The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-06-30T00:57:22Z Education Perfect launches new online resource community for teachers to help close education equity gap 2020-06-30T00:57:22Z education-perfect-launches-new-online-resource-community-for-teachers-to-help-close-education-equity-gap EP Studio allows teachers to create a wide variety of resources using intuitive authoring tools. CEO of EP, Alex Burke, said the platform provides teachers with the opportunity to share their lessons with colleagues on a national, or even global stage. “EP is always free for teachers, as we understand that there is a need for openness and collaboration in education, especially to start closing the education equity gap,” he said.  Research based on a nationwide survey of more than 2,100 primary and secondary teachers representing more than 10% of schools in Australia by Pivot Professional Learning and EP, found strong evidence that the gap between advantage and disadvantage in Australian education widened during the shift to distance learning in April and May due to COVID-19. “This has come at an ideal time when teachers around the world are under pressure with the recent school closures due to COVID-19,” Burke said “With EP Studio, the amount of open and free content for teachers will continue to grow, and create a high quality collection of lessons, helping to bridge the gap for disadvantaged schools. “Not only can teachers from schools already in the EP ecosystem benefit, but all teachers can get free access to lessons they can take into their classrooms,” he explained. To encourage the creation of further teacher resources and celebrate the launch of EP Studio, EP have announced a competition. Both schools and teachers are set to benefit from the competition, with the judged winner having a $10,000 tech package awarded to their school, plus a $1000 voucher for the teacher.  Second prize is a $5000 tech package, plus $500 voucher, and a $2500 tech package and $250 voucher for the third placed entrant. “EP Studio is going to give teachers the ideal forum for an exchange of ideas, and the contest is the best way to encourage participation from teachers in schools across Australia and New Zealand,” Burke said. With multiple entries welcomed from participating teachers, this gives educators from across Australia and New Zealand the chance to share their expertise and the tools which have made their classes successful over the years. The competition closes 18 September, with winners announced shortly after. About Education Perfect EP is a leading digital education platform, providing transformative online teaching and learning experiences for more than 1.2 million students in over 4000 schools across 80 different countries.  The EP platform contains a rich bank of over 35,000 curriculum-aligned lessons in a range of subjects including Languages, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Health and PE, and Digital technologies.  EP’s technology also facilitates intuitive authoring tools through the Studio to create engaging and effective lessons for students, a range of assessment for learning tools to power measurable learning growth and sophisticated real-time insights providing teachers and school leaders with a deep understanding of learning progression at a student, class and cohort level. For more information, visit  To read a full version of the survey report and analysis, visit 6clicks Launches Australian AI Research & Development Division 2020-06-19T06:21:26Z 6clicks-launches-australian-ai-research-amp-development-division We are thrilled to let you know that two of the world’s greatest AI and Machine Learning minds are joining 6clicks! Meet Phil de Silva, our new Lead AI Platform Architect, and Senior AI Engineer Rahul Rao. Phil and Rahul bring their world-class skill sets in artificial intelligence and machine learning prowess from Deep Blue AI to work in collaboration with the exciting 6clicks AI roadmap (you’ll flip out when you see what we have in store). Phil is a renowned leader in the IT and SaaS industries. His lengthy background includes work in digital transformation, data engineering, cloud computing, networks, security, automation and DevOps. Phil has architected, planned and delivered data analytics and digital platforms at successful start- ups, financial services, banking, and large enterprises across Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. Rahul Rao has a PhD in engineering from Monash University where he researched the application of AI to complex engineering problems. With certifications in machine learning and AI from Stanford University and IBM, he is a legend in regression and classification algorithms using cutting-edge neural network architectures. 