The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-04-09T04:56:48Z Australian MADE Digital Safety Online Store for Safety 2018-04-09T04:56:48Z australian-made-digital-safety-online-store-for-safety The very latest tech is rolling out from the BERT online store this month, replacing paper, apps, and downloads in an industry first. B.E.R.T (Business Enterprise Risk Technology) is creating quite a stir with their fresh approach to delivering customized safety and risk tech solutions to businesses. The biggest appeal? Affordability, simplicity, and security. “It is evident from our research out on the field talking to farmers, primary producers, truck drivers and NFP’s- they do not have extra time and resources. Often people are squeezed in a corner to comply. If I am an owner operator truck driver, I have been on the road for hours; I have a million things to do and think about, am I going to feel like downloading an app, swiping, fixing, altering, filling in forms and spaces to create a solution? No way. I want to tap and go with a quick effective yet SECURE tool. If I want to talk to someone, I don’t get some chatbot or an email I speak to an actual person. The next step in our business evolution was an online store where clients can buy and use right away.” With the impending National changes to the Truck Industry, the products couldn’t come at a better time. Mike Wood, head of LATUS, Logistics Risk Specialists is an educator on compliance. “Each business must have an SMS, Safety Management System in place by mid-2018. We are witnessing a lot of distress and confusion in the transport industry over the new legislation involving the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) law. The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) prescribes certain requirements and obligations to ensure compliance and safety for all parties in the transport supply chain. This means that anyone who influences the transport activity is responsible for safety on the road. The penalties are harsh and high; we encourage anyone in this industry, or any workplace industry to be aware of legislation and use the Digital Tools available to them!  They can comply without the stress and heartache that compliance litigation can impose.” The online store couldn’t come at a better time. Recently cited by Workplace Victoria as an exciting development in Safety and Risk Management, BERT is pleased to be able to be of service to those in need of assistance to transform their business space. The first release of products will include SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) and Pre- Start Checks for everything from trucks to tractors and chainsaws. The suite of products was rolled out earlier this year in the Gannawarra Shire in Northern Victoria. Col Shepard, Acting Manager of Operation Works at Gannawarra says; “We went from paper-based reporting that was generic and went with this model to help increase safety and create a better system. Now it is fully customized, easier to use and makes more sense to employees. When compared to some other tech-based systems out there, we found this one to be more affordable and to be honest; you get someone on the end of the phone, the backup service and relationship is better. It is more relevant and cohesive.” To find out more about BERT or to visit the online store CLICK HERE Young Farmers Safety Pilot To Save Lives 2018-03-06T04:53:20Z young-farmers-safety-pilot-to-save-lives Farmers and their families are hurting. 18 people have died in Australia already from workplace accidents, many of which were in the Agricultural industry. There are organisations rolling up their sleeves to do something about it and it is nothing short of inspiring. The latest initiative actioned by the Nation Centre for Farmers Health is one of these inspiring actions. An interactive, fun and engaging farmer safety education program sourced from Northern America has finally hit our shores after a lot of work and determination by the NCFH and facilitator Alex Robinson.  The pilot was released in February at various Secondary Colleges and Ag Colleges in Victoria. The ultimate aim was to help prevent workplace accidents and educate about Personal Protection Equipment. Alex says “The pilot was very positive! We sourced this program from overseas, where it has had an impressive impact on farming communities. This isn’t about replacing existing learning; it is an additional resource to enhance that younger demographic's learning opportunity. The next generation needs reaching, and as we start to gather the results from the pilot, the feedback so far suggests some tangible results." The program makes a powerful emotive connection between young farmers and the workplace with plenty of interactive facets, hands-on learning, and visual cues. It assists in upskilling and identifying risks. “The program is quite plastic; we can adapt it to different areas. We will be surveying the participants and be measuring practice and follow through, to see how the learning translates into implementation in the real world. Assessing risk and making appropriate choices, being able to read the various situations for young farmers is the outcome we are aiming for” says the passionate advocate. Martin Stow founding director of BERT in Australia commented that “Programs such as these with a different angle, a different aspect that can help bridge the younger generation and help reduce Agriculture workplace tragedies are inspiring to say the least. We know how popular digital tools have been in this industry with our Gannawarra Council Digital transformation. Digital tools are becoming popular for all ages. However the young demographic has been most enthusiastic. It is all about making safety simple, accessible and we congratulate Farmers Health on doing just that in such a new dynamic.” The National Centre for Farmer’s Health has education at the heart of its organisation. “It is of key importance to improve the health, safety and well-being of farm men, women and children. Rural Australians experience poorer health outcomes than their urban counterparts, and agricultural workers record higher incidences of injury, illness and work-related death than most other industries.” For more information about new initiative go to For more information about what BERT is doing for the Agriculture Industry CLICK HERE Hello Australia We Have Arrived 2018-01-08T12:38:43Z hello-australia-we-have-arrived We took our team with over 60 combined years of innovation, governance experience, sales and NFP involvement and created a dynamic system that is set to lay some pretty serious foundations in Aussie business circles.     With an exciting launch of a cache of customizable risk and safety management systems in 2018, we are presenting solutions with incredible feedback in the test phase. Our inspiring leaders of BERTS; Mike Wood and Martin Stow saw that heavy resource problems facing large business groups,  NFPs, Social Entrepreneurs and Small Owner Operators needed something fresh encompassing emerging technology. "Many organizations are scrutinized and left trying to manage safety, and risk management compliance with a "one size fits all model," says Mike. "The risk of loss of resources, money and time is compounding. Many businesses aren't meeting their requirements, which leaves them wide open for both tragedy and harsh consequences. The time has come for diligence and customized care that doesn't cost the earth," Our refreshing philosophy that one size indeed doesn’t fit all when it comes to safety and risk management has been popular with organisations.  "You don't want a band-aid for a broken leg solution," says Martin. Since opening our digital solutions to a cross-section of industries, we have witnessed repeated feedback: the complex issues facing business owners are being transformed into user-friendly and simple options.  This is alongside a complimentary BERTS assistant ( a real person!)  is something that is bound to shake up the Safety and Risk Tech industry. “We see many organizations weighed down with complex and expensive systems and a real difficulty in managing data collection that is ‘fiddle proof’ and automated.  We see it as our service to the Business Community as a whole to help them keep afloat of issues and become stronger than ever before." Why? "Quite simply because we love what we do, we love developing relationships built on integrity. It makes everyone feel good! We are so excited about how technology can simplify and assist people in business, and the excitement combined with a passion for safety is infectious in our company culture” says Martin.  This philosophy in addition to a passionate team has seen the company go from strength to strength, a philosophy echoed by the voice of industry! According to "Evidence shows that when a small business begins to digitize and use digital tools, it creates new growth opportunities and diversifies revenue streams. Adopting digital technologies also helps small businesses to find talent, access finance, work smarter and enhances the value of the business when it is time to sell. However, many small businesses are not taking advantage of the opportunities that the digital economy offers."  Headed by Mark Bouris, the department will be launching a Small Business Digital Taskforce in 2018 addressing issues facing Aussie industry. It is a timely nudge for all organizations big and small in every industry to embrace digital solutions and make sure their risk safety blueprint is built on integrity and customization.  These steps will ensure they continue to be the driving force of our foundations for many years to come and not end up another tragic statistic for those to look at in the future. For more information about BERTS go New Smart Chip Tech Set To Revolutionise 2018-01-08T11:47:27Z new-smart-chip-tech-set-to-revolutionise The Aussie startup, BERT  (Business Enterprise Risk Technology) founded by Martin Stow and Mike Wood is creating quite a stir with their fresh approach to delivering customised safety and risk tech solutions to businesses. A dedicated police officer for many years and a highly esteemed Rotary member Martin Stow is a renowned keynote speaker, and businessman with a background etched in helping others that is nothing short of noble. He has implemented risk solutions for businesses around Australia for 30 years. Partnered with Mike Wood, engineer, entrepreneur and algorithm expert and founder of highly successful solutions company Latus- the pair makes a formidable team. Latus’ key delivery is based on being an international advisory to Governments on logistics risk issues that impede national productivity. The combined platforms have seen the pair quickly become thought leaders in solutions. "The progression into helping small and large business enterprise was an easy one," says Martin. Businesses all over Australia need to implement reporting on safety and risk management. It is time consuming and resource heavy. Digitalising this with smart-chip technology that is customised specifically to the client is the answer.” “So many tech companies are about making a million dollars, being the biggest, the best. A money-making scheme of sorts. Who can come up with the latest trick in the tech circus? Not us. Saving lives is a serious business, and the resources we have available to us have meant we can be pliant, nimble and yet steadfast and reliable.” “In this digital era, it is fascinating as products emerge. However, so much of the solutions market is flooded with APPS. Apps have a tendency to be tampered with and fail. Often a one size fits all model. Our customisation and user-friendly model is made for each business individually. The user can simply access a system, take seconds to train a user, seconds to install, and no additional hardware and the cost is lower than what’s on the market, and it's tamper proof” says Mike. Setting up your data within in a system is still too time-consuming for many businesses and creates a “have to” mentality. Or the solutions on offer may be lacking features that are needed specifically for that organization. So many companies are unique even within the scope of their industry, so it’s essential that all elements are covered. Safety at work is vital, and the digital space is ripe for implementation. Recent studies have shown that businesses in Australia are not embracing digital solutions as much as they could be, why? Usability and customisation. Something BERTS has bridged. “Mass selling of a one size fits all safety product doesn’t provide the same level of service a customised service does,” says Mike.  “People need the time and resources- and it’s evident from our research out on the field talking to farmers, primary producers, government specialists and  NFP’s- they don't. If I am an owner operator truck driver, I have been on the road for hours; I have a million things to do and think about, am I going to feel like downloading an app, swiping, fixing, altering and filling in spaces to create a solution? No way. I want to ring up a person who provides me with a quick solution, all done ready to go with one tap. For exactly what I need and if someone is going to offer that for less than the generic stuff in the current market? Our smart-chip safety solution is a no-brainer.” For more information about BERT go to or call 1300 237 879