is lack of lubrication – so give it a hit of WD40 down each side and on the pin after every trip, and grease any grease nipples. Check your coupling bolts for rust – if you do need to replace them, replace with stainless steel bolts.   Your safety chains on your camper trailer shouldn’t need too much work, but make sure you check your D-shackles are rated for the weight of your camper trailer, and check their condition. Shackles aren’t expensive to replace, and considering their importance, it’s probably worth the $20 or so for a couple of new ones. When you store shackles don’t lock them up tight– they can seize over time, and you might cause damage undoing them. Easy Ways To Look After Your Offroad Camper Trailer Part 1 2020-09-14T01:00:23Z easy-ways-to-look-after-your-offroad-camper-trailer-part-1 An offroad camper trailer is one of the best tickets you’ll ever buy to the adventure playground that we call home. Hooking up your camper trailer and heading away with your family is an incredible experience! However just like any type of vehicle, a 4×4 camper trailer needs regular maintenance and love to ensure you keep it in the best condition. Don’t stress though – camper trailer tips and tricks for maintenance aren’t hard to handle, and in fact you’ll be able to do all this camper trailer maintenance yourself at home with nothing more than basic hand tools.     From junk to absolute gem – anyone can add value to their 4WD camper trailer, and it starts right here – so grab your tools, wheel the old girl into the shed and turn your camper trailer back to the pride and joy it should be!     WHEEL BEARINGS   For us off-roaders, water would have to be the biggest wheel bearing killer we come across, and in fact it’s the number one cause of breakdowns and camper trailer problems – particularly if you only use your camper trailer once every couple of months. If the camper trailer’s hub assembly gets a mouthful of river water, the grease’s lubricating properties are severely affected.   The early warning signs are unmistakable, as water contaminated grease tends to turn white and cake up in clumps. If you don’t check your camper trailer wheel bearings fairly regularly, chances are you won’t know until it’s too late.   There are however, a few simple and easy preventative measures you can take to help your camper trailer wheel bearings last the test of time. Start by installing marine grade hub seals if your camper trailer doesn’t already have them, which are actually designed to handle the pressure of complete submersion under water. We’ll talk how to regrease and install camper trailer wheel bearings in another article as it’s worth not skipping over.     HOT TIP: INSTANT BEARING REPAIR KIT   Always carry a spare set of greased bearings for your camper trailer. If you have a packed set sealed in a sandwich bag, they are always ready to install whenever you ever need them, and there is no need for you to grease them in the bush.     WHEELS AND TYRES   There’s the obvious signs of wear and tear on your camper trailer tyres, such as tread running close to wear indicators, but make sure you inspect both tyres inside and out for slices, cuts and potential weak spots. With older tyres, check for sidewall fatigue, which can happen if the camper trailer’s been sitting in the front yard with low tyre pressures for too long.   Buying second hand tyres has to be done with caution. Quite often they’re cheap because they’ve been sitting round for a good while. The best to way check if they’re not too old is to test if the tread blocks are still soft – or to check for the date code on the side of your camper trailer tyres.   Should you need to replace your tyres and wheels, why not put on a set to suit your 4WD setup? This essentially means you’re always carrying two spares wherever you go – matching your camper trailer tyres to your 4WD.   SUSPENSION   Your suspension is arguably this most vital component of your trailer, and really needs to be given the correct attention. First up, check the wear on your springs by ensuring the camper trailer is not sagging or sitting unevenly.   With your camper trailer shocks, inspect the shock mounts for cracks, then check if the shocks are leaking fluid or have any physical damage. Bent shocks are a common problem, and need to be replaced immediately.   Also have a good look at your offroad camper trailer’s bushes – if you think they might be getting old, it’s cheaper to replace them now before they fully give way, which can cause damage to more expensive components.   If you get in the habit of conducting these checks on your camper trailer after you come back from a trip, and ideally a couple of weeks before an upcoming camper trailer adventure, you’ll minimise the risk of camper trailer problems arising and ensure that your holiday will go as smoothly as possible.   In Part 2 of our guide to easy ways to look after your 4×4 camper trailer, we’ll delve further into the world of camper trailer ownership, what to look for on your camper trailer and how to keep your offroad camper trailer in tip-top shape! Swags and Gazebos The Ultimate Camping Partners 2020-08-10T02:17:23Z swags-and-gazebos-the-ultimate-camping-partners If you love going camping in your swag, particularly if you’ve got a double swag like the Big Daddy Deluxe from Adventure Kings, then one of the best bits of camping gear that you can invest in, is a portable camping gazebo! In fact a gazebo like the Adventure Kings 3x3m Gazebo or 6x3m gazebo is the ultimate camping partner to your swag, in any sort of weather. Here’s why. Portable gazebos for camping are so good because they create almost instant, generous amounts of shelter from the sun, the wind and the rain. When you roll your camping double swag out under your portable camping gazebo, you create the perfect campsite accommodation – heaps of protection from the elements, and so quick to setup! Setting up your double swag or single swag under your 3×3 camping gazebo obviously gives you heaps of protection from the elements coming down from above, like rain or hot sun, but did you know that with a little upgrade, a camping gazebo can be a brilliant way to protect from the cold weather, and add heaps of privacy to your campsite too? If you upgrade your portable camping gazebo with a gazebo tent, you create the ideal enclosed space to put your swag inside! And when it’s cold, that means you’ve got an extra layer of protection from the wind and the rain, as well as somewhere comfortable and spacious inside the camping gazebo tent to get changed, take your shoes off, that sort of thing! Even better, if you’re camped at a busy campsite, then adding a gazebo tent to your 6x3m portable gazebo or 3x3m camping gazebo gives you a whole new layer of privacy too! No longer will you have to roll around trying to get changed or dressed inside your swag – you can simply get dressed in your portable gazebo tent, and you’ll have enough room to actually stand up inside. Talk about luxury! Even if you don’t want to upgrade your portable gazebo and use a gazebo tent to put your swag inside, there are other camping gazebo upgrade options available. You can add a 3×3 metre mesh floor underneath your portable camping gazebo for instance to protect your swag from the dirty, wet or cold ground, and then you can also add a couple of genuine gazebo walls to your portable gazebo to add extra protection from the wind, rain and sun that could come in under your portable gazebo from the sides. We’re massive fans of just how good a campsite consisting of a portable camping gazebo and a double swag is! The best part is, both a camping gazebo and a double swag are so quick to setup, that you’ll have your entire campsite created in well under 10 minutes, and likely under five minutes once you’ve done it a couple of times! Just set up your 3×3 gazebo or 6×3 gazebo, peg it down and then add your genuine gazebo accessories like a 3×3 gazebo tent, gazebo side walls or a mesh floor. Finally, roll out your swag underneath your portable gazebo and that’s your entire campsite accommodation sorted! Whether it’s for a busy campsite where you need privacy, or just for extra protection from the elements, a portable camping gazebo is your swag’s best mate out in the bush.To get yourself sorted with shelter and all weather protection making sure that you head to call our expert team on 1800 88 39 64 or drop into one of our fully equipped showrooms to see the whole range of camping equipment in person and pick up your new gear upgrades.  How to Perform a Slingshot Winching Recovery 2020-08-10T02:16:30Z how-to-perform-a-slingshot-winching-recovery If you love getting out onto the tracks for a tough low range 4WDing session, then having a quality 12,000lb winch on hand is one of the best bits of 4WD gear you can ever carry! An electric 4WD winch means the ability to self-recover if you get stuck, giving you the confidence to tackle big bogholes or hardcore hillclimbs. And even if you’re not the kind of 4WDer who actively seeks out the toughest tracks, having a quality 12000lb winch on your 4WD is security for those ‘just in case’ moments – even if it’s not you that is stuck, you’ll be equipped to help other people! One of the most advanced winch recoveries you can perform is called a “Slingshot Winch Recovery”. That’s where a vehicle is stuck on the track ahead of you, but you can’t get your 4WD around them to winch them forward, and winching back isn’t an option. Here’s how to perform a Slingshot Winch recovery using your 12000lb 4×4 winch in that scenario. SECURE BOTH VEHICLES SO THEY WON’T MOVE Safety is the number one priority of any 4WD winch recovery, so before you unspool your 4WD winch, make sure that both vehicles – yours and the stuck vehicle ahead of you – are secured and won’t move for the moment. Chock each vehicle’s wheels if necessary, and once you’re sure they won’t move, you can then unspool your 12,000lb electric winch. RUN YOUR WINCH UP TO A TREE IN FRONT OF THE STUCK VEHICLE Unspool your electric winch synthetic winch rope out with enough slack to run the winch rope past the stuck vehicle and to a tree you’ve selected to use as an anchor point approximately 10 metres ahead of the stuck vehicle. Make sure to also let your 12000lb winch out enough to then bring the winch hook back down to the front of the stuck vehicle. CONNECT A TREE TRUNK PROTECTOR AND SNATCH BLOCK Next, use a snatch block and a tree trunk protector to form a proper anchor point around the tree you have selected to winch off. Wrap the tree trunk protector around the tree, attach the snatch block and ensure that your 12000 4×4 winch has the clutch engaged and is ready to be used. LOOP THE WINCH ROPE BACK TO THE STUCK VEHICLE Take your synthetic winch rope and feed it through the snatch block, before then taking the winch hook on the end of the rope back to the front of the stuck vehicle. You may find that you need to unspool your 4WD winch a little more to give you enough length to reach the front of the stuck vehicle. Don’t forget to put a winch damper on both lines of the synthetic winch rope for safety. WINCH THE STUCK VEHICLE FORWARDS Now is the time to perform the 4×4 winch recovery to get the stuck vehicle free! Make sure that the clutch is engaged on your 12,000lb winch, and then get into your car. Start your engine so that your electric winch has plenty of power from your alternator, and then when both vehicles are ready, spool in your 4×4 winch. If all goes well you’ll quickly pull the stuck vehicle free! If not, then release the tension on your 4WD winch and re-assess the situation, and build up the track with rocks and logs if necessary to lower the stress and strain on your 12,000lb winch.To see the full range of recovery gear available head to or call our expert team on 1800 88 39 64 or visit our showroom to see the whole range in person! A truly revolutionary design: King Wing 270° Awnings unfolded 2019-12-11T05:57:03Z a-truly-revolutionary-design-king-wing-270-awnings-unfolded It isn’t often new ideas absolutely change the way people do things, this is the start of revolutionary thinking, beginning with the range of extremely affordable vehicle mounted awnings back in the early days of the company, the team from Adventure Kings completely changed the way many Australian campers chose to set up four wheel drives for camping. The addition of an Awning on the side of a vehicle adds a quick and simple solution to shelter anywhere it is needed.For many years a standard square awning has been the go to requirement for even the simplest camping and beach driving setups, that was until the release of so called “wing” style awnings that use a strong skeleton underneath the canopy to support the UPF50+  and fully waterproof awning fabric which can fold out all the way around to the rear of a vehicle. For many years the brands making these have produced light weight designs that were prohibitive in price, that was all until June this year.   The turning point was when Adventure Kings the industry’s most cost-effective camping brand released one of the best bang for buck 270° Wing Awnings available in Australia. Priced at nearly half what the nearest competitors offer, it is sure to be a hit this summer.There are many benefits to the 270° King Wing Awning primarily the extra sheltered area, boasting an impressive 11m² which is nearly double the space offered by the 2.5m x 2.5m Awning, additionally due to its design can be set up by a single person by simply unfolding the arms and placing the attached legs in position. Simple to setup, it is also just as simple to fold away, with small captive hooks on each poles peggable feet, once set up it is possible to adjust the leg lengths to the ideal height for camping and clip them into place for a quicker setup next time.   Plus, every 270° King Wing comes with a full DIY fitting kit + pegs and guy ropes included at no extra cost – with ultra-heavy-duty galvanised steel mounts that are incredibly strong and easy to install. For more information about the whole range of Adventure Kings Awnings head to visit one of the stores at 4WD Supacentre or approved dealers to see the 270° King Wing in person or call 1800 88 39 64 to talk directly to an expert! Latest releases – Adventure Kings continues to innovate. 2019-12-11T05:56:06Z latest-releases-adventure-kings-continues-to-innovate 4WD Supacentre are dedicated to offering Aussie 4WDers campers and outdoor enthusiasts the best value for money equipment that you can find on the market, this dedication has led to the development of better and better gear, for less and less money.One of the latest release products in the Adventure Kings Range that is making waves with Aussie campers is the hugely practical Adventure Kings 15L Console Fridge Freezer, unlike many similar sized units on the market, this fridge freezer uses a compressor for not only improving the energy efficiency but also for maximum control of temperature down to -18°C. the 15L capacity is capable of fitting 18 cans inside and this device will run on 12v or 24v perfect for refreshing drinks anywhere,  and as a bonus it is designed to mount in the center console area of most modern 4WD’s and SUV’s ideal for long trips and tradies.Some of our latest upgrades to the range include powerful updates to our solar power range with the most impressive update being the Adventure Kings 250W Solar blanket, this beast includes a set of kickstands, which means it can be set up anywhere to face the sun, providing a reliable 12.6A of charging current to top up camping batteries. To add further to the already impressive Light range available at 4WD Supacentre the Adventure Kings LED Replacement headlights offer 4WDers a perfect way to increase the output of their factory lighting being a simple plug and play install, there is even kits which include CANSTAR modules to prevent the computer from throwing out error codes. If the light from LED replacement headlights, didn’t offer enough LED Ligght the Adventure Kings Lighting Range now includes a 24” Laser Lightbar which is blindingly bright and offers a huge 914m range and is designed to fit on many bull bars and plenty of spread for winding country roads. In some parts of the country when driving through sand dunes drivers are legally required to install a sand dune safety flag, with the popularity of tracks through the Simpson desert it makes sense for Adventure Kings to produce a 3m Sand flag to meet the demand. Another high demand item recently released is a durable and weather resistant insulation cover for the Adventure Kings 90L Fridge freezer offering superb insulation to improve on track performance, this cover fits neatly on the Adventure Kings 90L Fridge freezer and protects it from bumps scratches and dust on the tracks so is a must have for serious campers.The addition of an Adventure Kings Hanging Pantry to nearly any campsite gives campers a tidy way to keep the camp kitchen organised and ready at eye level with midge proof mesh keeping insects away and everything easy to reach.One of the most recent updates to the Adventure Kings range of gear available from 4WD Supacentre’s camping stores is a convenient folding Kings Folding Pet Bed with a 50Kg max weight rating even larger family pets can be comfy at camp.With an ever expanding range the Adventure Kings range of gear offers campers the best value setups for the lowest price possible. To find out more about the latest releases from the industry leaders, head to or call the experts at 1800 88 39 64 for the best advice and latest bargains. Get out and recover with ease! 2018-11-26T03:16:12Z get-out-and-recover-with-ease Everyone loves tackling the most gnarly tracks in their pride and joy particularly with your mates in convoy, you get to push the limits of what is capable with  your 4WD and when you get back to camp those who managed to get flexed up or lifting wheels without needing to be recovered earn some serious bragging rights! Not everyone gets to brag at camp, but to make sure you don’t head out disadvantaged, you should equip your 4WD with a reliable Hercules Recovery Kit and an extremely strong Domin8r X 12,000lb winch! This epic winning combo of not just one of the best value winches in Australia but coupled with a comprehensive recovery kit to help you rescue yourself or anyone else in your group from some serious trouble on the tracks. The Domin8r X 12,000lb winch has enough pulling power to drag your mates fully loaded landcruiser out of mud, 12,000lbs is nearly 5.5 tons of pulling power, which can be doubled with a double line pull using the Hercules recovery kit’s Snatch Block pulley, because of physics, you double the pulling power to nearly 11000kg, and slow down the recovery to half speed, ensuring you have the most control over your recovery setup and can save even the most heavily kitted out 4WD’s on the tracks!   Not only do you make trips away with your mates incredibly easy with the safety net of being able to pull yourselves free, you will be able to perform solo recoveries when you find yourself in dodgy situations on your own, simply disengage the clutch and run your winch cable out to a suitable tree trunk to winch off. This is where the included tree trunk protector comes in handy, strong and wide, it will distribute the force of your winch cable over a large area on the tree’s bark ensuring you don’t ring bark the tree and kill it, this is also a good time to use your recovery dampener, a dampener comes in handy when you are using metal components in a recovery. By acting as an air brake and a weight to both slow potential projectiles that could result from high energy recoveries, and also to drag them low, preventing injury to spectators and damage to vehicles. The Domin8r X has a 7.2HP motor which is run through a 218:1 planetary gearbox, which gives 4WDers absolute control at the push of a button – whilst most 12,000lb winches on the market offer a standard cable operated hand held controller, whilst the Domin8r X also has the ability to unscrew the cable and have a completely wireless control of your winch, which makes solo recoveries that much simpler. On top of the extremely easy to operate function of the Domin8r X Winch the winch drum comes preloaded 9.5mm braided HDPE winch cable, which is lighter stronger and splinter free unlike the steel counterparts available on the market, which makes a weight saving on the front of your 4WD of around 10-15kg compared to old school steel cables. when considering a recovery kit, you need to think about what terrain you think you might encounter, with both the essential recovery kit and the Complete recovery kit by Hercules, you get included; 1 x Snatch Block, 8,000kg 1 x Snatch Strap, 8,000kg, 9m x 60mm 1 x Tree Trunk Protector, 10,000kg, 3m x 75mm 1 x Extension Strap, 5,000kg 2 x Bow Shackles 4.7T each 1 x Winch Dampener with pockets for recovery gear. Where if you need more accessories, the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit also includes:   1x Folding Shovel 1x Kwiky Tyre Deflator 1x Heavy Duty Gloves 1x Recovery Bag Meaning no matter what circumstance you get yourself into, you may need to deflate your tyres more, or even dig your 4WD free! 4WD Supacentre carries a range of accessories designed to make your 4WD or camping trip that much more enjoyable 2018-07-16T03:12:19Z 4wd-supacentre-carries-a-range-of-accessories-designed-to-make-your-4wd-or-camping-trip-that-much-more-enjoyable When going out 4WDing it’s easy to try and pack everything including the kitchen sink but it does pay to have all the right gear when you head out camping.   From First Aid Kits to spare tyre covers we have made sure that 4WD Supacentre stocks all the most important accessories you need for your 4WD in one place! The range of 4WD and Camping accessories available at 4WD Supacentre are some of the most basic but critical pieces of 4WD equipment that no true 4WDer or camper should never leave home without. Our range includes industry leading brands like Adventure Kings, Maglite, Hayman Reese, Survival first aid and Hercules. The world famous Maglite have been around since the late ‘70s and revolutionized the flashlight industry with bright, compact water resistant and DURABLE flashlights that have become synonymous with first responders and militaries all over the world. It was only natural that 4WD Supacentre carries two of their best-selling torches for 4WDers!   The accessories you need at camp are for more than just work, or 4WDing, when you are at camp, you probably are like us and want to explore! Whether that means getting out and bushwalking the tracks near your campsite, or getting out on the water, This is why Adventure Kings has also developed a highly portable inflatable stand up paddle board, offering the latest in inflatable vessel technology all in a bag that can be carried on your back!   We also stock the Adventure Kings range of 4WD accessories that are all designed to make travelling offroad much easier, by protecting both your vehicle and your camping gear, from the elements, like the water-resistant and durable neoprene seat Covers, or if you are a tradie and want a tougher option the durable Heavy duty seat covers offered by Adventure Kings are perfect for keeping your interior clean. Coupled with a set of deep dish floor mats and a huge range of 4WD gear storage solutions like the Kings dirty gear bag to chuck over your spare tyre carrier, whatever rubbish you pack in, you can easily pack out. The car seat organisers and roof top storage bags offer perfect gear organization for everything from those small nick-nacks to your swag, and everything in-between!   Adventure Kings Gear is built tough to last and to keep your vehicle and your camping gear clean and tidy no matter how wild and dirty the tracks get. The Adventurer RESCUE Swag is a hugely popular remote area first aid kit. It comes with easy to use first aid app for your smartphone that helps guide you through procedures such as CPR whilst being offline. So no matter what you drive these universal accessories are essentials for hitting the tracks or the highway in style and comfort. Make sure you do the right thing by yourself and your passengers and get your 4WD and Camping Accessories from 4WD Supacentre!     With unbelievable prices on gear delivered to your door, online shopping is a great way to get your hands on your new camping gear. But did you know you can get better advice on the perfect way to upgrade your camping setup by simply dropping into one of our stores to not only see the gear in person and have a try, but to talk to our team of experts.   4WD Supacentre Brendale, 4500 QLD is run by a passionate team of 4WDers with lots of offroad, recovery, and camping experience. They’ll help you with picking the best campsite and 4WD upgrades for the best price and put you in touch with a local workshop who can perform expert gear fitment to your vehicle!   4WD Supacentre showroom Parkinson/Browns Plains, 4115 QLD offers the full range of camping gear which is also available to view, try out and pickup directly from our expert team located in our newest national showroom located in the shopping district at Parkinson/Browns Plains.   4WD Supacentre Burleigh heads Showroom, 4220 QLD is popular for last-minute gear for trips away. The Gold Coast showroom is located in the heart of Burleigh Heads, and is perfect for many visitors heading north to the islands in Moreton and Hervey Bay or out towards the glasshouse mountains and can help with expert local knowledge tips and tricks!   Lilydale 4WD Supacentre Showroom, 3140 VIC this store acts as our Victorian regional centre, located conveniently at Lilydale, 3140 VIC It doubles as one of our distribution centres for many of our online orders spanning NSW, SA, WA, and across VIC. The team always makes sure that plenty of stock is always on hand for immediate pickup. The experts at 4WD Supacentre Lilydale can help you get setup for much less than you could imagine so come in and score a bargain TODAY! Brand New Range of Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezers just launched 2018-07-16T02:43:35Z brand-new-range-of-adventure-kings-fridge-freezers-just-launched The brand new range of Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezers have just hit the market and are already proving to be a massive hit with campers and 4WDers around the country. Already renowned for leading the way in selling the country’s best-value swags, rooftop tents, winches, LED driving lights and many other camping and 4WD accessories, Adventure Kings’ new range of fridge/freezers come with quality and features normally reserved for much more expensive fridges. Initially available in 45L, 60L and 70L sizes, the Adventure Kings fridge/freezers all include such features as heavy-duty latches and hinges, genuine high-quality Secop compressors, copper lines and stainless steel internals for longevity and performance, and clever features such as simple adjustable voltage cut-offs to guard against flat batteries. Clever, ultra heavy-duty handles pivot up for easy movement of the fridges, and fold down flat to save space. Extra thick rubber seals and casing insulation means that these fridges are incredibly efficient at holding temperature. With an ability to operate at temperatures as low as -18°C, all three Adventure Kings fridge/freezers can be operated as either a fridge or as a freezer. The Adventure Kings 70L dual-zone fridge/freezer has separate compartments with individual lids and temperature controls that allows one side to be used as a fridge and the other as a freezer, or both. It also has a clever in-built voltmeter that lets you keep an eye on your battery voltage right from your fridge! Adventure Kings camping and 4WD gear has taken over every campsite and 4WD track in the country, and with good reason. Our business model is simple; we’ve cut out the middleman, sell in bulk and operate on razor-thin margins to be able to offer incredibly quality products at prices that the competition can’t come anywhere near. We’ve done to the 4WD industry what Aldi did the big supermarkets, and over 750,000 customers around the country proves we’re onto a winning formula. Every product comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee and is backed by a dedicated, 35-strong customer service team to ensure complete satisfaction. How to care for your Adventure Kings camping gear 2018-03-01T02:20:02Z how-to-care-for-your-adventure-kings-camping-gear We can all relate to the excitement that builds before a big trip away; looking at maps, buying and preparing gear, servicing our vehicles, writing lists, and everything in between. Proper planning is essential for family and friends to have a fun, and more importantly safe time when out camping, but once the fun is over, going back over our gear and taking care of it properly once home will ensure that planning our next trip will go smoothly. Here are some things you might want to consider the next time you return from a camping weekend. Adventure Kings make some of the most durable swags on the market. The canvas is heavy duty and comes pre-seasoned so the rain will stay out if you get caught in a storm, but prolonged exposure to moisture can kill swags, fast. If your Adventure Kings swag becomes wet when out camping; be it from rain or even dew, make sure it’s dry before you store it. This can either mean leaving it out in the sun of a morning while you pack up other gear, or