6clicks CEO and Co-Founder Anthony Stevens informed the team this morning saying, ‘There are some really tough problems we’ve been working on with Phil, Rahul and our engineering team. Facing into these problems and finding breakthrough solutions highlights the massive opportunity to do so much more to streamline and reduce the cost of compliance’. We cannot wait to share what we have planned next, stay tuned! The 6clicks Nerd Herd. Risk management experts 6clicks launch mobile app 2020-05-01T08:36:55Z risk-management-experts-6clicks-launch-mobile-app 6clicks, a leading Australian Software as a Service (SaaS) platform enabling companies to automate vital risk assessment, compliance and ISMS processes, has launched a mobile app, 6clicks Risk Review for Teams. On a mission to revolutionise the risk review process, 6clicks have delivered an app that is easy to use, data-driven, team orientated, and a little fun to use. Co-Founder and CEO Anthony Stevens, said the app was designed for individuals, project management teams, boards, directors, CIOs, CTOs, consultants and executive teams alike to help support risk reviews. “We think that getting data – and perspective – from everyone across the team, and leveraging their diverse backgrounds and collective experience, is critical in the realm of risk management,” he said. “What makes this mobile app so unique is that we designed it for both you and your team.” 6clicks’ own team of experts know that to achieve an effective risk review, companies need access to extensive risk ‘libraries’ as a point of reference. Yet all too often, they are inadequate, or simply don’t exist. “What we’ve included in the mobile app are risk libraries that are general, related to project boards and projects, as well as ones that are more specific – related to cyber security, business continuity, pandemics, and the environment,” Anthony explained. “Then if you need something else that’s more specific, or unique to your business or project, you can simply create your own.” In illustrating how the app works, Anthony showed how users consider the risks which may be relevant to a business or project, then think about whether or they are applicable.  “If so, swipe right. If not, swipe left.” The app also provides risk assessment: where users rate the likelihood of that risk occurring, and the impact that the risk would have on a business or project if it occurred.  6clicks Risk Review for Teams simplifies the process of running risk reviews, from any location, embracing team members and stakeholders with varying levels of access and at multiple touchpoints, from the palm of the user’s hand.  “There’s so much opportunity to save time and money,” Anthony said. “Once you’ve finished your risk review, you can get your risk matrix delivered via email to your inbox in seconds – so effective in supporting your next meeting, or presentation.”  6clicks Risk Review for Teams is free to use and available in the App Store now. Visit to find out more. Adelaide innovator wins big at Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2020-05-01T08:27:16Z adelaide-innovator-wins-big-at-telstra-business-women-s-awards Media Release  1 May 2020 Adelaide legal and consulting firm, Peripheral Blue, has scored a big win, with its Founder and Managing Director, Mellissa Larkin, being named as the South Australian Small Business Winner in the 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Awards. This prestigious award recognises Mellissa’s achievements in innovation in law and her redefining of the way people engage with and think about their lawyers and commercial advisers. When asked what distinguished her as a Finalist, judges described Mellissa as "humble,” adding that they were “impressed with her solid business acumen, confidence, and calm, controlled leadership style.” In winning the award, Mellissa expressed her gratitude and heralded the work her colleagues and staff contribute to the firm’s success. “I’m so honoured to have won this award and incredibly grateful to our very talented Peripheral Blue team and our clients who were willing to take a chance on us and consider doing things differently. I will always be so very grateful to each and every one of them.  It’s been our great privilege to partner with them,” she said. “Since launching the business, I've found continued inspiration in knowing that what we are doing is truly different”  In founding Peripheral Blue in 2016, Mellissa’s vision was of a legal and consulting firm with a difference. Since then she has embraced innovation, setting out on a mission to create a truly flexible workplace, for staff and clients alike, providing a dynamic new style of service based on trust, and a commitment to relationship building and nurturing.  A multi-award winning firm, it services ASX 200 companies and rapidly growing SME’s across a broad range of industries including health, tourism, wine, energy & resources, construction, IT, insurance and logistics.    “I began with a mission to disrupt the legal and professional services industries in Australia by giving clients access to top-tier, responsive legal and advisory services in a flexible and affordable way.” she explained. “Over time, that mission has evolved to embrace a much broader role, advocating for change in the legal industry itself. “Winning this award provides me - and the firm - an incredible platform from which to continue to advocate for much needed change across the legal industry. We’re proof that you can do things differently! “We’ve turned the traditional legal model on its head, placing the client at the centre of the equation. We’ve proven that you can provide clients with top-tier service, and staff with amazing, fast-paced work in a dynamic environment built on foundational flexibility, and still be successful. It’s what drives me as a business leader, and it’s really exciting.” The awards, now in their 25th year, are a celebration of the most talented women in business and recognise those who are achieving success by doing things differently. There were 22,000 entries submitted in 2020. Major Australian/New Zealand