The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-08-21T07:38:35Z Location based Alerting Start Up will only send you relevant alerts 2018-08-21T07:38:35Z location-based-alerting-start-up-will-only-send-you-relevant-alerts The app is designed to offer authorities a quick and easy way to send alerts be it a Warning or Incident or a helpful Notification. The makers of the App say, “The App gives cities or even agencies tasked with citizen well-being a way to send anonymized geo alerts based on where you are.” The Australian CEO and founder of UgoRound, Gavin Bernstein explains, “We don’t require users to sign up or register. Citizens are totally anonymous. The App gives authoritative agencies, tasked with citizen safety and well-being, a new way to send alerts entirely based on location. This means alerts are hyper-relevant to the receiver. And therefore, are not sent to anyone too far away to be affected.”  Bernstein mentions: “It was when I was in Dhaka City in Bangladesh and experienced the tremors from the Nepal Earthquake in April 2015, that the idea for a location based alerting service first evolved”   “On that day, I was standing in an office on the 10th floor. When the tremors hit, we did not know what to do. Yet everyone picked up their smart phones and we left the office and headed for the roof. What I then noticed was how everyone was checking their social media to see what had happened. Then I thought in the immediate minutes after the event, if we received an alert from a trusted and authoritative source to say: “Don’t Panic! Earthquake registered in Nepal” - this simple message could in fact save lives. As it turned out, only 3 people died in Dhaka that day and it was mostly attributed to panic.” Bernstein continues, “When I looked around for an off the shelf GPS locater service, we found a few and spent months testing. All were ultimately rejected and we decided to build our own geo-locating engine. We call it UgoFind™. It is so effective we are considering licensing the tech” Most of us using navigator apps know GPS is a killer when it comes to phone battery drain. “We are using a combination of GPS, Cell Towers and WiFi to determine the proximity of an anonymous citizen with the app. We don’t use normal tracking features, as you would if you used a navigation app like Google Maps. This key differentiator allows us to use almost no battery over the course of a day and more importantly without compromising privacy. The UgoFind locator engine taps key sensors on the phone and using some very smart algorithms, we can determine your proximity to a geo zone of as little as 50m in diameter, and send you an alert. This enables an alert to be sent only if its relevant to the citizen.”  Bernstein mentions, “We have always intended UgoRound for developing world nations where a location based alerting method would assist authorities. We therefore had to build a location engine that considered smart phones that are using older operating systems and may not have great battery life to start with. Their first deployment in Africa has been confirmed in Uganda to coincide with the Kampala City Festival.  For cities or agencies in Emergency Management– the app can give them an alternative to SMS and using Social Media to disseminate vital information. After all, Twitter and Facebook are essentially advertising platforms. SMS alerts normally require user sign up, are expensive to send and not easy to geo target. Studies have shown authorities are reluctant to over use SMS. According to Bernstein, you can send unlimited alerts, for free and always relevant to the anonymous citizen’s location. The app is now available on Google Play with iOS coming soon.