rolling it up in the rain and then getting it back out again once you’re home and the rain has stopped. If you store your swag while it’s wet, mould will build up and the canvas will break down. We can all agree that the extra time it takes to get your Adventure Kings swag back out to dry once you get home is worth it if it saves you having to buy a new swag prematurely. Similarly, if your Adventure Kings camping chairs get wet, be sure to leave them out somewhere warm to dry as well. Cast iron is another part of camping kit that requires some attention when you get home. Adventure Kings cast iron skillets and portable BBQ plates are fantastic additions to any camp kitchen, but all cast iron can rust. When out camping, try not to leave your cast iron sit out overnight, as a light covering of dew can cause it to rust. When you get home, give it a good clean and then when it’s dry, coat it with oil (olive or vegetable). Besides stopping it from rusting when you store it, the oil will keep the surface nice and shiny so your food won’t stick the next time you cook on it. Many of us have a tendency to have everything packed neatly before we go away, but in the rush to try and get things cooked or taken care of around camp, we often reach for things and put them back in awkward places. As long as we enjoy ourselves while we’re out, it’s not a big problem to have, but packing away everything neatly again when we get home helps us have a better idea of what we have left, what’s clean, what’s dirty, and so on. Keeping Adventure Kings storage boxes at home with all of your gear in them ready to go is a good way to be organised, as they’re durable enough to take away with you and affordable enough to have a few different ones for different parts of your kit – cooking, fire, fishing gear, etc. Dirty gear and clothes at camp can sometimes get mixed up with our fresh gear, so having a couple of Adventure Kings dirty gear bags on hand is a great way of managing this problem. One of them can be used for clothes so you can put the whole load in the wash when you get home, and another one can be used for any tools and equipment you might not have had the chance to clean while you were out. Knowing all the dirty gear is in one place when you get home helps eliminate the problem of sorting through it all. The great thing about camping is that you get better at it the more you do it. You’ll find your own tips and tricks along the way, that help you organise yourself effectively both before and after a trip. The important thing is to keep reminding yourself that a little bit of time now is a lot better than a lot of time and potentially money down the track. The range of Adventure Kings Gazebo Accessories is changing campsites across OZ! 2018-03-01T02:18:52Z the-range-of-adventure-kings-gazebo-accessories-is-changing-campsites-across-oz Adventure Kings Gazebos are one of the many milestones  have absolutely shattered a market filled with overpriced and inferior quality gazebo’s. Adventure Kings Gazebo range is built tough enough to survive the harshest  Australian weather conditions without issues. The solid steel hammertone finished frame is reinforced at its hinging points meaning it has a solid structure and foundation to support the waterproof 420D Oxford PU coated polyester high peaked roof. Due to overwhelming demand Adventure Kings had to expand the range of gazebos to include the massive Adventure Kings 6m x 3m option, having literally double the usable sheltered space beneath it. Along with the addition of a larger double sized 6m x 3m gazebo, the brand new range of Adventure Kings gazebo accessories, easily fasten to both sizes of Adventure Kings Gazebos using Velcro fastenings. Being accessories tailor made, to fit a gazebo’s folding frame, there are no issues with aesthetics with the whole range of accessories fitting neatly to the concertina steel frame. These brand new accessories offer extra dimensions of usability in nearly any situation, and replicate the form and functionality of the already successful range of Adventure Kings Awning accessories. The quickest and most versatile accessory you can add to your Adventure Kings gazebo setup regardless of the size you have chosen is the Adventure Kings Gazebo Side wall, being 3m wide and made from 210D waterproof it offers stacks of additional privacy from campsite neighbors, shelter from the wind and rain. Another simple gazebo upgrade in the range is an Adventure Kings mosquito net. Being a fully sealed room with a PVC bucket floor the Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo Mosquito Net is perfect for setups in wetland areas, where mosquitos and other insects can cause grief and irritation for little people, and is even perfect in the desert, preventing the dreaded blowy (blow flies). Despite the 3m x 3m size the Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo Mosquito Net fits easily on most gazebos including the larger Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Gazebo, offering half insect proof shelter and allowing space for adding a few Adventure Kings Gazebo Side walls or even the new Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent. The fully weather proof Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent offers an enclosed and fully self-standing shelter and when it is fitted to an Adventure Kings gazebo, creates a solid base camp for weekend adventures and even for reserving your campsite and securing loose valuable items around camp. Built from a tough wearing 210D Waterproof polyester fabric, and with a durable PVC bucket floor the Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent offers versatile shelter from wind and rain and with its massive mosquito netting windows prevents insects from bothering you whilst still allowing plenty of ventilation and air flow for when it is needed the most! Offering excellent waterproofing on a sturdy setup it is no wonder Adventure Kings Gazebos and Adventure Kings Gazebo accessories are showing up at campsites beaches and parks in every corner of the Australian continent. To find out more about the Adventure Kings Gazebo and Adventure Kings Gazebo Accessories Range head over to or call 1800 88 39 64 to speak to one of our experts! BRAND NEW PRODUCT RELEASE – Voyager Portable BBQ Grill 2018-02-01T01:32:53Z brand-new-product-release-voyager-portable-bbq-grill Easy camping gas cook-ups are taken to the next level with the BRAND NEW Voyager Portable BBQ Grill offered by 4WD Supacentre. Featuring a Double sided vitreous enamel cast iron hot plate, the portable Voyager BBQ Grill offers the choice between using a flat hotplate or when flipped over acts as a grill to allow juices to drain away.   