The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2003-10-07T19:56:00Z New WhoopeeWeb portal makes communication simple for the Australian Army Band Corps Association 2003-10-07T19:56:00Z new-whoopeeweb-portal-makes-communication-simple-for-the-australian-army-band-corps-association InteRAD Technology, an Australian software development tool specialist, today announced that the Australian Army Band Corps Association, has utilised the company's advanced web hosting and management technology to deploy a new interactive members' portal, located at By utilising inteRAD's WhoopeeWeb technology, the Association will be able to manage its member site independently, without the need for any special software or technical expertise, enabling instant updating of site content and giving the Association the ability to communicate news to its members on a daily basis. Association President, Kevin Noon, said he believed the portal would encourage greater member participation and help boost membership numbers by providing an effective means of communication and promotion for the Association. "With 300 members spread across Australia, having a website is a definite advantage. The initial concern was that web technology would be too complicated and too expensive to implement. We needed something low in cost and easy to maintain. WhoopeeWeb is simple enough to be used by an average PC user and it fitted the bill. "Using WhoopeeWeb, updating information on the site can be as easy as typing a document or sending an email. This allows us to post news instantaneously; increasing our ability to communicate with members. We have already had significant positive feedback." The flexibility provided by WhoopeeWeb will also effectively lower total cost of ownership for the Association by eliminating site maintenance costs and reducing the need for printed communication and associated infrastructure. "Being a not-for-profit organisation, the focus is on the bottom line. By delivering better, smarter, faster communication and reducing our need for mail-outs the website has the potential to significantly lower costs for the Association," Mr Noon said. The current role of the portal is to keep members informed on upcoming news and events. With the help of inteRAD, the Association plans to expand the site to incorporate additional features including member forums, business transactions and links to related sites. "WhoopeeWeb sites offer a range of additional benefits. We will be showing the Association how to use the technology to prepare and broadcast professionally formatted newsletters and notices of events. Also, how to implement feedback forms to receive notices of change of address, confirmations of plans to attend functions, etc," said inteRAD's Marketing Director, Peter Cobcroft. "When they are ready, we can even facilitate collection of member dues via an online payment facility and, optionally, an eStore for selling souvenirs and memorabilia," he said. Mr Noon is calling for contributions from any members, friends and family, or non-member military band personnel interested in sending in news and photographs to He said he will use the site as the major communication medium for the next Annual General Meeting and National Reunion to be held in Perth next year. "We welcome any input that would benefit our members, " he said. "The more members contribute, the better the site will be." ends About The Australian Army Band Corps Association The Australian Army Band Corps Association was established in 1989. The Association aims to foster the development and enhancement of communication between former and current serving members of the Australian Army Band Corps (AABC). All serving and former members of the AABC, including Reserve members, are eligible for Association membership. It currently has 300 members across Australia. About inteRAD Technology Founded in September 1998 by the Cobcroft family, inteRAD Technology became a public company in February 2000, and now has over 500 shareholders. inteRAD's focus is the development of innovative, high productivity software solutions to service the emerging needs of an inter-connected world. inteRAD pioneered visual Java development, producing the only truly visual IDE, and has led the world in component assembly technology for software application development. WhoopeeWeb accepted into Australian Technology Showcase 2003-02-25T17:15:00Z whoopeeweb-accepted-into-australian-technology-showcase inteRAD Technology, an Australian software development tool specialist, will proudly display the Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) badge on its revolutionary new product, WhoopeeWeb, following advice received from ATS of its acceptance into the showcase. Described as 'a one stop website creation, maintenance and hosting tool', WhoopeeWeb allows users to create, edit and maintain their own websites online - without the need for any technical knowledge. "WhoopeeWeb is positioned as the ideal solution for small- to medium-sized businesses to establish an inexpensive and reliable web presence. Websites created with WhoopeeWeb can be maintained and edited by the site owner through a control panel, significantly lowering long-term operational costs," said Ms Lorraine Cobcroft, managing director of inteRAD Technology. The panel incorporates a real-time HTML editing system which functions much like a word processor, to allow business users to edit their pages in a familiar environment. Through the control panel, users can also add, delete and reorder pages, upload and manage files, and change colour schemes. "WhoopeeWeb gives site owners a much higher return on investment by enabling them to maintain complete and secure control over site content, without having to call a technician to make simple changes," Cobroft said. The Australian Technology Showcase is an international initiative that promotes Australian industry by drawing international attention to and supporting companies behind innovative Australian technologies with commercial potential and significance for global markets. Selection for the Australian Technology Showcase is a competitive process requiring applicants to demonstrate that their products are clearly leading edge and have significant local content. The selection criteria for ATS requires technologies to be: 1. Clearly innovative - representing a significant step forward in the technology or its utilisation 2. Scientifically credible - based on secure principles 3. With significant local content 4. Demonstrably marketable 5. Commercially attractive 6. Socially and environmentally beneficial 7. Readily exportable - world-class technology with significant global potential 8. Built on strength 9. Ready to be implemented 10. Backed by skilled and committed stakeholders WhoopeeWeb is the second product in inteRAD's portfolio to gain membership in the ATS, making inteRAD the only member to have more than one product in the ATS. In 2000, build-IT - inteRAD's leading edge Java-based software development tool, used by programmers to develop and maintain platform-independent software solutions for desktop computers, digital devices, and the internet - was granted membership after an equally rigorous selection process. ends About inteRAD Technology: Founded in September 1998 by the Cobcroft family, inteRAD Technology became a public company in February 2000, and now has over 500 shareholders. inteRAD's focus is the development of innovative, high productivity software solutions to service the emerging needs of an inter-connected world. inteRAD pioneered visual Java development, producing the only truly visual IDE, and has led the world in component assembly technology for software application development. About the ATS: The Australian Technology Showcase is designed to promote globally, leading edge, Queensland and Australian innovative technologies. inteRAD Donations Will Assist Training Developers In Rapid Programming Technologies 2003-01-16T16:05:00Z interad-donations-will-assist-training-developers-in-rapid-programming-technologies inteRAD Technology, an Australian software development tool specialist, and the Queensland Department of State Development have jointly donated consignments of software to China and Vietnam to assist the training of programmers in modern rapid application development technologies. The consignments, valued at A$56,000.00, are being distributed to a number of universities, libraries and other learning facilities. The donations comprise some 2,500 recently superseded copies of inteRAD's flagship product, build-IT, which is a Java-based rapid application development language that improves programmer productivity and reduces software maintenance cycles. build-IT uses a unique visual technology to facilitate building much of the back-end logic required for modern applications, including web services. build-IT was recently endorsed by Sun Microsystems under the Sun ONE Studio Partner program. inteRAD Technology's chief executive, Ms Lorraine Cobcroft, said that the software donations were made to help aspiring programmers achieve new skills in the area of rapid application development, while underscoring her company's reputation as an innovative technology leader. "The gifting of these copies of build-IT will help these nations to build their base programming skills and provide their technology students with ongoing, high quality education in modern application development techniques and technologies," Ms Cobcroft said. "We had the choice to either destroy our superseded software or use it constructively to help others. Following close consultation with the Queensland Government we decided what better way to facilitate improved programming skills and to demonstrate Australia's technology leadership than by donating it for educational use in China and Vietnam." Ms Cobcroft also said that the donation endorsed the great work being done in research and development by Queensland's technology industry. Under the arrangement, the institutions that have received the donated software to-date include Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, Huashen Overseas Education Service Centre and the Jiangsu Provincial Education Committee. ends About inteRAD Technology inteRAD Technology Ltd is an unlisted public company. Formed in 1998, inteRAD is a specialist supplier of software development tools and technologies to the world programming market. inteRAD's core product is build-IT and features the world's most advanced software development visualisation technology, including 'Round Trip Engineering' technology, which is currently being patented globally. Among inteRAD's other claimed innovations is the world's only unbroken CD software copy protection and a soon to be released website creation and maintenance technology which will deliver major cost savings and convenience features to companies and individuals maintaining sites, that require frequent updating. inteRAD Technology hosts a comprehensive informational web site for programmers and an eStore from which build-IT can be purchased, at Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, Forte, Java and NetBeans are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. InteRAD's build-IT is a registered trademark of inteRAD Technology Ltd.