The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-05-11T05:24:43Z Australian loyalty program members want rewards with social impact 2020-05-11T05:24:43Z australian-loyalty-program-members-want-rewards-with-social-impact Results from the 8th annual Australian customer loyalty and loyalty program research study, For Love or MoneyTM 2020, show that loyalty program members want brands and companies to think outside the box when it comes to the rewards on offer. Commissioned by customer loyalty consultancy - The Point of Loyalty, For Love or MoneyTM 2020 researched eight ways for programs to improve their member’s lives, with informative and insightful results. Some of these include:  Rewards for recycling - such as donating pre-loved clothes for repurposing/ furniture for re-use or recycling; Earning rewards for healthy behaviours - e.g. points for achieving a minimum number of steps in a week; Earning cashback rewards - redirected to their superannuation fund to help them save more for their retirement; Rewards to reduce the cost of everyday living expenses - such as a phone, energy or insurance bills; Earning cryptocurrency (e.g bitcoin) as a reward. Report author and CEO of The Point of Loyalty, Adam Posner said, “With the Australian loyalty program landscape maturing, it’s time for programs to focus on finding different and distinctive ways to improve the lives of their members.”  Posner said, “While members in general want rewards to reduce their cost of living, they are also keen to participate in programs with rewards linked to a greater purpose such as the recycling and healthy behaviours.”  “It’s even more important in the current world situation for loyalty programs to focus on making lives better for their members. It will be remembered.” The report reveals Gen Z identified rewards for recycling, healthy behaviours and rewards to boost their superannuation savings, to be more appealing than Gen X, Gen Y and Baby Boomers. For the first time, the wide-ranging research also reveals that two-thirds of Australians believe that loyalty programs enhance their overall desire to pursue a relationship and experience with the brand. “The impact a well-designed program can have on brand experience is often debated and it was interesting to find that 68% of members agreed a loyalty program can enhance their relationship with a brand,” Posner said. In 2020, while members are concerned with data use and security, they are making the most of their memberships with 63% indicating they are taking advantage of their rewards and benefits which has significantly increased from 54% when first researched in 2016.  “While programs are improving all the time, they need to keep an eye on their data practices and the value exchange they offer their members for the data they gain,” Posner said. 2019 ranking of Australian loyalty programs most mentioned unprompted by members, as ‘doing a very good job’ New entrants in 2020: Four new programs appear in the 2020 ranking – CommBank Rewards, MYER one, Nando’s PERi Perks and Supercheap Auto Club Plus 1. flybuys 2. Woolworths Rewards  3. Qantas Frequent Flyer 4. Virgin Velocity 5. MyDanMurphy’s 6. Priceline Sisterclub =7. CommBank Rewards (New to ranking) =7. MYER one (New to ranking) =7. Nando’s PERi Perks (New to ranking) =7. Supercheap Auto Club Plus (New to ranking) A complimentary Executive Summary of the full report is available at with a comprehensive report available for purchase at Local platform launched to support charities through COVID-19 2020-04-21T00:38:49Z local-platform-launched-to-support-charities-through-covid-19 In the last month we’ve seen bare shop-shelves, fights in supermarkets, and stampedes for household staples as a result of COVID-19. Newly launched initiative Panic Donate, is encouraging consumers to switch from real-life panic buying to online “shopping” to raise money for charities, responding to and impacted by the current crisis. Founded by Jack Andrews, Panic Donate is an alternative way to build awareness and raise money for charities. The feel-good platform allows the public to choose the equivalent cost of their kitchen staples such as bread, milk and butter to be donated as cash to their preferred charity. With tongue-in-cheek messaging, consumers can opt to “shop” ‘calmly’ or in ‘panic-mode’ adding a lighthearted twist to the process.  “We wanted to create something that would cut-through all the noise and counterweight all the doom and gloom. We wanted to show people that the spirit of giving, and of community, are still alive and well,” says Andrews.   Panic Donate went from idea to launch in a week and a half. In that time wireframes were built, illustrations drawn, payments and socials set up, and 50 charities were contacted from around the world.  “We focused on charities in areas that are being hit hard by this pandemic: mental health services, the arts, food distribution, and domestic violence services. Along with the charities addressing specific needs, we chose two international partners: UNICEF and the IFRC, who are coordinating global responses,” says Andrews.  With the platform now live, the public can jump online and donate to key local and international charities including food rescue organisation, OzHarvest and Support Act, a charity delivering crisis relief services to artists, crew and music workers as a result of ill health, injury, a mental health problem, or some other crisis that impacts on their ability to work in music. “We are delighted to be chosen as one of benefiting charities as part of this innovative campaign! OzHarvest has seen an increased demand for food relief due to COVID19, and this is a fun way for people to help out. Every $1 will enable us to deliver 2 meals to those in need across Australia,” says Lisa Dainty, Community Fundraising Manager, OzHarvest (Australia).  "We thought this was a really cool idea the moment we saw it - and are very happy to be included as one of the charity partners! Donations to Support Act will greatly assist our efforts to provide crisis relief and mental health support to artists, crew and music workers who have lost their jobs and income as a result of the COVID-19 crisis." - Clive Miller, CEO, Support Act (Australia) So, instead of real-life panic buying during this pandemic, head online to Panic Donate! NEW RESOURCES SUPPORT EXPECTANT, NEW, AND WORKING PARENTS THROUGH THE CURRENT COVID-19 CRISIS. 2020-04-14T21:37:08Z new-resources-support-expectant-new-and-working-parents-through-the-current-covid-19-crisis Supported by WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund, the Perinatal Workplace Wellbeing Program (PWWP) has released four new resources under a special project extension to help both individuals and employers navigate these unprecedented times. The free resources are available online, allowing for easy access to support and provide guidance when it's needed most. Two employer-focused resource sheets are designed to help workplaces understand potential risks associated with expectant, new, and working parents, learn practical strategies and understand their legal obligations in relation to COVID-19. “There is no one size fits all approach to supporting parents in the workplace. We’re asking employers to tailor their tactics, be transparent, communicate, connect, promote available support, and show compassionate leadership and care throughout this time,” says Dr Sarah Cotton, co-founder of Transitioning Well. The two resources available online for employers are: ●  Supporting Expectant/New parent Employees through COVID-19 ●  Supporting Working Parents in the Transition to Working from Home through COVID-19 “We created these resources to support employers in navigating this unprecedented transition. The impact of COVID- 19 upon Australian workplaces is complex and far reaching and we hope that these resources offer timely support!” says Dr. Cotton. For expectant, new, or working parents themselves, PWWP has also created two resource sheets specifically designed for individuals. These resources unpack common questions around COVID-19, provide advice and support, and offer practical tips on navigating this “new normal”. The two resources currently available online for employees are: ●  Expectant/New Parents: What do I need to know about COVID-19? ●  Transition to Home: What do I need to know about working from home with kids, partners, and parents through the COVID-19 Pandemic? Dr Nicole Highet, founder of COPE says, “We already know that pregnancy and the year following birth is a time when men and women are most likely to experience high levels of stress and anxiety as they try to adjust to the myriad of emotional, biological and physical changes that come with preparing for and having a baby. In the event of COVID-19 expectant and new parents are now additionally grappling to accommodate to further expectations and adjustments such as the delivery of their maternity care, the way that they access support from others, financial stress and even how they need to adapt their day to day life prior to, and around the time of birth, and in the months following birth. Ultimately these additional adaptations and uncertainties further exacerbate anxiety and distress amongst parents, at an already vulnerable time”. In addition to these free resources, PWWP are also offering employers two free webinars to explore both employer- related resources in more depth and allow for employer Q&As. The webinars are scheduled for Thursday 16th and Friday 17th of April at 11am. NEW FINDINGS HIGHLIGHT THE NEED FOR ORGANISATIONS TO SUPPORT THE HIDDEN AND ONGOING SEASONS OF WORKING PARENTHOOD 2020-03-10T02:50:29Z new-findings-highlight-the-need-for-organisations-to-support-the-hidden-and-ongoing-seasons-of-working-parenthood The teams at Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) and Transitioning Well are proud to announce the launch of four key resources, filled with findings, strategies, and information designed to build the organisational capability required to support working parents. The resources can be found on the newly launched Perinatal Workplace Wellbeing Program (PWWP) website.   Supported by WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund, the pilot program is designed to support and make a difference to the mental health and wellbeing of expectant and new parents (*perinatal period) in Victorian workplaces.   Through the PWWP focus groups and initial time one surveys, COPE and Transitioning Well have seen several key themes arising; the need for organisations to support the ongoing seasons of parenthood, the need for greater understanding and acknowledgment of the hidden journeys to parenthood, and the incredible value to be gained by setting up working parent networks and staying connected during Parental Leave.   The first four free resource sheets to be released address identified pain points and include topics such as, ‘How to Set up a Working Parent Network’, ‘Staying Connected During Parental Leave’, ‘Supporting the Ongoing Seasons of Working Parenthood’ and ‘Supporting the Hidden Journeys to Parenthood’.   Through their work, the teams at COPE and Transitioning Well have found that currently, most family-friendly programs focus on supporting expectant/new parents, and often miss the ongoing transition points as children grow from babies and toddlers to school-aged children and adolescents.   Dr Sarah Cotton, co-founder of Transitioning Well says, “There seems to be this myth that working parenthood gets easier when your kids go to school… in reality this is far from the truth! It is critical that workplaces step up to the plate and understand the importance of not just supporting the early months and years but also the ongoing and ever-changing seasons of working parenthood.”   Another transitionary period that is often unspoken about is the journey to parenthood. It’s one that is not always straightforward and can remain hidden, especially in the workplace. When employees or their partners are having difficulty getting or staying pregnant, are worried about conceiving, or preparing to travel a different path to have children, they may not feel comfortable reaching out for support.   Similarly, when a baby unexpectedly arrives long before their due date, parents and workplaces may be unprepared for the stressful and often unpredictable journey they face. Given that these experiences can result in additional physical, psychological and financial costs, it’s important that workplaces understand how to best support the hidden journeys to parenthood.   