Teacher Survey: Educator perspectives on the impact of a rapid shift to distance and online teaching and learning 2020-04-21T22:07:00Z the-state-of-education-the-impact-of-covid-19-on-distance-teaching MEDIA RELEASE 21 April 2020 Education insights firm, Pivot Professional Learning, in collaboration with Education Perfect (EP), are set to release the findings of a significant survey assessing the current learning climate from the perspective of teachers and school leaders. Over 3500 teachers and school leaders in Australia and New Zealand responded to the 38 item survey exploring the impact of COVID-19 on education. The survey focused on technology usage and challenges, educator concerns for students, and the impact on student and teacher well-being. The report titled ‘Educator perspectives on the impact of a rapid shift to distance and online learning’, focused on understanding overall confidence in schools’ ability to support distance teaching and learning; as well as creating insights into how to better support both teachers and students during this new era of schooling. “We wanted to capture ‘of the moment’ feedback from those on the frontlines of educating students during COVID-19,” explains Pivot Professional Learning CEO, Amanda Bickerstaff, adding that “with over 3500 responses, we’ve now gained a wealth of data about how teaching has changed and what educators need most to meet the needs of their students. This is an opportunity for us to come together as a community to innovate and provide better solutions for online teaching and learning.” The report generated key insights into both teaching and technology, with the research finding: - While technology allows the connection of both teachers and students to create meaningful educational experiences, the well-being of students, social isolation, and apprehension around loss of learning were the major concerns of teachers and school leaders - 7 out of 10 teachers report their planning time has increased. Distance teaching has brought with it a steep learning curve, putting teachers back to being “new teachers” in terms of preparation time - Schools are using multiple technology platforms (between 2-5) to support teaching and learning online. No platform was rated consistently highly across features and confidence in use. - Just over half of teachers and school leaders feel that they can effectively communicate with students and parents online EP CEO, Alex Burke, emphasises that “governments have already called for more data on the impact of remote learning for teachers, students and parents. Additionally, we are seeing our teacher community being challenged to adjust to the new working conditions. EP is used by over 1 million students across Australia and New Zealand, and we now have a unique insight into teacher sentiment and student engagement. So the survey will be invaluable to us and the broader community.” Ultimately, the survey uncovered three key findings: 1. The Australian Teacher community are committed to shifting learning online, but would benefit from additional support The shift to distance teaching and online learning has had a significant impact on educators across Australia with the majority of respondents indicating their planning and preparation time has increased. Based on this study, it’s clear that teachers are committed to their students and have confidence in their ability to teach online. However this demand on teachers is unlikely to be sustainable over the longer term and schools and providers should consider supports to reduce planning and preparation time. 2. There is a need for a comprehensive distance learning approach that goes beyond “learning” Educators understand that the shift to schooling online impacts more than just learning outcomes - it also impacts social needs, communication and engagement. When designing and implementing new resources for distance teaching, it’s important that we take a comprehensive approach to providing recommendations, new solutions and professional learning for all facets of the student experience. 3. There is no“one-size fits all” technology for shifting schools online Most schools are using several technologies and platforms to deliver online teaching. Teachers identified strengths and weaknesses with all providers. This means there is no single student and teacher experience of ‘online learning’. A future analysis of the impact of distance learning should consider the influence of using different technology and providers.   The report will be released later this week with a webinar detailing further results and key findings. You can register your interest here:   The 38-item survey was open from April 9-April 13th and received responses from all states in Australia and regions in New Zealand. Respondents from all year levels, domains, and types of schools are represented in the results.   As a leading EdTech platform, EP have been able to use their primary technology to support engagement of students in online learning, provide effective assessment during the learning online process; while also supporting the collection and analysis of student feedback.   Pivot Professional Learning (Pivot) is an educational insights company dedicated to enhancing teaching effectiveness by harnessing the power of the student voice as a driver of evidence-based improvement. Our tools and systems are supported by international research and data from over 65,000 Australian classrooms.  Fair Food Forager: world-wide digital app provides sustainable food options for consumers 2020-04-06T12:49:56Z fair-food-forager-world-wide-digital-app-provides-sustainable-food-options-for-consumers Fair Food Forager is a global, ethical food directory, connecting consumers with over 6,000 featured cafes, restaurants, and providores in 20 countries around the world. In March 2020, the company launched its game-changing mobile app, which allows users to search sustainable food near them on the go, suggest or check-in at venues, follow people and fair food businesses, engage with venues, and share their experiences with others.   Subscribers can filter food choices from 16 different options, including organic, fair trade, minimal use of plastic, locally produced, sustainably fished, and more.   Currently, we are encountering numerous global challenges, such as those related to poverty, inequality, climate, and environmental degradation. Many of the biggest issues facing our planet revolve around food, yet many of them have seemingly simple solutions.   Fair Food Forager has a positive and powerful vision for sustainability in the future.   “Sure, there is plenty to worry about with regards to the state of the environment, though we have to believe that we can make a difference. What choice do we have, really?” asks Founder and CEO, Paul Hellier.   Daily food choices such as the production, packaging, and transportation of food, all result in greenhouse gas emissions and therefore have an impact on our carbon footprint; and generally, the single biggest contributor to a person’s carbon footprint is their food choices.   With the help of Fair Food Forager mobile app, consumers can now find ethical and sustainable food options quickly and easily, and choose to support a business that deserves their money.   Says Hellier, “Customers no longer have to ‘settle’ for over-packaged, wasteful, unethical food, transported halfway around the world simply because they are hungry and time-poor.   “Fair Food Forager makes ‘Ethical Easy’!”   In addition to being beneficial for the environment, sustainable eating includes selecting foods that are healthy for our bodies at the same time. To support their health, Fair Food Forager also enables consumers to filter by chemical-free, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, to find foods that offer a balanced diet for the body yet are also produced in a way that doesn't harm the environment.   Fair Food Forager’s live feed provides users with recipes, inspiration, and good news stories helping them feed - and spread! - their passion for food and our planet. This growth of this global community harnesses users’ positive thinking, focusing on each other’s seemingly small everyday actions, we can get closer to our sustainability goals.   “There is hope, and globally, people are making change happen; running clean-ups and lobbying governments and businesses to reduce things like plastic pollution, starting community gardens, and eating less meat,” Hellier explains, “Momentum is growing and we believe that Fair Food Forager is the vehicle that makes waste-free food shopping an achievable goal for anyone, anywhere”. Liftango announces partnership with Unilever 2020-03-05T23:26:08Z liftango-announces-partnership-with-unilever Liftango have announced that they are partnering with Unilever to help bring about a better, cheaper and more environmentally friendly transport solution for their Sydney staff. Unilever are in the process of consolidating their multiple Sydney offices into one centralised location; this transport initiative will make it easier for the Sydney-based portion of Unilever’s approximately 1600 staff to get to and from work every day. Since launching in late February, Liftango’s transport initiative has been offering Unilever staff incentives and rewards for taking part, including their being able to access one of 15 designated premium parking spots right at the headquarters’ front door.  As many people who experience the many headaches of the daily commute will testify, the problems associated with getting to work don’t end once the peak hour traffic has been successfully navigated – parking itself becomes the final piece of the puzzle. This carpooling initiative will have multiple benefits to staff, including the potential to broaden their work social circle and improve company culture.  The impact shared transport has on the environment is also significant, with studies showing that a reduction in single-occupancy vehicles on the roads can lead to a massive reduction in carbon emissions. With up to 80% of people driving to work on their own, encouraging 15-20% of those people to take up carpooling would mean a carbon output reduction the equivalent of close to 13 hectares of trees per year. Unilever are likewise passionate about improving sustainability and have set themselves a 15-year goal to become carbon-positive by 2030. Kevin Orr, the Founder and CEO of Liftango said the company was looking forward to working alongside Unilever, a company which shares Liftango’s values and sustainable initiatives. “We’re proud of our achievements when it comes to environmental action and sustainability, so it makes sense that we can partner with a corporation which is leading the field in the use of clean, reliable and affordable energy,” he said. “Unilever have made tremendous progress in their efforts to cut CO2 