The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-07-04T00:25:04Z EXPO CENTRIC MAKES LAMINEX LOOK GOOD FROM EVERY ANGLE AT AWISA 2018-07-04T00:25:04Z expo-centric-makes-laminex-look-good-from-every-angle-at-awisa PRESS RELEASE Release:     25/06/18 Company:   Expo Centric Event:        AWISA Product:    Laminex    Contact:    Mr. Stan Kruss Contact:    0403949312         EXPO CENTRIC MAKES LAMINEX LOOK GOOD FROM EVERY ANGLE AT AWISA  Industry icon Laminex will have one of the most unique product showcase stands at AWISA trade show at Sydney’s Darling Harbour, 4 - 7 July 2018. What better way to show off how your wall and surface solutions perform than by constructing the stand totally with the product! An imposing structure will rise up and outward seamlessly with custom-designed stand. One of the most impressive stands at the expo, it will be a totally immersive experience for visitors. This definitely will be another wow factor exhibition stand from Expo Centric Exhibitions and Events.  It has forged ahead in nine years to establish itself as the most experienced company in Australia in being able to flawlessly execute enormous stands in short periods of time. Stan Kruss, founder of Expo Centric, and his team came up with the concept and went for it in a big way! “This year will be AWISA’s largest ever. The ICC is an amazing multi-level centre, and therefore it’s a bigger call to stand out. “Laminex has a strong position in the market, and we worked on designing a stand that would live up to its name. We had the bonus of Laimiex releasing a new ranging of amazing finishes in time for AWISA. We had to figure out the best way to showcase an incredibly diverse product range.” Expo Centric are leaders in rolling out large sites and will have four of the biggest stands at AWISA.  The Laminex stand will be another technical and design statement. This large-scale challenge meant the Expo Centric’s team worked for over 1500 man-hours. Their state of the art production facility in Rydalmere is designed to handled massive projects like this, which included laminating a massive 800 Laminex panels for just the Laminex stand alone. “We’re set-up for the largest projects with state-of-the-art equipment and highly sophisticated software. Everything worked to schedule.” Mr Kruss said there were two major elements to be considered with this monolithic piece. “The greatest design challenge with a large stand like Laminex is to make sure of maximum product display. The range is so diverse and includes hospitality, commercial and residential. “We made it an absolute design priority to ensure a seamless blend of product message combined with a dominating design.” “It required a huge amount of very detailed work,” said Mr Kruss. “But it’s a very practical way to show-off your product!” It six years since AWISA was held in Sydney and this year it will be held at the imposing ICC.  Expo Centric set out to create a real show-stopper – and for Laminex it looks like a sealed deal! <end> EXPO CENTRIC MAKES BIESSE THE BIGGEST STAND AT AWISA 2018-07-04T00:15:32Z expo-centric-makes-biesse-the-biggest-stand-at-awisa PRESS RELEASE Release:     25/06/18 Company:   Expocentric Event:        AWISA Product:    Biesse   Contact:     Mr. Stan Kruss Contact:    0403949312           EXPO CENTRIC MAKES BIESSE THE BIGGEST STAND AT AWISA Expo Centric are going for a big hit with their striking stand for Biesse Group at the AWISA Trade show in Sydney this year. “This will be the largest stand in the show,” said Stan Kruss of Expo Centric Exhibitions and Events. “It is over 1,600 sqm, and one of the biggest stands at any trade show in Australia.” This extraordinary stand will feature two levels rising up over the biggest AWISA show ever, as it takes over the ICC. Expo Centric are the new generation of exhibition stand creators. “We are a full-service exhibition house, under one roof we manage everything from design right through to manufacture and installation, as part of AWISA we have expanded our in-house capabilities to included seamless LED walls said Mr. Kruss. Known for creating worldwide innovations standards in Events and Exhibitions, he worked with his team to set up a seamless modular LED video walls. “We love the challenges that come with building the biggest and best stands in the country! It all comes down to having a great team, reliable suppliers and meticulous planning. But what has made really worthwhile over our nine years, is the extraordinary praise we receive from our clients.”  “We’re able to create an outstanding impact, which is what we always aim to bring to our clients’ brands.” All part of a company where breaking news is always breaking new! Expo Centric Exhibitions and Events have designed and installed four of the large stands at AWISA 2018.  