Dr Nicole Highet, founder of COPE says, “When considering the range of challenges that can occur for individuals and couples at this life stage, we can begin to understand why this is the time when emotional distress and mental health issues are most likely to occur in women, and will also arise for men – often for the first time in their lifetime.  Being aware, informed and having access to timely information and support is key, and organisations can step up to play a role here”.   PWWP is working with key industry partners (i.e., Bunnings, Officeworks, Target, Multiplex and Probuild) to highlight the importance of supporting individuals through these transitional stages by addressing work-related factors and creating organisational change.   *Perinatal Period - prior to birth, through pregnancy and the first year of a child’s life. EXODUS TRAVELS COMMITS TO FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE 2020-01-13T21:00:14Z exodus-travels-commits-to-fight-climate-change Global adventure travel company, Exodus Travels has today announced they are one of the founding signatories of the ‘Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency’ pledge, in an effort to fight climate change and significantly reduce the growing environmental footprint of the tourism industry.  In October 2018, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a crucial report on global warming, noting a consistent increase in global temperatures that is anticipated to result in a devastating impact on people and the planet by 2050.  In response, a new network of organisations, companies and individuals working in the tourism industry have come together to declare a climate emergency, launched at  Exodus Travels is committed to becoming an advocate within the travel industry by collaborating with other sustainable travel companies - including Intrepid Travel and - who have signed the pledge and will be collectively working towards reducing the environmental impact across the travel sector.  As a founding signatory, Exodus Travels recognises there is an urgent climate emergency and is committed to making a proactive change within the next 12 months to measure, reduce and mitigate their carbon footprint. They also commit to setting carbon reduction goals in line with the IPCC advice to gut global emissions to 55% below 2017 levels.  As a company, Exodus Travels already tirelessly works to minimise their carbon impact through a holistic and sustainable travel approach across all of  their trips. This is done through partnering with eco-friendly, locally owned and run accommodation providers such as the Esquinas Rainforest Lodge in Costa Rica, visitation to local restaurants and food markets that source food locally rather than importing, and supporting the protection of carbon-capturing biodiversity such as in Finland through the Wild Oulanka Foundation. By signing the pledge, Exodus Travels is taking a powerful step forward to creating a sustainable tourism industry across the world.   Full details of the Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency pledge are available at  ENDS For all media enquiries, please contact: Erin Sing | Marsico | About Exodus Travels Celebrating 45 years, leading adventure tour operator Exodus has a vast range of adventure and activity holidays across seven continents, offering places as diverse and as exhilarating as Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, the Ice Hotel and Antarctica. Whether it is solo travellers, couples, groups or families, Exodus offers an incredible choice of trips for all ages and activity levels. Exodus has hosted 250,000 + happy travellers on extraordinary adventures across the globe. Operating in 90+ countries with 500+ tours, Exodus insists on low impact tourism and contributing to local communities. Learn more at NEW FINTECH APP CREATING EASE FOR THE RIDESHARE INDUSTRY 2019-11-19T04:26:19Z new-fintech-app-creating-ease-for-the-rideshare-industry Founded by qualified accountants, Selda Kaplan and Michael Kambouridis, Rideshare Tax has now officially launched to the Australian rideshare community and it already has the support of rideshare giant, Uber. The fintech app, which simplifies and demystifies tax requirements for rideshare drivers, was created after a disgruntled rideshare driver vented to Selda about his tax woes and the lack of support available.   With rideshare drivers having to pay GST and lodge quarterly BAS statements from the moment they start driving, Selda and Michael realised there was a gap in the market for a streamlined, compact and easy-to-use app that could guide drivers through their tax journey. From applying for ABN and GST, to tracking and managing expenses, Rideshare Tax is an in-hand accountant, without the costly fees.   The free app, which is the first of its kind directed at the rideshare industry, is available for both Android and iOS users and allows drivers to download income, track earnings and access a digital logbook. For maximum ease, Rideshare Tax has also partnered with rideshare leader, Uber to allow their riders’ data to be downloaded directly into the app. The team has plans to organise similar arrangements with Ola, Shebah, DiDi and Bolt in the future.   App users can download BAS reports for free, or seamlessly and securely lodge them through the app for a small price of $49 per quarter. With the ATO cracking down on the sharing economy, Rideshare Tax provides a simplified solution, with access to qualified accountants, that can save drivers hundreds of dollars per year.   With over 1300 signups to the platform so far and plans to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign at the start of 2020 to push further growth and awareness across the country, Rideshare Tax is set to revolutionise the way rideshare drivers manage their tax for good.   “The sharing economy is booming, but drivers are becoming overwhelmed with the bookkeeping and tax requirements. Rideshare Tax is a one-stop-shop for rideshare drivers. We’re here to ensure they can drive more and worry less,” says Michael.   - ENDS -   For further information, or to speak with co-founders Selda Kaplan and Michael Kambouridis, please get in touch:   Megan Chambers || The Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) presents a new YouTube Series: The Mum Drum. 2019-09-19T03:48:44Z the-centre-of-perinatal-excellence-cope-presents-a-new-youtube-series-the-mum-drum-2 Introducing The Mum Drum, a new YouTube series designed to help mums navigate the beautiful chaos of pregnancy and motherhood. Brought to you by the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE), The Mum Drum is presented by Clinical Psychologist and podcaster Amy Felman and Dr Nicole Highet, Founder and Executive Director of COPE. COPE recently conducted a survey on over 1000 mums who had struggled with depression and anxiety in pregnancy and early parenthood. The study revealed that a staggering 84% feel there is a lot of pressure to be the perfect mum. The Mum Drum looks to normalise motherhood by including real-talk on infertility, body image, juggling work and motherhood, as well as coping with loneliness, breastfeeding and changes to your relationships. Through interviews with experts and mothers, including Rachel Watts of Seven’s Yummy Mummies, The Mum Drum aims to shine a light on the hidden and unexpected realities of becoming a parent, what mums and dads wish they’d known before embarking on their journeys - and the advice they’d give to others. Amy Felman says, "Chatting to these mum’s and mad’s was like being invited into a cosy living room late at night, where the level of comfort enables a willingness for intimate conversations. As a mum, hearing these stories was both normalising and at times inspiring!  As a psychologist - I have no doubt our viewers will find them therapeutic! Such a gift to mums and dads." There’s also a focus on the emotional and mental challenges of pregnancy and early motherhood – what’s normal, what’s not and how you can seek help if you’re concerned. Hear the stories of some incredible people who share their own experiences of depression and anxiety with courage, candour and humour. Dr Nicole Highet says, “The Mum provides a powerful platform to facilitate open, honest discussion between mums, dads and experts. By unveiling many hidden truths about becoming a parent, we endeavour to remind parents that they are not alone in their struggles, and, through reflection and supportive advice, the series will serve to be of great benefit to others.”  ENDS For more information, or to interview Dr Nicole Highet and Amy Felman, please contact: Megan Chambers |       About Nicole Highet Nicole is the Founder and Executive Director of the Centre of Perinatal Excellence: COPE. Following her extensive research and consultation with women, men and health professionals about their needs and experiences at this critical time of life, Nicole established COPE in 2013 to provide much needed information and support. Her work at COPE includes the development of Australia’s Clinical Practice Guideline and equipping health professionals with the knowledge and skills to support women at risk of or experiencing emotional and mental health problems. About Amy Felman Amy is a Clinical Psychologist, working with expectant and new parents across a range of settings. She is also the creator, producer and host of a podcast for early career psychologists called We All Wear it Differently (WAWID). Watch The Mum Drum trailer here: SAVE THE PLANET WITH SUNGLASSES MADE FROM SHAMPOO BOTTLES 2019-09-16T00:58:47Z save-the-planet-with-sunglasses-made-from-shampoo-bottles Having kept 89,900kg of plastic salon waste in circulation and out of landfill since its inception, Sustainable Salons is taking its innovative approach to the next level by turning trash into trends through a closed-loop collaboration with eyewear giant, Dresden Vision. Introducing ‘The Shampoo Collection’, the world’s first sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, and prescription glasses frames created entirely out of recycled shampoo bottles. Sustainable Salons - a comprehensive resource recovery program designed for the salon environment - collects pre-separated materials from salon businesses and finds recycling and repurposing solutions to keep up to 95% of their waste out of landfill and in circulation.  Launching online and in Dresden stores across the country on October 1st, this forward-thinking, truly sustainable, closed-loop solution will see plastic shampoo bottles collected from Sustainable Salons’ members across Australia and New Zealand recycled into black signature Dresden frames.  The Dresden glasses system is a sustainable alternative to the cyclical, disposable, eyewear fashion industry. The company, Co-founded by Bruce Jeffreys and Jason McDermotts, is on a mission to bring high-quality, sustainably made glasses to the globe. A focus on meaningful and powerful collaborations lead Sustainable Salons to Dresden Vision; an ethical, socially and environmentally sustainable eyewear brand. With the current recycling landscape being so uncertain, Paul Frasca, Sustainable Salons’ Co-founder and Managing Director and Bruce Jeffreys, Dresden Vision’s Founder, are proving that pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box can result in game-changing ideas. Paul Frasca says, “‘The Shampoo Collection’ is an incredible introduction to the consumer market for the Sustainable Salons team. Through our work, we’ve so far rescued 89,900kg of plastic from landfill and given it a new life through a range of products. We’re excited to be collaborating with Dresden Vision, a company that shares our same sustainable values.”  “It’s a chance for us to not only create the world’s first closed-loop product created entirely out of shampoo bottles but also to educate consumers about the impact their lifestyles can have on the environment. If you’re having your hair done at a salon, what is their recycling policy? Are they adding to the problem or becoming part of the solution? When you visit  a salon that uses Sustainable Salons, you know that your waste isn’t going to landfill and that’s the message we want to share.” Founder of Dresden Vision, Bruce Jeffreys,  says, “This project is something we’ve always dreamed of; linking up with a business that is fighting a waste problem and collaborating to create a new, exciting product. It’s not only amazing in terms of recycling waste but we also hope it acts as a catalyst to encourage innovative thinking for future uses of waste plastics.” ‘The Shampoo Collection’  100% post-consumer recycled and Australian-made Prices starting at $89 and Dresden stores globally ENDS To interview Paul Frasca or Bruce Jeffreys about ‘The Shampoo Collection’, please get in touch: Modern Currency Megan Chambers | KHLOE KARDASHIAN WAKES UP WITH THIS PRODUCT EVERY MORNING 2019-08-06T22:41:06Z khloe-kardashian-wakes-up-with-this-product-every-morning-1 After selling out within minutes of Khloe Kardashian revealing she uses Quinn’s Rose Witch Hazel Toner, the skincare brand quickly got to work on replenishing its stock on Amazon and are now announcing the launch of a new range of products! Quinn’s launched in 2016, by Australian entrepreneur Katrina Allen, with a belief in quality, timeless ingredients that combine functionality and simplicity. With a core range of effective and much-loved beauty staples, Quinn’s quickly rose to the top of Amazon’s ‘Best Seller’ rankings.  The Quinn’s range includes: Witch Hazel Toner RRP: US$13.95 - Rose, Lavender, and Unscented An all-in-one cleanser, toner and moisturizer perfect for all skin types. Gentle enough to use for ailments, irritations, acne and shaving. Invigorate and awaken the skin with a combination of 100% natural, organic ingredients.  Rosewater Facial Toner Mist Spray RRP: US$13.27 A luxe rosewater spray that tones and moisturizes all skin types. Designed to remove dirt and oil from the skin, this hydrating mist with leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted.  Castile Liquid Soap RRP: US $13.49- Peppermint and Unscented Made with 100% biodegradable ingredients including, certified organic argan, jojoba, and hemp oils, the Castile soap is good for you and the environment! It’s also safe and gentle enough to use on babies, pets and household surfaces - we like to call it a wonder-soap. --- This August, Quinn’s will be releasing three new variants to its core range; Cucumber & Mint Witch Hazel Toner, Pink Grapefruit & Orange Rind Witch Hazel Toner, and Lavender Facial Toner Mist Spray. These products will be available from TJ Maxx & Marshalls in the USA, Marshalls & Winners in Canada, TK Maxx in Europe and in the USA later this month. Lip balms with also be joining the line-up this year, with more secret products currently in the works - stay tuned! -ENDS- For further information on the range, to interview Quinn’s Founder, Katrina Allen, about the brand’s cult success, please get in touch.  Megan Chambers | SPIRIT ACQUIRES PHOENIX AUSTEC GROUP IN 1.6 MILLION DEAL; 2019-07-24T04:49:24Z spirit-acquires-phoenix-austec-group-in-1-6-million-deal Spirit (ASX: ST1) has today announced the acquisition of Phoenix Austec Group Pty Ltd, trading as Phoenix Austec, in a $1.6 million deal. The announcement comes less than a month after Spirit’s acquisition of Arinda IT and will see the company continue to expand and strengthen its entry into the Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) sector, while at the same time becoming a one-stop-shop for SMBs across Australia’s East Coast for all their IT, Internet and Communications needs.   The acquisition is the 4th in as many months and will enhance Spirit’s existing product and service offering to its current SME customer base by providing a range of IT services, that can be powered by the telco’s super-fast, Sky-Speed Internet plans. Phoenix will add to the recently acquired Arinda IT managed services product range, which now represents circa 20% of Spirit’s overall revenue.   Established in 2007, Melbourne-based Phoenix provides small businesses with an outsourced managed IT solution including IT security, software as a service (SAAS) and IT consulting services. Phoenix has been particularly successful in the real estate sector but also boasts a broad range of SME customers.   The latest acquisition will be a valuable addition to the growing managed IT services portfolio of Spirit and is expected to be earnings accretive, with Phoenix generating $1.9 million in revenue across more than 100 customers. Spirit’s approach to acquisitions, which drives its growth and expansion strategy, has proven to be highly successful in the past due to its strong ability to integrate the companies that the team acquires.   Spirit’s Managing Director, Geoff Neate said, “We approached Phoenix a few months ago and were impressed by its strong competency in providing managed IT and SAAS solutions to a customer base that is typical of Spirit’s target market. We now have a strong growing MSP IT product and customer portfolio and our team are already focused on integrating Phoenix and Arinda into a Spirit IT division.”   Phoenix Managing Director, Amelia Buchanan said, “We have been growing Phoenix since 2007 and have been approached by other potential acquirers. Once we understood the direction Spirit is headed and the growth opportunity that this delivers the Phoenix team, we became eager to be part of the journey. We were particularly impressed with the integration methodology that Spirit has created for MSP’s inside its operations. We have met a lot of the Spirit team and we are already working on realising the potential that the newly formed Spirit IT will deliver.”   ENDS For all media enquiries regarding Spirit’s acquisition of Phoenix, or commentary and interviews with Spirit’s Managing Director, Geoff Neate, please contact: Megan Chambers | | 0401 470 609 Erin Sing | | 0405073362   About Spirit Spirit is an integrated IT&T Service Provider for SME’s. It deploys fast Internet speeds through the air, ensuring over 8,000 business and residential customers can stream, game, work and connect without disruption.   The ASX listed (ST1) company owns its advanced fixed wireless network, delivering symmetrical speeds of up to 1Gbps for business and 500Mbps to residential consumers - that’s over 16 times quicker than the national average. It’s the Internet that Australia deserves.   