The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-11-19T03:32:51Z Car Removal Company in Christchurch 2018-11-19T03:32:51Z car-removal-company-in-christchurch A car buying company that claims to be a specialist in car removal services across Christchurch, Metro Car Buyers, is now expanding to the outskirts of the city. The service has been operative in Christchurch for a long time. As part of the huge service industry, Metro Car Buyers is now upgrading their services and their service staff.One of their customer relationship managers expressed, “Our business is growing, so we need to make sure our staff doesn’t feel they have to put quantity before quality.”. Metro Car Buyers is making a sincere effort in engaging thoroughly with their employees to give them better training and to teach them the optimum use of their facilities. With the constantly growing car buying market and need for recycling services, Metro Car Buyers has identified their target audience. They cater to the majority of customers through their ‘master advertising technique’ that is the testimonials their customers provide. Metro Car Buyers has been functioning as a car removal service in areas such as Mairehau, Shirley, Dallington, Richmond, Avonside, Woodend, Waikuku and more than 70 other regions and their suburbs. Metro Car Buyers is gearing up to make a mark on the car buying market with their rapidly growing their business to other parts of Christchurch and are likely to expand to other parts briefly after their training programs. ‘We believe in the progression of the entire community and not just our business.’ said the Manager at Metro Car Buyers while talking about the training program for their employees. Metro Car Buyers also specializes in truck removal, van removal, used car buying, removal of abandoned vehicles, buying of used or scrap cars, etc. As the only premium express car removal service in Christchurch, Metro Car Buyer has also been one of those businesses that promote a sustainable environment through their free car removal service. Free towing of scrap cars or cars that have met with an accident is another one of their highly appreciated services.“I didn’t even have to move from my chair. I called, they gave me a free quote, they gave me a free pickup, they gave me all the paperwork, you guessed it! For free! And I just gave them the car keys.” - Matt from Dallington after he was asked avout his experience with Metro Car Buyers.     For further media information contact: Ilias HassaniEmail: Phone number: Metro Car Buyers is a car removal and car buying service that specializes in buying old and unwanted vehicles. Their services include van pickup, car pickup, giving cash for old or scrap cars and buying old cars for cash. They also do free car removal of abandoned cars or scrap cars. With the operating region of Christchurch, they are now expanding further to be able to reach more customers. Kiwi cash for cars now offering their service to futhure regions 2018-06-03T21:53:03Z kiwi-cash-for-cars-now-offering-their-service-to-futhure-regions According to Kiwi cash for car's latest update on their website the company is now also provide cash for car services throughout Ashburton, Timuru, Nelson. The amendment comes after an increase in unwanted old scrap cars were established throughout the regions and some companies were doing their best expand their services to such regions but Kiwi cash for cars seems to be quicker.  The manager at Kiwi cash for cars Mr. Asif says, the company which is providing their service throughout Christchurch regions in future it will be expanded to surrounding suburbs. More over clients that have used services provided by the company are satisfied and have recommended the company to their friends. Any type of car is sold including truck, van, ute, 4x4, SUV, 4WD and much more. A major benefit their clients are happy about is that you also get a free collection service which is whenever you sell a car the team at Kiwi cash for cars arrives at your place take away your car.  The company also purchases vehicles that are no longer operation or cost of keeping it on the road rises.  We will have more updates regarding Kiwi cash for cars expansion.  Have you Seen the new website redesign of Swift cash for cars 2018-05-13T23:46:10Z have-you-seen-the-new-website-redesign-of-swift-cash-for-cars We at Swift cash for cars is glad to announce the redesign of our website and is live right now. The new design is focused mainly at the navigation, over all interface. New contents have also been updated to ensure our customer are getting the correct and up to date information. Now it is also optimized for mobile phones which is easier for you to use it on your smart phone. There are a lot of improvements to make the website easier to use. The hosting is based in Australia and is one of the best hosting company to ensure our website is not down on any time. New graphics on websites and social network.  We hope you like the amendments and if customer have feedback simply write to us.  