The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-09-10T04:52:53Z Signia & Phonak Invisible Hearing Aid Prices Discounted Plus A Free Trial Offer - New Australian Hearing Aid Broker 2021-09-10T04:52:53Z signia-phonak-invisible-hearing-aid-prices-discounted-plus-a-free-trial-offer-new-australian-hearing-aid-broker With the latest in hearing aid technology, this Australian company is dedicated to servicing clients across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia. More details can be found here The company now offers its online service to help customers compare the latest hearing aid brands, technology, and prices with the help of an industry expert who is commission-free and independent or hearing aid manufacturers. As the number one hearing aid broker in Australia, EarDeals are uniquely positioned to provide quality, audiology and diagnostic services to customers, utilising over 30 years of experience and industry knowledge of the best brands available. The broker services come at no cost to the customer and can include a free hearing aid trial. Their transparent service includes an assigned broker for each customer, who will work with them to book a no-cost comprehensive hearing test, and a meeting with the company’s highly trained audiologists. The team of brokers are well-versed in the latest technology and can offer customers advice on the newest releases and the most suitable choice for their hearing needs and individual budget. If you decide to proceed to new hearing aids, the hearing aid fitting and two follow up appointments are provided at no cost. EarDeals are knowledgeable in the various types of hearing aids and can provide guidance on in-the-ear, behind-the-ear, open fit, invisible and Bluetooth hearing aids. The team is also up-to-date on the latest changes to the market, including which brands are being phased out and will therefore be difficult to repair or replace should problems arise. Equally ensuring you receive the latest devices on the market, which is often difficult to do as older ranges of hearing may be sold for many years to follow. Since many of the company’s brokers have hearing losses themselves, the team understands the importance of price and quality when choosing a hearing aid. That’s why EarDeals offers Premium, Advanced, Standard, and Essential category hearing aids, many of which have been tested by the brokers. Some of the brands available include Signia, Phonak, Resound, and Unitron. About EarDeals is Australia’s leading hearing aid brokering service. The company works with a team of industry experts offering high-quality hearing aids, testing and fitting services. Its partnering university-qualified audiologists are selected based on stringent standards of quality and client satisfaction. Clients currently benefit from a 60-day money-back guarantee, the lowest prices, and a 10% price beat guarantee if they find the same technology elsewhere at a smaller cost service package. With the recent announcement, the company continues to invest in offering independent advice and affordable hearing aid solutions to customers throughout Australia, both online and in-store. The EarDeals team are very excited to share their insights on the all-new Phonak Audeo Life Hearing Aid which will be available in Australia very soon. Phonak have released a world-first waterproof, showerproof and rechargeable hearing aid. Watch this video to find out how you can apply for a 30-day free trial. “EarDeals were very helpful and understanding of my situation,” said one satisfied customer. “Ann-Marie was able to empathise with me, having had a similar experience with companies trying to push for more expensive hearing aids, and not explaining the basic models at all. Her direction was most appreciated.” Interested parties can find more information by visiting the EarDeals website. News Source: YahooContact DataName: Lachlan Stevens Email: Organization: Ear Deals Pty Ltd Address: Brisbane, QLD 4000, Australia, Top Franchise Opportunities Australia Wide In Building And Construction 2021-08-11T00:22:12Z top-franchise-opportunities-australia-wide-in-building-and-construction Integrity Franchising, a building franchise that helps builders be successful, has launched a recruitment campaign to find franchisees for new locations across Australia. The company provides the business building skills, backup, and support required to enable those with or without construction skills to grow their businesses. More information is available at The recruitment campaign has been launched to enable Integrity Franchising to add to the 40 franchises it has helped to establish since the company was formed in 2012. Though it is seeking franchisees nationwide, good opportunities have been identified for new franchisees in Dubbo, Orange, Adelaide, Mildura, Shepparton, Bendigo, Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone, and Darwin. The company is searching for ambitious individual builders, husband and wife teams, or other entrepreneurs that are looking for assistance with building a reputable construction company. Integrity Franchising also wants to hear from those who have the required skills to manage a building franchise but lack the necessary operating licences. Builders and tradespeople in that situation may be able to operate under the licensing umbrella of Integrity Franchising. Each franchise is locally owned and receives savings achieved by the master franchisor’s bulk buying of materials. In addition, franchisees receive full onboard training and ongoing support and the benefit of being able to operate with a building licence in place. Further benefits extend to being part of a national brand and being able to use proven pre-contract estimating software. Integrity Franchising has already assisted in the establishment of forty building and construction franchises that have followed the company’s template to become established new home building and building renovation businesses. Franchise operators can choose from over one thousand six hundred standard home designs to simplify the new home building process. The company understands that its success relies on the success of the franchises and its supportive approach led to being a finalist in a recent Franchisor of the Year awards ceremony. Support services include assistance with information technology, graphic design, estimating, drafting, contract preparation, accounting, and building approval support. Glenn Leet, Director of Integrity Franchising shared “You do not need to have a builders licence to be eligible for a franchise. Some of our builders have years of experience while others are just starting their business journey. To qualify for a franchise you need a desire to be successful as a business owner in the Australian residential housing market and a willingness to learn.” Details of available franchises can be found at Testimonial Website: News Source: Yahoo FinancePrevious News Release: Name: Glenn Leet Organization: Integrity Franchising Pty Ltd Address: Coffs Harbour, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450, Australia Phone: +61-428-536-021 New Australian Hearing Loss Treatment and Signia Xperience Hearing Aid Bluetooth Technology 2021-07-23T23:54:01Z new-australian-hearing-loss-treatment-and-signia-xperience-hearing-aid-bluetooth-technology Attune Hearing Pty Ltd, an independent, Australia-wide hearing healthcare provider, has announced a service update guaranteeing that their clients will have access to the latest diagnostic techniques and hearing aid technologies available on the market today. More details can be found at The announcement will be of interest to anyone seeking to manage hearing loss or audiological conditions and would like to speak to an independent diagnostic audiology expert. The impact of hearing loss in individuals has been linked to depression, cognitive decline, and a greater risk of injury from falls. Despite this, many people delay seeking treatment for hearing loss because they do not want to wear a hearing aid. Advancements in hearing aid technology means people no longer need to wear bulky and unsightly equipment. Modern hearing aids are designed to look like sleek music-streaming earbuds. Signia is one of the leaders when it comes to advancements in hearing aid technology, The Signia Xperience hearing aid and the Signia Assistant app use both Bluetooth technology and cloud computing to bring you the ultimate hearing experience with groundbreaking AI (artificial intelligence) the app provides you with personalised sound adjustments to help you find your perfect sound in every situation. It’s a highly advanced AI feature that enables you to tell the Assistant through the app you would like to optimize the sound or receive support to hear someone or something even clearer. Whereas older hearing aids simply acted as amplifiers, many modern hearing aids utilize smartphone technologies to provide the computing power to run machine learning, enabling the wearer to adjust their hearing to different settings. As an independent healthcare provider, Attune Hearing has access to the latest and best hearing aid technologies. Attune Hearing Audiologists work hard to match the right hearing solution to the individual client’s needs, including lifestyle, budget, and choice. Attune Hearing is recommended by more than 3,000 GPs. Anyone experiencing sudden hearing loss should first approach their doctor for a medical referral however, bookings are essential for those with sudden hearing loss. Adults seeking a diagnostic analysis of their hearing can book an appointment directly with Attune Hearing or attend an Attune clinic following a GP appointment with a medical referral. Either way, they will have an audiogram and report sent directly to their GP and ensure their hearing is thoroughly investigated. To learn why thousands of GPs trust Attune’s audiologists, visit: All of the company’s audiologists are fully qualified and have either a master’s, doctorate or post-graduate degree from accredited universities, and are members of Audiology Australia or the Australian College of Audiology. The clinical Director Jenny Stevens states, “The company provides comprehensive diagnostic assessments of the auditory system for a client’s hearing and the vestibular system for their balance. These simple tests are non-invasive and completely painless. Our audiologists take a holistic approach to determine if underlying pathology is present which triggers a GP referral for further diagnostic testing or matching the right hearing technology to suit the individual’s specific needs. Treating hearing loss may require medical intervention, surgery or a prescribed hearing device to manage a person’s hearing loss.” Attune also trains their staff in Tinnitus treatment and management to help those living with Tinnitus best navigate their condition with a variety of therapeutic options at their disposal. For more information about Attune Hearing’s latest diagnostic techniques and hearing aid technologies call 1300 736 702 or submit an enquiry through the Attune website. Contact Info:Name: Lachlan StevensEmail: Send EmailOrganization: Attune Hearing Pty LtdAddress: Level 3, 135 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane , QLD 4000, AustraliaPhone: +61-488-102-826Website: NSW Fastest Growing Regional Towns 2021 / Port Macquarie Investment Property Advisor David