The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-03-26T00:09:24Z Full Service Digital Marketing Agency- Absoltz Internet Marketing enters Macquarie Park, Sydney 2021-03-26T00:09:24Z full-service-digital-marketing-agency-absoltz-internet-marketing-enters-macquarie-park-sydney Macquarie Park, Sydney – To reach, interact and delight their customers, marketers need to understand how to succeed in a digital world, Post Covid’19 regardless of the industry you belong to digital marketing has become a primary necessity to retain a competitive edge for all businesses, but this is not a simple process, and it often requires trained professionals to market a brand across various digital platforms successfully. If done right, a digital marketing agency can open the door to a world of possibilities for any brand.   The core aspect of digital marketing is choosing the strategy for your business. Sure, anybody can open a few social media accounts and post content. However, it is the creating a cohesive digital marketing strategy that provides the winning experience. Founder & Creative Head - Meenu Makan said we don’t offer cookie-cutter approach, all our campaigns are tailor-made with attention to individual client objectives & goals, We offer custom strategies for all our clients. Digital roadmap designed to achieve results backed by Research, Analytics & Creative Implementation. We create strategies to allow your brand to reach more people, engage with more visitors & ultimately convert more customers. This digital marketing start-up provides you with services catered by teams of experts ranging from content creators to graphic designers, and top shot marketing minds. Absoltz Digital Marketing Services  •  We create multi-dimensional digital campaigns that convert •  We create stunning websites & Landing pages targeted at your Client Personas •  We design & run PPC Ad campaigns •  SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing just to name a few areas we specialise in.   We are a team of Digital enthusiast who truly live & breathe digital. If you have been looking for an agency to market your brand, then speak to the team at Absoltz Internet Marketing.  Not only will they provide you with services from a wide range of experts, but you will also have all of them under one roof and with a single point of contact. Contact Absoltz at Macquarie Park, Sydney Today. They Are Experts At Creating Sustainable Long-Term Business Partnerships. YouTube Sets Strict Rules To Appease Advertisers - Absoltz 2018-06-28T04:15:05Z youtube-sets-strict-rules-to-appease-advertisers-absoltz Google has declared many important changes to monetize content on YouTube. The announcement comes after a sequence of updates that the company has implemented in response to the repeated feedback on advertisements since last year. On 17th January 2018 Paul Muret, Vice President of the display, video, and analytics, acknowledged that “2017 was a hard year with several issues disturbing our community and our marketing partners.” “The problems like brand advertisements appearing on racist, extremist and other offensive content, badly behaving YouTube stars whose channels are part of the Google Preferred premium advertising program and offensive content involving and/or targeted to children largely resulted from the lack of control and transparency. Muret summarized three main modifications to further address these challenges. 1.  LATEST THRESHOLDS FOR CHANNELS TO CARRY ADS In 2017, Google endorsed minimum 10,000-view on YouTube channels for being a part of the YouTube Partner Program and carry advertisement on their videos. Muret said, “it has been apparent over the last few months that we require the exact requests and better signals to recognize the channels that have earned the right to run advertisements.” The recent requirements: 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months 1,000 subscribers Muret said: We will closely monitor signals like community strikes, spam and other abuse flags to make sure they meet the terms of our policies. Both new and existing YPP channels will be automatically evaluated under these strict criteria. 2.  MANUAL SCREENING OF GOOGLE’S CHOSEN CHANNELS “As rumoured, monitoring will not be left to algorithms only. We are changing “Google Preferred” so that it not only recommends the trendiest content on YouTube but also the most scrutinized one,” wrote Muret. New requirement Advertisements will only run on videos in the Google Ideal network that have been physically reviewed and verified to meet the advertisement-friendly guidelines. Enforcement Period In US Mid-February End of March in all other Google ideal markets. 3.  NEW BRAND SAFETY CONTROLS FOR 3RD-PARTY REPORTING YouTube will give advertisers more control over where their ads can be seen & there will be more transparency for them. New control A new three-tier suitability method will be available to advertisers to manage the types of video content on which their advertisements can be seen. Muret concludes: “The challenges we faced in 2017 have helped us to make strong but essential changes in 2018." These modifications will have financial implications for a large swath of YPP content creators who do not meet up the recent thresholds. Advertisers must be watching keenly & paying particular attention to the third-party reporting when they will actually come to execution Source-