The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-02-03T23:24:32Z Sky Discovery growth fuels a growing executive team. Justin Smith joins as Director of Consulting. Jeff Jarrett to lead new Innovation team. 2020-02-03T23:24:32Z sky-discovery-growths-fuels-a-growing-executive-team-justin-smith-joins-as-director-of-consulting-jeff-jarrett-to-lead-new-innovation-team 3 February 2020 Experienced eDiscovery Leader appointed as Director of Consulting Sydney, 3 February 2020. Leading Australian eDiscovery firm Sky Discovery today announced that it has appointed Justin Smith as Director of Consulting. Justin joins Sky Discovery after his previous role as the Global Head of eDiscovery at one of the largest service providers in the region. Smith has 14+ years of eDiscovery experience and is a leading Class Action, Royal Commission, Litigation, Arbitration and Regulatory Response expert.  Smith’s extensive experience throughout APAC will complement the Sky Discovery offering and strengthen their position as the leading Australian eDiscovery consultancy. “It is an exciting time in the Australian market due to the extraordinary demand for eDiscovery services. Since the completion of the Banking Royal Commission, we have seen the litigation and regulatory areas build momentum and as a result, the market has grown significantly. Sky Discovery have invested heavily in four key areas including technology, security, innovation and people to ensure they continue to deliver exceptional service and value. As a result of this investment, Sky Discovery are ideally positioned to help lawyers meet eDiscovery challenges associated with litigation, regulatory requests and investigations.” says Smith. Jeff Jarrett to lead new Innovation team Sky Discovery is establishing a focused Innovation team centred on customising market leading eDiscovery software to enable lawyers to be faster and more efficient.  Jarrett draws on his 17+ years experience managing eDiscovery projects and teams to solve industry pain points through innovation. “Sky Discovery has historically focused innovation to address eDiscovery pain points.  Looking ahead innovation will be focused on enhancing the practical day to day efficiency and effectiveness of lawyers when searching, reviewing, organising and sharing electronic documents on disputes, investigations and regulatory matters.” says Jarrett “In the Australian eDiscovery market where a war for talent is making recruitment a huge challenge, it is a testament to Sky Discovery’s success, culture and strategy that we can attract the likes of Justin and continue to build the leading team in the market” said James Moeskops, Managing Director of Sky Discovery. About Sky Discovery Sky Discovery is a leading independent Australian eDiscovery firm.  The company focusses on building strategic relationships with lawyers who require outstanding eDiscovery services to achieve successful outcomes on disputes, investigations and regulatory matters.  Sky Discovery are renowned in the Australian market for having one of the largest teams of eDiscovery experts, a 24/7 service model and technological and service innovations that underpin speed and quality whilst providing demonstrable cost savings. To contact Sky Discovery about any of the details in this press release, or to talk to them about their eDiscovery service offerings, please contact them at Australia’s Leading Class Action Practice teams with evidence experts Sky Discovery 2019-11-12T17:13:28Z australia-s-leading-class-action-practice-teams-with-evidence-experts-sky-discovery Australia’s leading class action law firm, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, has extended a partnership that will ensure clients get the strongest case evidence run for them in the most cost-efficient way. The class action experts will continue to team with Sky Discovery to ensure clients receive the most cost-effective document discovery services. Maurice Blackburn Litigation Technology Solutions Manager Nathanael Jackson said it means the best evidence can be detected in the quickest and most efficient way, helping strengthen the firm’s large class actions while also keeping costs to a minimum.  “This partnership ensures we can maintain our market-leading service to clients as Australia’s most successful class action firm, and it means we can do it in a way that helps keep costs to a minimum even when we are going through thousands of documents as we prepare our case evidence,” Mr Jackson said. “It means we can access the best technology in the best way possible, and ultimately continue to return more money to clients when we succeed in our cases. “Ultimately, that means we can continue providing greater access to justice for thousands of everyday Australians every year, and we can continue to push for better standards of corporate conduct from big business, which is in everyone’s interest.” Sky Discovery’s Managing Director James Moeskops believes this innovative model for ediscovery services further demonstrates Maurice Blackburn’s commitment to deliver better returns, faster at lower cost on class action matters  “Sky Discovery’s objective is to enable lawyers to be efficient in the provision of legal services.  The hybrid in-house outsourced model for delivering ediscovery services that we have developed with Maurice Blackburn optimises lawyers’ access to technology and expertise at a lower cost than either the traditional in-house or outsourced models” Mr Moeskops said. About Maurice Blackburn Maurice Blackburn is Australia’s leading class action practice having obtained more than $2.6 billion for clients.   About Sky Discovery Sky Discovery is a leading independent Australian eDiscovery firm focused on building strategic relationships with lawyers to facilitate efficient and effective working practices on disputes, investigations and regulatory matters. Media inquiries: Paddy Murphy at Maurice Blackburn on 0490 291 374 or Sky Discovery at   Gilchrist Connell Partners with Sky Discovery Nationally 2019-10-20T19:34:39Z gilchrist-connell-partners-with-sky-discovery-nationally Gilchrist Connell Partners with Sky Discovery to offer a Fresh Approach to eDiscovery    Leading national insurance focused law firm Gilchrist Connell announced today a partnership with Sky Discovery to offer a fresh approach to eDiscovery.  Through this partnership, Gilchrist Connell benefits from Sky Discovery’s market leading technical innovations and expertise to enable lawyers to efficiently handle the searching and organisation of electronic documents on all types of insurance, employment, dispute resolution and commercial litigation matters.  This innovative approach to eDiscovery provides Gilchrist Connell with access to eDiscovery capabilities at a fraction of the substantial fixed-cost legacy investments that encumber the larger law firms.  Even the latest cloud-based eDiscovery offerings represent a significant overhead investment for law firms, one that must ultimately be recovered by hourly rate charges.  This service bridges the gap between the current alternative of a substantial in-house investment in people and technology or pure pay as you go outsourcing to eDiscovery experts such as Sky Discovery.     “By partnering with Sky Discovery, Gilchrist Connell lawyers can now offer their clients eDiscovery services without the up-front data processing, software licensing and hosting fees historically associated with searching, organising and managing electronic documents” said James Moeskops, Sky Discovery’s Managing Director.    This service is particularly suited to insurance matters where there is a need to quickly and cost-effectively search, organise and report on the content of emails and other electronic documents.    This new approach is perfectly aligned with Gilchrist Connell’s mantra to ‘Listen – Engage – Solve’ by enabling lawyers to provide legal advice with the benefits of having considered evidentiary documents in electronic form in a low cost and efficient manner.  About Gilchrist Connell  Gilchrist Connell is a national general insurance and defendant-side dispute resolution firm prominently recognised and internationally networked with the Harmonie Group.       About Sky Discovery  Sky Discovery is a leading independent Australian eDiscovery firm focused on building strategic relationships with lawyers to achieve successful outcomes on disputes, investigations and regulatory matters.    To contact Gilchrist Connell about any of the details in this press release please contact them at  To contact Sky Discovery about any of the details in this press release please contact them at  Hillogic Announces Compatibility with RelativityOne 2019-07-08T08:02:34Z hillogic-announces-compatibility-with-relativityone Sydney, Australia – 8 July 2019 – Hillogic, a developer partner of Relativity, today announced that their HyperlinQ application is fully compatible with RelativityOne, the cloud version of Relativity’s e-discovery platform, in addition to already-supported Relativity versions. HyperlinQ is an automated hyperlinking tool for Relativity, designed to automatically hyperlink documents referred to in pleadings, witness statements, chronologies and trial bundles. The app will identify Document IDs in the source Word document by recognising document numbering patterns. Documents will either be directly linked to Relativity or be downloaded as an offline copy. Key features include: -          Automatic Document ID pattern recognition including customisable RegEx functionality -          Export of native documents from the Relativity database or link directly to the document in Relativity -          Audit log of all Document IDs which have been successfully linked -          A report on Document IDs that match the pattern but have not been found -          Save final version as Word or PDF file -          Option to create a print bundle of the documents by placing them in the order they appear in the Word document -          Local install on user’s PC with ability to connect to any Relativity environment and secure authentication with Relativity user credentials Hillogic’s CEO, Rick Hill, states “We saw a real need to offer automated hyperlinking to documents in Relativity. Clients have been telling us how time consuming it is to manually hyperlink documents and how frustrating it is when a new version of the source document is unexpectedly provided so the exercise needs to be redone. HyperlinQ is a new and exciting tool which will greatly reduce administrative processes in the eDiscovery industry and be a time-saving product for all organisations.” RelativityOne is the secure and easy-to-run cloud e-discovery platform that can be scaled or extended to meet the needs of any litigation or digital investigation. Integrations and products from partners like Hillogic are found in the Relativity App Hub, where users can pick and choose solutions to solved data challenges in e-discovery or beyond.   “We’re excited that HyperlinQ is now available in Relativity and RelativityOne,” said Drew Deitch, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Relativity. “The ability to link directly to critical documents in Relativity is a powerful addition and will allow our users to spend more time finding the truth in their data – faster.” Hillogic supports the current RelativityOne release and will continue to provide customers with the best possible service and support with all future releases. About Hillogic Hillogic is a full service software company specialising in eDiscovery tools and web applications. With over 30 years experience in a wide range of technologies, we develop software solutions, integrate software technologies and take advantage of the latest developments and trends in web technology The team has deep knowledge of legal and financial services specialising in eDiscovery technologies, CRM systems and financial software solutions. Hillogic are dedicated to evolving businesses through innovation, striving to improve client’s business process with creative solutions and efficient technologies. Please contact Hillogic at or for more information. About Relativity At Relativity, we make software to help users organize data, discover the truth, and act on it. Our e-discovery platform is used by thousands of organizations around the world to manage large volumes of data and quickly identify key issues during litigation, internal investigations, and compliance projects. Relativity has over 180,000 users in 40+ countries from organizations including the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 75 of the Fortune 100, and 198 of the Am Law 200. RelativityOne offers all the functionality of Relativity in a secure and comprehensive SaaS product. Relativity has been named one of Chicago's Top Workplaces by the Chicago Tribune for eight consecutive years. Please contact Relativity at or visit for more information. Sky Discovery Press Release – James Moeskops Appointed Managing Director 2019-07-03T19:23:45Z sky-discovery-press-release-james-moeskops-appointed-managing-director  SYDNEY, July 4, 2019. Leading independent Australian eDiscovery firm Sky Discovery today announced that it has appointed James Moeskops as its Managing Director, with the founders to continue as Senior Executives and Board Directors. Moeskops pioneered a consulting led approach to eDiscovery in the UK leading Millnet to become the largest eDiscovery firm headquartered outside the US. In 2016 Moeskops led negotiations to combine Millnet with Advanced Discovery Inc to create a global eDiscovery firm which in turn was acquired by Consilio a global leader in eDiscovery in 2018.  Moeskops brings invaluable insight into the rapidly evolving global market for eDiscovery technology and services at a time when the Australian market is experiencing unprecedented demand for eDiscovery expertise following the Banking Royal Commission, ensuing class actions, litigation, and shift towards increasingly stringent regulation.  “The Sky Discovery team have what it takes to be the leading eDiscovery firm in Australia and beyond.  The company is founded on the principles of providing leading expertise, outstanding 24/7 service, technological and process innovation and a commitment to forming close strategic partnerships with clients - factors that were fundamental to the success of Millnet in the UK” said Moeskops.  “The Australian eDiscovery market shares many similarities with those of the UK and US albeit with a few fundamental differences.  In particular the pool of experienced eDiscovery professionals is small and restrictive. The immigration policies limit the potential to hire internationally leading to a war for local talent and creating a barrier to entry for international eDiscovery firms seeking to enter the Australian market, or firms seeking to build or grow in-house eDiscovery capabilities.  Sky Discovery is ideally placed to meet this demand by offering a long-term strategic partnership to firms requiring outsourced or a hybrid in-house outsourced managed eDiscovery service model.”  “James brings a wealth of experience and is entirely aligned with Sky Discovery’s culture and ambitions to be the leading independent eDiscovery firm in Australia” said Jeff Jarrett Co-founder and Director of Projects at Sky Discovery.    About Sky Discovery  Sky Discovery is a leading independent Australian eDiscovery firm.  The company focusses on building strategic relationships with lawyers who require outstanding eDiscovery services to achieve successful outcomes on disputes, investigations and regulatory matters.  Sky Discovery are renowned in the Australian market for having one of the largest teams of eDiscovery experts, a 24/7 service model and technological and service innovations that underpin speed and quality whilst providing demonstrable cost savings.           To contact Sky Discovery about any of the details in this press release, or to talk to them about their eDiscovery service offerings, please contact them at  Sky Discovery, in Partnership with Hillogic, Launch an Industry first PDF Agent for Relativity's Leading Review Platform 2019-05-03T12:41:46Z sky-discovery-in-partnership-with-hillogic-launch-an-industry-first-pdf-agent-for-relativity-s-leading-review-platform Sky Discovery, in partnership with Hillogic, an Australian based I.T software development company, have launched an industry first PDF agent for Relativity that allows PDFing documents for discovery on the fly. Australian federal and state practice notes default to exchanging in a PDF format.  This unique solution will automatically convert documents to PDF as they are tagged as discoverable and stamps them in accordance with the practice notes. Jeff Jarrett, Director of Projects explains that this will be a game changer in the eDiscovery market and states “As native file review has become the standard workflow for eDiscovery matters, one of the major pain points our clients face is a very tight turnaround on tasks such as producing discovery or hyperlinking affidavits, as PDFing has to occur historically at the pointy tail end.  Within the PDF Agent solution, Relativity converts and stamps any document marked relevant by the legal team within seconds.  This removes the time and cost associated with urgent PDFing entirely, eliminating the prior pain point entirely.” Anderson Hind, Director of Technology, provides a summary of the benefits that the solution will provide to firms “The PDF Agent is something we are really excited about as it eliminates another of those manual, time expensive, labour intensive and risk prone tasks that are performed daily in eDiscovery.  Combined with our suite tools:  Skyport: for the import and export of Federal court compliant loadfiles to/from Relativity and Hyperlinq: for the automated hyperlinking of pleadings/courtbooks/expert reports, we are putting together a comprehensive suite of tools to cut down the overhead of administrating a Relativity matter in Australia. Key features include: Automatically convert documents to PDF as they become discoverable based on a customisable rules. For example, when a document is tagged as discoverable in Relativity it will automatically be converted to PDF. Ability to define a set of documents to PDF. Setup rules on how to treat specific document types. Redaction workflow ensures consistency in PDF/Image versions of documents. Setup templates to paginate documents in compliance with your discovery obligations. Have access to the discoverable PDF version and the native version at the same time. Reduce the amount of PDF conversion, saving time and cost by only converting those files which will be produced. Contact Hillogic today for a demo of the Relativity PDF agent, or click on the link below to take you through to the Relativity App Hub for more details Sky Discovery Website: Hillogic Website: