The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2005-10-21T02:30:00Z Asia Pacific E-Learning to be Showcased in Berlin 2005-10-21T02:30:00Z asia-pacific-e-learning-to-be-showcased-in-berlin Delegates to this years inaugural Asia Pacific Forum, to be held on 30 November 2005 in conjunction with the 11th Online Educa Berlin conference, will gain an invaluable insight into e-learning initiatives and markets in the worlds fastest growing region. This growth is occurring as much in education as it is in other areas of regional economic development. According to a recent UNESCO report, Central Asia has the highest total public expenditure on education as a percentage of gross national product at 7.8% compared with a global average of 4.1% [Source: Education For All Global Monitoring Report 2004]. Such investments in education are occurring at the same time as regional cooperation expands - propelled by the forces of globalization - to strengthen linkages between the developed and developing economies of the region and beyond. The Forums theme, Stretch your horizons reflects a unique opportunity to establish and build new educational partnerships in the Asia Pacific region as it positions itself to become the heart of global development throughout the 21st century. Leaders from India, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia will address: <sum> The current status of e-learning <sum> Their countrys vision for the future <sum> Current issues and obstacles <sum> Collaboration and partnership opportunities Delegates will hear about funding initiatives in the region that are driving and expanding e-learning opportunities and innovation across all sectors of education and training, business and government. The Forum will be chaired by Gerry White, CEO of, Australias national education and training technology agency. Mr White is an international leader in the establishment of collaborative online knowledge networks and has been proactive, for close to a decade, in building international alliances for the development of global online education services. The Asia Pacific Forum will be one of the most important e-learning events held in Europe focusing on the Asia Pacific during 2005. It is a must for practitioners, academics and consultants with an interest in e-learning in the Asia Pacific. For further information about the program, speakers and the forum, please visit the website at or call +612 9908 3561. INTERNET UNLIMITED: THE FIRST AUSTRALIAN IPV6 SUMMIT 2005-10-21T02:22:00Z internet-unlimited-the-first-australian-ipv6-summit Australias inaugural IPv6 Summit, in Canberra on 31 October and 1 November 2005, will headline the message that the IPv6 next-generation networking protocol is fundamental to the continued expansion of the Internet. Tony Hill, President of the Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU), said, The need to start planning for IPv6 is so close! The US Department of Defense aims to move all of its networks to IPv6 as soon as 2008. Its more manageable and more secure. With built in functions like mobility and quality of service, IPv6 offers fantastic opportunities for Australian developers and business. Paul Davis, CEO of GrangeNet, Australias first native IPv6 network, said, This is something we just cant afford to not do, he said. World-wide there is now significant IPv6 deployment, and its absolutely relevant to all enterprise IT. The Australian Defence Forces are migrating to IPv6 by 2013, and government departments are already discussing policy frameworks. Understanding of IPv6 is essential, so we are also running a hands-on IPv6 Deployment Workshop just after the Summit. Dr Kate Lance, Executive Director of ISOC-AU, said, IPv6 is the Internet Protocol Version 6, a replacement for the current IPv4. It provides 340 billion billion billion billion unique IP addresses. A speaker at the Summit, Tony Hain, has just released a landmark paper showing that the remaining IPv4 address pool is now on course for rapid exhaustion. Only IPv6 addresses can enable the many computers, phones, PDAs, cars, TVs, games and other devices we hope to connect to the Internet in the future. The Summit will keynote international and local speakers, including IPv6 Forum chairman Latif Ladid; Dr Sir Jae-Chul of the Korean National Internet Development Agency; Tony Hain, IPv6 Technologies Cisco Systems; Professor Hiroshi Esaki of WIDE and JPNIC; and Director General Paul Wilson and Senior Internet Research Scientist Geoff Huston of the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre. The First Australian IPv6 Summit is being organised by the Internet Society of Australia, GrangeNet, TeleConnections and the Smart Internet Technology CRC. It will be held at the National Convention Centre in Canberra, October 31 to November 1, followed by a Deployment Workshop on 2 November. All details are on the website - For further information or interviews please contact: Tony Hill, President, ISOC-AU, Ph: 02 6257 5544, 0412 128 755 E: or Paul Davis, Director, GrangeNet, Ph: 02 6222 3551 , 0402 127 070 E: or Carol Daunt, Executive Director, TeleConnections, Ph: 02 9908 3561, 0411 704 664 E: