The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-05-04T23:58:34Z Off-market property platform Property Whispers surges ahead through COVID-19 pandemic 2020-05-04T23:58:34Z off-market-property-platform-property-whispers-surges-ahead-through-covid-19-pandemic Property Whispers - Australia's instant matching & connecting platform for off-market and on-market properties - has had a significant increase in the number of buyers registering and the number of properties agents have uploaded. Month-to-month comparing March to April 2020, there has been 133% increase in buyer registrations and comparing April 2020 to April 2019, there has been 100% increase. We have also seen 149% increase in properties uploaded by agents when comparing March to April 2020 and a whopping 903% increase in properties uploaded comparing April 2020 to April 2019. Thousands of new matches have been created with ready buyers for those agents. Over 45,000 matches have taken place on the platform. In part this is COVID-19 related, with new stock low on the major advertising portals since vendors are shying away from expensive advertising. The current restrictions placed on open for inspections and public auctions are introducing agents and their vendors to the benefits of using direct-matching online platforms such as Property Whispers. Jason Malouf, Real Estate Agent, Ray White Maroubra/South Coogee says “It’s a very challenging market at the moment securing a listing, with many vendors being hesitant to spend on advertising. By using Property Whispers I can offer my vendors another platform to sell for free right now and it instantly connects me with qualified buyers and I get their contact details instantly. It works very well since I’m put in touch with buyers right away and don’t need the open for inspections to start a conversation. Even before COVID-19 hit I sold a property at Auction in Kingsford to a purchaser introduced by the Property Whispers platform. It’s really easy and now free to use!” Buyers are also looking beyond the major platforms to find their dream home and love the instant matching they get on Property Whispers and particularly the access to properties for sale ‘off-market’. Of the buyers who registered in April 2020 on Property Whispers, 76% are looking to buy within 3 months which indicates that there are savvy buyers in the market right now, and 91% of them have their finance arranged, so they are ready to buy now! ENDS - For further information or interviews, please contact: Liane Fletcher, mobile: 0402 333 012, email: Property Whispers is Australia’s premier property matching sales platform, instantly matching buyers and their property requirements with all properties for sale including ‘Off-market’ properties. Buying and selling real estate while open for inspections and public auctions are banned 2020-03-30T22:56:20Z buying-and-selling-real-estate-while-open-for-inspections-and-public-auctions-are-banned Since the Federal Government has banned residential property ‘open for inspections’ and public auctions buyers and agents are seeking a safer way to connect during the Covid-19 pandemic  Resilience and adaptation are hallmarks of the Australian way and the sector is already looking for alternative, safe and healthy ways for vendors, agents and buyers to interact, so that they can continue to buy and sell property. There are vendors who need or want to sell; agents with listings already in the market and buyers who do not want finance approvals to lapse.  Property Whispers, Australia’s only instant matching and connecting residential property platform is a big part of the solution and it is completely free for agents and buyers to use. Says co-founder Liane Fletcher: “Since buyers can’t attend an open for inspection, shake hands with an agent or huddle together at an auction, what can they do? Property Whispers is offering its service completely free, matching buyers and agents and connecting them so that they can assess specific property opportunities safely – complying with the new laws, without crowds and with appropriate social distancing. The way it works is: - Buyers register and provide their purchase specifications (ie) their preferred property type, suburb, price range and other requirements.  - Agents upload properties for sale – either by ‘auction’, ‘private treaty’ or for sale ‘off-market’. - Property Whispers’ algorithm matches buyers and properties and instantly connects agents and buyers so that they can discuss particular properties.  - This can be done by phone, text or email as a precursor to a privately arranged inspection.  