Spirit is built on an ethos of being different to be better. Its fixed wireless network is built for speed right to end users in more than 500 buildings around Australia. Additionally, it offers a range of cloud solutions, managed IT services and unified communications services.   Spirit provides industry-leading services and is continually expanding to meet demand, both organically and through acquisitions, which have recently included Arinda, Building Connect, LinkOne, Voxcom, My Telecom, Phone Names and World Without Wires. With these companies on board, Spirit is prepared for future growth that is powered by its super-fast Internet.   For more information, please visit SPIRIT ACQUIRES ARINDA IT IN 2.6 MILLION DEAL 2019-07-02T01:20:15Z spirit-acquires-arinda-it-in-2-6-million-deal-1 Spirit (ASX: ST1) has today announced the acquisition of Bigscreensound Pty Ltd, trading as Arinda IT in a $2.6 million deal that will see the telecommunications provider expand its service offering into the Managed Service Provider (MSP) sector.   The acquisition will enhance Spirit’s existing product and service offering to its current SME customer base, as well as providing Spirit with greater access and focus to attractive vertical markets in hospitality and healthcare.   The acquisition of Arinda IT is expected to be highly earnings accretive for Spirit; with a $2.2 million annual revenue run-rate, solid YOY revenue growth of 16%, 12 staff members across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Tweed Heads and Byron Bay, and more than 300 customers across the country.   Established in 2002, Arinda IT primarily serviced the hospitality industry with in-room Internet billing systems and Internet kiosks. It has since expanded into fully managed IT services including data security and protection, Microsoft Office 365 management, Business WIFI solutions, network implementation and disaster recovery services; all of which will be continued as part of Spirit’s new service offering.   Spirit’s Managing Director, Geoff Neate said the acquisition of Arinda IT was an exciting one as the company continues to expand rapidly in both network and service offering, and cementing its position as a major player in the telecommunications market.   “This acquisition brings to Spirit an instantly accretive expansion into Managed Services and the opportunity to diversify our product and service offering to our growing customer base.”   “This marks Spirit’s third acquisition in as many months and is an exciting foray into the complementary sector of managed services. Arinda has a smart team that has demonstrated its ability to grow its top line in a disciplined and well executed manner,” said Mr Neate.   Arinda CEO Ben Smith said, “ Arinda has worked with Spirit for a number of years, and we are excited by the opportunity to work closer towards our growth targets.” “The Arinda team will become part of a bigger company and with that brings bigger opportunities. We become Spirit’s first MSP and can see the great opportunities for our customers, employees and shareholders,“ said Mr Smith.   ENDS For all media enquiries regarding Spirit’s acquisition of Arinda, or commentary and interviews with Spirit’s Managing Director, Geoff Neate, please contact: Megan Chambers | | 0401 470 609 Erin Sing | | 0405073362 Vinomofo Launches First Three-Pack 2019-06-16T21:05:43Z vinomofo-launches-first-three-pack Vinomofo has released its very first three-pack of wine, designed to entice those who love a good vino, but prefer to buy in smaller quantities. Up until now, Vinomofo has sold online through six and 12 packs, but it’s shaking things up to provide the perfect pack for those looking to dip their toes in the Vinomofo difference. The Mofo Welcome Kit has just hit the site, and to kick things off, it has been released in three versions - red, white & mixed, providing wine drinkers and new customers with all the options they need. The Welcome Kit is the perfect addition to Vinomofo’s offering - allowing new customers to get a taste of what the ‘fo is all about, and for existing customers to have access to more choice. Vinomofo also expects its Welcome Kit to capture a new market of consumers, in particular those testing out the wine market. By providing three wines that represent exactly what Vinomofo is all about, the Welcome Kit is a great introduction for new customers. Just when you thought this game-changing three-pack was the best news you’ve heard all day, it gets even better - there’s also a free Vinomofo magazine in each case. Yep, that’s all the Vinomofo gold you can find online, in your very own, hand-held magazine. The magazine is filled with all sorts of wine, food and travel goodness, and includes advice, articles and recipes to accompany your three-pack carry box. That’s right, the three-pack has been designed in a functional carry box, allowing wine lovers to take the wine with them to their next social gathering, and share their Vinomofo goodness with friends. Justin Dry, Vinomofo’s CEO and co-founder, wanted to expand Vinomofo’s offering and thought the three-pack was the perfect introduction for new mofos. “The three-pack and magazine is an epic intro into what we’re all about; good wine, good food and a bunch of adventures. New customers will be able to get a bit of an insight into life as a mofo through the Mofo Welcome Kit.” The first three-pack hit the site this week and is available at, prices starting at $69. ENDS For all media enquiries please contact Modern Currency Erin Sing | Hayley Giarrusso | Gary Vaynerchuk’s Empathy Wines to be Launched in Australia by Vinomofo 2019-04-03T04:42:11Z gary-vaynerchuk-s-empathy-wines-to-be-launched-in-australia-by-vinomofo APRIL 2019FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Vinomofo have partnered with Empathy Wines, the new project of wine media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk. This April, Vinomofo are exclusively launching the inaugural wine in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.  Gary Vaynerchuk, aka GaryVee, is a rockstar in the worlds of wine and entrepreneurship, best known for his own Wine Library TV and the VaynerMedia empire. Empathy Wines is his newest venture, and the company’s mission aligns perfectly with Vinomofo’s mission to connect everyone with wine they’ll love, at the right price.  “Whoever has the most empathy for the consumers and the farmer will win the wine game,” says Vaynerchuk. “That’s why I’m calling it Empathy.”  Vinomofo’s CEO and Co-Founder Justin Dry worked hand-in-hand with Vaynerchuk to forge a strong partnership that gives people the opportunity to get their hands on these highly sought-after wines at a price that works for both the makers and the drinkers.  “Our approaches to the wine industry align perfectly,” said Justin, “so it’s fitting that we work together to bring Empathy to this side of the world. The inclusion of Empathy wines is an exciting one for us. It strengthens our offering as well as supporting Californian winemakers who’ve been devastated by fires recently and cements our commitment to bringing really cool wines to our wine lovers.”  Vaynerchuk and his team work directly with Californian farmers like Clay Shannon of Lake County, Markus Bokisch, the Mettler Family of Lodi and Scot Bilbro of Marietta Vineyards. In Australia, Singapore and New Zealand, Vinomofo will bring the wine directly to their own 500,000+ strong tribe of wine-loving mofos.  The first wine available will be the Empathy Rosé 2018 – a bold and juicy blend of Californian grapes including grenache, syrah and pinot noir. Vinomofo’s wine buyers expect it to fly out the door in record time.  Launching in April 2019, Empathy Wines will be available exclusively for pre-order from  ENDS For all media enquiries and information, please contact: Erin Hayley SPIRIT ANNOUNCES ACQUISITION OF LINKONE GROUP & COMPLETES CAPITAL RAISE OF $4.2MILLION 2019-04-03T04:13:49Z spirit-announces-acquisition-of-linkone-group-amp-completes-capital-raise-of-4-2million For immediate release 3 April 2019 SPIRIT ANNOUNCES ACQUISITION OF LINKONE GROUP & COMPLETES CAPITAL RAISE OF $4.2MILLION Spirit Telecom to continue its growth and expansion up Australia’s East Coast Spirit Telecom Ltd (ASX: ST1), Australia’s leading super-fast fixed-wireless Internet provider and leading alternative to the NBN, has just announced its acquisition of LinkOne Group for $5.7m after a successful capital raise of $4.2million. The acquisition will see Spirit continue to expand its wireless network further through Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, enabling more businesses across the East Coast to access its high-speed Sky-Speed Internet range. Highlights ●  Acquisition of 100% of the LinkOne Group of Companies (“LinkOne”), including Anttel Communications Group Pty Ltd, LinkOne Pty Ltd, Ignite Broadband Pty Ltd and Wells Research Pty Ltd, for $5.7 million ●  Immediate geographic expansion into target markets of Brisbane and Sydney - will allow launch of Spirit’s high speed B2B data services (Sky Speed range). ●  Strategically compelling network acquisition, which will allow multi-site B2B data deals to be sold. ●   Increases Towers / Points-of-Presence (PoP’s) by c.40% ●  Adds 25 reseller partners to allow expanded service distribution of Spirit high speed B2B Services. ●  Scales Spirit’s B2B lead generation capabilities across Sydney and Brisbane. ●  Access to LinkOne Group’s established network of over 570 clients ●  Financially compelling transaction providing ~60% EBITDA uplift ●  Implied transaction multiple of circa 5x EV/EBITDA of $1.1 million ●  Committed vendors taking 30% in scrip and joining the Spirit team ●  The acquisition will be funded via a placement of $4.2 million (at $0.12c) and vendor scrip (at $0.13c), 70% escrowed for 12 months. Acquisition of LinkOne Spirit has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of LinkOne for upfront consideration of A$5.7 million comprising: ●  70% of consideration paid in cash on completion ($4.0 million) ●  30% of consideration paid in scrip ($1.7 million issued at $0.13) The acquisition of LinkOne is expected to be highly earnings accretive and will add significant value to Spirit. Established in 2008, LinkOne’s network commenced construction in 2015. LinkOne is a wholesale licensed telecommunications carrier operating a predominantly Fixed Wireless network. Highlights of the business include: ●  570 customers, with business customers accounting for circa 90% of revenue ●  44 PoPs, including: 25 in Brisbane, 9 in Sydney and 10 in Melbourne ●  Network infrastructure utilises complimentary hardware and co-located Australian data centres The acquisition of LinkOne is expected to enhance Spirit’s existing channel partner offering through expanding its presence in Brisbane and Sydney, together with providing a strong platform for ongoing expansion of the Spirit network. Spirit’s Managing Director, Geoff Neate said, “The acquisition of LinkOne brings to Spirit an instant accretive expansion into Brisbane and Sydney and is geographically complementary in Melbourne. This is an exciting acquisition that has been over 6 months in the making and brings a growing business, managed by a smart team, into Spirit’s stable. This is Spirit’s third network expansion acquisition and will contribute to Spirit’s growth. CEO Todd Maunder will join the Spirit team, focused on network expansion and acquisition and will bring another level of thinking and innovation to Spirit.” LinkOne CEO, Todd Maunder said, “This is an opportunity to take LinkOne to a new level. The synergies between our respective networks enable an immediate upside for our partners. LinkOne’s developed technology places the combined group at the forefront of wholesale enablement with automated service qualification. I am extremely proud of what the LinkOne team has achieved and we look forward to joining Spirit’s dynamic team.” The acquisition represents a multiple of circa 5x EV / EBITDA for the 12 months to 31 December 2018. Of the scrip consideration, 70% will be escrowed for 12 months from date of issue. Capital Raising To support the acquisition, Spirit has received firm commitments to raise A$4.2 million, before costs, through the issue of 35 million Spirit Telecom Shares at $0.12 per share (“Placement”). The Placement was completed with the support of new and existing institutional, professional and sophisticated investors. The Placement shares will be issued under Spirit’s capacity under ASX Listing Rule 7.1 and Listing Rule 7.1A. In addition, Spirit will offer all existing eligible investors the opportunity to subscribe for new shares up to a maximum of 125,000 shares (maximum of A$15,000 per investor) under a Share Purchase Plan (SPP). The SPP will be capped at A$1.0 million with a record date of 2n d April 2019 and subject to Spirit’s discretion to scale back applications. Spirit expects the LinkOne acquisition to close in late April 2019, subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions. The scrip element of the acquisition will be funded via the issue of approximately 13.1 million Spirit Telecom Shares at $0.13, which represents 30% of the purchase price. These shares will be issued under Spirit’s capacity under Listing Rule 7.1. ENDS For all media enquiries regarding Spirit’s appointment or commentary and interviews with Spirit’s Managing Director, Geoff Neate, please contact: Megan Chambers | | 0401 470 609 About Spirit Internet Service Provider, Spirit Telecom Limited (Spirit), is Australia’s leading alternative to the NBN, providing super-fast Internet speeds through the air, ensuring over 7,000 business and residential customers can stream, game, work and connect without disruption. The ASX listed (ST1) company owns its advanced fixed wireless network, delivering symmetrical speeds of up to 1Gbps for business and 500Mbps to residential consumers - that’s over 16 times quicker than the national average. It’s the Internet that Australia deserves. Spirit is built on an ethos of being different to be better. Its fixed wireless network is built for speed right to end users in more than 500 buildings around Australia. Additionally, it offers a range of cloud solutions and unified communications services. Spirit provides industry-leading services and is continually expanding to meet demand, both organically and through acquisitions, which have recently included Voxcom, My Telecom, Phone Names and World Without Wires. With these companies on board, Spirit is prepared for future growth that is powered by its super-fast Internet. For more information, please visit Modern Currency expands operations overseas with affiliate partnership 2019-03-03T23:26:43Z modern-currency-expands-operations-overseas-with-affiliate-partnership March 2019FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MODERN CURRENCY FORMS STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP WITH SINGAPORE COMMUNICATIONS AGENCY, COCO PR & COMMUNICATIONS.Creative communications group, Modern Currency has today announced a strategic partnership with boutique Singapore communications company, COCO PR & Communications. With both businesses founded with core philosophies of creativity, innovation and integration - not to mention a strong love of coffee and a cheeky glass of vino - this partnership sees both agencies strengthening their offering in domestic and international markets.“We’re seeing a huge trend towards Australian and New Zealand businesses launching in Asia, specifically Singapore. Our partnership with COCO PR & Communication will strengthen our offering with clients and has enabled us to expand our business operations across SEA, “ said Erin Sing, Co-Founder & Director, Modern Currency. “We’re really rapt to be working together with the COCO team. We’ve already successfully launched this partnership with powerhouse brands, Vinomofo and Supernova, and we are looking forward to growing this further over the coming twelve months,” added Ms. Sing. With this new venture, both agencies will have more intercultural experiences from each other through exchange programs and cross-country project work and integration. “As a boutique agency, we’ve achieved a lot in two years. Joining forces means we can look to bring both our companies to a new level, growing the expertise of our teams collectively,” said Shanthi Jeuland, Founder and Managing Director of COCO PR & Communications.Michelle Palmer, Co-Founder and Director of Modern Currency said, “With our combined skill, global brand capability, and experience working within worldwide agency networks, our plans are vast. We have implemented strategies already underway to launch interstate and in neighbouring countries. It is an incredibly exciting time for us to embark upon this journey with other female-led businesses who possess attitude and heart similar to ours.” Modern Currency launched in mid-2017 and is the creation of communications aficionados Michelle Palmer and Erin Sing. Founded on the philosophy of approaching communications differently, the company has grown significantly over the last 18 months, attracting big brands including wine retailer Vinomofo, beauty powerhouse Supernova, adventure travel company Exodus Travels, Vitamin gamechanger VÖOST, delivery disruptor ParcelPoint, holistic beauty company Vida Glow, renowned hospitality group 400 Gradi and publicly listed telecommunications provider Spirit Telecom.ENDS About the Founders Michelle Palmer Creative powerhouse and renowned communicator, Michelle Palmer has held senior positions with the Clemenger Group as well as owned and operated leading boutique agencies, 360 Immerse Agency and iD Collective. Michelle’s passion is in building businesses and is always thinking to the left of centre. She is a creative digital marketer who immerses herself completely into brands. She’s also been a staple in the Australian music industry for many years, and many punters may recognise her from pop-group Slinkee Minx. If not, throw them a follow on Instagram. Erin Sing Communications Pro, Erin Sing has forged a strong career in communications, expanding a breadth of industries, both in-house and agency. Driven by a passion to position communication as more than just PR, Modern Currency is Erin’s first business venture. With a passion for story-telling, Erin loves brands who are doing things differently; the disruptors of the markets who are as daring as she is. While she cannot sing like her creative business partner, she does have an Instagram Famous dog and loves a big cup of coffee.