It has been six years since it was held in Sydney and is also one of their largest. STAND-OUT STAND FOR NSW GOV AT CEBIT 2018 2018-05-15T01:20:23Z stand-out-stand-for-nsw-gov-at-cebit-2018 The largest startup showcase in Australia, CeBIT 2018 is firmly on track for an exciting 2018. The NSW Department of Industry made sure their stand is up for the challenge in matching the high-end inventions on show by calling on Expo Centric, one of Australia’s leading exhibition stand builders.  “Our focus is providing value for money with our modular eco-friendly approach to custom exhibition stands,” says CEO Stan Kruss. This modern approach has seen his company lead in the tender wins every time for the NSW Department of Industry. Being a stand-out at exhibitions is challenging as the visitors and exhibitors attend many high-end international events. However, Mr. Kruss has continuously pushed his company into finding or developing super engaging solutions. The Department of Industry realised the attractive modular constructions allow for up-grades rather than complete new stands for their public exhibitions. Expo Centric has been their go-to answer for six years. “The feedback from all our co-exhibitors, as well as delegates passing by, have all been positive,” says a department representative. “They all comment on what an amazing stand it is!” This ‘Renewable’ benefit also fits with the department’s continuous aim to prevent the up-dating wastage that often occurs. “But the exciting part is our products can also keep their message totally contemporary,” said Mr. Kruss. Over the three-day conference, sixteen Jobs for NSW supported startups will exhibit at the Entrepreneur HQ stand, hailing from a range of sectors including software, data science, fintech, the share economy and digital health. FinTech and MedTech.The Expo Centric stand has created an innovative hub to match these exciting techo inventions, and is on show at stand B6 New 3D Hologram hits high at CeBIT 2018 2018-05-15T00:39:51Z new-3d-hologram-hits-high-at-cebit-2018 IMAGE: A new thrill for the CeBIT Australia Technology conference (May 15-17) has just been announced.  Stan Kruss, who proved walking away from a $2 million offer on TV’s Shark Tank can be an excellent move, has bagged a European sensation in air space advertising. His Exhibition & Events company, Expo Centric, has partnered up with Kino-Mo to land the largest 3D Hologram imagery to hover in Australia. Hypervsn Hologram Technology is about to create a huge stir. A magnificent assembly of this larger-than-life light show will headline a new product for their clients Norton by Symantec. “Finding new solutions to engage at exhibitions is always a challenge,” said Mr. Kruss. However, noticing crowds gathering around the new cutting-edge Hypervsn Hologram Technology at many International fairs, he knew the future had arrived.  The excitement comes from the hologram floating vividly in mid-air. The products take on 3D life-like forms vibrating with an almost touchable effect.  “Seeing a client’s marketing message in high-density 3D whirling above the crowds was extraordinary. It was a total attention-grabbing success. We jumped on it immediately to bring it to Australia.” For such a power-packed device, the Hypervsn is generally an easy set-up. It’s plug-in, compact and projector-less. Bump in for displays is speedy and streamlined.  Expo Centric is determined to add a bigger bang at CeBIT by creating a 1.5 meter square hologram by joining nine hologram units together to create one giant image.  “We love pushing the boundaries of new technology,” said Mr. Kruss.  “We specialise in new technology that packs impact,” said Mr. Kruss. “Clients who are willing to invest in new technology get noticed at expos.” Hypervsn is the “Next Big Thing” in the Exhibition, Events & Retail environment. Brands that come onboard early will gain the most benefit.   The Norton stand will be buzzing at CeBIT with this new super-engaging solution. And Expo Centric is in talks with a number of other clients for other exhibitions and retail rollouts. Hypervsn Hologram Technology Super Specs: ·                     High definition visuals ·                     Every angle, any visual, all impact ·                     In-air advertising ·                     Designed to work 24/7  ·                     Up to 5 hours of video content  ·                     Managed remotely, wireless content management  ·                     Easy to use  ·                     Plug and play (A High Res Version of the image is available)