Following this an offer, negotiation and exchange of contract can all be done with little direct interaction, keeping all parties safe and well. Over 38,000 instant matches have been created to date. Agents and vendors have a ready marketplace and active buyers can continue finding their dream homes! Property Whispers ( is simple to use and stands ready to help buyers, sellers and agents in these difficult times, allowing them to continue to buy and sell properties, in a safe and healthy way. ENDS - For further information or interviews, please contact: Liane Fletcher, mobile: 0402 333 012 email: Property Whispers is Australia’s premier property matching sales platform, instantly matching buyers and their property requirements with all properties for sale including ‘Off-market’ properties. Top 7 Tips to Launching A PropTech Start-up 2020-02-10T04:41:53Z top-7-tips-to-launching-a-proptech-start-up As Co-Founder of a proptech start-up, many people have asked me “If I had my time again, would I do it again, and what have been the learnings during your start-up journey?” My response has always been “Yes, Absolutely! It's been the most exciting and rewarding experience of my working life! Along the way I’ve learnt so much in building a technology business” What started as an idea to solve a problem for home buyers has now become a daily solution for so many users. They believe in the product and it gets them results. Background to the idea & product The idea for Property Whispers came to me while working as a real estate agent. Home buyers were frustrated as many buyers could not find out about properties for sale off-market (that is properties available for sale that are not publicly advertised) unless they were in touch with every agent in their local area. Real estate agents were frustrated as they often could not find a suitable buyer for an off-market listing. Property Whispers solves those problems for both buyers and agents. At the time of the launch of the business it was the first property sales platform focusing entirely on matching ready buyers with properties for sale off-market. Today, Property Whispers offers home buyers a central platform to be instantly matched with properties for sale (both on-market properties and off-market properties) and buyers are instantly connected with agents. It works like a ‘dating for property’ website Along my start-up journey, there have been challenges and here are my top 7 tips to ensure a smooth start-up journey. Tip # 1:  Validate your idea - is there a genuine problem and genuine solution? We tend to convince ourselves that we’re right and that is one of the most dangerous traps you can fall into – make sure plenty of people who would be your customers think it’s a great idea too and say they would use it.  Validate your idea at every step before you move forward. You will need users who will hopefully be paying customers and people will only pay for what they need. At the very beginning think deeply about how the product or service will help different user groups. Tip #2: Know what it is going to cost you to get your idea off the ground Getting a start-up off the ground takes money. Unless you’re a ‘techie” who can write code, there are website and/or app design and build, SEO and other tech costs. Next big cost is marketing. This cost should not be underestimated –the main channels we’ve used are social media and Google ads. There are also other business administration costs that need to be paid – registering a company and business name, setting up a domain name, legal costs, etc. Budget 10% more since everything costs more than when you first thought. Make sure you have a realistic budget, with a healthy buffer, and funds to cover it!  Tip # 3:  Having the right processes for your technology build and any amendments is critical. At the very outset, specify your technical requirements in great detail including all design, user and reporting functionality.  We did this and it saved us heaps of time and money - it can be very costly to amend technology later on. Tip # 4: Test & test again different marketing channels If you don’t tell people about your business then no one will know you exist. Marketing a business today needs a well thought out marketing plan. Intially we spent small amounts of money to test the different marketing channels to see what works best.  We found  PR was the most effective way to reach a large number of potential users to Property Whispers. Getting prime time on Channel 7 or in has been priceless. We employed a PR consultant initially to launch the business but today we write & submit our own press releases & blogs.  It is important to submit press releases that are newsworthy and well written blogs that appeal to an audience.   Use an experienced social media or Google consultant or, if you’re going to set up paid advertisements yourself, make sure you learn as much as you can about reaching the right audiences. It can be very effective but you can also waste a lot of money & time if you don’t know what you’re doing. We used consultants initially during the launch phase & have learnt about setting up ads ourselves. The problem is that social media channels & Google often change their algorithms so can be confusing and difficult to know exactly what will work best. Spend small amounts of money testing different marketing channels, messaging and formats. When you know what works, you can then increase your spend. Tip # 5: Monitor your advertising spend Monitor your social media and Google analytics