The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-05-07T00:44:47Z Kadee Botanicals Skincare 2018-05-07T00:44:47Z kadee-botanicals-skincare You’ve been here before. Checked out natural skincare lines. Wondered if they work…if they’d work for your skin. Your skin has been through a lot. You’ve survived the spotty years, where your skin was so oily that you tried every face mask you could find. The years when your skin glowed and the only reason your eyes had shadows were from dancing into the early hours of the morning. Maybe those shadows are back, but this time it’s the shock of being woken by a small human being totally reliant on you.  Your skin feels tired, but you soldier on. So, now your skin feels dry, but there are still the occasional spots and let’s not forget the oily T-Zone which you thought you’d grow out of but didn’t. Your skin has a mind of its own and you’re wondering, will Kadee Botanicals be good for your skin. We understand. We’ve been there. In a world where artificial and unhealthy skin care products are readily available, we wanted Kadee Botanicals to stand out with the promise of an Australian native botanical skincare experience, that is natural, healthy and safe to use. Made in Australia from plant derived ingredients, Kadee Botanicals skincare is made of the finest Australian botanical ingredients. Our products are full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients from the Australian Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Jojoba plants. Kadee Botanical products are free of sulphates (SLS & SLES), parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours, artificial fragrances and our products are not tested on animals. We believe beauty should not come with hidden toxins. Skin care should nourish and protect your skin without adding harmful chemicals into yoursystem and risking your future health. All Kadee Botanicals skin care contains the remotely sourced, Australian super plant Kakadu Plum. With the highest natural source of Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum, contains powerful anti-aging properties.  Using natural Australian plant based ingredients that work, Kadee Botanicals is proudly toxin free, cruelty free and vegan. Kadee Botanicals skin care was made by a former Unilever scientist, Nicholas, with over a decade of experience working on personal care products and a persistent seeker of beauty products that do no harm, Irene, who enjoyed extensively testing the products before launch. The name, Kadee, is an Indigenous Australian name for girls, meaning “Mother”.  It inspires safety, comfort and affection. Facial Products Eye Cream > Made with Cucumber Oil, Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Jojoba Oil, the Kadee Botanicals Eye Cream helps strengthen the lipid barrier around the delicate eye area, restoring moisture, promoting smoother skin and improved elasticity. Rich in Vitamin A, C, D and E, fine lines and wrinkles become a distant memory while any dark shadows are banished into distant memory. Hydrating Day & Night Cream >  Made with Organic Rosehip Oil, Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Jojoba Oil, the Hydrating Day & Night Cream fights free radical damage, assists in cell regeneration and nourishes your skin.  It contains natural anti-aging properties with anti-oxidants, beta carotene, lycopene, Vitamin A, C, D and E. Including Kadee Botanical’s Hydrating Day & Night Cream into your skin care routine makes attaining beautiful skin effortless. Body Products Hand Cream > Made with Lemon Myrtle, Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Jojoba Oil, the Kadee Botanicals Hand Cream not only smells uplifting, but the non greasy formula works to improve minor skin complaints while making your hands feel smooth and nourished. Powered by the anti-oxidants, fruit acids and Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, Kadee Botanical’s Hand Cream has achieved amazing results for customers, restoring moisture and natural colour to rough, cracked and dry hands in under 6 weeks! Body Lotion > Made with Macadamia Oil, Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Jojoba Oil, the Kadee Botanicals Body Lotion is a non-greasy moisture rich formula with the perfect balance of essential fatty acids (oleic, linoleic & palmitoleic), that aids in hydration and skin cell regeneration. Rich in anti-oxidants, nutrients and Vitamins A, C, D and E, Kadee Botanical’s Body Lotion is perfect to restore moisture to dry skin after a shower or a day spent in the sun. Kadee Botanicals offer a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee.