The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-03-19T01:57:35Z The Ultimate Team Trivia Challenge 2018-03-19T01:57:35Z the-ultimate-team-trivia-challenge-1 TriviaWorks and Quizzing Australia are proud to present the Australasian Pub Quiz Championships – a new annual contest bringing together recreational and competitive quizzers from across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific to find the smartest pub quiz teams in the region. It’s the ULTIMATE team trivia event – two countries, three cities, over a thousand players – and one champion! We’re testing knowledge on everything from Aardvarks to Zyzzyvas (a genus of tropical weasels native to South America), and everything in between. As part of teams of six, competitors will use logic and luck to work their way through our intellectual gauntlet. The APQC will take place with three simultaneous events from 2pm on the 28th of April, 2018, at the Roundhouse at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, the Bourbon Street Kitchen in Canberra, and from 4pm at the Hunter Lounge at the Victoria University of Wellington. It is the latest, and largest, addition to the Quizzing Australia competitive quizzing calendar, alongside the World Quizzing Championships and the annual State Championships. Registrations are now open, and tickets are available at and SAMPLE QUESTIONS: 1. The film “Notting Hill” is set in what city? 2. If you’re holding a man’s organ with a pair of tweezers, which game are you likely playing? A) Operation, B) Sorry!, or C) Don’t Wake Daddy? 3. Set in Ancient Rome, which of William Shakespeare’s works is by far his bloodiest – featuring a hanging, two beheadings, eight stabbings including one whose hands and tongue were first cut off and two who were then baked into a pie, a death by indigestion from eating said pie, a death by quadruple amputation then burning alive, and a death by starvation after being buried up to the neck? 4. A patient with a Synchronous Diaphragmatic Flutter is suffering from what medical condition? 5. What close relative of the crocodile has a name that comes from the Spanish for “the Lizard”? 6. What part of the human body is affected by a Pulmonary Embolism? 7. Who composed the orchestral work “Pictures of the Exhibition”? A) Béla Bartók, B) Edward Elgar, or C) Modest Mussorgsky? 8. In mathematics, what name is given to a conclusion or proposition based on incomplete information, for which no proof has been found? Examples include the Reimann Hypothesis, the Four Colour Theorem, the P versus NP Problem, and, until 2005, Fermat’s Last Theorem. 9. With reference to space travel, what do the letters “EVA” stand for? The first of these took place on the 18th of March, 1965, and was performed by Alexey Leonov from Voskhod 2. 10. What sport takes its name from the Japanese for “Way of the Sword”?   ANSWERS: 1 – London, 2 – Operation, 3 – Titus Andronicus, 4 – Hiccups, 5 – Alligator, 6 – The Lungs, 7 – Mussorgsky, 8 – Conjecture, 9 – Extra-Vehicular Activity, 10 – Kendo We can produce a set of five questions every single day for daily publications.