The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-03-26T01:38:54Z Global Leader in Online Lottery, Lottoland Pushes for Responsible Gambling 2019-03-26T01:38:54Z global-leader-in-online-lottery-lottoland-pushes-for-responsible-gambling Lottoland urges customers and lotto players to gamble responsibly. The company leader in online betting wants to promote a positive atmosphere within the lotto industry and make gambling more enjoyable as a recreational activity.   Through this effort of advocating responsible gambling, Lottoland promises to provide customers with a fair gambling experience in respect to the players’ safety and wellbeing. The company has provided a number of tools to help players refrain from spending more than they can afford. These include providing deposit limits, and giving players the opportunities for self-exclusion.   Lottoland provides players with the ability to set deposit limits, which can be changed at any time. Players can set a daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limit, and can also request for Lottoland to lower their deposit limit, wherein the request will be implemented immediately. Players who request to increase their deposit limit will have to wait a 24-hour period before the company carries out the request.   Self-exclusion, on the other hand, is an option which involves players blocking themselves from accessing their accounts for certain periods of time. Lottoland also removes self-excluded players from their marketing databases.   The company also operates a strict policy prohibiting underage players, below 18 years old. The company advises adults who share computers with minors to install security freeware, or make use of the parental control filters.   For players who require additional assistance in dealing with problems related to gambling, the company recommends contacting the Gambling Therapy and Gamble Aware organisations.   To learn more, visit the Lottoland website at Latest Lotto Results Reveal Current €108 Million EuroMillions Pot 2019-02-07T04:50:28Z latest-lotto-results-reveal-current-108-million-euromillions-pot The latest lotto results for EuroMillions resulted in a jackpot worth €70 million ($11.7 million NZD). No one hit the winning combination of numbers, although there was a lone winner of the tier II jackpot worth €913,606.80 (NZ$1.5 million). EuroMillions is one of the more popular lotteries Kiwi residents play, mainly because of their massive, nine-figure jackpots. Another huge draw is that whether or not the top prize was won during the preceding draw, punters have the chance to take home any of these nine-figure pots. It grows larger until it reaches a jackpot cap, because the pot continues to roll over each draw, as long as there are no winners. The next EuroMillions draw is scheduled on the 1st of February, Friday, where the jackpot up for grabs is at an estimated €108 million (NZ$181 million!) Punters have the chance of becoming an instant multi-millionaire with just one entry. To play EuroMillions, bets are placed on one’s favoured outcome. Numbers are picked as normal and all players have equal chances to win the top prize. The game prizes are awarded regardless of how a punter entered—they can essentially win the same prize as if they entered the official EuroMillions draw through outlets like Lottoland. Punters are to choose 5 numbers from a pool that starts from 1 until 50, with 2 further numbers to be picked from a list of numbers from 1 to 12. Those who find it difficult to choose their picks can also do so by using the QuickPick option, which will choose 5 numbers randomly for the player. Don’t forget, Friday gives you another chance to become an instant multi-millionaire! Visit now to bet on EuroMillions or choose other similar jackpot draws! A Chance at Instant Millions with PowerBall Online 2019-02-07T02:53:42Z a-chance-at-instant-millions-with-powerball-online The chance to play US PowerBall online has now been made possible through Lottoland. The online betting broker has bought the US-based PowerBall over to Kiwi shores, and has given the citizens of Aotearoa the chance to snag that elusive jackpot. PowerBall is a multi-state US lottery famous for its often super-sized jackpots. The lottery usually starts with a bare minimum of $40 million ($54 million NZD) and goes up to impossible heights from there. The current record stands at a high of US$1.59 billion! PowerBall holds the current record for biggest jackpot pay-out, recorded with its US counterpart MegaMillions. The highest pay-out in record so far occured on January 13, 2016, where about US$1.6 billion ($2.18 billion NZD) was paid out to 3 lucky players of the international lotteries. The selection process is rather easy. Punters pick their choice of numbers from 1-69 and an additional ‘PowerBall’ number from anywhere between 1-26. People can select to play PowerBall—or not—by choosing the PowerPlay option or ticking the ‘PowerPlay’ marked box. With record-setting jackpots like these, it would be a mistake not to try PowerBall out at least once! Even the starting jackpot, $40 million, is already a significant amount, and there is no cap to how high the jackpots can become. In fact, PowerBall has been credited for some of the highest PowerBall results online or all time, with each surpassing $500 million US ($680 million NZD). So what are you waiting for? Try out your luck in PowerBall, one of the many games available at Lottoland. For other choices, you can visit right now!