Gray 2021-07-16T01:27:07Z nsw-fastest-growing-regional-towns-2021-port-macquarie-investment-property-advisor-david-gray Lifestyle property entrepreneur and specialist David Gray has updated his training offerings with private strategy sessions for real estate investors and property buyers looking to invest in fast-growing regional towns on the Mid North Coast of NSW.Book a free advisory call with David here: The newly updated services will allow them to learn David’s proprietary investing strategies, which have enabled him to build a personal portfolio worth over $20 million. The introduction of these sessions is in demand, as lifestyle real estate in Australian NSW Regional Towns is on an all-time high. David’s strategy sessions cover a broad spectrum of topics, including real estate investing, property management, finance facilitation, auctions, the customer journey, and more. His insights are the product of over 20 years of experience in building a portfolio that includes all property types. Besides being field-tested in one of Australia’s most competitive realty markets, David’s lessons are easy to understand and readily applicable. His vast experience in the industry has also given him a level of intuitiveness that enables him to connect with audiences of various needs and expectations. These qualities have made him a regular speaker at Elders Real Estate national conferences and wealth-building seminars across the country. Moreover, his expertise in the field has been sought by several publications and real estate platforms. Dave is inviting professionals, business owners, and anyone keen on wealth-building to take advantage of the current developments in the property market. Despite the catastrophic impact of the pandemic on other industries, the property sector in NSW has thrived. Learn more about David and how he can help you build wealth at His training sessions have been praised by numerous professionals in the industry, with many remarking on his passion for helping his peers succeed. “David has ‘skin’ in the game, and backed his ideology up with his money, time, and expertise. He mentored me along the way and stepped up to take control when hard decisions had to be made,” one former client wrote. Furthermore, David is an active supporter of advocacies in his local community. He recently sponsored a fundraising event “Hastings Stars Dance For Cancer” that raised over $180,000 for cancer awareness. Additional details about his e-book and other services can be found at Contact Info:Name: David C GrayOrganization: David C. GrayAddress: 62 Clarence Street, Port Macquarie, New South Wales 2444, AustraliaWebsite: Yahoo Finance News Best Real Estate Agents Oran Park NSW Offer Free Home Appraisal Service 2021-07-06T02:41:49Z best-real-estate-agents-oran-park-nsw-offer-free-home-appraisal-service Macarthur United Realty announces the launch of its second office in Macarthur, located in Oran Park, a desirable neighbourhood in the area. Their expanded range of real estate services helps people looking to sell their current home or apartment. The launch provides specialist advice and fast response to sellers.For more information about Macarthur United Realty or for a free appraisal visit By expanding its locations, clients can maximize their return on investment in a time of high demand for property. The company makes it easier for sellers to find a sales arrangement that fits their needs and goals. It is staffed with highly skilled agents who have years of experience in facilitating house sales fast. The Macarthur region has become one of New South Wales’ fastest-growing suburbs in recent years. This development is driven by excellent infrastructure and the presence of the University of Western Sydney, the fifth-largest university in the country. As well as listing properties for sale Macarthur United Realty helps buyers become part of this sought-after community with exclusive listings that are not available on other platforms. It is also committed to making the home-buying process a smooth and hassle-free experience. As a buyer’s agent, the company assists in all aspects of purchasing a house. Its agents carefully listen to buyers’ wishes so they can present the most suitable properties. Once a home is chosen, the team will guide buyers in crafting an attractive offer. They will also take the lead in negotiating the price, ensuring that buyers can acquire a home without going over their budget. With years of experience in real estate, the agency has cultivated an extensive network of professionals. As such, it can refer buyers to mortgage lenders, property inspectors, and appraisers, among others. Macarthur United Realty is a leading property agency that believes that insightful information is crucial to making the right investment. Aside from Oran Park, they have their main office in Campbelltown providing services to the Macarthur region’s nearby communities, including Glen Alpine, Wilton, Camden, Elderslie, and Harrington Park. A spokesperson says: “Our team is dedicated to providing the finest service available while breaking new ground. Our knowledge of Macarthur’s property market can save you countless hours, frustrations, and possibly thousands of dollars.” Interested parties may visit if they are interested in a home appraisal or buyers agent services. Name: Jake Alchin Email: Organization: Macarthur United Realty Address: TRN HOUSE, Unit 3.06, Oran Park, New South Wales 2570, AustraliaSource: Australian Campervan Manufacturers & Affordable Motorhome Conversions Launched 2021-07-01T05:07:00Z australian-campervan-manufacturers-affordable-motorhome-conversions-launched Sydney, New South Wales-based importer of quality Mitsubishi and Nissan vans, Japanese Auto Imports Pty Ltd, has launched an expanded campervan conversion service focusing on durable and comfortable features such as a kitchen, insulation, solar power and storage. More details can be found at: With the concept of self-contained holidays growing in popularity, the recent announcement is designed to provide residents of NSW, QLD, ACT and Victoria with access to affordable, high-quality campervans that can serve a variety of purposes. Camping has always been a popular pastime in Australia. However, the perceived lack of comfort has made an increasing number of people seek an alternate means by which to enjoy the great outdoors. While the Caravan Industry Association of Australia reports significant increases in campervan ownership, this option is often still beyond financial reach for many aspiring owners. With the recent launch, Japanese Auto Imports aims to lower the barriers to entry for campervan ownership through their campervan conversion services, which are based on a range of imported, low-kilometre Mitsubishi Delicas. Each custom fit-out is conducted in-house, with many interior features such as slide-drawer gas cookers, domestic fridge drawers, extendable interior beds, and storage units being created from durable materials using the company’s own CNC equipment. The vehicles are also overhauled to include sound-proofed roofs, insulation, and a full range of mechanical refreshes as required. To provide owners with more versatile solutions, many of the new conversions are designed to serve dual purposes. For convenience in daily use, these vehicles are able to accommodate four people, while for holiday purposes the interior can be easily reconfigured to sleep two. A large factor in the price that Japanese Auto Imports are able to offer the new conversions is the vehicles that they are based on. Utilising imported vehicles from the Japanese market allows the company to provide high-quality 2x4 and 4x4 campervans without the price-tag that similar vehicles would attract from new in Australia. While the Mitsubishi Delica's were never released from new in Australia, these vehicles share multiple components with vehicles from their respective manufacturers. The Delica, for example, shares the same engine and transmission as the popular Mitsubishi Pajero. Japanese Auto Imports are applying the new conversions to V6 3.0 litre models of the Mitsubishi Delica manufactured between 2002 and 2006. All models are 4x4, making them well suited to more rugged conditions. With the latest announcement, Japanese Auto Imports confirms a commitment to providing Australians with access to high quality, affordable campervan solutions with free home delivery options available. Interested parties can view their current sock can find more information by visiting: Japanese Auto Imports Pty LtdAddress: 16 Production Avenue, Kogarah, NSW 2217, AustraliaPhone: +61-477-070-034Website: Auto Imports Yahoo News Top Home Builder & Construction Franchise 2021 Australia 2021-07-01T01:45:37Z top-home-builder-construction-franchise-2021-australia Integrity Franchising, a national residential franchise group based in Australia, has announced the availability of additional Integrity New Homes territories for those who would like to own a profitable local independently-owned licensed building franchise. Learn more about Integrity Franchising opportunities here: The latest announcement provides an efficient and effective solution for skilled building and construction professionals who need help with builders’ licensing requirements, as well as business and management training and software solutions. Integrity New Home franchisee owners get lifetime exclusive territory rights and can operate their building franchise under the umbrella of the Integrity Franchising license until they can get their license. Integrity offers new building franchisees the ability to remain competitive by keeping their costs down and systematizing their business operations, which is simply put in their mission statement, “We help builders be successful’. With over 1,600 steep and flat block house residential designs on offer, Integrity Franchising has seen rapid growth in new home developments and recognised as one of the most profitable franchises to own in Australia. They achieve increased revenue and profitability through their rapid estimation and construction management software, national supplier and purchasing agreements and ready-made sales and marketing material. No prior experience or knowledge within the housing or building industry is required to own an Integrity New Homes franchise. With forty franchises already in operation, available locations include Dubbo, Orange and Adelaide. Additionally Mildura, Shepperton and Bendigo are also available as well as Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone, and Darwin. With the latest announcement, Integrity Franchising continues to invest in high-quality construction management software and building solutions to help new residential building franchise owners improve their service offerings, keep their costs down and increase their revenue. Interested parties can follow Integrity Franchising via social media at Integrity-Franchising-Facebook A company spokesperson said, “You maintain all the benefits of an independent business owner but with the support and resources of a large successful residential building franchise. We guarantee that our building designs, business systems and marketing never stop improving and that if you have a desire to have a building business that is a market leader in your community you will achieve it with our help.” To enquire about available territories visit: or call Glenn Leet on 0428 536 021Integrity New Homes Brisbane TestimonialSource: Integrity Franchising News 22nd June 2021 Port Macquarie Investment Property Boom - Buyers Agent Expert Strategy Launched 2021-06-18T20:07:59Z port-macquarie-investment-property-boom-buyers-agent-expert-strategy-launched Buying in the wrong suburb or paying too much for a property can be a very costly mistake. These decisions can either set you up for financial freedom or set you back 10 plus years. Book a Free Strategy Plan with David via This offering is designed for people who wish to invest in residential real estate in up-and-coming suburbs. David has over 20 years of experience in the field and successfully manages a property portfolio worth over $100 million. The property consultant says that the record-low mortgage interest rates create a favourable environment for real estate investment. Furthermore, Port Macquarie is an ideal location because it is poised to become one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the state. By investing in residential properties, clients can generate a new stream of guaranteed income. As Port Macquarie develops in the years to come, property values will also continue to increase, thereby generating greater wealth for early buyers. Get to know Dave and follow him on social media: Buying properties is a major investment that requires the guidance of an expert such as Gray. He works closely with clients to understand their financial goals. David is well-versed in financing strategies and provides advice on how to use home equity to raise capital for real estate acquisitions. Likewise, he implements advanced techniques like negative and positive gearing to minimise tax liabilities for investment properties. He is known for giving straightforward and sensible professional advice to all clients. Interested parties can request a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about investment opportunities in Port Macquarie. David C. Gray is a leading property consultant who specializes in lifestyle property entrepreneurship. He is a respected author, speaker, and thought leader who has been featured on, Daily Telegraph, and Herald Sun. Owner and CEO of The Elders Lifestyle Group David Grey recently sponsored and collaborated with F45 to raise awareness for Mental Health, the event was postponed due to the recent March floods which caused a major effect on the region. Once again David and his team stepped up, offering each team member a paid day to donate their time in the community. Featured in The Real Estate Journal “Clam In Crisis” David talks about how important communication is in a time of crisis. He sent 106 individual text messages to his team to offer support. A satisfied client said: “David is a leader in the truest sense of the word: hardworking, ethical, and knowledgeable. David has skin in the game, and has backed his ideology up with his money, time, and expertise.” Interested parties may visit for further information about the consultant and his services. David C. Gray Clarence StreetPort MacquarieAustralia Downsizing Your Home Is A Smart Choice With This Bolwarra Heights Real Estate Agency 2021-06-16T03:22:36Z downsizing-your-home-is-a-smart-choice-with-this-bolwarra-heights-real-estate-agency River Realty has announced the launch of its updated home selling services for Bolwarra Heights homeowners looking to downsize. Since its founding in 2001, the agency has maintained its commitment to serving the Lower Hunter area.More information is available at The launch of the updated home selling services aims to help Bolwarra Heights homeowners obtain the best possible sale price for their property when downsizing. Bolwarra Heights has a Median House Price is $710,500 as of April 2021 for a 4 Bedroom home. Though large homes with multiple floors are great for raising children, many homeowners find themselves using only a fraction of their property after their kids move out. In such cases, downsizing can be beneficial, as it allows homeowners to reduce their cost of living, increase their cash flow, and spend less time maintaining their property. River Realty has extensive experience in guiding homeowners through the process of selling their home to downsize to a property that meets their needs. Finding a smaller property is an equally important part of the process of downsizing, River Realty has a strategic plan to achieve a seamless process to transition into a new smaller home or unit. The process begins with an initial meeting to establish a relationship between homeowners and the sales team. At this stage, clients have the opportunity to meet several agents and select the one that best meets their needs. Upon partnering with a client, River Realty agents begin developing a custom sales campaign, which includes photography, marketing, and organising open homes. Typically, real estate marketing campaigns last about 4 to 6 weeks, and open homes are held throughout the duration of the campaign. The agency handles all interactions with buyers, and if an auction is necessary, they will contract a professional auctioneer. When a price is agreed upon, the agency manages the administrative and legal matters, which typically takes about 6 weeks. At the conclusion of this period, clients receive the purchase price. In addition to their real estate services, River Realty provides complementary resources for Australian homeowners. A satisfied customer said: “River Realty provided great, personal service. We recommend Kristy for any of your real estate needs. She is a very personable young lady and has an intricate knowledge of the local market. She attended to all of our needs and enquiries in a prompt