To view our new website design visit Once was in New zealand and now in Brisbane - Click Car Removal 2018-03-07T04:28:16Z once-was-in-new-zealand-and-now-in-brisbane-click-car-removal Click car removal just established a new branch in Brisbane that offers instant and highest cash for cars truck van ute up to $8999. To anyone who wants to get rid of their unwanted car for cash Click car removal is the best solution. Having a scrap car in your backyard will get you headache why not get the job done and get it removed. Being Brisbane's no.1 car buyer Click car removal best known for offering reliable and hassle free service throughout all Brisbane region. Most customers suggest selling a car has never been easier then before in just 3 easy steps you can turn your old car into cash today.  Where to sell car for cash in Brisbane (Big Issue right Now) As year passes there are demand for new cars which the manufacturers releases but when it comes to getting rid of the old car then there are some issues. It can be hassle, time consuming and moreover getting low ball offers which nobody deserves. Everybody wants to sell their car for instant cash but choosing the right car removal company can be hard. Click car removal knew the market in Brisbane therefore established a branch to buy unwanted old used car for cash from all Brisbane regions dead or alive with or without region all day everyday.  How to contact a professional car buyer in Brisbane We researched and found that Click car removal has been receiving a lot of positive reviews for car sellers.  You can reach at: Origin cash for cars offers cash for car removal to Newcastle residents 2018-02-14T00:24:15Z origin-cash-for-cars-offers-cash-for-car-removal-to-newcastle-residents Origin cash for cars is Newcastle's leading car buyer specializing in all types of of van, ute, 4x4, SUV and offers as much as upto $8999. Car owners now have the option to sell their car to "Origin cash for cars" without any hassle or costs. Customers can get highest cash rate that can be up to $8999. Origin cash for cars provides their service to all regions on Newcastle and surroundings.  Origin cash for cars makes the process much easier and quicker in just 3 steps you would be able to sell your car instantly. The team assures to offer you highest value for your car regardless of make or model and condition The team is dedicated to honor the amount quoted and take care of the paperwork. The quick process and highest value on cars makes Origin cash for cars as Newcastle's no.1 car buyer. You can sell cars that no longer operate or cost of repair is high, even if your car is written off you can still expect to get top value instantly.  Being car buyer of the year in Newcastle Origin cash for cars also removes your property or anywhere in Newcastle regions and surroundings. No matter how your car looks or age the company is willing to take of your hand and pay cash. Just last week purchased a Hyundai Iload for $1850 that had a broken engine and damaged panels. The owners was surprised as auctions and other wreckers offered upto $950. The company have not received any complaint about their car removal service since establishing the business.  Overall Origin cash for cars will take away your car and pay cash up to $8999 and your car can be any make or model and condition. The service is provided throughout Newcastle regions and surroundings.  To find out more simply phone: 0481 212 033  or visit: Kiwi cash for cars establishes a new branch in Christchurch 2018-01-24T23:39:16Z kiwi-cash-for-cars-establishes-a-new-branch-in-christchurch Kiwi cash for cars, a well know car buyer company announced today about their new branch in Christchurch, Unwanted car owners are lines up to sell their vehicle. The company has been in the car buying industry for many years and establishes a branch at 68 Hamilton avenue, Christchurch 8041, With a hope to buy cars from car owners that are stuck with old car for a long time. Often neighbours complaint about abandoned vehicles taking up their parking space. Unfortunately, the process time taken by the local council may be over a month, but the new rising car removals company is promised to get rid of abandoned vehicles and perhaps pay some cash for it. Let’s check out main service offered by the company (sources service page of website) is car removals, cash for cars, car wrecker, scrap car pick up, cash for old cars, cash for used cars and much more. The company is willing to purchase of vehicles of any make, model, age, condition and location of pick up. Their website has a form placed where anyone who wishes to get rid of their car can complete and get a quote instantly. It’ll ask about the cars make, model, address pick up and comment section. We tried for an abandoned car that was left on our parking lot by an ex-employee and got a quote instantly. We got offer $566 for a Toyota Hilux 1993 which is amazing right? But sometime issues can arise such as owner coming back after few days and demanding the vehicle. Kiwi cash for cars just by it name you clearly find out that the company offers cash for vehicles. The company services throughout Christchurch region with exceptional unwanted car removal service. You can also find parts for your car as the company provides wrecking service as well. According to their website the company provides cash for cars any make or model Christchurch wide.   You can proudly say that you’ve sold your car to Kiwi cash for cars Christchurch For more info simply call us: 021 837 591