The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-03-01T23:00:10Z Coordinate Your Project Team Before You Begin Renovations Warns Gold Coast Electrical Contractor EJ Electrical Works In Burleigh Heads 2019-03-01T23:00:10Z coordinate-your-project-team-before-you-begin-renovations-warns-gold-coast-electrical-contractor-ej-electrical-works-in-burleigh-heads The proliferation of fast home renovation shows on TV have led some homeowners to think that renos are easily cobbled together. But, warns EJ Barnes, aGold Coast electrical contractor, good planning and coordination is as important in home renovation projects as it is in any construction project. Project management is a complex business, and communication is key to a well-coordinated project. It’s when homeowners start calling in contractors piecemeal that the trouble begins, says Barnes. For the best results, he suggests calling in contractors simultaneously before the works begin so that they can discuss the places where their tasks interface. “For example,” he says, “our work comes after the builders’ and the success of some of it depends on what the builders do. I find it best to approach the project as a team rather than as two individual contractors with separate agendas.” Electricity is Not an Add-On Electricity is something people are inclined to take for granted, says EJ Barnes. But remembering that even small changes in home layout will affect the places where we want access to power, lighting, and so on helps homeowners to stay on budget. “DIY renos often reach a point where someone remembers they’re going to want a power point to move, and then it’s time for us to save the day again!” While experienced electricians like EJ are expert at rescuing the uninitiated from the consequences of a poorly-planned renovation, EJ likes his customers to enjoy plain sailing. “If you’re planning to change the layout of kitchen counters – even switch your lounge or bedroom furniture around, you might need electrical work done. The good news is it might cost less than you expected. The bad news is that things are going to be pretty inconvenient for you for a while if electrical work came as afterthought to a home improvement project.” Big or Small, There’s Always a Project Team Whether you’ve chosen to use professional construction and electrical contractors for renovations or need help with a few tweaks you’re taking on as a DIY project, EJ Barnes says there’s always a project team. “With a reno, there’s less pressure than there is with a big construction project, but the same principles apply. All the people who are involved must coordinate and cooperate to get the project completed to specification. That means starting a dialogue before we begin works.” Working With Construction Companies and Homeowners: It’s What They Do For EJ Barnes and his team, working with construction companies is part of the regular routine. EJ Electrical works understands the need to keep renovation projects on track, on schedule, and to specification, and that makes the company a favourite with Gold Coast construction companies. But homeowners are still very much a part of EJ’s customer base – and the reasons why they like dealing with EJ Electrical Works are similar to those of the construction companies. “We don’t believe in dual standards,” says EJ. “That’s what professionalism’s about.” The message is clear. If you’re considering a home renovation project, and you need a Gold Coast electrician on your project team, EJ Electrical Works is ready to see it through with you from planning to completion. Reach businesses like EJ Electrical Works and Coastline Local Electricians via their websites giving them a call on 1300-DIAL-EJ,that’s 1300 342 535. Written & Syndicated by Baxton Media. Best Tweed Heads and Northern Rivers Electrician, Elijah Barnes of EJ Electrical Works, Gives Storm Power Failure Outage Advice To Local Businesses on the Gold Coast 2019-02-19T06:47:36Z best-tweed-heads-and-northern-rivers-electrician-elijah-barnes-of-ej-electrical-works-gives-storm-power-failure-outage-advice-to-local-businesses-on-the-gold-coast The October storms that lashed the Gold Coast caused their share of damage and, at best, inconvenience. Thousands of homes were without power, and with extreme weather seeing to have become more frequent in recent years, CEO of EJ Electrical Works, EJ Barnes feels it’s time discuss thunderstorm-readiness strategies and power failure advice.Surge Protection Helps, But…Electrical storms can wreak havoc on the electrical supply. If you have expensive electronics, you do need good surge protection, but be aware of its limitations. It can cushion you against some current fluctuations, but it’s not a silver bullet.If a lightning strike is near enough, no surge protection is going to stop your electronics from getting totalled. The best protection when lightening is overhead or very near is to switch off and unplug appliances and electronics. Unplug your landline. If you really need to make a call, your mobile is a safer bet.If the power goes down, it’s wisest to unplug electronics even when there isn’t lightening nearby. Most of the time there won’t be a big enough power surge to cause damage when the power comes on, but there is a small risk. Be sure all appliances are off. For example, if a clothes iron or a stove is inadvertently left switched on, it could cause a fire when the power comes back on.Power Failure Advice Basics: LED Lights and Gas CookerCandles are nice for romantic dinners, but they are a fire hazard when used as utility lighting. EJ says there are some really cheap and effective LED lamps on the market these days and they make a better, and safer, backup for power failures. Remember to have spare batteries handy.Chances are, you have a gas cooker of some sort with your camping and outdoor gear. Keep it handy for hot drinks and food when the electricity fails. It’s a small thing, but being able to have a hot cup of coffee makes a difference. Check the gas and consider getting a backup bottle just in case.If You Suspect Water or Storm Damage Be Extra CarefulIf you’re worried that a storm has damaged electrical infrastructure or appliances, don’t try turning anything on until you’ve called an emergency electrician out to have a look. “Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. It’s better to be safe than sorry,” says Barnes. Have a professional check it out before you touch anything.Backup Electricity Source: Right for You?Barnes says that most Gold Coast households probably don’t need to bother with backup electricity. However, if there’s a reason why your home or business being off the grid would be very awkward for you, it’s perfectly feasible to look at some form of backup energy source. “It’s up to individuals and businesses to weigh the costs against the benefits,” says Barnes.If Gold Coast residents have any concerns about electrical system storm safety, you can reach businesses like EJ Electrical Works and Coastline Local Electricians via their websites giving them a call on 1300-DIAL-EJ, that’s 1300 342 535.Syndicated by Baxton Media. Best Northern Rivers Electrician Contractor, EJ Electrical Works, Provides Cheap LED Lighting Services and Explains Over-Illumination in Tweed Heads, Gold Coast 2019-02-18T06:46:08Z best-northern-rivers-electrician-contractor-ej-electrical-works-provides-cheap-led-lighting-services-and-explains-over-illumination-in-tweed-heads-gold-coast