The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2002-12-18T20:04:00Z Visa Selects Intellect 2002-12-18T20:04:00Z visa-selects-intellect-1 Intellect (ASX: IHG) today announced that it has been selected by Visa International to offer a new cost effective point-of-sale device that meets Visa functional requirements. Intellect's new point-of-sale device, the PRESTO 210p, alongside key service and solution elements, has been developed into a package to support Visa's drive to remove the barriers to chip migration for its member banks. As part of the Visa Smart Breakthrough Acceptance Device program, the global payments provider sought out point-of-sale devices that would improve the business case for the migration to EMV and offer Visa's 21,000 members EMV systems with the latest technology and the accompanying services to ensure their success. The PRESTO 210p is a revolutionary new device from Intellect combining a low-cost secure architecture with unique ergonomics and styling. Fully compliant with the latest payment standards, the design of the device allowed it to be offered at a price considerably lower than standard terminals without compromising the functionality available to users. Intellect CEO, Mr. Jan de Smet said, "We are exceptionally excited about this opportunity. Visa has recognised Intellect's service package, experience in Smart Card Devices and the exceptional potential of our new generation device, which breaks down traditional cost barriers to set a new pricing standard." Mr. de Smet is particularly pleased with the new device's role in facilitating the low-cost implementation of chip payments, "Additionally, Intellect's commitment to a number of geographic markets key to Visa, has ensured that we came with the appropriate solution for the Visa members around the globe." Intellect, selected by Visa for its commitment to providing quality, cost-effective products, is a leading supplier of smart card solutions and is involved in many EMV chip migration projects around the world. In April 2002, Intellect won a massive AUD$8million order from Europay Austria to upgrade the hardware and software of Europay's terminals to meet the new EMV2000 smart card standard. ENDS About Intellect Intellect designs and develops secure electronic transaction solutions. Intellect products range from secure payment, smart card and mobile transaction devices to personal payment and financial systems solutions. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, Intellect has offices in Australia, the UK, the USA and Hong Kong with a global partner network operating in over 30 countries. This gives its customers local market support with the benefits of a global infrastructure. Intellect can be found on the World Wide Web at Intellect Continues Mobile Terminal Dominance 2002-04-02T18:11:00Z intellect-continues-mobile-terminal-dominance Intellect (ASX: IHG) today announced that it has signed a deal with AMPS Wireless to deliver Sapphire 9870 terminals for the US Market. The deal, worth $1.4 million, is the first for Intellect's newest mobile terminal in the USA. The Sapphire terminal is the second generation of mobile terminals sold by Intellect in the USA. With its predecessor, gaining 60% of the market volume, the Sapphire terminal is set to continue the trend of high volume sales in this market. Using the DataTAC mobile protocol instead of a fixed telephone line, the Sapphire can be used to take online payments wherever the customer is. The terminal, part of Intellect's Multi-Pay family, is able to accept payments from a range of card schemes and can handle up to four different electronic purse schemes, loyalty transactions and bill payments. Advertised using the slogan 'any card, any time, any place', the Sapphire is put to use by many merchants including package couriers, retail food delivery, taxicabs and even local law enforcement authorities. AMPS Wireless Data Inc. Founder and President, Mr. John Lackner, said chip cards are being used around the world and have made their entrance into the US. "It just makes sense to offer a product that supports both chip cards and magnetic stripe cards. We are proud to offer our customers a terminal that will work today and be ready for tomorrow." Intellect's CEO, Mr. Jan de Smet said, "We have always been focussed on ensuring that our products are future-proof. Deployment of smart card based applications in the US market is still in its early days. However, as the market increasingly embraces smart card technology, in line with expectations, companies throughout the US demand technology that is capable of supporting it. Another driver is the chip technology requiring EMV standard, which will become mandatory within the next few years, and is also gaining recognition rapidly in the US." The deal with AMPS Wireless is another step in Intellect's commitment to the American terminal market and comes on top of the $1.4 million deal with Linkpoint in November 2001. With other recent sales throughout the continent, Intellect is boosting market share in one of its key target markets. This continued sales effort will be complimented by Intellect's appearance at the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida from 10-12 April. The Exhibition will be used to present the new Sapphire, which, in addition to the DataTAC network, also supports the CDPD and GSM networks. Next to these wide area network solutions, Intellect will also present a DECT-based local area network solution, a product that serves environments where multiple wireless devices are used, such as restaurants. Within Intellect's DECT solution up to 5 terminals can be connected through one base unit. Note to Editors About Intellect Intellect is a global company, founded in Australia in 1988, which since 2000 has been headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Intellect is market leader in the field of electronic transactions, designing and producing equipment, software and services specifically for transactions made with magnetic stripe and smart cards. In 1993, Intellect acquired Prodata, a Belgian provider of payment systems and the acknowledged technical lead in this market. Intellect's main offices are in Brussels, Melbourne, Perth, Cambridge (UK) and now Hong Kong. Their products are sold in over 30 countries including The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and the United States. Intellect can be found on the World Wide Web at <> About AMPS Wireless Data AMPS Wireless Data, Inc., a privately held Arizona corporation based in Scottsdale, provides leading-edge wireless payment products and services for the credit card processing industry. Since its inception in 1998, AMPS has provided comprehensive, portable, and convenient credit card terminals to the industry's burgeoning mobile commerce marketplace. AMPS products are fast, reliable, secure, and cost-effective, providing everything a business needs for their growing point-of-sale transactions, including software, hardware, and service support. AMPS' goal: to enable cardholders to use their cards wherever and whenever they want. For more information, visit .