regularly to assess ad performance and adjust where necessary. This is a constant, active not passive, process. Tip #6: Know your competition and always keep learning It’s important to know who’s in your space and what they are offering as well as learning from other start-up businesses - the success and failures. This can help you stay ahead and avoid mistakes others have made. Tip # 7: Trust & respect your Co-Founder If you are a Co-Founder you need to have trust and respect for your other co-founders - there will be times of stress and differences of opinion and that's ok as long as those robust conversations deliver the best outcome for the business and the ability to move forward. This is critical. ENDS For further information or interviews, please contact:Liane Fletcher, mobile: 0402 333 012 email: Property Whispers is Australia’s first and only dedicated residential property matching and instant connecting platform, matching buyers and their property requirements with suitable properties for sale.  Website: Property ‘match-making’ platform, Property Whispers, expands its offering to further help buyers and sellers in a tough market 2019-02-26T04:27:19Z property-match-making-platform-property-whispers-expands-its-offering-to-further-help-buyers-and-sellers-in-a-tough-market-2 Property Whispers, Australia’s first and only dedicated residential property matching and instant connecting platform has evolved to cover the whole residential sales marketplace; both properties that are advertised for sale and those for sale off-market.  Property Whispers launched in May 2017, matching buyers with properties for sale ‘off-market’ ie. those not being publicly advertised. After creating over 20,000 off-market matches and following prompting from our agent user community, Property Whispers is delighted to announce that it has expanded its ‘match-making’ to cover the whole marketplace, adding properties that are being publicly advertised for sale to its off-market offering. Buyers can now benefit from a single source – delivered daily to their email inboxes – of all matching properties, those that are being advertised and those that are off-market and whether for sale by private treaty or at auction - just like a buyer’s agent would do - except that this service is absolutely free for buyers to use. No more endless searching or registering purchase requirements with multiple agents.  For agents and their vendors it is an even bigger win as they instantly receive the contact details of all matched buyers; and whereas traditional advertised campaigns cost thousands of dollars, Property Whispers charges agents just $99+GST per listing (after an initial free trial) and private vendors pay just $139 +GST to list their property. Liane Fletcher, Co-Founder of Property Whispers says, “In a really tough market, where prices have fallen and vendors are nervous, agents now have a cheap alternative and complementary platform for their listings. Further, many properties offered last year did not sell and vendors who are considering their alternatives, with their agents or directly, can do so on Property Whispers.”  Real estate agent Jonathan Reid, LJ Hooker Green Square/Waterloo successfully sold an apartment using Property Whispers and says, “So pleased to have sold an apartment in Waterloo using Property Whispers. The instant matching process helped me get in touch with a buyer immediately and arranged an inspection without the crowds. She loved it and bought it!" Property Whispers will continue to drive value for buyers, agents and sellers by saving them time and money and creating a way for more property transactions to take place through: ·       ‘Match-making’ - buyers no longer waste time browsing websites and agents now have direct access to matched buyers, no longer relying on who comes to property inspections ·       Instant & direct connection - both parties receive each other’s contact details ·       No digital footprint - properties do not become ‘stale’ as they are not left online from unsuccessful marketing campaigns; and ·       Cheaper cost – far cheaper than traditional advertising    -ENDS- For further information or interviews, please contact:Liane Fletcher, mobile: 0402 333 012 email: Property Whispers is Australia’s first and only dedicated residential property matching and instant connecting platform, matching buyers and their property requirements with suitable properties for sale.  Website: Australia’s ‘Dating for Property’ sales platform Property Whispers exceeds $1 billion in off-market properties uploaded as auctions lose ground 2018-06-03T22:40:45Z australia-s-dating-for-property-sales-platform-property-whispers-exceeds-1-billion-in-off-market-properties-uploaded-as-auctions-lose-ground As property prices and auction clearance rates decline, interest continues to build in ‘off-market’ sales amongst vendors, agents and buyers. Off-market properties are those not publicly advertised for sale and Australia’s ‘dating for property’ platform Property Whispers has had over $1 billion in off-market properties uploaded to its website since launching in May 2017, resulting in over 8,500 instant matches occurring between buyers and properties. Co-founder of Property Whispers, Liane Fletcher, says: “We have been delighted with the uptake in our service since launch in May 2017. Buying and selling off-market in the current environment makes a lot of sense, particularly when large numbers of properties are being withdrawn before auction or passed in at auction. In what is rapidly becoming a buyer’s market, selling off-market gives vendors and agents direct control over the full course of the sales process; it allows vendors to avoid expensive advertising costs and the uncertainty of auction results; and gives buyers a real alternative to the stressful and often disappointing auction process.” Says David Grant, Sales Agent at The Agency, “In the current climate​ increasing numbers of ​vendors are ​comfortable starting the sales process off-market. It saves them thousands of advertising ​dollars and often results in a successful outcome. Buyers are always asking about properties available off-market. I've uploaded off-market properties to Property Whispers and received heaps of matches instantly; it's been very useful.”  Many buyers cannot afford a buyer’s agent to help find off-market properties. Property Whispers now gives all buyers access to this ‘secret world’ at no cost. Thousands of buyers nationally have registered to use the service, across all price ranges and property types, resulting in multiple instant matches occurring every day and thousands in total. Says Mark Rosenberg, Rose Bay “I’ve been looking for a while, seen quite a few properties that have been advertised but not found the right one yet. In the current market auctions are really hit and miss. I’m delighted to have joined Property Whispers as I now have free access to “off-market” properties that I would never have known about. It’s amazing!” Property Whispers started in NSW and has 50% of its properties listed there. It is growing nationally quickly and the remaining 50% of properties is now in the other States. Contrary to the notion that only expensive properties are sold off-market, 59% of properties uploaded to Property Whispers are priced at less than or up to $1,000,000. Property Whispers charges agents and vendors $89 plus GST to upload a property. New agents who join the platform are offered a free trial period. Buyers use the site for free. -ENDS- For further information or interviews, please contact: Liane Fletcher, mobile: 0402 333 012 email: Property Whispers is Australia’s premier off-market property sales platform, instantly matching buyers and their property requirements with suitable off-market properties. First home buyers best chance to secure property ‘off-market’ using Australia’s ‘dating for property’ platform Property Whispers 2018-01-29T01:09:37Z first-home-buyers-best-chance-to-secure-property-off-market-using-australia-s-dating-for-property-platform-property-whispers Australian property tech start-up Property Whispers has had over $750,000,000 in off-market properties uploaded to its platform with 55% of current properties listed priced up to $1,000,000. Property Whispers is Australia’s first and only online website that instantly matches buyers’ purchase requirements with the specifications of suitable properties for sale off-market, (ie.) those not publicly advertised for sale. Co-founder of Property Whispers, Liane Fletcher, says: “We are delighted with our progress since launch last year. We currently have over $550,000,000 in off-market property available on the platform, with over $750,000,000 that has been uploaded to the website in total. To date over $200,000,000 has been through the cycle. Multiple new buyers register daily across all price ranges and property types. Many new instant matches occur every day; we’ve literally had thousands of matches so far. Historically, most buyers did not have access to off-market properties. Property Whispers now gives every buyer the opportunity to be matched with off-market properties that suit their requirements, and it’s free for buyers to register and use the platform.” In a changing property market, where auction clearance rates have fallen and prices are coming down, more agents, vendors and buyers are interacting off-market and thereby saving on advertising costs. Mortgage brokers also currently have many buyers with finance pre-approved who have not found properties to buy. “Now would be a great time for mortgage brokers to contact their pre-approved borrowers and let them know Property Whispers can help them find properties off-market” says Liane. Property Whispers intends to roll out a number of exciting initiatives in 2018 to further enhance buyer and seller experiences. -ENDS- For further information or interviews, please contact:Liane Fletcher, mobile: 0402 333 012 email: Property Whispers is Australia’s premier off-market property website, matching buyers and their property requirements with suitable off-market properties, as listed by real estate agents.