With LED lighting cutting energy costs there’s a renewed movement towards illuminating just about everything from trees to buildings – and in spaces where light is needed, we may be going altogether too bright. EJ Barnes, a Gold Coast Electrician and owner of EJ Electrical Works, points out that when it comes to lighting, too much of a good thing can be bad for us.The Many Facets of Over-IlluminationOver-illumination is a term that describes a variety of situations in which there is more light than we really need. It can refer to very high artificial light intensities, or it can refer to unnecessary lighting such as leaving an unoccupied office illuminated all night.But these days we’re recognising the need to vary light intensity depending on what we’re doing instead of opting for the brightest possible light all the time, the need to experience softer light later in the day, and our inbuilt preference for natural light.Barnes says this extends the definition of over-illumination to include too few controls to vary light intensity, not making the most of natural light during the day, and possibly, using the wrong light spectrums in artificially lit spaces.Why We Should Think About Over-IlluminationBarnes says we’ve only lately become aware of the ways in which lighting influences us on a biological level. “It’s not just eye-strain,” he explains, “it’s headaches, migraines, stress, and fatigue.”There’s also the question of utility. Barnes agrees that illuminating landmark architectural features, for example, helps to give a city its character, but he feels that we need to be cautious about what we illuminate.“Personally, I feel that illuminating the outside of a building is fine if it’s a building that’s important to a lot of people or if it’s minimalistic lighting that just helps people to find their way home in the dark. But we need to think about utility. There’s a cost and an environmental impact to lighting despite recent energy-saving options.”As for lighting areas that are both unoccupied and unseen from the outside, Barnes recommends a rethink. Security cameras can see in the dark these days, so why bother? Just turning off unnecessary lights can save businesses a lot of money in the long run.Bright Light in Retail SpacesThese days, we seem to love extremely bright light. But Barnes isn’t sure it’s good for us in the long run. Retail spaces are increasingly going for light far above the average foot-candle (fc) level of 30-40 recommended for office work. “It probably isn't comfortable for their clients, but it certainly isn’t good for their staff,” remarks Barnes.He understands why retailers love all that bright light. They literally shine out. But he recommends focussing the brightest light on featured display areas rather than regular shopping spaces and work areas. His logic is that you’ll get more visual impact from your planned displays and marketing materials that way.Gold Coast Electrician Advocates People-Centric IlluminationWhen choices need to be made, Barnes recommends that we look to people first. What people do in different settings serves as the logical guide to how they should be lit. “You shouldn’t illuminate a feature planting in a parking lot if you haven’t illuminated the walkway first – and it’s worth considering whether lighting up the feature planting has any value to speak of even if the walkways are already well-lit.As for extremely bright retail space illumination, that might be counter-productive. Research shows that shoppers are most comfortable in moderate light with a warm temperature. The very bright, white lighting designs we’re seeing in some outlets could even be putting clients off.Perfect Practicality Matches with Perfect AestheticsOver-illumination is wasteful and, very often, counterproductive, Barnes concludes. “We need to make lighting decisions around the people who use spaces. That might sometimes include lighting that’s there for purely aesthetic reasons, but its impact will have been carefully considered as part of an engineered experience.”“It makes sense that lighting that’s been designed with restraint and an eye for practicality also reflects good taste. It’s also important that we should begin to see light as a customisable feature. For now, we can look at individualising workspaces so that people can adjust lighting according to tasks and preferences. In the future, we may be able to adjust lighting automatically, for example, in response to what shoppers are doing in a store.”The key, says Barnes is practicality. Form follows function and the result is good aesthetics. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it can be effective. If you’d like to find out how EJ Electrical Works can help you with office or retail space lighting design, visit EJ Electrical Works website or call 1300-DIAL-EJ, that’s 1300 342 535.Syndicated by Baxton Media. Best Electrician Near Me, EJ Electrical Works, Explains Affordable Decor Featured Ceiling Fans and Air Conditioning in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast 2019-02-15T06:44:51Z best-electrician-near-me-ej-electrical-works-explains-affordable-decor-featured-ceiling-fans-and-air-conditioning-in-mermaid-beach-gold-coast With summer hotting up, Australians will be working on keeping cool, and some of the “low tech” solutions are still good ones says Gold Coast electrician EJ Barnes. What’s more, you might be interested in seeing how they’ve evolved – you might be in for a few surprises.Barnes knows more about ceiling fans than most people do: as a Gold Coast electrician, spring and summer callouts are often for the installation or maintenance of these standbys, and while you can go with basic and functional, you have far more options than you may have realised.From Smart Fans to Dreamy Décor FeaturesThe connected home trend hasn’t overlooked the possibilities it can explore with “smart” fans and several companies have come out with their versions of a high-tech ceiling fan. However, Barnes isn’t altogether convinced they’re worth getting.He’s done a lot of work on connected homes too and doesn’t see the point in remotely controlling an appliance that only works to cool skin because it moves air around. “A ceiling fan doesn’t change the air temperature. It just makes you feel cooler. When you leave the room, you may as well switch it off to save energy.”“The only real use I can think of for smart fans is to set them up so that they’ll be off during the hours you aren’t using rooms or when you’re at work, and a simple timer switch could do the same thing for a lower price.”However, it’s the arty innovations on the theme that make Barnes enthusiastic. Sometimes, it’s special touches to the classic ceiling fan design – like using genuine wood blades – sometimes it’s a move towards a steampunk look, or it could be unexpected blade shapes. There are some really creative fan designs, but Barnes warns that functionality comes first.“I like the idea of ceiling fans being an important décor feature, but the size of the fan, the strength of its motor, it’s ability to run silently, and its energy efficiency are all more important than looks.”Ceiling Fan, Air Conditioning, or Both?The way we use ceiling fans also needs a little rethinking, say Barnes. As an alternative to air conditioning, they will certainly save energy. They could still save you energy if you use them as a way to delay the decision to use air conditioning, but they probably won’t work to reduce energy consumption if you use both at the same time.The theory is that people with ceiling fans will choose higher temperature thermostat settings when they turn on the AC, but a Florida researcher disproved that back in 1996 after checking thermostat settings against ceiling fan use and finding no significant differences.