The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2010-11-16T23:22:13Z LeadMaster Australia launches its new e-Marketing add-on within its CRM for instant marketing results! 2010-11-16T23:22:13Z leadmaster-australia-launches-its-new-e-marketing-add-on-within-its-crm-for-instant-marketing-results E-Marketing has often been outsourced because companies don’t always have access to a powerful and performing CRM that allows them to measure their marketing campaigns. Today, LeadMaster Australia launches its new marketing add-on ‘e-Marketing’ to enable marketeers to diagnose their campaigns and manage them for a minimum fee. LeadMaster e-Marketing costs two times less than using an e-Marketing agency that will charge you per month, per contact, per email sent. LeadMaster e-Marketing works within LeadMaster CRM. Henceforth, marketeers can ensure that their campaigns have met all objectives as LeadMaster e-Marketing allows them to follow emails from the time they are sent to actually seeing the customer receiving and opening the message. Analysing campaigns is really simple. LeadMaster e-Marketing enables marketeers to report on email messages sent as well measuring and analysing the outcome of their campaigns: Total email messages sent, total email messages opened.Marketeers can also measure the effectiveness of the email content too: Opens and clicks, opens – unopened, opens over time, clicks, clicks over time, opens by time, opens by email address, clicks by link, clicks by email address, unopened and opt-outs. Reports are very important to help analysing results for future campaigns. This is a very important feature for marketeers as it enables them to reassess their marketing strategies. LeadMaster e-Marketing allows tracking the progress of their e-Marketing campaigns in real time and within their LeadMaster CRM. The benefit of providing LeadMaster e-Marketing right inside your LeadMaster CRM system is that marketeers will be able to easily communicate with both prospects and customers, create lead nurturing tracks, create drip marketing campaigns and track the progress of their e-Marketing campaigns like never before.This exceptional and low-cost feature enables to ease your marketing campaigns; the LeadMaster e-Marketing system will enhance performance and success for your team and your campaigns.