The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-06-12T01:36:35Z Step Directly into your Target Audience at a Trade Show 2019-06-12T01:36:35Z step-directly-into-your-target-audience-at-a-trade-show Place your brand in the very middle of hundreds of members of your target audience at once – literally! Trade shows are a brilliant promotional strategy to acquire new prospects whilst in a competitive environment. Trade shows are generally industry-based, where consumers interested in beauty and skincare can attend a beauty convention, or passionate photographers can visit a photography trade show. Since only specific customer segments attend, you can sell and promote directly to customers interested in your industry and area of expertise, whilst avoiding uninterested by-passers you would come across during general shopping centre promotional activities. Attendees of trade shows attend due to their keen interest in the industry and are therefore likely to take to your brand offerings. Additional benefits of participating in a trade show include the following: - Create brand awareness.  - Enhance existing customer relationships by providing a physical touch point between the brand and customer, if the brand is currently only available online. - Widen customer database and expand distribution through acquisition opportunities. Encouraging membership sign-ups of attendees allows gathering of personal customer data. - Generate leads and prospects. - Form new B2B relationships and opportunities for future partnering. - Trade show hosts are briefed on your brand to ensure sufficient knowledge of your products/services, so they can project your brand’s energy and vision within their interactions with customers throughout the day. Outsourcing trade show staff allows your own employees to remain focused on core business activities in your office, for improved productivity. - May include product demonstrations which attract attention, directly show benefits and features of the product, or even encourage attendees to touch or try it out. For example, a VR company at a gaming trade show encouraging attendees to try a game. Some factors that your team should consider when contemplating getting involved with a trade show include: - Time. Unlike many promotional activities (such as flyer distribution) that generally last only a few hours, committing to a trade show means committing at least one day – if not two or three – to the event. A longer running trade show, although tiring, means longer exposure time to generate and build meaningful and impactful customer relationships. On the day of the event, travelling, setting up and participating can be time-consuming, but pre-planning, organising and designing promotional content before the event, and measurement of results after the event take additional time but are worth the effort. - Cost. Trade show events can be costly to participate in, as well as the promotional and planning activities beforehand and potentially measurement afterwards. - Competition. The nature of the industry-based event is competitive, with a high chance of significant competitors also attending. - Measurement of results can be difficult, as much of the data is qualitative and subject to interpretation. However, quantitative data such as numbers of goodie-bags given out, and number of sign-ups collected are quantitative and easily measured. - Ensure marketing objectives, goals, strategy, event plan/process, event promotion, time constraints and speaking scripts are all met. For trade show host inquiries call AMS Promotions on 1300 368 969 or email Trying Before Buying with Product Demonstrators 2019-06-06T01:02:43Z trying-before-buying-with-product-demonstrators It’s simple. Customers who try are more likely to buy. Product demonstrators and product samples are a great way to build an immediate relationship with customers and enhance brand awareness amongst a wide audience. Essentially, this method gives potential customers an experience with your brand or product (whether high or low-involvement) – such as watching a demonstration of a new blender making smoothies at a health food convention, sitting in a Tesla in a shopping centre, or trying out a new brand of chocolate in a supermarket. This encourages purchase or simply puts the brand or product in the consumer’s mind in the first place. It has been found that 41% of shoppers who view a demonstration complete their experience with a purchase – low-involvement products in supermarkets almost immediately, with the taster feeling compelled to give back to the demonstrator/sampler for their service or simply desiring more of the product after the ability to try it whilst out-and-about.   Consumers are savvy and don’t enjoy spending money on unknown products without knowing the value they provide, so allowing them to try before they buy directly shows the benefits and builds a trusting relationship between your brand and the consumer. Having this direct interaction and involving the audience and their five senses not only deepens the potential relationship, but also allows your brand to gain immediate feedback involving target audience desires, competitors and first impressions which can be used for future improvements. Potential considerations in using a product demonstrator may include: ·       -  Identifying the unique characteristic and choosing which of the five senses to engage. For example, a demonstration of perfume must include smell; a fluffy toy must include touch, and a delicious chocolate must include taste. ·       -  Time and budget. Distributing free samples means making some products free. However, it ultimately pays off. Time and budget are also affected by hiring, training and educating staff. ·      -   Educating the demonstrator. To most effectively translate a tester into a purchase, the demonstrator or sampler must be friendly and knowledgeable about your brand in order to answer potential questions and reflect the brand’s values. For demonstrator inquiries call AMS Promotions on 1300 368 969 or email Fly into Success with Flyer Distribution 2019-05-21T21:59:59Z fly-into-success-with-flyer-distribution Put your brand promotion directly into customer’s hands! The flyer distribution method of promotional marketing is one of the simplest, cheapest and most effective ways of reaching your target audience. Add this method to the list for your next business campaign as an additional means of communicating your brand message, and a new physical touch point between your brand and potential future customers. When factoring flyer distribution into your promotional campaign, it’s essential to make smart choices in the When, Where and Who areas. It is still important in a campaign like this to identify your target audience, as that will lead you to the Where and When stages. Identify your target market, and use information found through geographic and behavioural segmentation to detect whereabouts your target market will likely be, and when. For example, if your target market includes young businessmen living in Sydney, you may consider distributing flyers at peak hour, inside a busy train station in Sydney’s CBD. Flyer distributors can hand flyers to workers to read as they walk from the station to work, or they may keep it in their bag to read when on the train in the afternoon and keep stuck on their fridge at home. Using a physical advertisement like this that can be held onto, and not forgotten quite as quickly, is a huge bonus. A few flyer tips: -- Use one side of the flyer to draw attention. Use bold colours and styles that reflect your brand and capture the eye enough tencourage the user to keep the flyer in hand, and not in the garbage bin. Once they’re holding it and considering action, the objective is half-reached.   -- Use the other side of the flyer to share information. Keep it relevant and concise, yet informative enough to give the full picture  -- Include incentives. For example, a flyer may include a coupon for 50% off the first purchase. This encourages the user to keep the flyer with them in the chance they could make use of the good value. If the coupon code is exclusive to this set of flyers, it can be used to measure effectiveness of the campaign, in detecting the number of times the code has been translated into a sale. -- The flyer might only be the start of it! In more relaxed, less-busy circumstances, the flyer handover might spark a conversation, which could lead into the sharing of contact information such as an email and/or phone number to receive extra benefits or coupons, and more customer information for your database. -- The distributor should be friendly and approachable, as well as confident in approaching by-passers.  For flyer distribution staffing quotes and information call AMS Promotions on 1300 368 969 or email Making Your Film Realistic with Movie and TV Extras 2019-05-02T04:54:17Z making-your-film-realistic-with-movie-and-tv-extras As a film viewer, it’s not often we consider the impact of all the movie and television extras in the background of every scene.   Using extras in film production gives the movie or television show texture, context and brings each scene closer to a sense of reality that the viewer can subconsciously relate to.   Consider your favourite movie, and think of a scene where the main character walks through a busy street, or visit a sports game. Now, imagine those scenes, but the only person in the scene is the main character. It would feel very insincere, out of place, and would probably leave you confused. Why are the London streets empty at peak hour? Does that mean the characters don’t need to rush to get a taxi? Are these characters overseeing a private basketball practice game and they’re the only ones with tickets? If it’s a proper game, it must be very awkwardly quiet without an audience there...   Without extras, viewers would be left wondering why the film seems incomplete, questioning the context, and remaining unfocused and disengaged from the focal story line. This would go against the filmmaker desire to entertain, engage, and evoke emotion to connect with audiences. Movies without extras would not be the same, even though they are naturally (and usually intentionally made to be) overlooked.   AMS Promotions understands the importance of movie and television extras in film production, so a wide range of personable, friendly and talented staff have been found and are ready and waiting for new opportunities to shine.   For quotes and information call 1300 368 969 or email  Your brand deserves equal amounts of passion! 2019-04-01T00:35:37Z your-brand-deserves-equal-amounts-of-passion-1 Have you ever thought to yourself, my brand or product is the best in the business, it outshines the competition and is at its full promotional potential. Although we can tell you the first two are correct (you’re killing it by the way) the last one is false, there is always room for promotional growth and genuine, well established brand ambassadors are that little pot of gold at the end of your businesses rainbow. AMS Promotions know promo and ways to put an extra zero on that annual revenue for you. Our staff are not only personable but love to promote anything and everything. After being given a brief and run down by us or yourself, they go to work, putting in the extra yard and putting an extra smile on your customers faces. For quotes and information call 1300 368 969 or email Beautiful Brand Enthusiasts 2019-03-18T00:14:10Z beautiful-brand-enthusiasts-3 At AMS Promotions, we love to investigate, investigating what really makes a business expo or promotional event run to its top potential, is it the product? Is it the location? Is it the pricing? All of these contribute to the success of an expo, but one of the biggest factors is the staff you choose to promote it. This is where AMS Promotions come in, saving the day and making your brand stand out in the crowd. We love facts and the fact is, brands that use AMS promo staff have seen an increase of over 200% in lead generation. These clients operate Australia wide and at expos like the Arnold Classic and Cisco Live. AMS promotional models deliver quality along with beauty and charm. AMS Promotions carefully select our promotional models and ensure they will catch the eye of your target market. Promotional models will help with making your brand look stylish, successful and professional, whilst helping you spread your brand’s message. We look for vibrant and talented personalities who are friendly and approachable. As one of Australia’s top promotional staffing agency we are dedicated to delivering professionalism and enthusiasm through our services. Our models not only command customers’ attention to your brand but also communicate with potential customers about your brand during the campaign. For quotes and information call 1300 368 969 or email OUR mascots, want to be apart of YOUR brand 2019-03-01T00:09:10Z our-mascots-want-to-be-apart-of-your-brand-1 Lets talk customer engagement, it’s a vital part of revenue, now lets talk mascot and character performers, now that is the source of that engagement. Mascot and character performers are the visual brand awareness you need. AMS Promotions provide enthusiastic, highly energetic mascot and character performers who are also experienced promotions specialists. The AMS Promotions team can help you with all your mascot campaign needs, from concept, to planning, all the way through to the post-promotion analysis. Your customers will love the excitement of interacting with the mascot of your brand. Our mascots aren’t camera shy and will encourage interaction and invite the public to get a photo with them, which will help spread your brand across social media platforms as well as create trust and loyalty with your customers. For quotes and information call 1300 368 969 or email AMS Promotions staff are serving up top-quality 2019-02-10T22:10:17Z ams-promotions-staff-are-serving-up-top-quality Picture this, you have your venue, you have the perfect caterer and are almost ready to hold an exciting business or social event – the only thing left to do is hire your hospitality staff! And this is where AMS Promotions come to the rescue. You can rely on the experienced team of reliable and professional hospitality staff, there is little doubt that it’s crucial to find the right event staff. Just consider what a shame it would be to have organised delicious food and cocktails without a friendly, smiling face to serve it. We provide all things hospitality, including bartenders, waiters and waitresses and kitchen hands. Our RSA certified staff will arrive prepared, well-groomed, and ready to help you power through a smooth service in a responsible and enthusiastic manner. For quotes and information call 1300 368 969 or email Spin, wave and flip your business to success 2019-02-01T02:59:26Z spin-wave-and-flip-your-business-to-success There is a huge difference between promoting your brand and PROMOTING YOUR BRAND, you can hire someone to stand on a corner with a sign and not speak or move, which is a little boring and ineffective, or, you can look towards the sign waving services of AMS Promotions, our sign wavers radiate confidence and will have your brand spinning up a storm. Our amazing wavers will capture the attention of every crowd with their entertaining sign waving moves. Our sign wavers bring a unique way of promoting your brand. Sign spinning continues to be an effective promotional tool and better yet, it’s an extremely cost-effective approach. Research shows that impulse buyers are more likely to make a purchase when suggested by a sign spinner. For quotes and information call 1300 368 969 or email Your brand has a bright future with AMS Promotions 2019-01-25T01:24:27Z your-brand-has-a-bright-future-with-ams-promotions-1 Success is a process, Take it from AMS Promotions, we know that professional, competent, experienced promotional models, brand ambassadors and other promotional staff are the difference between being the same as the competitor and outperforming the entire market. Is your company looking for promotional models, product demonstrators or brand ambassadors? AMS Promotions possess a  professional selection of hand-picked talent from across Australia. Specialising in traditional and experiential marketing. The best experiential marketing campaigns provide a memorable experience and form a lasting connection between the brand and consumer. Brand ambassadors can produce outside the box product sampling, to memorable activities completely around your brand. Professional staff can assist in and deliver success through events and trade shows. Events are a fantastic avenue for attracting new clients, promotional models can nurture existing relationships and create a buzz about your business and products, these are essential to your events’ success and must be planned thoroughly. Consider your budget, marketing, timing, and Goals. Think your event through thoroughly from start to finish; but remember, you may have the most thought out and well-planned event on paper, but the real success lies in the execution. For quotes and information call 1300 368 969 or email