The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-11-04T05:56:59Z Stella Petrou Concha SARA Award Nomination 2019-11-04T05:56:59Z stella-petrou-concha-sara-award-nomination Nominated in the category of Recruitment Leader of the year, Stella finds herself in the running for one of the industry’s highest honours, commonly known as the SARAs. She’s among five finalists for the prize, which is scheduled to be announced at the glittering night at Mural Hall in Melbourne on Tuesday, November 19. This category was open to all recruitment professionals at management level, or in a leadership role, with finalists having been judged to have demonstrated the ability to foster relationships, solve problems, communicate effectively, and adapt to change. The judges were, according to the awards’ official website, “seeking someone who inspires and motivates others, performs to business objectives, and is making an impact within the agency and recruitment sector as a whole.” “I’m thrilled to have been acknowledged by the industry for the hard work we all do here at REO Group,” Stella said. “Industry accolades like this are the cherry on top of the highly gratifying and rewarding work we do all year round to put the right people in the right jobs, and I’m delighted to have been named a finalist among my colleagues – all of whom I hold in the utmost respect and regard.” Stella Petrou Concha is the inspiring Co-Founder, CEO, and driving force behind the fast-growing brand Reo Group. Through her energy, intuition, and vision, Stella brings a unique and powerfully 'human' perspective to the Australian recruitment and consulting industries. She believes that it is only through facing and overcoming life’s great challenges that individuals can grow and develop, and has built her organisation on the notion that 'failing forward' is the key to success. Recruitment Rebooted panel to rethink HR and hiring 2019-10-02T23:53:24Z recruitment-rebooted-panel-to-rethink-hr-and-hiring Background checking SaaS business PASS Technology, together with global recruitment platform, JobAdder, are collaborating to host Recruitment Rebooted, an event designed to showcase the latest thinking and trends in recruitment, talent acquisition and management, as well as company culture. Taking place in Sydney on Thursday 10 October, the panel discussion will be facilitated by international HR and Recruitment influencer Hung Lee – CEO of London-based tech talent matching service Some of the key talking points on the agenda include the concept of ‘Total Talent Management’, how HR can identify their key stakeholders and work more closely with them, as well as the best ways to hire in the ‘gig economy’.  The panel will also explore how recruitment can be ‘rebooted’ through clever tech adoption and process improvement.   Best known for his curated content platform ‘Recruiting Brainfood’, Hung’s platform is known as "the industry newsletter for the talent business". "It's great to finally connect with the HR and Recruitment community in Sydney," he said. "The Australian community has been incredibly welcoming and Recruitment Rebooted is a fantastic opportunity to explore how the industry is evolving locally and how local professionals can think and act differently in this evolving landscape."  PASS Technology, a UK-based background screening software company, recently branched out into operations in Australia. CEO Luke Battah said this ‘Recruitment Rebooted’ panel has specifically been created to offer attendees vital insight into the exciting and rapidly emerging world of HR technology.    “We’re excited about being able to welcome Hung Lee to Sydney for his first-ever event here while collaborating with JobAdder, the Australian-founded recruitment platform that now has a global footprint,” he said.   To find out more and register, visit the event site Adrian Ramsay Design House studio named National Finalists in the Building Designer Association Australia national awards 2019-09-02T00:14:54Z adrian-ramsay-design-house-studio-named-national-finalists-in-the-building-designer-association-australia-national-awards Adrian Ramsay Design House studio can announce with pride that they have been named National Finalists in the Building Designer Association Australia national awards. At the urging of clients seeking recognition for the homes they love, which the firm designed, the Adrian Ramsay Design House Studio has this year entered the awards for the first time. Since opening 19 years ago, the company has not put themselves forward for consideration for such an honour.   With more than 20 years’ background in house design, the Studio’s philosophy has always been that it is a humbling experience to be chosen to design a home.  “The weight of responsibility of delivering a dream to a client that they will live in is always present,” said studio founder and namesake Adrian Ramsay.  Adrian has worked across many design styles, from Georgian to tropical lightweight homes; and in as far-flung locations as the United Kingdom, to India, New Zealand and Australia. Adrian has developed through such diversity a deep understanding of design and how it forms an emotional connection between its occupants and the world around them.  “No two projects are alike,” says Adrian, “as are no two clients.”   The homes entered into the BDAA Awards are both on the Sunshine Coast, where Adrian’s Studio is situated. One is nestled on the top of Buderim, while the other is situated on the side of the hill at Sunrise Beach. At Buderim, the brief was to create an ample studio space for exercise, wellness and games, including an indoor flow pool. The building had to fit into the site in front of the home and reflect the architectural style of the existing structures on the property. This was achieved with a unique structure that delivers high function and aesthetics while blending in the environment and delivering on the brief. In Sunrise Beach the brief was to take an ‘ugly duckling’ of a home from the 70s and bring it into the future, while maximising the effect of the open-pitched ceilings, increase the size of the home to accommodate for the growing family, plus the addition of a new entry, games room and outdoor living over a new garage, plus a granny flat.  This all had to be achieved on a realistic budget and be staged in construction so that the family could stay in the home while building took place. Needless to say, it was met with a blissfully happy client and proudly satisfied Adrian Ramsay.  The awards will be announced on 7 September 2019; the firm is crossing its collective fingers for everyone involved. Visit for more information. What Next Now podcast launches to profile successful women in business 2019-08-12T06:47:09Z what-next-now-podcast-launches-to-profile-successful-women-in-business Friends and colleagues, Tamara Henry and Elissa Dowler are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new podcast, What Next Now – ( inspiring conversations about purpose, career and wealth.  The first series of six episodes to be released, features women entrepreneurs in conversation about their careers, their successes, their struggles and their strategies. The first series will focus on six women from diverse backgrounds and professions, where they discuss what led them to pursue their careers in their chosen fields, what obstacles they have faced along the way, and the ways in which they have found inspiration to encourage them on the road to success. The new podcast What Next Now will launch with its debut episode featuring an in-depth conversation with Sydney-based dentist-turned inventor and budding drinks magnate, Dr Angie Lang, where hosts Elissa Dowler and Tam Henry spoke to her about her origins, her drive, Richard Branson, what it takes to back yourself and your product, the delicate work-life balance that comes with managing a family while pursuing a dream and building a beverage company in a highly competitive marketplace. What Next Now’s discussions will cover a lot of ground to which women in the workforce will easily relate, including the ways they might balance having kids with a career, the ongoing role of working mums in the workforce, flexible working conditions and the benefits of working from home. What Next Now is launching on Monday 12 August, with new episodes available for download on a weekly basis. The debut podcast is the first released to help listeners find new inspiration for their career pathway to purpose and wealth. The show is aiming to help people discover what they want to do next so they can live the life they want to live. Inspiring conversations about purpose, career and wealth, the podcasts are proudly sponsored by DPN, the award-winning, financial services and property investment company. DPN also operates Casa Capace, ‘homes to enable’, providing beautiful homes for disables Australians. Visit to find out more.     Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals in Action 2019-08-07T21:52:50Z legacy-the-sustainable-development-goals-in-action Stella Petrou Concha, the dynamic Co-Founder and CEO of Australian recruitment firm, Reo Group, will launch her latest project, a written collaboration entitled Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals in Action, on Friday 9 August, 2019.    Co-authored with 51 other change-makers – dedicated to global change through business – from across the globe and with a foreword by former Unilever CEO, Paul Polman, the book is the first of its kind in the world. It addresses and explores the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #4, to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.    Legacyillustrates how ‘ordinary’ and inspiring people have adopted, embraced, and applied the Goals, and in doing so are directly impacting people in their communities, and the world. Importantly, the book inspires readers to – and shows them how they can – tread that pathway with them.   As professionals and business leader, Stella explains, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the day to day of our jobs and lives.    “At Reo, we are passionate about elevating human potential to bring positive change in people’s lives so they can experience the best version of themselves.    “We want to make a real impact on the world, and we know we have the vision and power to extend further than what we are currently doing as a community.”   Reo Group as a company is proudly committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals.   Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals in Actionis available from Amazon at 100% of the proceeds will go towards providing access to education for a disadvantaged child.   HotlineIT appoints new CEO to spearhead growth 2019-07-09T21:23:46Z hotlineit-appoints-new-ceo-to-spearhead-growth Leading Australian IT firm, HotlineIT, announces the recent appointment of Jason LeGuier in the role of CEO as of June 2019. Jason is a career IT Professional with over 30 years experience designing, selling, implementing and supporting technology based solutions for Australian businesses.  Regarding the recent appointment, LeGuier says “I’ve known Malcolm and Michelle for many years, and I am delighted to join them. HotlineIT is a great business, with clear values and purpose, providing excellent value to their customers. My job is simply to help them, help more companies.”   With a successful 2018 behind them, HotlineIT continues to grow and expand their IT services to Australian businesses as an outsourced IT management solution. The company has partnered with Australian businesses and successfully overseen company requirements such as cloud services, IT security, communications and integrated IT systems.   The appointment allows former CEO Michelle Joosse to focus on Governance and Commercial Management, while Nick Butler focuses on Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction. The HotlineIT team anticipates strong growth during Q1 and Q2 under the leadership of LeGuier.   The IT industry is constantly changing, as are the needs of Australian SMEs. As a trusted IT partner, HotlineIT ensures that their focus is on evolving services to meet the fluctuating and rapidly changing technology requirements of their clients. As larger players continue to invest heavily into their IT infrastructure, HotlineIT levels the playing field for SMEs allowing them to take an equally sophisticated approach.    Michelle Joosse says of the recent appointment of LeGuier “We realise someone of Jason’s caliber has choices and we’re very excited that he has chosen to work with us. We’ve always had a strong focus on delivery and we think Jason’s strengths and natural flair rounds out our SLT nicely. He brings a lot of skill and experience in customer engagement and a very practical approach to IT. This should resonate really well with both our existing and prospective customers.”   HotlineIT continues to expand their network and services to businesses, and offers a free IT Health check for all companies in Australia and New Zealand who require IT solutions that support business growth.   For more information or to receive your free IT Health check, please visit Expro Fitness Convention 2019 2019-03-11T08:19:21Z expro-fitness-convention-2019                              Mike Emery reflects on China's history this Lunar New Year 2019-02-08T01:54:47Z mike-emery-reflect-on-china-s-history-this-lunar-new-year This month marks the Lunar New Year, where more than a billion people around the world are celebrating the New Year and beginning of the Year of the Pig. In Australia, we have already seen the dumpling world record broken as the Sydney Chinese New Year Festival draws in crowds from around the world. With such a unique moment, it is worth reflecting on the rich history that China has, and take a rarely before seen journey into what life was like in China almost 40 years ago.  In the Spring of 1980, Photographer Mike Emery was on board one of the first ever American passenger cruise ships sailing the China coast. No one on board had been to China, in fact, it was a seldom visited country for Westerners. Mike found himself arriving at a time of rapid change and excitement, with economic, political and cultural reforms sweeping the country.  With his bright clothes, fair hair and Nikon camera, Mike stood out in the streets of the cities he visited in China. Local people were intrigued, as Mike played the clown to gauge reactions. He’d pull faces, poke out his tongue, and even lay in the middle of the street to get noticed. Sometimes he’d get crowds up to 50 people, wanting to speak English or just satisfy their curiosity about this strange westerner.  As a result, Mike was able to capture the essence of the time, both in people’s faces and the unique urban landscapes they inhabited.   39 years later, and Mike has collected his finest images and memories into a uniquely beautiful hardcover coffee table book. China’s Children is not solely a collection of works featuring children, rather it captures a time over which a generation grew up. It captures everyday people in their lives with a freshness and reality rarely seen.   Colour photography from this time is extremely rare and images of this quality are hardly ever seen. Capturing a simpler time, the book features everyday life in Beijing and Shanghai. Perhaps you grew up in China in this time? This beautiful book offers a unique opportunity for people that may not have photos of their own from this time. Sharing these precious memories with family and friends is a great joy that appeals to every generation.   In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Mike Emery is giving away 3 copies of his book, 'China’s Children’. To receive a copy of the book, please email, and let us know what is your favorite way to spend Chinese New Year! Visit his website today: *Terms and Conditions apply. Tempest by name, Storm by nature 2019-02-07T04:37:40Z tempest-by-name-storm-by-nature The full schedule to Australia's first ever Ignite Fitness Business Event is realeased 2019-01-30T13:08:58Z the-full-schedule-to-australia-s-first-ever-ignite-fitness-business-event-is-released We hope to see you in Melbourne on February 22nd. Grab your tickets as this event will sell out! Peter Strohkorb Consulting wins TOP SALES WORLD Award 2019-01-08T01:07:08Z peter-strohkorb-consulting-wins-top-sales-world-award Peter Strohkorb Consulting wins TOP SALES WORLD Award 2018 for Best Sales & Marketing Assessment Tool. After two years of being a category runner-up, Peter Strohkorb Consulting has been named among the winners of the 2018 TOP SALES WORLD Award for Best Sales & Marketing Assessment Tool. Having been quadruple Top Sales World Awards finalists in 2016 and 2017, Peter Strohkorb Consulting has recently won a Top Sales World Award in 2018 for ‘Best Sales & Marketing Assessment Tool’, for the ‘Smarketing Tool’. Peter believes "How effectively your Sales and Marketing functions work together is a leading indicator for future revenue success. Our free tool allows executives quick insight into how well, or how poorly, these two revenue-generating teams collaborate, and where the gaps are. How fantastic to be recognised on the international stage for the quality of our solution."  