With a clean efficient 16MJ/h of heat output provided by a full length stainless-steel burner. It runs the total length of the hotplate for even heating over the whole surface. The Voyager Portable BBQ Grill is versatile and easy to use with only one highly efficient burner that uses approximately 320g/h of LPG on its highest heat setting, the burner has the capability to last for more than 4 hours of solid cooking and with an inexpensive adaptor will happily run for over 26+ hours of happy cook ups using a standard 9Kg gas bottle found at service stations, BBQ stores and hardware stores.   The double sided vitreous enamel cast iron hotplate is designed to be easy to clean and easily distributes heat across the large cooking area of 46 x 29cm. The Voyager Portable BBQ Grill was designed and built with travelers in mind, it has a light-weight construction and simple design, which includes removable stainless-steel legs, and a protective hard carry case, the whole grill sets up in under a minute, and its portability and practicality is second to none. To set the Voyager Portable BBQ Grill up, simply requires it to be unpacked from its carry case, with its legs to be slotted into place, and the included 3/8” BSP-LH fitting hose to be connected to a suitable gas bottle, turn the gas flow valve and simply fire the integrated push button Piezo ignition and it will cook just as a normal full sized BBQ does, without any fuss. Weighing in at just over 8kg and being a compact design it will easily stash in the back of many vehicles, ready for impromptu cookups, to take away camping or perfect for 4WD Touring breakfast, lunch and dinners in places that do not allow for solid fuel cooking (campfires) or where there isn’t enough time to start a roaring fire. For absolute convenience it is hard to look past the Voyager Portable BBQ Grill for its ease of use and durability, it will cook tasty meals easily, and stash away compact and small when not in use, it is sure to be a favorite amongst travelers, campers, and 4WD tourers in Australia. To find out absolutely everything about the Voyager Portable BBQ Grill head to COOL RUNNINGS – Make Your Fridge Run Cooler 2018-02-01T01:29:51Z cool-runnings-make-your-fridge-run-cooler There’s nothing better than having your Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer running beautifully in the back of your 4WD. Here’s a couple of easy tricks to help it keep everything perfectly cold Righto, let’s start with the obvious.   Fridge Covers! A dedicated Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer Cover are easy to use and simple to get a hold of at around $50. The idea behind them is to keep direct sunlight away from the fridge, and to also keep the cool temperatures insulated inside the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer. Get one that’s specific to your model and it will also protect your fridge from knocks and scrapes – bonus Do it yourself It might not be the classiest thing in the world, but making your own DIY fridge cover made from a cheap parts-store windscreen cover actually works surprisingly well at keeping fridge temperatures down. It’s never going to rival a proper fridge cover for insulation, but the material is designed to reflect sunlight – and that’s half the battle Shade Moving further down the “I don’t wanna spend much money” line, is the simplest thing you can ever do to help your Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer – park in the shade! We’ve tested it, and proven than a vehicle parked in the shade with the windows down can be 25°C cooler than one parked in the sun with the window up. That’s a massive difference in ambient temperatures, and we’ve seen it make the difference between a fridge that cycles on and off, easily holding °C, and one that’s running flat out, struggling to stick to 4°C.   Icebox The less you open your fridge, the more it has an ability to keep the contents cool. To that end, it’s a seriously good idea to still run an icebox like the Adventure Kings range of Icebox’s wherever possible. Throw cold drinks in it at the beginning of the day that have been chilled in the fridge over-night, and even without ice they’ll keep nice and cool right through til the arvo. Then, instead of opening the fridge every half hour for a bottle of water or a can of Coke, you can leave the fridge well alone to do its thing Wiring Nothing stops a fridge running at its best like incorrect wiring. Fridges don’t draw massive amounts of current – around 5A on startup and settling to anywhere between 0.5 and 3A continuous – but that still needs some proper wiring to make it run properly. At a minimum you need to be looking for 6mm twin-core, especially if the wiring is running all the way from the engine bay to the rear of the vehicle Plugs Ever melted a fridge plug and wondered why? Hours of shaking and rattling around in the back of a 4WD can rattle just about any cigarette socket loose. Merit-style plugs are better, as are the twist-lock ciggy plugs, but they still have the potential to lose proper contact with the socket. Hard-wiring a fridge cable means you never, ever have to think about whether it’s going to rattle loose again Ventilation 12v fridges run a condenser as a heat-exchange – the same principal as your radiator, or the condenser on the back of your fridge at home. To work efficiently, the condenser needs proper airflow to extract heat away from the cooling fins. Chocking the back of the vehicle full of gear is natural, but it’s hurting how your fridge runs. Do your best to leave space around the fridge – or for the ultimate, Get yourself a set of Titan Rear Drawers, it’ll make it a lot easier to slide the fridgein and out with its included fridge slide, too! If you had to pinpoint the 4WD accessories that have made the biggest difference to how we head offroad in the past decade or two, without a doubt on the top of the list would be the mighty 12v fridge. Having a fridge in the back of your 4WD is a deadset game-changer. It means you’re not a slave to the availability of ice. It allows you to head bush for longer with plenty of good tucker. And there really is nothing like pulling into camp at night and grabbing a coldie out of the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge that’s been humming along at 0°C. Solar Panels never leave home without them! 2018-01-18T02:16:23Z solar-panels-never-leave-home-without-them When you need to recharge yourself and your 12V system, look no further than an Adventure Kings Solar charging system.   We have pioneered a range that starts from a simple 10W USB solar charger to a fully fledged 250W output array with MPPT Regulation for absolute maximum output to give you the options to power your setup no matter what you take camping with you.   All Adventure Kings Solar panels use Monocrystalline silicone cell construction which is the most efficient panel design available remaining lightweight and compact whilst still outputting effective power for use at home or in the bush.   We have fully standalone systems that include a solar regulator in both hard framed designs or the more flexible folding solar blankets which are excellent for space saving in the back of your vehicle or for emergency use.   We even have a fully customisable 110W Hard mounted system that includes fittings so you can easily and permanently mount it to your vehicle, camper trailer, campervan, caravan or boat with your choice of solar regulator.   We stock both the easy to operate low cost PWM style of regulator that has become the standard across the industry, or you can upgrade to one of our high efficiency, high output MPPT style regulators which gives you up to 30% more efficiency in cloudy or overcast conditions ensuring you get the most out of your solar setup no matter what the weather conditions.   Adventure Kings maintains its reputation for supplying functional camping setups whilst also still offering some of the most affordable solar setups available to the Australian market!   Whatever your 12V setup, Adventure Kings has a Solar charging system to efficiently top up your batteries and run accessories, with zero running costs and zero noise, whilst you kick back and relax and enjoy your favorite campsite in peace and quiet....   When you are looking for a solar panel setup, you can’t look past an Adventure Kings Solar setup. 3 most popular tips for camping with your Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swag! 2018-01-10T04:41:08Z 3-most-popular-tips-for-camping-with-your-adventure-kings-big-daddy-swag   Here are 3 of our top tips for making one of the famous Big Daddy Swags even more comfortable than they already are: First up, get your hands on one of the Adventure Kings queen size self-inflating mattresses. At a huge 100mm thick it is double the thickness of the original 50mm mattress in your Big Daddy swag, and 30% thicker than the mattress in a Big Daddy Deluxe. People love these mattresses because they’re a perfect fit, make camping more comfy, and they’re just as handy to use at home as a spare bed when guests visit. This is an accessory you’ll use way more than you think. In the cold a thicker mattress (especially a foam cored inflatable like this) will also add stacks of insulation meaning you are less likely to get the 2am shivers from the cold ground stealing your body warmth.   Secondly, we recommend getting your hands on a good sleeping bag. You can certainly get by with your doona from home, but a good sleeping bag like the Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bag, will take your comfort levels up a notch. It easily traps your body heat and keeps you toasty. The cinching hood and zipper baffle gives you the coziest nights sleep even when there is frost all around, or with the removable flannel lining you can cool it down for summer camping without needing to hang a leg out! As an added benefit when you get 2 Kings premium sleeping bags (left and right handed) they can be zipped together to make a larger double sized sleeping bag, perfect for partners and small families sharing the massive sleeping space in a Kings Big Daddy Swag.   Finally, don’t forget to season your swag. This is a simple procedure required on most canvas products and in the process,even those that come pre-seasoned like the Big Daddy’s.   All you need to do to season your Big Daddy is set it up in the yard, remove the mattress, and hit it with the garden hose or a bucket of water. Your goal is to soak the canvas material and the threads in the stitching, making sure to focus your attention on getting the canvas wet. This simple process swells the thread in the stitching holes and tightens all the seams. Allow it to dry fully and then return the mattress, pack it away and you are ready for your next camping trip!   Following these top tips will get you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had at camp, rain hail or shine, and will make sure your trip is just like you planned it, relaxing and hassle-free!