The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-08-25T23:16:36Z Lakeba Group Invests in LÜM 2020-08-25T23:16:36Z lakeba-group-invests-in-lum Lakeba Group has invested in Madison-based startup, LÜM, in the company’s recent $3 million Seed II round of funding. Lakeba intends to be an active investor in LÜM, providing its knowledge and experience in commercialising businesses to help LÜM scale. Currently only available on iOS in the United States, LÜM is an ad-free social media, music discovery and streaming application. It enables emerging artists the ability to circulate their music and grow their fanbase. The LÜM platform focuses exclusively on emerging artists, increasing artist-to-fan and fan-to-fan engagement. “Almost everyone at one point has the dream of becoming a Rockstar. But, achieving that dream is only a possibility for the very few, with so many local talents going undiscovered and unfunded. LÜM provides a new model that opens up new pathways for emerging artists to turn their dream into a living,” says Giuseppe Porcelli, CEO at Lakeba Group. For creative artists, the music industry remains dominated by major record labels, which clusters music earnings to a few global artists. In the music streaming industry, less than 1% of artists earn any real income from fans streaming their music. “Even before COVID-19, the world was at risk of losing its creative talents. Major music streaming services are not geared toward helping emerging and local artists get discovered, grow their fanbase or fund their musical endeavours. This leaves many to take up alternative vocations to survive,” said Max Fergus, CEO at LÜM. “COVID-19 has accelerated the demise of the existing model, closing the doors to discoverability and profitability on artists the world over. Live music venues remain closed, limiting their potential of discovery and ability to connect with fans. With Lakeba, we aim to quickly scale our platform across operating systems and countries. We want to give this generation of artists and fans a new digital community based on human connection and reciprocity.” Recently, LÜM launched its in-app currency – Notes – which enables fans to support their favourite emerging artists directly. Within the first two months since the launch of LÜM’s virtual currency, over 13,000 artists have received direct support from fans. Over 20,000,000 Notes have been gifted to artists. As such, LÜM has conceived, created and commercialised a connected community of emerging artists, listeners and music curators. The next phase of growth for LÜM is to open up the platform to the more than 2.5 billion active Android devices, and to continue to pursue additional tools for artists to monetize and grow a dedicated base of fans. “We’re already seeing the power of connection between fans and artists transform the music discovery experience in the US. Now, we’re excited to scale the platform across the globe, after all, music has no borders giving our platform exponential growth potential,” says Fergus. “It’s a massive deal. One of the most diverse collaborations happening in the world of fintech. LÜM is removing the frictions between artists and their fans. Lakeba eradicates the frictions from financial transactions that make the world go around. Combined, there’s an opportunity to realise fandom for finances, enriching the connections between brands and customers,” concludes Porcelli. For more information, visit and VERIMOTO GETS INTO BUSINESS WITH EXPANDED AUTOMATED ASSET FINANCE PORTFOLIO 2020-05-19T23:31:38Z verimoto-gets-into-business-with-expanded-automated-asset-finance-portfolio Verimoto, Australia’s only automated secondhand asset finance verifier, has announced the integration of commercial assets into its asset finance verification platform. The new update enables brokers to serve their commercial customers better, automating the process of verifying credentials and asset condition, to finance business equipment and plant machinery. Commercial loans are integral to building the foundations of a successful business, as they are typically for industrial machinery, tools and equipment. Commercial assets include machinery such as excavators, forklifts, bobcats, bulldozers, tractors, trucks to business equipment, such as coffee machines, IT equipment or infrastructure, generators and renewable energy. The update to Verimoto’s solution enables brokers to verify the identity and ownership of commercial assets without the need to set up site visits and inspections. Utilising a smartphone app, Verimoto enables sellers to easily upload the required documentation to meet lending criteria for commercial assets – including HIN and serial numbers. These details are verified against their corresponding databases. Additionally, the condition of the asset is captured through the smartphone camera, removing the need for physical inspections and digitises the entire process. “With Verimoto, brokers can now verify a variety of secondhand assets, from cars and boats to tractors and trucks to coffee machines and business equipment. We want to make it as easy as possible for brokers to verify these assets without having to set up inspections. And, without having to continue to chase for documentation,” says Peter Hewett, CEO of Verimoto. “In today’s environment, being able to conduct inspections virtually has never been more important. It speeds up the process and enables brokers to continue to operate as normal, even while social distancing measures are in place.” The ability to verify commercial assets has already seen several lenders sign up to the platform to enable brokers to meet application requirements quickly, efficiently and competitively. For more information visit