“Fans are very effective for cooling if you position them well and if you choose the right fan for the space,” says Barnes. “There’s a specific formula for choosing the right size fan, and you also need to think about its power. After that, you can look at extras like those super-cool fan designs.”EJ Electrical Works are Gold Coast electricians, tackling everything from big construction projects to minor home repairs for local householders. They can be reached via their website or by calling 07 - 3833 4405.Syndicated by Baxton Media. Top Casuarina Homes Designer and Best Coolangatta Electrical Contractor Provides Affordable Services on the Gold Coast 2019-02-14T06:43:01Z top-casuarina-homes-designer-and-best-coolangatta-electrical-contractor-provides-affordable-services-on-the-gold-coast Casuarina may still be a relatively quiet spot, but the beachfront setting is attracting developers and private individuals with an eye for luxury modern design says Gold Coast Electrician, EJ Barnes. In fact, the electrical contractor, who has been responsible for the execution of dramatic lighting designs at many of these designer properties, is in awe at some of the projects in which his business has participated.“They’re private homes,” says EJ, “but everything about them is cutting-edge. We’re talking palatial residences that feature everything of the very best.” According to EJ, many of the builds are investments: “You’ll complete the project, and before long, you’ll see the place on the market as the premium coastal property in the area.”One project, in particular, really stands out for Barnes. It features a space-age style overhang and seems to more closely resemble a spaceship than a building. The double-storey home features floor to ceiling glass and a swimming pool that spans the length of the property.“I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Barnes, “and I wasn’t surprised to hear that it attracted interest from all over the world when it hit the market.”Barnes is especially proud that many of the images you’ll see of this much-publicised property are evening shots. Still, he thinks he could have predicted the photography preference. After all, the lighting is a striking feature, and his company was responsible for its installation. “It looks great by day,” he says, “but I’m especially pleased with the night-time look. It’s stunning.”It wasn’t only the lighting that occupied Barnes and his team. The all-mod-cons home features zoned air conditioning, CCTV, and Google Home Automation. Now, the burning question is where the buyer will come from. the house is currently advertised for sale at close on $4million with an alternative price listed in bitcoins - a futuristic touch that some may still call a leap of faith given the currency’s volatility.“I don’t think it’ll be a guesthouse,” says Barnes. “There isn’t really enough parking for that. As to who’ll buy it - all I can say is that they’ll need to be very wealthy indeed.” After finding the property online, we’re inclined to agree. After all, few properties can boast as much publicity, professional photography, or videography - or an estate agent ruining his dry-clean-only suit in the lap pool for the sake of a sales video.Meanwhile, Barnes is quietly proud of EJ Electrical Work’s role in the construction of one of the most-talked-about properties in Australia. “We’re trusted with premium projects because we’re brilliant at what we do,” says Barnes. “It’s as simple as that.”Despite a string of prestigious projects, Barnes keeps his feet on the ground. His company is there to help every client that contacts it. It could be something as simple as breaker that keeps tripping - or it could be the electrical works for a shopping centre, an architect-designed house, or your (much more down-to-earth) home renovations.“We love looking back on amazing projects like this one,” says Barnes, “but at the end of the day, it’s satisfied customers and a job well done that matter most.”If you’d like to put the company responsible for electrical works at a multi-million-dollar designer home to the test with your broken light-switch - or a massive improvement project, you’re welcome to get in touch, says EJ. Contact EJ Electrical Works via its website, or give them a call on 1300-DIAL-EJ, that’s 1300 342 535.Syndicated by Baxton Media. Best Tweed Heads and Northern Rivers Safety Electrician, EJ Electrical Works, Gold Coast Contractor Warns Against Cheap Components Nearby 2019-02-13T06:41:51Z best-tweed-heads-and-northern-rivers-safety-electrician-ej-electrical-works-gold-coast-contractor-warns-against-cheap-components-nearby Australia prides itself in some of the best product-safety legislation in the world, but consumers still need to be alert, particularly when it comes to building materials and electrical components warns EJ Barnes, CEO of a Gold Coast electrical contracting firm.It has been in the news since 2013, and although there has no doubt been progress, Barnes warns that non-compliant building materials and components still find their way onto building sites. As he points out, our legislation may be excellent, but enforcement may not be as easy as it sounds.“A lot of building materials and components are imported,” he says, “and I’m not convinced that they’re all checked for compliance with our safety standards.”It’s a valid concern and one that comes back to haunt us for years after the materials have been used. The Infinity cables scandal in which retailers sold non-compliant electrical cable may be a few years old, but with an estimated 40,000 Australian homes having used it, it would be impossible to know just how many have replaced it for a safer option.The fire at the Docklands Lacrosse Tower in 2015 which consumed 13 stories of apartments in just 15 minutes triggered a spike in awareness, but more than 3 years later, Barnes isn’t convinced that the problem has been eliminated despite the tragedy. “Non-compliant building materials and electrical components are still common in my opinion,” he says.In many instances, non-compliant components are cheaper than ones that pass muster. It’s unfair, says Barnes, since Australian companies go to a lot of expense making sure their products are in line with safety standards. “Then along comes an importer with a non-compliant, cheap product, and whether because of buyer ignorance or greed, the local manufacturer has to compete with lower pricing.”In the end, says Barnes, it’s consumers who are at risk, and the motivation for placing them in this position isn’t acceptable. “You can save a few dollars by using non-compliant materials - and you could end up being responsible for deaths. It’s just not worth it.”There are a few measures that electrical and construction clients can take to ensure that they’re getting safe installations, says Barnes. To begin with, it pays to be suspicious of surprisingly low quotes for work.“If you’re seeing quotes way below what other professionals are charging, you may not have found a bargain,” he warns. “Check itemised quotes carefully. Determine where the contractor aims to save costs and consider how it might affect you. If component costs are remarkably low, you could be looking at non-compliant materials, and that’s downright dangerous.”Consumers also need to check whether they’ll get certified work. Getting a certificate of compliance is a must, and if a business won’t issue one, it is operating outside the law. A compliance certificate isn’t bullet-proof, but Barnes says most construction contractors will do due diligence when issuing one.Building inspectors have been criticised for declaring projects as being compliant after minimal physical inspection of works, but for Barnes, vouching for compliance means supervising in person and checking all completed work himself. “That certificate means I’m personally responsible for the safety of the installation,” he says. “It’s not something I take lightly.”The issue of building safety and non-compliance in the construction industry isn’t going away anytime soon, but with ethical businesses like EJ Electrical Works and Coastline Local Electricians striving for the highest safety standards, consumers can proceed with confidence. If you’d like to know more about this local Gold Coast business, you can reach Barnes via his website or by calling or give them a call on 1300-DIAL-EJ, that’s 1300 342 535.Syndicated by Baxton Media. EJ Electrical Works Near Local Burleigh Beachfront Pavilion Provides 24/7 Emergency Electrician Services Around the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Northern Rivers 2019-02-12T06:40:09Z ej-electrical-works-near-local-burleigh-beachfront-pavilion-provides-24-7-emergency-electrician-services-around-the-gold-coast-tweed-heads-and-northern-rivers It may only be November, but local electrician, EJ Barnes, can’t wait for December to arrive. That’s when the revamped Burleigh Pavilion will fully open its doors to the public. But it’s not just a matter of Barnes looking forward to a cold beer and the view from the expanded second floor dining area - for him, it will be a personal triumph.The Pavilion’s renovation has been a hugely ambitious project with a price tag that’s widely reported to be in the region of $9 million. Barnes’s business, EJ Electrical Works, won a tender for necessary electrical upgrades, and he’s had an insider view of the process from the time the project started.“I would have been saddened if the iconic facade had changed too much,” he says, “but the developers have done a wonderful job of preserving the original appearance of the building despite all the changes. Although not all renovations are real improvements, this one certainly is.”EJ’s business isn’t a large one, but he says that landing this project and successfully completing it, will be the ultimate proof of his business’s capacity. “We’ve always worked to be highly professional,” he says, “but we’re not what you’d call a big business. Now, all the world can see that when we say what we’re capable of, we aren’t exaggerating.”Of course, it’s not the first time that EJ Electrical has taken on ambitious projects, but few could be as high-profile as this one. “We’ve done work at malls, shopping centres, clinics, office buildings, and more,” says EJ “but this project takes the cake. It’s the kind of thing you want to tell everyone about, and when you do, they think you might be telling a tall tale!”One of the things that EJ likes most about the Burleigh Pavilion renovation is the plans its owners have for the upper-floor restaurant. It will be an impressive space that can accommodate up to 600 patrons, and a top chef will be in charge of the cuisine.But May Hotels, the developers behind the project, say they’re looking at a reasonably priced, casual venue where beach goers can relax in casual wear and enjoy the view over the ocean. “It’s a landmark, and it’s going to be even better than it was before,” says Barnes. “I’m looking forward to being able to tell my mates I was a part of making it possible.”So, if you’re passing by the Burleigh Pavilion at sundowner-time this December, you might want to look out for the EJ Electrical Works vans parked outside, because if they are, EJ and his team might just be there for a cold one at the end of the working day.If, on the other hand, you’d prefer a more traditional approach to meeting up with your electricians, just visit the EJ Electrical Works or Coastline Local Electricians websites, or call EJ’s team on 1300-DIAL-EJ, that’s 1300 342 535. “We do big construction projects,” says EJ, “but we’re just as happy to help people with their home electrical work. The service remains the same.”Syndicated by Baxton Media. Qualified Burleigh Electrician, EJ Electrical Works, Offers Best Advice to Gold Coast and Tweed Heads Locals Wanting a Handyman 2019-02-11T06:38:45Z qualified-burleigh-electrician-ej-electrical-works-offers-best-advice-to-gold-coast-and-tweed-heads-locals-wanting-a-handyman There are tasks you can do yourself. There are tasks you can use a jack-of-all-trades handyman for. And then there are jobs that should only be tackled by a licensed professional. Electrical work is one of these. As the Queensland Government so neatly puts it: “Don’t do your own electrical work. It’s just not worth the risk.”According to the Queensland Government, the risk could be a life-or-death matter. And, if that’s not enough you, the Queensland authority warns that it is against the law. In a worst-case scenario, offenders could end up facing a charge of culpable homicide.But is it really as dangerous as all that? We spoke to EJ Barnes, owner of EJ Electrical Works, about the risks people face when they DIY or entrust electrical work to an unqualified handyman.After looking at the Queensland Electrical Safety Office’s information, EJ nods agreement: “It’s dangerous alright,” he says. “When I’m on the job, I need to be alert and focused. Electricity can kill. It’s good to remember that all the time.”It doesn’t end when the job has been safely completed either. “I have to think about the long-term safety of my clients. That’s why I’ve developed inspection checklists that cover everything from the technicalities of the task to service-oriented aspects. The first part is to ensure that the installation is safe. The second part is to make sure we’re leaving the property and the work area looking as our customer would want.”So How Do We Know That We’re Working With a Proper Electrician?Anyone who wants to do electrical work has to meet the requirements for licensing and have a valid license. Concerned consumers can check up on someone who claims to be an electrician. Simply note the electricians license number and check it on the Queensland Electrical Safety Office’s website.”A professional business should look and act professionally. And when the work’s done, the customer should get an electrical compliance certificate and not just an invoice.An unlicensed person can basically flip a switches in their own home," says EJ. "But seriously, that’s about the limit of it. People will tell you it’s easy to install a switch or a power point or that it’s fine to replace a light fitting or a plug at the end of a lead. It isn’t. The laws are there to keep you safe and doing any of these things is illegal.”Apart from fines, penalties, or criminal cases related to negligence, there’s also the matter of insurance. If investigators find that the cause of a fire is unlicensed electrical work, your insurance won’t pay out.Are consumers covered when a licensed electrician makes a mistake? EJ laughs: “We don’t make mistakes. There’s too much at stake! Still, it’s part of our licensing requirements that we have to have some hefty insurance coverage: $20 million public liability insurance and that includes $50,000 in consumer protection. No claims yet, and we’ve been in business as EJ Electrical since 2012. I’m there to make sure it stays that way.”While some people might mutter about “nanny states” and excessive regulation, our conversation with EJ brought the importance of sticking to the letter of the law home. It really isn’t worth trusting an amateur with electrical work. But aren’t some of these domestic jobs too small for a company like EJ’s?“Some electricians get picky, and either won’t take small jobs or give bad service,” he admits “But we don’t see it that way. If I give you good service doing something small like replacing a light fitting, you’re going to tell your friends. And you’ll come back to EJ Electrical Works when you need bigger jobs done. To me, a client is a client and a promise made is a promise to be kept.”You can visit EJ Electrical Works website or call 1300-DIAL-EJ, that’s 1300 342 535.Syndicated by Baxton Media. Affordable Local Gold Coast Expert Electrician, EJ Electrical Works, Highlights Trend Towards Commercial Installations and Gives Lighting Tips For Interior Design Near Tweed Heads 2019-02-08T06:37:16Z affordable-local-gold-coast-expert-electrician-ej-electrical-works-highlights-trend-towards-commercial-installations-and-gives-lighting-tips-for-interior-design-near-tweed-heads EJ Barnes, proprietor of EJ Electrical Works, says that his latest projects highlight interior design trends that depend heavily on good lighting design.According to Barnes, commercial spaces and domestic ones have a lot in common these days. There is a lot of emphasis on open space, bright whites, and lighting effects. Many of his recent projects have involved the installation of downlights that create a uniformly-lit space and there’s a trend towards hidden lights that illuminate work surfaces.Domestic Renovations Provide Inspiration“I was very pleased with the results of a kitchen renovation project we recently participated in,” says Barnes. “The design involved the use of some really beautiful white marble along the wall behind the food preparation area. The team literally made it shine out with hidden lighting, at the same time providing ample light for those using the countertops.”In before an after images, the entire kitchen looks more spacious, partly because overhead cupboards above the serving area were removed, but also because of the illuminated feature wall. The overall effect is both beautiful and practical.Natural light is the big buzzword too, says Barnes, and installing larger windows is the home renovation order of the day, but his clients want the same kind of light at night too. Emulating natural light as much as possible poses its own technical challenges, but Barnes says his clients are satisfied with the effects he is able to create.Commercial Installations Follow the ThemeIn a commercial setting, a similar principle to the home renovation theme prevails. An elegant nail bar sports predominantly white décor and carefully-spaced downlighting offset by sleek, black-shaded lights that focus illumination on work areas. “The client liked the contrast and height variation we got from the pendant lights,” says EJ, “and from a practical perspective, it works well, too.”EJ Electrical Works did something similar at the Robina Home Centre last November, only this time, the shades were white, and the ceiling was black. It was a good variation on the all-white theme, and it worked very well.”Black, White, LightA look through the EJ Electrical Works portfolio shows many commercial and domestic spaces with a focus on black and white - and the light to make the contrast all the more striking. But there are exceptions too.A beautiful country residence matches its setting with an emphasis on warm wood tones and vintage-look ceiling fans while a coffee shop opts for artsy murals and pendant lighting. Nonetheless, the theme of brightness, airiness, and space forms a common thread.Bright ideas in domestic and commercial lighting design are among EJ Electrical Works’ specialties, so whether entrepreneurs plan a shop fitout or homeowners hope to add a touch of added elegance to indoor spaces, EJ is ready to give them the benefit of his experience.He invites readers to visit the EJ Electrical Works website to view his gallery of completed projects. Alternatively, call 1300 DIAL EJ, that’s 1300 342 535 for further information.Syndicated by Baxton Media. Gold Coast Electrician, EJ Electrical Works in Burleigh and Surroundings Compares Effective Lighting Features 2019-02-07T06:35:51Z gold-coast-electrician-ej-electrical-works-in-burleigh-and-surroundings-compares-effective-lighting-features EJ Barnes, proprietor of EJ Electrical Works, says there’s more to light than meets the eye. It influences moods and perceptions, and consumers can use an understanding of this phenomenon to set the tone in home and business settings. “Atmosphere is very important,” he says, “but most people spend more time considering paint colours than they do on choosing the right light colour and intensity. Lighting has a profound effect on people.” “Sometimes, people use light very effectively without knowing quite why they chose a certain approach to lighting. But, if you read up on how light affects us, consumers can use that knowledge consciously and strategically in both home and business environments.” Cool and Bright vs Warm and Dim Barnes explains light using two contrasts: cool and bright or warm and dim: “As with colour, there are many shades in between,” he says, “but if you understand these two, you’re off to a good start.” Here’s the theory: as diurnal creatures, how alert and on-the-go we are depends a lot on light. As the sun rises and brightens, we wake up. Then we’re on the move, getting things done. By late afternoon, the light is warmer, and it dims towards sunset. Before people had artificial light, including fire, they’d settled down and gone to sleep when it became dark. “There’s research that shows that it’s not just the sun that influences us,” says Barnes. “Artificial light has a similar effect. We’re at our brightest and most energetic when light is bright and cool. So, if consumers were lighting an office or a gym, for instance, they’d choose bright and cool lighting. When light is dimmer and warmer, people tend to relax. The light tells us we’ve done our work for the day, and it’s time to wind down.” Practical Examples of Light Psychology in Action The restaurant and fast food industries provides a good example of how people can use light to influence mood, although Barnes says he has seen some outlets getting it wrong too. “At a fast-food outlet, they want people to choose and order quickly, eat their food, and leave,” he explains. “Then, the table’s available for the next customer. Now think about lighting: it’s bright and cool. That’s good for decision-making and keeping you on the go.” “Restaurants don’t want you to rush. They want customers to settle down, relax and take your time, preferably through two to three courses. The longer customers are there, the more food and beverages they’re likely to order, so they create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation with warmer, dimmer light.” “Take a look at retail stores too,” says Barnes. “A supermarket wants its customers to jog through, get your business done, and leave. They don’t want people strolling around looking at every purchase option for ages. The light is right for quick decision-making and energy. But if a business is selling luxury Persian carpets, businesses want people to feel relaxed, take their time, and examine all your merchandise.” Light Psychology at Home Most people already use light psychology at home, but Barnes feels that being more alert to what we’re doing can be helpful: “Think about a bedroom. Bright, cool light doesn’t work there at all. Of course, if consumers want it, they can get it, but while it looks great, it could affect their ability to sleep after you put the lights out.” “People probably already use low lights or candlelight to create an intimate atmosphere in entertainment areas, but if they’re hosting a gathering where they want people to be more on the go, they can adjust the lighting to promote a higher-energy atmosphere and greater mental alertness.” Getting it Right Barnes tells us that lighting design is a field of its own, but he doesn’t always have a designer giving him specifications. Often, it’s an entrepreneur with a space to fit out for business, or someone renovating to create a dream house. At times like these, he uses what he has learned about light and how we interact with it to create lighting designs that work for his clients. The psychology of light is one of the factors he keeps in mind. About EJ Electrical Works EJ Electrical Works is a local Gold Coast business. It also serves the Northern Rivers area. You can visit EJ Electrical Works website or call 1300-DIAL-EJ, that’s 1300 342 535. Syndicated by Baxton Media. Gold Coast Office Lighting Design Expert Electrician, EJ Electrical Works, Explains Best Nearby Advantage For Businesses Near Me 2019-02-06T06:30:01Z gold-coast-office-lighting-design-expert-electrician-ej-electrical-works-explains-best-nearby-advantage-for-businesses-near-me It is known that trying to work in a dark or dingy office doesn’t help in achieving best performance, but EJ Barnes of the Gold Coast electrical company, EJ Electrical Works, says there’s more to office lighting than just keeping the office well-lit. “Lighting design needs to be done in conjunction with the positioning of workstations,” he says. “Shift things around, and workers will probably need to adjust the lighting design. Also, people don’t like overly harsh, bright white light all day long. And it does affect their productivity and physical wellbeing.” The way to find the best kind of lighting is not that hard. “Natural light is the best,” says EJ, “but unless workers have got a narrow office with really big windows, the people furthest from the windows won’t get enough of it. That’s where clever lighting design comes into the picture.” The way to keep office workers comfortable and productive is to get something that’s as close to natural light as possible. But there are a few other issues to consider. "For example," Says Barnes. "Consider where the employee sits in relation to the light source. If the light comes from behind, they’ll cast a shadow on their work. If it comes from the front, it can give them eye-strain because it’s shining right in their eyes.” Case Study Shows Surprising Results Getting lighting just right could give businesses a big boost. EJ explains: “There’s evidence that lighting design can make a huge difference. In the US, the Reno post office tried switching lighting designs with the people rather than the space as the focus.” “Apart from huge energy savings, worker productivity and accuracy shot up, and reports say that the value of that productivity boost alone amounts to $500,000 a year. On top of that, updating the lighting also helped the post office to realise substantial energy cost savings.” Lighting may be taken for granted at times, but with the link between lighting and productivity enjoying attention, there have been some interesting innovations. The latest development is that lighting is being developed to mimic the circadian rhythm. So early in the day, it’s bright and cool, and as the afternoon wears on the light becomes warmer. In tests, the amount of errors made was reduced by 12 percent and workers reported feeling less tired at the end of the day. But although EJ finds the new research interesting, he isn’t altogether convinced: “The only question mark over this is the placebo effect. Consider putting a bunch of people in an office with special lights and call it the “Healthy Offices Project,” that’s bound to have an influence on perceptions.” "It's impossible to tell if the results measured is linked to the lighting or the name of the trial under the circumstances,” EJ summarises. Clearly, there’s more to people-centric office lighting than we might expect. As an electrical professional, EJ believes he can help: “Some things are really obvious. For example, someone is stuck in a dingy corner. Beyond that, local businesses should call an electrician to look at two things: the energy efficiency of lighting and the lighting design in relation to work stations.” “If businesses improve energy-efficiency, it will help their capital to work harder for them by reducing costs. When electricians improve lighting quality, it will help employees to deliver their best.” To find out more about EJ Electrical Works or to request an assessment of office lighting, visit their EJ Electrical Works website or call 1300 DIAL EJ, that’s 1300 342 535. EJ Electrical Works serves the Gold Coast, QLD and Northern Rivers, NSW region. Syndicated by Baxton Media. Top Tweed Heads and Northern Rivers Electrician Near Me, EJ Electrical Works, Explains Audit To Improve Sustainability For Best Money Budget Savers on the Gold Coast 2019-02-05T06:28:18Z top-tweed-heads-and-northern-rivers-electrician-near-me-ej-electrical-works-explains-audit-to-improve-sustainability-for-best-money-budget-savers-on-the-gold-coast With climate change being blamed for multiple natural disasters around the world, reducing carbon footprint and working sustainably is high on the agenda. Recently people have seen sustainability advocates blaming cyclones and bush fires on climate change. But while politicians fight it out, ordinary people can still look at ways they can make a difference. It could even be profitable. The UN identifies three pillars of sustainability: people, planet, and profit, and EJ Barnes, owner and manager of EJ Electrical Works identifies electrical audits as a simple step that could benefit both the planet and profitability. Electricity is something everyone consumes, and clean energy is still in short supply, but according to Barnes, most households and businesses overlook the fact that emissions and costs could be substantially reduced thanks to electrical audits. “Just about anyone can save money and use less energy after an electrical audit,” says Barnes, “Businesses and industrial clients stand to save the most given that they also use more energy than most homes do. But if consumers take it on a cost versus income basis, even homeowners can get a great return on a small investment following an electrical audit.” That's good news for consumers, but apart from direct cost-savings, Barnes believes that energy efficiency provides businesses with a marketing opportunity that could boost income: “In the business context, it’s worth remembering that people are interested in environment-friendliness. So, if you can say that a business is energy-efficient, that’s a good selling point that will resonate with many of consumers. That means businesses could make more money and save money at the same time.” The Electrical Audit Process Consumers can be confused about the audit process. "The electrical audit process follows a set procedure." Barnes explains: “When conducting an energy audit, electricians look for anything that could be using more energy than it should. That reflects in energy costs. So, starting with your electricity bills for the last year or so, then take a look to see where all that power is going.” Consumer electricity audits reveal cost savings in unusual places. “Quite often audits reveal that outdated appliances and lighting are to blame for excessive costs, but it could also be things like building insulation, or they may reveal that consumers could cover the cost of a rewiring job in a year or two just through electricity savings.” There are also little things that can save big bucks and make a small contribution to sustainability. So, for example, if consumers are leaving outdoor lights on all night, maybe they should consider getting a motion sensor so that the light only comes on when there’s somebody in the area. EJ says, “Once everything has been checked that could be wasting electricity, the audit is complete. These audits provide consumers with an overview of where the energy wasters are and can even give them estimates indicating how much electricity they'd save if they made a few changes.” “If it’s a big concern, like a factory, there might be a lot of changes worth making, but it’s too much for the business to do all at once. In that case, audits help with prioritising and phasing changes so that they get the biggest ROI as fast as possible.” Forming Energy Saving Habits Can Make a Difference Although a full electrical audit is the high-road, Barnes also offers a little advice that can be applied as a matter of course. “Let’s say consumers always leave their computer on standby. It’s still using electricity. Research reveals that about 20 percent of the power devices use is consumed in standby mode, and those devices are probably using 20 percent of total household or office’s energy. That’s something anyone can fix just by changing their habits.” EJ genuinely believes that most homes and businesses could be saving on electricity in ways they never thought of before. “It's good to love nature, and respect our precious resources, consumers should do everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint,” he says. Whether caring for the environment, or just hoping to save a few dollars, it's worth having an energy audit done. Choose a certified Gold Coast electrician for the job. And in case consumers are worried, all audits are conducted according to a standardised procedure. There’s nothing subjective about them. From a purely pragmatic perspective, homes and businesses should have an energy audit, and in most cases, it more than pays for itself. Note: You can visit EJ Electrical Works or call 1300 DIAL EJ, that’s 1300 342 535. EJ Electrical Works serves the Gold Coast, QLD and Northern Rivers, NSW region. Syndicated by Baxton Media. Tweed Heads, Northern Rivers and Gold Coast Electrician, EJ Electrical Works, Near Me Explains Fire Safety Inspections and Safe Compliance Award 2019-02-04T06:26:40Z tweed-heads-northern-rivers-and-gold-coast-electrician-ej-electrical-works-near-me-explains-fire-safety-inspections-and-safe-compliance-award Consumers, are inclined to forget that electricity can be dangerous and that they are legally liable for any injury or damages associated with negligence related to the ways we work with electricity. Fire is among the greatest hazards springing from poorly maintained or incorrectly installed electrical systems and appliances. Approximately 40 percent of home fires are attributed to electrical faults. “Be alert,” Says EJ Barnes, owner and manager of EJ Electrical Works, and electrical contracting company based on Australia’s Gold Coast. “If consumers are experiencing electrical overloads, or if appliances are faulty, consumers are at risk of fire. However, faulty and worn wiring that has become brittle is more insidious. It can cause electrical arcs, and these are often the cause of fires.” Although circuit breakers protect electricity users from fires, they also do not have an unlimited lifespan. Everything can look safe to the untrained eye and yet be anything but safe. As a result, Barnes recommends periodic electrical inspections as means of ensuring that all electrical systems are in good working order. “Electricians check for electrical hazards,” he says, “and that includes everything from looking for outdated components and wiring to testing safety switches, power points, and lighting. Consumers will be surprised at the hazards we uncover. There's some scary DIY wiring out there.” Smoke alarms should be inspected. "Some house fires have been attributed to faulty smoke alarms, so they should be inspected too. Smoke alarms don’t always prevent house fires, but they do help to alert people to problems. So, they need a go-over too,” says Barnes. “It’s a big responsibility. Electricians don’t want to see fires, but if there’s a kitchen accident or some other trigger, we want to know that people won’t get caught napping.” Barnes reassures us that although electrical inspections may be necessary more frequently than most people think, they certainly won’t be needed so often that they will break budgets. "Before buying a property, a prospective buyer should have a full electrical inspection,” he says. “If a fully qualified electrician find faults, the buyer can negotiate a lower price to cover repairs. Reputable electricians will be fully licensed and insured, people selling a home can call electricians for an inspection and a full report.” In older buildings, it’s a good idea to have everything checked out. Maybe a building has been in a family for decades or even generations. Consumers just don’t know how safe that wiring is. If a consumer hasn't had an electrical inspection for a decade or more, it’s a good idea to get one as soon as possible. Sometimes, an electrical system will tell you when an inspection is overdue. If safety switches are often triggered, that’s a big red light. And although it might seem obvious, please don’t risk turning on the electricity after a flood until an electrician has checked the system. Like many qualified artisans who pride themselves in their know-how, EJ Electrical Works’ personnel are worried by the amount of DIY work they find when on the job. “It takes years to become a qualified electrician because there’s a lot to know. But people seem to think they can just do a few quick fixes themselves. It’s frankly dangerous.” “If you need brain surgery, you’re not going to call a mechanic. If you want electrical work done, get a licensed electrician! Be sure to get a certificate of compliance. Only a licensed electrician can provide a valid one, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for proof of licensing.” If one would like to talk to EJ Electrical Works about electrical inspections or have any questions related to the safety of