manner and would often go beyond our expectations.” Company: River RealtyContact Name: Andy BrownhillEmail: +61-417-716-754Address: 7 Church St, Maitland, NSW 2320, AustraliaWebsite: Everton Hills Brisbane Townhouse Investment Property 2021 With High Yield Returns 2021-05-23T07:02:11Z everton-hills-brisbane-townhouse-investment-property-2021-with-high-yield-returns Property has created more millionaires than any other investment strategy. Luxland Investments are Property Investment strategists specialising in growth markets around Australia, founded and led by CEO, Zah Azmi. Read More about this investment opportunity:Brisbane Investments 2021Stunning contemporary townhouses with a local community park.Highend Developer10-12klms from the Brisbane CBDGreen Spaces have been a major focusPrivate CourtyardSingle Garage3 BedroomsAir ConditioningSuit Entry Level Investors$500K - $600K Using The Luxland Way, Zah built a property portfolio worth $10 million by the age of 33. Now, he wants to teach you how to use these same methods via The Luxland Way to grow your wealth in the same way through property entrepreneurship.HOW DOES A LUXAND PROPERTY INVESTMENT STRATEGY HELP?EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCEThrough industry experience and long-established networks, Luxland has greater experience, access to more data and information which results in benefits that are passed on to you, ensuring you make a well-informed and educated decision. We are in the market every day, negotiating and purchasing property, so we are naturally going to be experts at the whole buying process.LEVERAGING NETWORKSLuxland has a very large network. Many lucrative properties and projects that are sold don’t even get released to the public, instead of falling straight into the hands of seasoned professionals at lucrative prices. As Luxland is always in close contact with industry connections, we get access to the properties and projects well before they go to market.STRONG REPRESENTATIONLuxland partners with you and has your back every step of the way when it comes to property investing and finding the right deal, according to your financial capability and overall goals. It is not a one-time transaction, we are with you for life, educating you along the way, with your best interests at heart.LOGICAL PROCESSIt’s a numbers game. Luxland eliminates emotional purchasing, and instead, aims to find you a good investment that will perform; that means they have to focus on numbers and logic only. This leads them to make logical and financial decisions rather than the emotional ones that most other buyers make.SAVING YOU TIMEIt’s a numbers game. Luxland eliminates emotional purchasing, and instead, aims to find you a good investment that will perform; that means they have to focus on numbers and logic only. This leads them to make logical and financial decisions rather than the emotional ones that most other buyers make.A WORTHWHILE INVESTMENTProperty is a significant and long-term investment for you. Paying a small fee for expert advice from professionals who have done the work and achieved success many times before makes sense.It is almost like a form of insurance knowing that you are making the right decision and avoiding costly mistakes that can take potentially 10-20 years to rectify. Making money from day one is crucial in property investing as this will help you leverage your dollar further and faster.It may be time you partnered with a professional to save you time and money to help you start your journey in property entrepreneurship?These Brisbane Townhouses could be the foundation to your property portfolio and lifetime of success! Make Contact Via This Link: Brisbane Investments 2021 “Because we all need a home to live in, residential property will always be in high demand as our population continues to increase” – Zah Azmi Vaucluse NSW Best Real Estate Sales Agents & Rental Property Management Services 2021-05-18T00:59:44Z vaucluse-nsw-best-real-estate-sales-agents-rental-property-management-services The Blacket Agency, a real estate agency specialising in high-profile properties in Vaucluse, NSW has recently updated their range of services to meet market demands. For more information, visit This announcement will help sellers, buyers and landlords in Vaucluse contact the highest-quality, licensed real estate agents and property management services in the area. The Australian housing market has grown significantly over the course of the pandemic as people have looked for larger properties outside large cities to accommodate living in lockdown. Indeed, Australia’s house prices saw the sharpest increase in 18 years over the March 2021 quarter. Home lending has also increased with Australians borrowing $28.75 billion to purchase houses in January, a 44% increase from last year. The growing housing market has led to increased demand for quality real estate agents. The Blacket Agency responds to these trends by focusing their real estate services in Vaucluse, Darling Point, Bellevue Hill and Rose bay NSW. The agency comprises licensed real estate agents Peter and Jacqueline Blacket, a father and daughter team. Peter and Jacqueline Blacket work with each of their clients to offer personalized real estate services to fit their individual needs. The real estate professionals are dedicated to communicating with their clients in a clear and timely manner regarding their property, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. The Blacket Agency specialises in clients selling prestigious properties with a dedication to client satisfaction and will negotiate sales for top prices and ensure a smooth transaction. They also offer property management services