emissions, so it’s a privilege to be partnering with them, making the daily commute easier for their staff and helping reduce carbon emissions at the same time.” To find out more about Liftango’s carpooling solutions, visit their website. Business Game Changer Magazine awarding the top ten Australia-based women in business in 2020 2020-03-05T01:44:16Z business-game-changer-magazine-awarding-the-top-ten-australia-based-women-in-business-in-2020 Australia’s Top Ten Women in Business Awards are awarded annually for the outstanding contribution made by individual Australia-based business women. This contribution is either to their businesses, their local communities or by inspiring and mentoring other entrepreneurs. Emphasis on change leadership Because the awards want to showcase the most effective entrepreneurs in Australia, part of the interview is focusing on the concept of ‘impacting change’. The nominations will be asked to include examples of how they creatively and through strong leadership lead organisational change. This will be overseen by says change management thought leader Josephine Otimi from Evolve Management, a business growth and change agency, who says “Designing and implementing change means that you are often anticipating what an organisation and its employees need before they realise it themselves. This takes skill, courage and a whole lot of creativity.” Josephine will also be creating a feature article analysing the ten winners and reviewing how they influence change in their organisations. “I am looking forward to seeing how the ten women selected in these awards approach this challenge and how they lead change. I will then be analysing their responses into a thought piece that I hope benefits all entrepreneurs Australia-wide, who can gain insights from these learnings and evolve into the best entrepreneurs they can possibly be.” The winners of Australia’s Top Ten Women in Business will receive the following: - Australia’s Top Ten Women in Business will be featured in Business Game Changer in May 2020 and The Big Top Ten in June 2020. - All top ten winners will be featured on Business Game Changer Magazine’s Game Changer Wall of Fame. - All top ten winners will have a page dedicated to them in the paperback book Successful Women in Business, to be published in August 2020. - Australia’s Top Ten Women in Business will receive an official certificate that can be framed and displayed on a wall and a badge for their website. Winners of last year’s awards include:  Sharon Williams, Founder & CEO of Taurus Marketing, Fleur Brown of Launch Group, Judith Treanor, founder of Temples and Markets, Kylie Travers of The Thrifty Issue, Dr Vesna Grubacevic, founder of Qt, Miriam Sandkuhler, CEO and founder of Property Mavens, Monica Meldrum, founder of Whole Kids, Tanya Lacy of Intercept Group Australia Pty Ltd, Sandy Forster, founder of and Renata Bernard of Opal Minded. About Business Game Changer Magazine Business Game Changer Magazine is a progressive online publication, with a distinct editorial focus on start-up finance, law, operations and strategy whilst providing novel insights into the entrepreneur ecosystem and the people in it. Written by, and for, the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs, Business Game Changer Magazine aims to use quality content to empower our readers with the information they need to fulfil their potential, whilst facilitating meaningful connections across the globe. For information about how to nominate yourself, a colleague or a client for inclusion in Australia’s Top Ten Women in Business, email Mellissa Larkin named as Finalist in Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2020 2020-02-14T04:08:53Z mellissa-larkin-named-as-finalist-in-telstra-business-women-s-awards-2020 Since the firm’s launch in 2016, Larkin has been widely recognised, both locally and nationally, as an advocate for systemic change in the Australian legal industry.   In response to the announcement, she said “I’m thrilled to have been acknowledged by these prestigious awards for the impact we’ve made within the legal industry,” adding that “because I am committed to campaigning for change across the legal sector, being named as a Finalist gives me an amazing platform from which to continue to share our important message.” Larkin’s vision in founding Peripheral Blue was to disrupt the legal and professional services industries by giving clients access to top tier, responsive legal and advisory services flexibly, and affordably. “I stepped away from a successful twenty year career in corporate law to start the business.” she explained. “I envisioned a transformation of the traditional legal model's pyramid structure and high partner profit shares, a firm free from bullying and harassment, and the culture of overwork and exhaustion that has long characterised the legal industry.” Additionally, as a mother of three, Larkin knows how hard it can be to maintain what she calls the ‘work-life blend’.  “Balance is illusive,” she says.  “So it's vital that I champion and empower all my team - especially women - by making their working environment as positive and flexible as it needs to be for them to get their jobs done, enabling them, in turn, to give back to our clients and the industry. “I hope that in having reinvented my ideal professional life, building a business which brings real value to staff and clients, but which affords me the flexibility to be present for and stay connected with my family, I can inspire others to do the same. “ “I want to encourage women to take charge of their lives and ‘back’ their abilities. If something isn’t working, women should be supported to make the changes necessary to create the life they want while still having a rewarding and impactful career.” For Peripheral Blue, it’s a win-win scenario as their clients get the best possible service and top-tier advice and staff get the flexibility to design their own work-life balance. And as a business owner, Mellissa has embraced her responsibility to lead by example for others in the legal industry. There were over 22,000 nominations submitted for the 2020 Awards, which are now in their 25th year. Engineer James Webb launches marketplace for freelance engineers 2020-02-03T00:00:10Z engineer-james-webb-launches-marketplace-for-freelance-engineers Engineer James Webb will launch FlexiEngineers, a brand-new marketplace for skilled freelance engineers, in January 2020. The platform is intended for freelance engineers and contractors to connect within the scope of different projects. This concept provides means for engineers to navigate through the wide freelancing landscape as effectively as possible, offering one website exclusively focusing on engineering services instead of a diverse range of disciplines. This also makes it easier for organisations to target the ideal talent for their projects, hence mutually benefiting both parties. Previously the general view of the industry has been rather negative towards freelancing and it could be seen as revealing company secrets or even ‘working for the enemy’ but as the attitudes are rapidly changing, freelancing has become far more common for engineers. Today many employers are actually encouraging their staff to get additional experience to maximise learning. “With the constant web technological improvements and the continued acceptance for personnel to work remotely, freelancing in the engineering space is becoming more acceptable and workable,” says founder James Webb. In addition to acquiring more experience through a variety of different projects, freelancing, especially in the engineering space can result to numerous other benefits. It can give the engineer access to equipment and tools they wouldn’t be able to invest in themselves and increase flexibility regarding time and location of work. “FlexiEngineers will provide more opportunities for freelance engineers to find work when their core contracting work stops or quietens down, not only close to home, but also internationally and remotely allowing more freedom and choice of working,” says Webb. And it is not only the engineers, who are benefiting from this arrangement. Hiring a freelancer does not tie the employer the same way as hiring a full-time employee and this flexibility can lead to substantial profitability due to only having the correct amount of manpower and not paying for more than necessary. Webb has noticed contractors becoming more common in the workplace not only for medium-to-longer term contract positions but also for shorter commission-based assignments. Engineering space differs by nature from many other sectors since an engineer is not often needed on a full-time basis and through freelancing, contractors can hire specific experts with the exact skills they need for the particular project. Why James Webb? James is a freelance Chartered Electrical railway engineer who works directly with railway operators, design houses and consultancies in Australasia and South East Asia. James has worked as a contract engineer in the UK, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia and still freelances today from his small home office. He has extensive knowledge on the engineering field as well as working as a freelancer himself. After spending over 15 years working for various multi nationals and local operators and spending most of that time as a freelance/contract engineer, James has seen first-hand how companies benefit from contingency workers and also how these workers get work. James had been thinking about a service like FlexiEngineers for years to help him in times when his freelancing became quiet and during busier times when he needed assistance from other contractors. After dealing with all these obstacles for years, James has a genuine desire to help others in his situation and that is why he has come up with this game-changing solution. About FlexiEngineers FlexiEngineers is more than a job board; it is a growing community and marketplace for skilled engineers looking for flexible project opportunities. The platform provides a freelance engineering marketplace for independent professional engineers. The founder understands the industry pain points and requirements in this space, as a chartered (CEng) member of the IET who has worked on specialist projects globally. For more information on the launch of, and any media enquiries, please contact Practifi Completes A$24M Series B Funding Round with US-Based Updata Partners to Accelerate Growth 2020-01-21T05:27:17Z practifi-completes-a-24m-series-b-funding-round-with-us-based-updata-partners-to-accelerate-growth “I’m tremendously proud of how much we’ve accomplished in revolutionising the technology available to Australian advisers, superannuation funds and trustees, but this is only the beginning. Our continued partnership with EVP and our new partnership with Updata will help us drive even more growth. Our vision is to create the most efficient business management platform possible for financial advice firms and the most comprehensive trustee office platform for superannuation funds,” stated Glenn Elliott, co-founder and chief executive officer of Practifi. Adrian Johnstone, co-founder and chief commercial officer, added, “With so much pressure across both advice and super, we are deeply committed to extending our platform to add even more value. Whether our clients are looking to improve client, member or employer relationships or they’re wanting to reduce the burden of compliance, we’re right there.” Driven by a passion for the client experience, Practifi’s collaborative platform connects the tools needed to drive efficient operations so our clients can concentrate on building trust and positive relationships with their clients. Carter Griffin, general partner of Updata, added, “In a competitive market, Practifi has created a tool that enables growth, compliance, and efficiency for financial advice firms and superannuation funds. We invested in Practifi because they have a genuine vision for an industry that needs revolutionising. We‘re excited to be partnering with them as they build exciting new features and create a more innovative financial services solution.” About Updata Partners Updata Partners is a leading technology growth equity firm based in Washington, DC. Led by an investment team averaging more than 25 years of technology experience, Updata invests in high-growth software and software- driven businesses where the combination of its capital and operating experience will help accelerate success. To learn more, visit About Practifi More than a CRM, Practifi is a business management platform designed for growing financial advice businesses around the world. Practifi allows financial advisors, family offices and broker dealers to effortlessly manage their client relationships, monitor compliance and automate workflows, all through an easy-to-use interface. To learn more, Stella Petrou Concha SARA Award Nomination 2019-11-04T06:56:59Z stella-petrou-concha-sara-award-nomination Nominated in the category of Recruitment Leader of the year, Stella finds herself in the running for one of the industry’s highest honours, commonly known as the SARAs. She’s among five finalists for the prize, which is scheduled to be announced at the glittering night at Mural Hall in Melbourne on Tuesday, November 19. This category was open to all recruitment professionals at management level, or in a leadership role, with finalists having been judged to have demonstrated the ability to foster relationships, solve problems, communicate effectively, and adapt to change. The judges were, according to the awards’ official website, “seeking someone who inspires and motivates others, performs to business objectives, and is making an impact within the agency and recruitment sector as a whole.” “I’m thrilled to have been acknowledged by the industry for the hard work we all do here at REO Group,” Stella said. “Industry accolades like this are the cherry on top of the highly gratifying and rewarding work we do all year round to put the right people in the right jobs, and I’m delighted to have been named a finalist among my colleagues – all of whom I hold in the utmost respect and regard.” Stella Petrou Concha is the inspiring Co-Founder, CEO, and driving force behind the fast-growing brand Reo Group. Through her energy, intuition, and vision, Stella brings a unique and powerfully 'human' perspective to the Australian recruitment and consulting industries. She believes that it is only through facing and overcoming life’s great challenges that individuals can grow and develop, and has built her organisation on the notion that 'failing forward' is the key to success. Recruitment Rebooted panel to rethink HR and hiring 2019-10-03T00:53:24Z recruitment-rebooted-panel-to-rethink-hr-and-hiring Background checking SaaS business PASS Technology, together with global recruitment platform, JobAdder, are collaborating to host Recruitment Rebooted, an event designed to showcase the latest thinking and trends in recruitment, talent acquisition and management, as well as company culture. Taking place in Sydney on Thursday 10 October, the panel discussion will be facilitated by international HR and Recruitment influencer Hung Lee – CEO of London-based tech talent matching service Some of the key talking points on the agenda include the concept of ‘Total Talent Management’, how HR can identify their key stakeholders and work more closely with them, as well as the best ways to hire in the ‘gig economy’.  The panel will also explore how recruitment can be ‘rebooted’ through clever tech adoption and process improvement.   Best known for his curated content platform ‘Recruiting Brainfood’, Hung’s platform is known as "the industry newsletter for the talent business". "It's great to finally connect with the HR and Recruitment community in Sydney," he said. "The Australian community has been incredibly welcoming and Recruitment Rebooted is a fantastic opportunity to explore how the industry is evolving locally and how local professionals can think and act differently in this evolving landscape."  PASS Technology, a UK-based background screening software company, recently branched out into operations in Australia. CEO Luke Battah said this ‘Recruitment Rebooted’ panel has specifically been created to offer attendees vital insight into the exciting and rapidly emerging world of HR technology.    “We’re excited about being able to welcome Hung Lee to Sydney for his first-ever event here while collaborating with JobAdder, the Australian-founded recruitment platform that now has a global footprint,” he said.   To find out more and register, visit the event site Adrian Ramsay Design House studio named National Finalists in the Building Designer Association Australia national awards 2019-09-02T01:14:54Z adrian-ramsay-design-house-studio-named-national-finalists-in-the-building-designer-association-australia-national-awards Adrian Ramsay Design House studio can announce with pride that they have been named National Finalists in the Building Designer Association Australia national awards. At the urging of clients seeking recognition for the homes they love, which the firm designed, the Adrian Ramsay Design House Studio has this year entered the awards for the first time. Since opening 19 years ago, the company has not put themselves forward for consideration for such an honour.   With more than 20 years’ background in house design, the Studio’s philosophy has always been that it is a humbling experience to be chosen to design a home.  “The weight of responsibility of delivering a dream to a client that they will live in is always present,” said studio founder and namesake Adrian Ramsay.  Adrian has worked across many design styles, from Georgian to tropical lightweight homes; and in as far-flung locations as the United Kingdom, to India, New Zealand and Australia. Adrian has developed through such diversity a deep understanding of design and how it forms an emotional connection between its occupants and the world around them.  “No two projects are alike,” says Adrian, “as are no two clients.”   The homes entered into the BDAA Awards are both on the Sunshine Coast, where Adrian’s Studio is situated. One is nestled on the top of Buderim, while the other is situated on the side of the hill at Sunrise Beach. At Buderim, the brief was to create an ample studio space for exercise, wellness and games, including an indoor flow pool. The building had to fit into the site in front of the home and reflect the architectural style of the existing structures on the property. This was achieved with a unique structure that delivers high function and aesthetics while blending in the environment and delivering on the brief. In Sunrise Beach the brief was to take an ‘ugly duckling’ of a home from the 70s and bring it into the future, while maximising the effect of the open-pitched ceilings, increase the size of the home to accommodate for the growing family, plus the addition of a new entry, games room and outdoor living over a new garage, plus a granny flat.  This all had to be achieved on a realistic budget and be staged in construction so that the family could stay in the home while building took place. Needless to say, it was met with a blissfully happy client and proudly satisfied Adrian Ramsay.  The awards will be announced on 7 September 2019; the firm is crossing its collective fingers for everyone involved. Visit for more information. What Next Now podcast launches to profile successful women in business 2019-08-12T07:47:09Z what-next-now-podcast-launches-to-profile-successful-women-in-business Friends and colleagues, Tamara Henry and Elissa Dowler are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new podcast, What Next Now – ( inspiring conversations about purpose, career and wealth.  The first series of six episodes to be released, features women entrepreneurs in conversation about their careers, their successes, their struggles and their strategies. The first series will focus on six women from diverse backgrounds and professions, where they discuss what led them to pursue their careers in their chosen fields, what obstacles they have faced along the way, and the ways in which they have found inspiration to encourage them on the road to success. The new podcast What Next Now will launch with its debut episode featuring an in-depth conversation with Sydney-based dentist-turned inventor and budding drinks magnate, Dr Angie Lang, where hosts Elissa Dowler and Tam Henry spoke to her about her origins, her drive, Richard Branson, what it takes to back yourself and your product, the delicate work-life balance that comes with managing a family while pursuing a dream and building a beverage company in a highly competitive marketplace. What Next Now’s discussions will cover a lot of ground to which women in the workforce will easily relate, including the ways they might balance having kids with a career, the ongoing role of working mums in the workforce, flexible working conditions and the benefits of working from home. What Next Now is launching on Monday 12 August, with new episodes available for download on a weekly basis. The debut podcast is the first released to help listeners find new inspiration for their career pathway to purpose and wealth. The show is aiming to help people discover what they want to do next so they can live the life they want to live. Inspiring conversations about purpose, career and wealth, the podcasts are proudly sponsored by DPN, the award-winning, financial services and property investment company. DPN also operates Casa Capace, ‘homes to enable’, providing beautiful homes for disables Australians. Visit to find out more.