their electrical system, Barnes recommends they get in touch with him. His electrical contracting business has been serving the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers NSW since 2012, and EJ’s experience dates back to his teens. Find your Local Electrician on the Gold Coast. Syndicated by Baxton Media. Gold Coast DIY Trade Services Experts, EJ Electrical Works, Explains Why Consumers Need an Electrician for a Smart Home Projects Near Me 2019-02-03T06:24:55Z gold-coast-diy-trade-services-experts-ej-electrical-works-explains-why-consumers-need-an-electrician-for-a-smart-home-projects-near-me Gold Coast residents love their tech just as much as anyone in today’s world, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is the big wave that everyone’s keen to ride. Imagine operating a home’s systems remotely. Yet finding a qualified electrician for a smart home could be difficult. EJ Electrical Works gives us a rundown of what consumers need to know. The problem with DIY, according to EJ Barnes, proprietor and at-the-coalface working tradie of EJ Electrical, there are plenty of things consumers can DIY. Specifically, if it’s just plug and play, go ahead and get that device online! However, consumers should be careful about what devices they choose: “If consumers get multiple devices, there’s often overlap in what they do,” says EJ, “and then things start getting a bit weird. Smart Home specialists recommend consumers think carefully before choosing and try to limit overlap. Consumers need to be sure that their devices will work together and not against one another.” The key to knowing what consumers should and shouldn’t attempt on their own comes down to what needs to be wired in. “Some smart home features need to be hardwired in. Even though they work on wireless technology, they need to communicate with things that don’t do so. For example, dimmers or light switches, consumers need an electrician to do the wiring that allows control or the automation of them.” “In short, as soon as consumers see wiring, they’re looking at a job for an electrician. Consumers performing their own wiring when they’re not qualified to do so is illegal for very good reasons, all of which involves consumers safety and the safety of precious family members.” Sometimes, consumers know what they want, but don’t want to spend a lot of time getting it. EJ says he’s ready to help: “If consumers want to go beyond one or two simple devices and like the idea of going all out for a smart home, it can be a time-consuming project.” “If consumers are likely to enjoy the process of transforming their home into a smart home, go ahead and do everything but wiring. But if consumers are short on time and just want the results without having to work out how to get them first, an electrician can help them to choose the right systems and get everything set up.” Remember, technology dates fast. At the moment, smart homes on the Gold Coast are still relatively rare. But more and more people are going to be interested in this new tech. What worries EJ is obsolescence. “Tech advances fast. consumers need to be careful about seeing the latest device as being a long-term investment.” “Next year, there’s going to be something cheaper that does an even better job, and the year after that, there’ll be something else, and so on. That’s not a bad thing, but you need to know that your smart home is going to become a dumb home unless you update your tech fairly frequently.” Talk to EJ about your plans for a smart home, consumers can reach him via his Local Electrician website, or call him at 1300 DIAL EJ, that’s 1300 342 535. EJ Electrical Works serves the Gold Coast, QLD and Northern Rivers, NSW region. Syndicated by Baxton Media. Leading Gold Coast Electrician, EJ Electrical Works, Reveals Best Residential and Commercial LED Lighting Technology Near Me in the Northern Rivers and Tweed Heads NSW 2019-02-02T06:23:08Z leading-gold-coast-electrician-ej-electrical-works-reveals-best-residential-and-commercial-led-lighting-technology-near-me-in-the-northern-rivers-and-tweed-heads-nsw EJ Barnes, proprietor of EJ Electrical Works on Australia’s Gold Coast, reminds local residents of the importance of making the change to LED lighting. The benefits will extend beyond energy cost savings. According to Barnes, LED light globes last 25 times longer than old-fashioned incandescent lights. In other words, if the light is left on 24/7, it will last for approximately three years. As a result, consumers can expect a significant drop in the overall cost of lighting when they adopt LED. “If everyone were to switch to LED lighting, that would make a huge difference to carbon emissions from power generation. And if that feels a bit distant their home or business situation, then just think of the cumulative savings on an electricity bill,” says Barnes. Barnes warns that we should expect some differences in lighting performance and properties. These need not be a disadvantage. LED light is directional, whereas incandescent lighting radiates equally in every direction including upwards. This can mean that lighting design requires minor alterations to compensate. But, Barnes points out that the directionality of LED lighting allows for some interesting possibilities. For example, lighting can be targeted to form a wash of light against a wall with the rest of the room enjoying indirect light. It therefore allows for new interior décor possibilities such as highlighting specific features and focal points and allows for specifically targeted ambiance. In commercial settings, LED lights are useful for illuminating shelving, making the products “shine out” when shoppers browse shelves. In addition, the fact that LED light is cool allows for its use in the illumination of refrigerated displays. There is also constant development in LED lighting technology. For example, when LED lights first became available to the public, the cool colour of the light was not suited to all aesthetic preferences. But nowadays, warmer lighting colours are available. In many instances, making the change to LED could simply mean buying a different type of globe. This is especially true in domestic settings. And if homes utilise down-lights, the LED globes will allow for better targeting of the light allowing for improved distribution of light across interior spaces. However, in commercial settings such as shops, offices, and restaurants, or when homeowners hope to achieve special lighting effects, changing to LED lighting may require some alterations in lighting design. “If consumers use old light fittings and luminaries, there could be compatibility issues that will affect the quality of light and the lifespan of their LED lighting. However, in many instances, retrofitting is completely feasible,” he explains. “Even if consumers redesign their lighting layout and switch fittings and luminaries, they may well find that the new system pays for itself quite quickly. A qualified electrician can inform consumers to know what changes will cost and how much electricity they’ll save.” LED lights are the future of lighting. All the authorities seem to agree, and the Carbon Trust actively campaigns to encourage people to make the change. Note: When interested in LED lighting on the Gold Coast or in the Northern Rivers NSW region, visit EJ Electrical Works website or call 1300 DIAL EJ, that’s 1300 342 535. Syndicated by Baxton Media.