The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-10-03T21:05:19Z Re-Launch In Australia For Vanilla Body Cream 2018-10-03T21:05:19Z re-launch-in-australia-for-vanilla-body-cream After 13 years of successfully protecting the skin of Australians from mozzies, Lea-Anne Crawford and her family was dismayed and devastated when their Australian supply was shut down by government officials last year. However their successful United States launch has given them hope and a new release body cream to be launched this month in Australia means Aussie customers will again have access to the dynamic products on offer. "The officials at the Russian world cup this year successfully sprayed Vanilla around the gaming area to repel the swarms of gnats and mosquitos. It worked. For international players and fans from one of the world's most prestigious sports” says Lea-Anne, a passionate advocate for toxic free living and sustainability. “It is inspiring when governments embrace innovation and help stimulate business while encouraging their citizens to use non-toxic products and we really encourage our own Government to  promote Australian healthy living and prosperity” says Lea-Anne. The innovative company goes from strength to strength with their recent marketing campaign focussing on the power of Mother Nature and the chemicals occurring in nature, and how they can be used for protection and nourishment in the right way. What started as a home remedy the mosquito repellent cream and candle duo has turned into an international success story. The products are made in a sustainable industrial village and follow a strict ethical protocol as well as a passionate online following of mothers and outdoor adventurers.   The business has a global following, and with over 600 stores in Australia now no longer able to sell the highly demanded product, the team behind the iconic brand have spent 12 months formulating a new product Vanilla Ozi set to hit shelves in Australia in the coming months. "We have a duty to our customers and shop owners to think outside the square. Giving our customers and small businesses a reliable, sustainable and safe product has overcome any hurdles we have encountered” says the inspiring entrpreneur known to many as the “Summer Mama.” For more information contact Lea-Anne Crawford on For more information about Vanilla Mozi go to   # # # Natural Insect Repellent Company, Vanilla Mozi, Launches In the United States 2018-07-10T07:17:44Z natural-insect-repellent-company-vanilla-mozi-launches-in-the-united-states California, USA – Vanilla Mozi have announced they have launched their unique repellents to the United States of America, after years of establishing and being successful in Australia. Vanilla Mozi produces very effective bug repellent and mosquito protection cream that is an alternative to DEET and chemical sprays. Vanilla Mozi products are made for bugs, mosquitoes and other biting insects such as the No-See-Ums which are predominant in the USA. When applied to the skin, the cream repels these insects from biting the user and has even been reported to reduce the pains and effect from previous bites. It is highly recommended to use them as daily moisturizers when venturing outdoors, or when going to bed, especially for kids. The Vanilla Mozi candle can also be used indoors or outdoors in conjunction with the cream. The bug repellent is made using a specialized formula with all natural soothing ingredients and is renown for its beautiful Vanilla scent. On why the company was moving to the USA, founder of Vanilla Mozi and scientist, Lea-Anne Crawford said, “As mothers, we try and be as intuitive as we can be for children. It was this intuition that lead me to the place I am now - a journey that started with wanting to find a way to protect my babies and their skin from mosquitos, chemicals, and bites.  It is an exciting time as Vanilla Mozi has reached American soil and offers the same protection enjoyed down under. Thank you for allowing us to be here in the USA!” Vanilla Mozi products are suitable for children, pregnant women, and adults, and are designed to accommodate sensitive skin. For more information on how to purchase, visit Innovative Aussies Fight Mosquitoes on US Soil 2018-06-01T01:21:59Z innovative-aussies-fight-mosquitoes-on-us-soil According to new reports from CDC, more than 75% of the US could be swarmed by mosquitos this season. Rainfall along with warmer weather directly correlates with mosquito outbreaks. Zika Virus, Yellow Fever, and the West Nile Virus have been the fear of many over the last 2 years and the Aussie product could not come at a better time. Australian company Vanilla Mozi developed the bug repellant over 13 years ago in a bid to fight off notorious Aussie Mosquitoes. The journey has lead to global success with people in the most mosquito-ridden countries reporting success. The popular protector works as a repellent and a barrier cream- a formidable multilayered formula which is beating the fight against bugs. So why is it so innovative? Vanilla Mozi is completely natural. Made from all natural ingredients, the bug repellant is a powerful alternative to toxic chemicals and overpowering scents with hidden dangers. In fact, it was the idea of safely protecting children and pregnant women that inspired its inventor Lea-Anne Crawford to make the impressive recipe. Australia is no stranger to biting bugs and wild critters, Vanilla Mozi has been selling out for over a decade to Aussies and adventurers all over the globe.  Spokesperson Dave Crawford says “We are so are excited to be bringing this skin safe repellant to the USA. When American visitors come over they stock up on Vanilla Mozi, and customers have been repeatedly asking us to bring it over. The time has come, we are on our way!” The product will be available in the USA by mid June. 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