for owners looking to rent high profile properties. The Blacket Agency provides thorough candidate screening to find suitable tenants for a property, ensuring that the owner’s investment is protected. This latest announcement is in line with Peter and Jacqueline Blacket’s commitment to providing clients in Vaucluse with personalized, quality real estate services. With several years’ experience in the industry, The Blacket Agency has developed a strong reputation for their high-quality services and client care. One satisfied client said: “We found The Blacket Agency great to work with – very informed about the market and communication was outstanding. Peter and Jacqui were trustworthy, and we really appreciated the detailed updates throughout the campaign, especially after each viewing, and the regular indications of price expectations. We would happily recommend Jacqui and Peter and would use them again.” Interested parties can learn more by visiting the agency’s website at Name: Jacqueline BlacketEmail: Send EmailOrganization: The Blacket AgencyAddress: 7/24 Bay St , Double Bay, New South Wales 2028, AustraliaWebsite: Chisholm NSW Real Estate Experts For Home Owners Downsizing & Upsizing In 2021 2021-05-13T20:26:29Z chisholm-nsw-real-estate-experts-for-home-owners-downsizing-upsizing-in-2021 River Realty has expanded their services to help to upsizing or downsizing homeowners in Chisholm, Bolwarra, Maitland, and neighbouring suburbs of the Hunter Valley in selling their properties at the best price. River Realty, a real estate agency serving Chisholm, Bolwarra, Maitland, East Maitland, and neighbouring suburbs in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, has launched an expanded range of services and checklists to assist home sellers looking to downsize or upsize. More information can be found at River Realty’s expanded services allow them to address the needs of homeowners with various property needs. According to a spokesperson for River Realty, while home selling often involves a uniform set of processes, homeowners have to address vastly different factors depending on their goals. Downsizing individuals are typically retirees or empty nesters whose homes have become too large for their needs. Many seek to move to a smaller, easier to manage home, while other retirees prefer living in retirement communities with their preferred lifestyle amenities or their needed healthcare and daily living assistance. Upsizing homeowners, on the other hand, are typically growing families whose homes have become too small for all family members’ needs. However, it's very important to stay close to schools, sporting facilities and parks. In most instances, both types of sellers are also home buyers who need a new home to move to, and this is primarily where they differ. While downsizing sellers are looking for a smaller and generally cheaper home, upsizing families often need a larger, and therefore more expensive property. River Realty work with their clients to find a new home in the right location and on budget. Using a very carefully designed checklist to ensure nothing is missed. With their extensive knowledge of the Hunter Valley real estate market, River Realty agents can help both types of homeowners in selling their homes fast and at the best price, as well as in finding the property that meets their changing needs and budget. The agency’s team are also adept at walking their clients through the right financial and logistical strategies. In particular, the experts at River Realty can help clients decide whether they should buy their new home first before selling their old one, or vice versa. According to the realty’s spokesperson, the decision to buy or sell first often comes down to a number of factors, including the homeowner’s equity, financial status, and market conditions. The spokesperson says, “No two home sellers are alike so we provide highly personalized services tailored to the specific circumstances, needs, and preferences of each client.” Name: Andy BrownhillEmail: Send EmailOrganization: River RealtyAddress: 7 Church St, Maitland, NSW 2320, AustraliaPhone: +61-417-716-754Website: Central Coast Managed IT Support – Server And Network Maintenance Services 2021-05-11T00:59:42Z central-coast-managed-it-support-server-and-network-maintenance-services More information can be found at With the new announcement, the team at TechNine MSP Pty Ltd are dedicated to providing clients with the resources to effectively manage their growing networks and maintain the safety and functionality of their technology. In today’s digital world, many organizations rely on the use of information technologies. Although the rapid rate of innovation helps organizations improve productivity and increase security, it can be time-consuming and difficult to implement the latest technology. By delegating their IT operations to a managed service provider like TechNine MSP Pty Ltd, businesses can focus on meeting other goals. The team at TechNine MSP Pty Ltd have a combined 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Their managed IT service model is built around proactively supporting and maintaining technology systems, helping businesses maximize the availability of their network and enabling them to work with maximum efficiency and confidence. The IT management experts can handle everything from network infrastructure, systems analysis and disaster recovery implementation to monitoring, security analysis, and development. They also use the latest technologies to proactively monitor endpoints and keep systems up-to-date. They are able to quickly respond to issues and block potential system failures before they occur. In addition, the