The tool allows B2B organisations to assess the quality of alignment and collaboration between their Sales and their Marketing teams, which is a leading indicator for future sales performance. For now, the tool has been made available online for free online, by visiting Top Sales World was launched in 2008 when four resource locations were amalgamated: Top Sales Experts, Top Sales Management, Top Sales Awards and Top Sales Articles, all of which first went live in 2006. The annual Top Sales Awards is now in its eighth year and has established itself as an eagerly anticipated event in the “sales space calendar”. Peter Strohkorb is the Founder and CEO of Peter Strohkorb Consulting International. He has developed several proven methodologies and programs to deliver exceptional sales acceleration results to businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of vertical markets. Peter is all about "Making Your Business A Customer Magnet". Australian clients of Peter Strohkorb have publicly lauded Peter and his colleagues, calling Peter “a fantastic facilitator,” and “someone who can bring sales and marketing organisations together.” “He will have the right processes, the right strategy, and he will work with you to get the result that you desire,” said Andrew Bycroft, CEO and Founder of International Cyber Resilience Institute. Visit to find out more. Global Design Trends Masterclass 2018-11-03T22:52:36Z global-design-trends-masterclass Prepare for 2019 by translating global design trends into your own home and upcoming projects.  This Masterclass is being held on the back of Adrian’s annual USA Design Tour and is the ultimate download of creativity and global trends! Housing, Real Estate and Design Industry Professionals are reporting that they see the link between staying ahead of global trends and profitability.  What Adrian has noticed in his 17 years of being in the building design industry is that often small to medium firms or DIY builders and designers can struggle to have the resources available to decode global design analytics on their own.  One of his key skills is his ability to decode and analyse the intricate elements of design and deliver that to professionals and the public alike. This Masterclass equips participants with the framework and tools to begin a strategic plan of implementing relevant trends and letting go of others.  Increase your ability to show agility, innovation and creativity in your design concepts through incorporating new ideas and global trends. About Adrian Ramsay Adrian Ramsay’s design-decoding framework is a comprehensive approach to creative design planning and analytics.  It allows you to analyse your current and forecasted projects using global design analytics; trends and factors both inside and outside your environments; determine whether current creative initiatives are delivering value now, and whether they will into the future; and gain insight into boosting your own creativity and innovation. Adrian's innovation training has been adapted for multi-national companies in Germany, England, France, Spain, USA, Australia, and New Zealand - and now can be broken down into bite-sized pieces of useable information for the avid design enthusiast, local architect, building designer, interior designer, builder, real estate agent or DIYer. Places in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Masterclass are strictly limited to ensure a high-quality and collaborative learning environment. Attendees receive a place at the Masterclass, practical initiatives and exercises that they can take away, and a professional live recording of the evening's class. Before, during, and after the Masterclass, Adrian tailors the content and advice to the needs and challenges of the participants to ensure each attendee leaves with design curiosities answered. Mel Tempest to MC at FIBO US 2018-10-12T01:06:36Z mel-tempest-to-mc-at-fibo-us Founder of the Gym Owners’ Business Network and Gym Owners’ Business Podcast, Mel Tempest has been confirmed as MC at the upcoming FIBO US event.  Based at the official FIBO US Speakers’ Forum, Tempest will be charged with the task of conducting on-stage and podcast interviews, both in the lead up to and during the event. Guest speakers will include leading industry brands such as Soul Body Barre, MYZONE, Aktiv Solutions, Vertimax, and more.   FIBO US is being held at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida (USA), from 5-8 December 2018. To learn more visit  To learn more about Mel Tempest Or to find out more about the Gym Owner’s Business Network and Gym Owners’ Business Podcast go to  Two Industry Contrarians Join Forces to Help Fitness Businesses Succeed 2018-10-12T00:26:19Z two-industry-contrarians-join-forces-to-help-fitness-businesses-succeed Mel Tempest is a Gym Owner, Fitness Business Influencer, Global Presenter and Advisor specialising in fitness technology, social media, business coaching, early adoption of technology. Mel is on a no-holds-barred mission to help health club owners achieve more success through innovation, which has earned her the reputation as a ‘contrarian’, meaning one who is unafraid to forge new paths regardless of how popular it may be to begin with. EVOLT (IoH) The Internet of Health, a technology-driven health and wellness company that is powering connected and digital health. EVOLT shares a similar reputation as an industry disrupt-er, having developed a highly innovative end-to-end solution. This solution tracks detailed changes in the quality of activity, body composition, nutrition and overall health that can be shared in gamified social environments, as well as sophisticated data analytic insights for body composition changes. The ethos around Evolt’s drive is to educate and empower users with the education and experience to understand their body metrics and how to set purpose-driven goals with an engaging tracking platform. EVOLT is excited to be working with Mel Tempest in her quest to disrupt and educate the industry with new tech and innovation. The Evolt 360 ecosystem is an end-to-end closed-loop solution for fitness businesses, that not only provides increased opportunities for improving gym revenue streams, but also unparalleled insights into how members and trainers interact and engage. It gives a baseline measurement for the onboarding process allowing members to quantify and track their progress through time. Evolt’s client case studies show increased: - member retention - member engagement - member satisfaction - uptake in transformation challenges - accountability for employees - revenue streams through both direct and indirect sources. The Evolt team are excited to be a progressive and disruptive force in the marketplace, who are currently gaining momentum in the global health and wellness space. For more information on the Evolt 360 Ecosystem contact the team here To tap into Mel Tempest’s extensive wealth of experience and knowledge in helping club owners move toward innovation and success, click here and join the gym owners network at PractiFI expand into the US, with 27 year old Emily Wilcox named COO 2018-09-05T23:51:46Z practifi-expand-into-the-us-with-27-year-old-emily-wilcox-named-coo While a career is never a straight line, where you belong is a powerful constant. The rise of Emily Wilcox has been something to behold, something to notice, and something to follow; a true jewel of clutched opportunity. This week, Wilcox was made the COO of the game-changing PractiFI, an enterprise disrupting both the SaaS industry, and the conservative assumptions of the financial industry writ large. Emily was in on the ground floor of PractiFI when it launched in 2013, building the foundation of her towering understanding of both the financial advisory industry, and technology. While she momentarily left to build her experience through consulting, she recently returned when she realised that the growth trajectory and opportunity that PractiFI offered was one she could not pass up. Equally, PractiFI were keen to ensure the law graduate could lead the company into its next growth phase, and with that an increase in responsibility as well as a change of view – Chicago. Seeing a strong half of 2018 so far for the company, CEO Glenn Elliott and Chief Commercial Officer Adrian Johnstone, are set to roll out strategies as they continue to expand the companies’ operations within the AU and US markets. With PractiFI’s rapid expansion into the US, the need for a member of the leadership team to be on the ground there became obvious. Deciding that Emily should be that person, is both a natural solution to their commercial needs and an equally disruptive move considering very few women at her age are in a leadership position within the FinTech space. At 27, Emily has already proven she is capable of leading product innovation and complex technology projects. “Emily has fueled PractiFI’s growth since the beginning. Not only does she create a positive and happy work culture, but she also oversees the company’s financial health, the success of our HR policies and procedures, our facilities and logistics, our contracts and legal matters, as well as our investor relations. The COO role is hugely important and we know no one could do it better than Emily.” - Glenn Elliott PractiFI recently closed $3million in capital, a joint injection made by Microequities Asset Management and Equity Venture partners via the Microequities venture Capital Fund. The investment secures the path forward for PractiFI to build out their business in both AU and US markets, with an emphasis on client acquisition and customer success strategies. The SaaS platform has already secured clients in the US, and with Emily’s stewardship, seeks to create a sustainable and growing footprint in the country. Emily will be calling Chicago home as of September 2018, and will lead the company in the US with planned attendances at conferences such as InVest West and the BAM Alliance National Conference. Leading the platform’s foray into the states, Emily will be able to demonstrate the unique solution that PractiFI offers their wealth industry clients. The platform automates business administration, client data and compliance for the super, insurance and advice industries. Emily looks forward to advocating for the need to move towards more progressive and effective solutions than traditional CRM platforms. Emily states: “I’m hugely excited for PractiFI’s potential within the US. We’ve already had a lot of early interest in our platform, but my main focus right now is to take the time needed to build the foundation for our operations here in Chicago. Client satisfaction comes from building out a great customer success team, and that’s my first priority.” Emily Wilcox and PractiFI represent change. Watch the industry follow their moves as firms recognise the need to adopt effective data-driven technologies, mitigating manual labour, streamlining data and identifying opportunities moving forward.