LAKEBA GROUP BACKS APPRECI TO SCALE ITS GRATIFICATION 4.0 PLATFORM 2020-04-23T03:23:13Z lakeba-group-backs-appreci-to-scale-its-gratification-4-0-platform Lakeba Group has taken a 35 per cent stake in Appreci, to help scale the gratitude platform globally. Appreci is a web service and mobile app that enables people to give an instant gesture of appreciation through the gift of a beverage. It’s a simple matter of paying for credits online and passing them on, via SMS or email, to anyone who ‘deserves’ a beverage. The credits are redeemable in participating cafes, typically for coffees. “As the saying goes, humanity runs on coffee. It’s a staple in office kitchens throughout the world. And served in cafes everywhere, often bought as a simple thank you to those we appreciate most;” says Giuseppe Porcelli, CEO of Lakeba Group. “Appreci brings the physical expression of gratitude and recognition into a digital environment. This combination of our physical and digital worlds is a key tenant of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and is what sparked our interest in the business. At Lakeba, we specialise in conceiving, creating and commercialising businesses that are purpose-built for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. So, acquiring a stake in Appreci and scaling this business makes perfect sense for us.” Appreci has already seen significant traction in providing its services to corporates, specifically for events and rewards programs. Lakeba’s investment will scale Appreci globally. Ensuring that the platform can handle global demand, international currencies and integrate with collaboration platforms the world over. Lakeba’s first involvement is to utilise its partnership status with Microsoft to make Appreci available on Microsoft Teams. This provides a significant advantage to Appreci, as its platform is now available to 44 million people using Teams daily to communicate with colleagues and friends in this time of social distancing. Now, these users can show their appreciation for one another through the gift of coffee. Beyond Corporate Engagement While staff and attendee gratification are what Appreci specialises in today, Lakeba Group sees an opportunity to broaden the platform’s scope. Porcelli believes Appreci’s ability to build customer loyalty, trust and gratification, which serve as an indispensable part of its financial services ecosystem it is developing. “Financial services often overlook loyalty and engagement technologies. But we believe they will be central to how we will continue to deliver value to customers and further refine and personalise services. As we scale Appreci, we will be looking to include it into our FinTech ecosystem. This will enhance our ability to meet customer desires.” says Porcelli. Appreci has been operating since 2019. It currently fulfils through 220 cafes and eateries, located across Australia, expanding to 1,700 cafes worldwide through a partnership with Suspend Coffees. Appreci also integrates with Microsoft Teams, thereby accessible to the 32 million people who use Microsoft Teams daily. In one instance, Appreci fulfilled 10,000 coffees through Microsoft Teams, all of them redeemed within 72 hours. Allens Linklaters, Deloitte, KPMG, Microsoft, and Piper Alderman are some of Appreci’s 59 corporate customers, using the platform to acknowledge staff and partners with beverages. For more information, please visit and LAKEBA GROUP MAKES THREE EXECUTIVE HIRES AS IT BOLSTERS ITS RANKS TO CAPITALISE ON THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 2020-04-15T00:56:23Z lakeba-group-makes-three-executive-hires-as-it-bolsters-its-ranks-to-capitalise-on-the-fourth-industrial-revolution Lakeba Group announces three new appointments to its executive leadership team, as the company continues to successfully conceive, create and commercialise technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. COVID-19 is accelerating the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with many businesses across the globe digitally transforming their operations and adopting new business models. To capitalise on these new opportunities, Lakeba Group has appointed three new executives. Group Operating Officer to consolidate financial services venturesTelly Desillas joins Lakeba as Group Chief Operating Officer. The appointment sees Desillas bring greater cohesion to Lakeba’s ventures, identifying synergies between the ventures for short and long-term commercial success. Desillas will focus on customer centricity and symbiotic value from some of Lakeba’s most successful financial services ventures, including ezidox, Verimoto, BRICKLET and Ezifin. His focus will be on enriching Lakeba's financial services ecosystem to address the frustrations Millennials have with the existing financial services industry, including neobanks. "The neobank sector is booming. The implementation of Open Banking will further accelerate competition. Neobanks are challenging the traditional banking industry by offering greater agility and mobile-oriented services at a lower cost to the consumer. But is it enough?" says Desillas. The sudden impact of coronavirus on the world economy has put a spotlight on the 'Neobank' business model. According to Desillas, going forward, Neobanks' will have to fight even harder for deposits, given a protracted period of economic turbulence. Coupled with increasing costs of any kind, will see neobanks go back to investors asking for more money, which may no longer be on offer or only available at rates that challenge their operational model. With over two decades of working in financial services, including AMP, ING and Macquarie Bank, Desillas will focus on meeting the demands of millennials. "Lakeba is known in the market for its ability to Conceive, Create and Commercialise innovative technology-driven businesses. I've joined to integrate another 'C' - Consolidate. We have a tremendous opportunity to strengthen our market share and work towards achieving our winning aspiration – to provide the fintech services fit for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. By consolidating our ideas, platforms, products and operations, we will be ready to capitalise on the opportunities that present themselves post COVID-19," continues Desillas. Group Chief Finance Officer to shore up commercialisation of venturesMatt Haes has also joined Lakeba Group as Group Chief Financial Officer. The appointment of Haes ensures Lakeba’s ventures are as robust commercially as they are technically. He will be instrumental in helping the group capitalise on growth and investment opportunities during this time. “Lakeba Group has proven its ability to develop creative real-world solutions from its many ventures, by concentrating on financial services, data, code and payments for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s this rich tapestry of value that attracted me to the role, which is bound to keep me very busy as each venture capitalises on its potential,” says Haes. Haes brings over 16 years of financial leadership experience. Previously Haes was CFO and Company Secretary at HUB24, where he was instrumental in leading the development and commercialisation of the HUB24 platform business, turning it into an ASX200 company within seven years. ntick8 launches as new CEO appointedThe third appointment is for Lakeba’s latest venture ntick8, with Temogen Hield appointed as CEO. Hield’s expertise in anti-theft, anti-counterfeit and anti-fraud technologies will help ntick8 protect small and medium businesses’ intellectual property. ntick8 has developed a unique NFC-powered sticker that protects and validates the authenticity of products. The affordable, effective and tamperproof sticker is attached to products or their casing. Utilising smartphones’ native NFC technology, distributors, resellers or even customers can scan the sticker to bring up a web-app to confirm the authenticity of the product. “ntick8 is an inspiring brand and one that has huge potential in supporting small businesses in their quest for growth. The ability to offer small businesses a simple, effective and secure way to provide product authentication will be a game-changer. It will help support small businesses, as they look to export their product while protecting their intellectual property. This will only increase innovation within the Australian market,” says Hield. Hield will be responsible for continuing to scale the ntick8 brand in Australia, utilising his experience and expertise in anti-theft, anti-fraud and anti-counterfeit technologies. Before ntick8, Hield was Chief Executive Officer of DataDot Technology and Chief Innovation Officer at EFTPOS Australia. "Staying at the forefront of Industry 4.0 requires resolve, discipline and commercial tenacity. These are the characteristics of workhorses, rather than of fictitious one-horned ponies dancing around people's daydreams," says Giuseppe Porcelli, CEO at Lakeba Group. “These three appointments are an investment for the future of Lakeba Group, driving the company forward by being durable and dependable even when the economy has gone to custard. Telly, Matt and Temogen will ensure Lakeba conceives, creates, commercialises and consolidates businesses that will continue to meet, support and exceed our customers' needs, now and into the future.” For more information, visit ezidox Provides Free Document Curation Services to Small Businesses in Australia 2020-03-30T02:31:06Z ezidox-provides-free-document-curation-services-to-small-businesses-in-australia ezidox™, another Lakeba Group venture, announces it is now providing its document curation services free to small businesses. This offer is valid to existing and new small business customers, giving them access to all online ezidox plans. Frank Mastronardo, chief executive officer at ezidox says: “All Australia must find ways to support small businesses in honouring the government’s agenda of social distancing and isolation. As such, ezidox is now free for the rest of the financial year. To any small business needing to request and collect numerous different documents from their customers.” ezidox enables businesses to collect and curate documents and information efficiently. It eliminates the need for documents to be sent via email, couriers or even dropped off by hand. ezidox also provides built-in workflow smarts to automate, simplify and streamline the information exchange process. “We’ve always freed professionals from the paper chase. Allowing them to focus on completing deals, rather than spending time chasing the paperwork. Our subscribers have recently inspired us, by showing it’s also a great means of managing the isolation and distancing requirements Australian’s are required to observe. “It’s been a hard decision, as we ourselves are a small business, and have in effect turned off our revenue line for the rest of the financial year. However, it’s the right thing to do, and hopefully the difference we make helps others make the most of the current situation. I’m relying on the broader business community to use this offer fairly,” says Mastronardo. As of today, all existing small business subscribers to ezidox will not be charged for their usage of ezidox, across all subscription options. All new small business subscribers to ezidox will also not be charged, irrespective of what subscription package they opt for. This free availability of ezidox to small businesses is guaranteed until the end of this financial year. “We’re looking at the end of the FY as a realistic timeframe to evaluate the difference this offer makes to small businesses. And look forward to supporting Australia's business community well into the future.” concludes Mastronardo. For more information visit -ENDS- ABOUT EZIDOXezidox, another Lakeba Group venture, automates the document collection and management process from customer to business to others. Businesses can request documents from staff, customers or partners, which they then upload or enter on the platform. The smart, automated workflows then follow-up with recipients until all the documents required are submitted. Once submitted, documents are automatically named, filed and indexed ready for use internally or lodgement in other processes. The platform is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, ensuring data security. The platform was designed initially for the mortgage market and home loan applications. It has since been used across industries for many use cases - wherever documents are collected, collated and submitted. For more information visit LAKEBA GROUP APPOINTS GARY FLOWERS TO BOARD 2020-03-10T22:30:00Z lakeba-group-appoints-gary-flowers-to-board Lakeba Group announces the appointment of Gary Flowers to its board. The new appointment comes as Lakeba Group continues to conceive, create and commercialise new technologies for the fourth industrial revolution, with Flowers bringing a wealth of experience for Lakeba to enhance its capabilities in the property sector. Property has been an attractive asset class for Australian investors for years, with the residential property market being valued at almost $7 trillion in 2019, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Throughout the third industrial revolution, Australia has been innovating in property investment – from the introduction of A-REITs in 1971 to digital fractional property investment funds. As we transition into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, Giuseppe Porcelli, CEO of Lakeba Group, believes real estate is on the cusp of major change and the appointment of Gary Flowers will be instrumental in enhancing the scalability of Lakeba’s real estate fintech ventures. “Lakeba Group has been at the forefront of commercialising new technologies for Industry 4.0. We have had a keen focus on the property sector, to see how new financing models and technologies can improve access to property and stimulate innovation. Where we have seen success is in the ability to fragment ownership of Torrens Titles. This has enables us to decentralise the property market, making it more accessible, auditable and profitable than ever before,” says Porcelli. “Gary has a distinguished career in leading and transforming global brands, particularly in the property and construction sectors. He now brings this knowledge into Lakeba Group, giving us a distinct advantage to scale and further commercialise these technologies quickly and at a global level.” Flowers brings over 25 years of strategy and leadership experience, operating as a c-level executive, chairman or non-executive director in high profile organisations, with notable experience in the construction and property sectors. Before joining Lakeba Group, Flowers was CEO of Sparke Helmore, Australian Rugby Union and SANZAR, as well as COO of leading integrated real estate group Mirvac. Flowers also has extensive experience on boards, including DWF Law, EMM Consulting, Mainbrace Constructions, Northern Star Investments, Propertylink Holdings and Slingshot. “Lakeba Group is an exciting business that is rapidly commercialising the technologies required to lead real estate’s transition into the fourth industrial revolution. I look forward to working with both the senior leadership team and venture CEOs to provide the support required for their innovative initiatives to succeed on a global scale for years to come,” says Flowers. For more information, please visit VERIMOTO SETS SAIL WITH FINANCING VERIFICATION FOR MARINE ASSETS 2020-03-10T05:57:38Z verimoto-sets-sail-with-financing-verification-for-marine-assets 10 March 2020 – Verimoto, Australia’s only automated second-hand asset finance verifier, has announced the integration of marine assets into its asset finance verification platform. The new update enables brokers and lenders to speed up and automate the process of verifying the credentials necessary for financing marine assets. An update to Verimoto’s solution to verify the identity and ownership of assets, it enables vendors, brokers and lenders to drastically cut down the document processing time and cost of financing marine assets. It provides automated verification of the sellers’ banking details via a single click. Whilst sellers can instantaneously upload the required documentation through the Verimoto app, to meet the lending criteria for marine assets – such as HIN, trailer registration and engine serial number(s). This removes the need for physical inspections and digitises the entire process, creating unparalleled efficiencies for marine financing. The updated platform has already garnered praise from the broker industry, thanks to its ability to significantly reduce the labour intensive and manual process of chasing documents to complete the sale of a marine asset. “A report delivered within 30 minutes, once the inspection is processed. We are happy to recommend Verimoto to anyone looking to improve efficiencies.”,” says Marty Bear, National Manager Australia and New Zealand, Broker – Australian Motorcycle & Marine Finance. Verimoto saves brokers an average of 10 days per loan application because there is no longer a need to send a third party to inspect the Asset. The integration of marine certificates also ensures that every broker has every detail to hand to process a finance application easily, efficiently and competitively. “Boats differ from cars in more ways than just floating vs. sinking, with all those variations now verified by Verimoto – enabling lenders to speed up their marine loan fulfilments, while broadening brokers’ lending portfolios," says Peter Hewett, CEO of Verimoto. For more information visit Lakeba Launches Australian-First Software Driven Automation for Motor Vehicle Financing 2018-11-29T05:26:02Z lakeba-launches-australian-first-software-driven-automation-for-motor-vehicle-financing Sydney, 29 November, 2018.  Lakeba, an established technology innovator, today launched Verimoto, a mobile application streamlining the collection, processing and verification of information typically required to finance the purchase of a privately-owned motor vehicle.  Replacing the need to arrange for a physical inspection, Verimoto is the first such mobile enabled software application to be developed in Australia and offers a revolutionary platform for the lender and broker market servicing the asset financing market, in particular the purchase of second hand vehicles.     Annually in Australia almost 2 million new cars a year are sold, with a typical life cycle of four to eight years. Car owners looking to upgrade and refresh their choice of vehicle, sell their vehicles on average after three years to make way for newer models.i This makes for a significant-sized second-hand market and helped to define the size of the opportunity underpinning the development of the Verimoto mobile based application.   “Built with the input of major lenders, Lakeba designed the mobile application to capture and automate all the verification documentation required to generate a report for the lender, removing the need for the financier to arrange a physical inspection of the vehicle.  This is the first such application specific to the resale of a vehicle and a perfect example of how technology innovation can drive automation and significantly lift efficiency,” said Giuseppe Porcelli, CEO and Founder of the Lakeba Group.  One of the first aggregators to identify the value of Verimoto and promote it across their 3800-strong broker community, Connective has worked with Verimoto to help brokers transact the vehicle loan process with greater speed and efficiency compared to the traditional document collation and vehicle inspection process normally required to finance the purchase of a privately-owned motor vehicle.      The Verimoto process is initiated by the broker contacting the seller of the vehicle by text or email, requesting they download the Verimoto app. From there, it is a simple matter of taking pictures of the vehicle and other requested documentation as guided by the app. Typically taking less than 15 minutes, the process will identify the seller, confirm other important details including the vehicle’s registration, ownership and location, and verify the seller’s bank details so money can be transferred faster and more securely.    As a final step, Verimoto then automatically sends all the information to be checked and verified against the databases of the relevant government bodies, with a fully detailed report being generated for the lender to review ahead of finalising the loan.    Head of Connective Asset Finance, Brent Starrenburg, said: “The Verimoto app will transform the way people access finance to fund the purchase of a privately-owned motor vehicle.     “Aside from the cost and time efficiencies afforded by replacing physical verifications and inspections, the app’s advanced technologies also provide meaningful fraud mitigation benefits using real-time database checks, geolocation verifications and biometrics.    “We are always looking for ways to assist our member brokers to build efficiencies into their operations and Verimoto is the latest example of how we are achieving this objective,” said Brent.     Lakeba is fielding inquiries from multiple lenders and sees the adoption curve for the Verimoto mobile app solution rapidly gaining ground as more aggregators and broker groups benefit from the automation of document collation and verification of data.          About Verimoto    Developed by the Lakeba Group,  Verimoto is a mobile application designed to revolutionise the private vehicle financing process. Using a mobile application to validate the vehicle and seller quickly and efficiently, Verimoto delivers a seamless customer experience whilst streamlining back office processes. The list of features included in the application include: ID Check with document verification services, facial recognition, funds destination verification (FDV), plate optical recognition, VIN scan and reader, seller and driver Licence OCR and Biometrics, PPSR check, owner verification, location & timestamp flags, prevent GPS spoofing.   Visit     About Connective   Connective is Australia’s largest aggregator, servicing more than 3,600 independent mortgage brokers who collectively write one in ten Australian home loans.   Connective entered the industry in 2003 with a mandate to create a business model that was fairer for brokers. This unique business model most notably features a flat monthly fee structure and no lock-in contracts.   Today, Connective brokers settle more than $3.5 billion in home loans each month and the aggregator has a loan book eclipsing $136 billion.   Media inquiries:       Myrna Van Pelt   Director Corporate Communications  Lakeba Group   e: m: +61 (0) 412 489149         Matt Patterson  For Connective Six Degrees Media PR Agency  e: m: +61 (0) 402 140 757