team at TechNine MSP Pty Ltd can help businesses control their security challenges. Some of their cybersecurity solutions include comprehensive security management of all network devices, proactive software patching and updating, and 24/7 network security monitoring, among others. A spokesperson for the company said: “We have a vision to ensure that our goals are aligned to not only support your business needs, but ensure maximum uptime for you and your staff resulting in greater productivity and company growth. We achieve by leveraging industry expertise to take advantage of new systems and services.”Interested parties can find more by visiting TechNine MSP Pty Ltd CoastAustralia Best Free Sales Funnel Builder For Affiliates & Online Marketers 2021-05-02T05:33:38Z best-free-sales-funnel-builder-for-affiliates-online-marketers Check out GrooveFunnels no credit card needed! GrooveDigital software development company, led by CEO Mike Filsaime, is focused on creating the most powerful, affordable and simple to use all-in-one software service that you can use to build, grow and manage an online business. Recently, in an effort to help people develop a business from home and do their part to respond to the global Covid-19 crisis, GrooveDigital made the news for doing something unprecedented. They had decided to carve off a major portion of their flagship product, GrooveFunnels, and made it completely free while the world’s citizens were all trying to stay at home. The most astonishing revelation is that the product was not offered free for just a couple of months.. but for life. “We got the idea from what we’re seeing others in our industry do”, commented Filsaime. “Everyone was giving free feature-locked accounts, or extending the trials on software products. But we wanted to give more. We didn’t think it was right to turn around and charge people later if they got used to using our service. So we decided to make it completely free… forever.” The response to the free product, called GrooveSell, had been phenomenal. To keep up with the growing demand for even more value, GrooveDigital is now announcing the free release of the entire GrooveFunnels suite of products. This includes a full website creator, online funnel builder, and powerful sales and affiliate platform that lets digital marketers and infopreneurs sell their products. 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With your free account, you get: Unlimited productsUnlimited product funnelsUnlimited checkout loads (bandwidth)Unlimited affiliatesUnlimited customersUnlimited supportUnlimited payment gateways And all of this is free. That’s right, free for life.-No credit card required - ever-No monthly fees-No surprise bills-Full feature set-Every upgrade they ever do The bottom line is: You can do anything with GrooveFunnels that you can do with any digital marketing website creator, funnel builder and shopping cart out there. You can build a complete business using nothing but the free product you get with GrooveFunnels, plus your social media pages. 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Sign up for Free now: Essendon VIC New Apartments For Sale High Yield Rental Investment Property 2021-04-28T06:52:35Z essendon-vic-new-apartments-for-sale-high-yield-rental-investment-property Luxland Investments, a real estate wealth consultant in Sydney, Australia, announced the launch of an updated range of high yield investment properties direct from their developer. The company specialises in helping clients invest in real estate opportunities in Essendon, Flemington, Mill Park, and the surrounding area. More information can be found at With the latest announcement, the team at Luxland Investments are dedicated to guiding their clients through the process of identifying and acquiring high-performing investment properties to build a large property portfolio. However, only approximately 20% of Australian households hold an investment property and less than 1% have 6 or more investment properties. Luxland Investments aim to grow their client's portfolio to 6 or more high return properties. According to a new report from the Centre for Population, Melbourne is expected to overtake Sydney as Australia’s largest city by 2026, with 6.2 million people expected to live in the Victorian capital by 2030. Those who are looking to invest in property in Melbourne or the surrounding area should take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the team at Luxland Investments. This can be an excellent opportunity for new property investors or those who have had a bad experience dealing in property. Additional information about their services can be found at The Luxland Investments team have extensive experience in the real estate and financing sector and strong relationships with developers and the real estate industry. This means that they get access to many properties and projects before they go to the market. Some of their current properties include new apartments in Essendon and Flemington and townhouses in Mill Park at wholesale prices, directly from developers. They will help clients understand the market, the opportunities and risks associated with certain properties. Over the years, using their proven property investment planning process, they have helped guide many Australians start or improve their property investment decisions. A satisfied client said: “After dealing with Zah, Jade and the rest of the team at Luxland, it is clear that this company has a passion for helping their clients. Their knowledge, transparency and integrity are why I will continue doing business with them. Keep up the great work.” Luxland InvestmentsContact Name: Zah AzmiEmail: +61-405-712-610