The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-02-17T20:40:16Z Best E-Liquids of 2019 2020-02-17T20:40:16Z best-e-liquids-of-2019 The following article will have a look into the best e-liquids of 2019. We no that not everyone has the same opinions when it comes to e-liquids, however we will be choosing our top 3 best e-liquids for 2019 by looking into our statistics of the most sold brands and flavours. The best e-liquid of 2019 is Adam Bomb. This brand is professionally mixed in the USA. They have amazing flavours that will be sure to become one of your favourite all day vape ejuices. Adams Bomb offers a wide selection of flavours. The top seller is Strawberry Lemonade, this flavour and others are also available on our website. The runner up to the best e-liquid of 2019 is Pachamama E-juices. Professionally mixed in the USA. There are a variety of flavours. The top selling flavour in Pachamama E-juices is Strawberry Guava Jackfruit, this flavour and others are available to purchase from our website. The final e-liquid best seller for 2019 is Candy King E-liquids. They are professionally mixed in the USA. They have a vast range of amazing flavours that suit everyone. The most popular flavour of Candy King E-liquids is Sour Worms. This flavour and many others are available on our website. How to Recognise an Imitation Vaping Device! 2020-02-04T17:27:36Z how-to-recognise-an-imitation-vaping-device This article will further look into imitation devices used in the market. It is always important to seek out and purchase your vaping devices and e-liquid juices from reputable distributers and sellers. With the advances in technology it is hard to tell the difference between an authentic device from an imitation device. Below we will list some aspects you should carefully consider and inspect to avoid purchasing imitation or fake devices. Listed Price The price for any mod is easy to look up via the manufacturer's website, or a on our website. Even if you choose to check for a general price consensus only after you've purchased the mod, you should be able to tell very quickly if you got stuck with a fake. Build Quality A rule of production is that cost dictates retail price. When you buy an expensive device for very cheap prices, it won't be long before you notice issues. Imitation devices will have differences in weight, detail and colour including attachments and accessories. Buttons Another good way to spot a fake is tactile response in the buttons. Generally, electronic personal devices are designed to be functional and discreet. Their buttons are usually soft, producing little to no noise or sticking upon pressing. If you're vaping on a device with stiff buttons that clickety-clack whenever you take a hit, you've probably got a fake. Serial Numbers Almost all electronic devices come with serial numbers. These are essentially keys you can use to register on the manufacturer's website for two purposes: the first being to verify your product as genuine. More importantly, it could make you eligible for slight discounts on future online purchases as thanks for shopping with that manufacturer. If your serial is unrecognised, or your product doesn't even have a serial number, it's more than likely a fake. Warranty Another straightforward method of checking is simply checking for a return or service warranty. A golden rule for shoppers: never trust hardware retailers who don't provide warranties. Instruction Manual Lastly, the content quality of an instruction manual is a good tell for knockoff vapes. It's easy to spot a raw translation to English from another language; if the instruction manual that came with your vape is barely intelligible, you've probably purchased a fake. Holiday Vaping Guide For Summer! 2020-01-20T15:34:11Z holiday-vaping-guide-for-summer Yes, it is that time of the year once again, hot, sticky and humid. This article will take a further look at how to survive the summer for vaper's. We will discuss and visage further into the most relevant areas of vaping that summer months can affect. Check out our tips and ideas on keeping it safe these summer holidays. We will share information for traveling with e-cigarettes including vaping in airports and vaping laws abroad as well as recommending our favourite summer e-liquid flavours! Gear Taking your expensive box mod or kit on holiday can be a bad move as there are so many scenarios where your kit can get damaged even worse lost. It could be worth investing in a smaller kit that’s easier to travel with whilst still allowing you to enjoy your favourite juice in the summer sun. See our smaller kit recommendations below. Batteries, Coils & Other Essential Spares Whether you’re spending your holiday at the beach or taking long walks, you might be worried about keeping your vape powered up with no opportunity to recharge it on the move. Packing a spare battery (or a small portable charger for pods) will give you peace of mind. The chances are your coils are going to need changing at some point during your holiday so it’s always worth packing spares. At Vapestreet we have all your essential vaping needs and equipment, we stock all the spares you’d need for your vaping device including, coils, tanks, mods, kits and more.  Luggage We would advise against packing your vaping device in your travel luggage as this can be dangerous and cause damage to your device. The best place to carry your device would be with you in your pocket or handbag. Always make sure to turn off your device prior to storage. E-Liquids You are always going to need e-juice to top up and refill. So don't forget to pack and take your e-liquid. Always remember that if you are packing e-liquid in your carry-on luggage there is restrictions on a plane so check with your travel agent or airline. We stock e-liquids in a range of flavours and sizes. See our e-liquid recommendations below. Vaping in Airports & Planes The rules on using your vape can vary in different airports, so it’s always best to check on the airports policy on vaping before you travel. Some airports may have dedicated vaping lounges and others may require you to join the smokers in designated smoking areas. If you are unsure it is always the safest to use the designated smoking areas. No matter what you have heard about some airlines allowing vaping, it is highly unlikely. Stick to the rules to avoid hefty fines. International Laws on Vaping Rules and regulations change in different countries, it is our recommendation that you check what the law is about vaping in the country you might be visiting. There are some countries where vaping is completely banned even though conventional smoking is not Panic About Vaping, Safest Way Forward. 2019-12-22T15:23:06Z panic-about-vaping-safest-way-forward At the moment there are public health related issues in the news about vaping. A few months ago there were stories coming out of the United States about death relating to electronic cigarettes. We can have a look at the statistics that have been released; so far this year the number is 805, with a median age of 23. The number of deaths according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States had grown to 12. Uncertainty about exactly what’s causing this spike in sickness has fueled an emotional public response. There appears to be a unanimous consensus that something should be done to better understand and prevent this vaping-related harm. The message from many in the public-health community simply has been to avoid vaping. Abigail Friedman, who studies tobacco use at the Yale School of Public Health, points out that the majority of the most popular vaping products have been on the market for at least a few years. The question is not whether vaping itself is safe or unsafe, she emphasizes, but what elements of the practice are causing these acute diseases: “An e-cigarette is fundamentally a device, not a substance. One thing that I think is really confusing people is that vaping just means using an e-cigarette. It doesn’t tell you what people put in it. You could put water in an e-cigarette, right?” Vaping water should be a harmless, but adding nicotine to that vapor, on the other hand, noticeably affects the cardiovascular system and brain. Be aware of what you are buying and what you are using with your device. Stick to the recommendations and avoid anything you are not sure of. These are our recommendations at VapeStreet. What is Popcorn Lung? 2019-12-01T19:16:12Z what-is-popcorn-lung Today we are looking into bronchitis obliterans and how it relates to vaping. Popcorn lung also known as, bronchitis obliterans is caused by a chemical called diacetyl. The name "popcorn lung” actually comes from diacetyl's butter flavoring which in the past was used to make popcorn hence where the name originates. But, when the chemical started to make microwave popcorn, factory workers sick by breathing it in, the chemical was removed from products made by major popcorn manufacturers. In fact diacetyl (and ultimately, popcorn lung) has been responsible for deaths as well as "hundreds of cases of bronchitis obliterans, a serious and irreversible lung disease." Your body when you develop popcorn lung definitely does not sound fun. When diacteyl is inhaled it can cause popcorn lung which is a scarring of tiny air sacs in the lungs reulting in the thickening and narrowing of the airways. According to the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD), a division of the NIH, symptoms of popcorn lung include shortness of breath, a dry cough, fatigue, and wheezing that isn’t caused by asthma or a cold—all of which can occur two to eight weeks following exposure to fumes (ammonia, nitrogen oxides, food flavouring fumes, welding fumes) or respiratory infections that can cause the condition. According to GARD, there's no treatment for popcorn lung. But some medications, including antibiotics and immunosuppressive medicine, might be able to help patients manage the condition. A lung transplant might be recommended in very severe cases. Cough suppressors and supplemental oxygen might also be suggested to help someone manage their symptoms. From a 2016 report published in Enviromental Health Prespectives, diacetyl is a substance that can be used in some vaping juices. The authors of the report tested 51 flavoured e-cigarette liquids for the chemical and found that 39 of the 51 tested juices contained diacetyl. The report also points out that while most people focus on the danger of nicotine that other substances can also cause damage and harm. We always recommend that you purchase all electronic cigarettes and e-liquids from a reputable seller. These are our recommendations at VapeStreet Australia. Let's Talk Vape Etiquette 2019-09-15T17:04:34Z let-s-talk-vape-etiquette Let's Talk Vape Etiquette Just with about everything we do there is an etiquette that we all need to keep in mind. Let's have a look at the vaping etiquette and try to keep this in mind the next time we are using e-cigarettes. In public be mindful of people around you when blowing out clouds. People around you might not like having a blinding puff of cloud in their face. Always try to blow your clouds away from people and be respectful. Judgement of devices is something to avoid if you have been vaping for a long time. There will be others around you using different devices but this is no reason to judge. Instead share you knowledge about vaping and your device. Aggression towards smokers is also an area to steer away from. People always do what they like in their own time. Instead of being aggressive and trying to force others into vaping explain the benefits and do not push. Be polite and patient. Vaping in doors is another area to take into consideration. Just like when vaping in public we do not blow clouds into other peoples faces, it is important to recognise that other around us may not like the smell or it may not be allowed in certain closed environments. These are our recommendations at Vape Street Australia. If you have any questions or would like further information on vaping please send us an email or follow our upcoming articles Vaping Is Ending The Cigarette Industry 2019-09-05T19:18:14Z vaping-is-ending-the-cigarette-industry E-cigarettes were invented by business, not medicine. But as more smokers make the switch, some health experts believe we’ve finally hit on something that could eliminate smoking for good. Electronic cigarettes have become a serious threat to traditional cigarette makers. Many of you reading this article have switched away from smoking traditional cigarettes thanks to vaping, or some of your are about to make the switch and cigarette manufacturers are feeling the pinch. As people are now switching over to vaping on a daily basis the result is. A 16 per cent drop in share prices for the Marlboro manufacturer, which Altria called their “worst day in a decade”. Early last year CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer stated that “we saw the market’s sudden recognition that the cigarette industry seems to be in serious trouble, disrupted by the rise of vaping”. The cigarette industry has been falling year-on-year in sales volume for some time now, but in a very predictable manner. Generally the volume sales of cigarettes fall between 3 to 4 per cent each year, which is offset by manufacturers with a price hike. Wells Fargo Securities estimated in 2013 that sales of electronic cigarettes would surpass traditional cigarettes in 2022, but from all the information we have it looks like this could happen a lot earlier. Talking regionally, Australia had the biggest drop at 18.3 per cent. Eastern Europe was down more than ten per cent, and the European Union was down 6.7 per cent. The only gain was made in South and Southeast Asia, up 6.1 per cent. When one-third of worldwide cigarette sales are made in China, that’s not difficult to understand. If you have any questions or would like further information on vaping please send us an email or follow our upcoming articles. How to maintain your vape. 2019-06-05T00:10:56Z how-to-maintain-your-vape A very common issue and the main reason why most vapes get sent back to us to have a look at is when users over tighten the 510 (connection between mod and tank). When attaching the tank to a mod you only need to tighten until it forms a snug fit. Over tightening can actually brake the 510 connection. This is a very common and avoidable mistake that e-cigarette users make. Another tip to help with maintaining your vape / e-cigarette products is when charging batteries. If your device takes external batteries it is recommended that an external charger is used rather than the mods usb port. The reasoning behind this is that most external battery charges have special features like automatic shut off and will also charger faster. By using an external battery charger it will prolong to longevity of your battery. If you were using the onboard charging system (usb connection) then you will notice that we will need to change the battery cells every 6-8 months. Make sure that you are turning the unit off when changing batteries, connecting or disconnecting tanks. By doing this easy little thing you will avoid any malfunctions on the motherboard and device itself. The final tip about what you can do to care for your device is making sure that you keep it up to date with the last firmware. By doing these updates you will notice that from bug fixes to added features will be available. We hope that this article will help you with any issues or questions you may have in regards to looking after your device. If you have any questions or would like further information on vaping please send us an email or follow our upcoming articles. What is the vaping law in your state! 2019-05-19T19:03:29Z what-is-the-vaping-law-in-your-state There's a lot of conflicting information around Australian vaping laws. It can be quite difficult to navigate these laws as they differ from one state to the next. There have also been several new laws that have that have passed over the last few years that directly impact the e-cigarette market. The vaping laws for each state is as follows; NEW SOUTH WALES (NSW) VAPING LAWS In New South Wales, e-cigarette laws were passed in June and December of 2015 that made amendments to the Public Health (Tobacco) Act. Another set of laws were also pased in 2017 that have effected the way e-cigarettes can be displayed and sold in NSW. These laws restrict the sale of e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories to people under the age of 18 and it is also an offence to use e-cigarettes in cars with children under the age of 16. You cannot display an e-cigarette or e-cigarette accessory advertisement that can be seen or heard from a public place whether that be inside or outside a business premises, you cannot give out free samples of e-cigarettes and accessories and you cannot have e-cigarette products as a part of shopper loyalty programs, sponsorships or in vending machines. Retailers are allowed to display price tickets and single price boards only. Some retailers have been exempt from the display laws and you will find a few vape stores, mainly in Sydney that can openly display their products in store. Retailers have also found a way around the free samples regulation by charging a small fee of 50c or less to allow you to try e-liquids at their tasting tables. You can purchase e-liquids without nicotine in NSW and you can import nicotine from overseas. It is legal to use e-cigarettes with e-liquid containing nicotine and you can vape in indoor and outdoor smoke free zones. VICTORIA (VIC) VAPING LAWS Victoria passed e-cigarette specific changes to the Tobacco Act on August 1 2017. These laws regulate the sale, advertising and use of e-cigarettes. The sale, use and possession of products containing nicotine are banned under the Victorian Drugs and Poisons Legislation. E-cigarettes cannot be used in smoke-free areas, it is illegal to sell an e-cigarette product to a person under the age of 18 and advertising or promotional materials relating to e-cigarette products cannot be visible. Stores are only allowed to display a sign letting customers know e-cigarette products are available for purchase at the shop and a price board similar to the price boards we see for cigarettes. The new laws also prohibit retailers from providing samples of e-cigarette products and you can no longer vape in enclosed workplaces such as a retail shop. You can however still import nicotine from overseas and purchase e-liquids without nicotine. SOUTH AUSTRALIA (SA) VAPING LAWS South Australia has been the leading state in Australia's vape scene. For now, vaping laws in South Australia have been very liberal. E-cigarette products are un-classified which means that they do not come under the same regulations as cigarettes. This means you can sell and advertise e-cigarettes and e-liquids in stores and can also vape in smoke-free zones, however, you still can’t buy e-liquids with nicotine in SA. Unfortunately government are considering going ahead with proposed e-cigarette regulations in 2018 which will restrict the selling of e-cigarette products. The proposed restrictions will restrict the sale of e-cigarette products to people under the age of 18 and at retail outlets without a license. There will be restrictions around advertising and promoting e-cigarette products, the use of e-cigarettes in smoke-free zones and in a motor vehicle with children under the age of 16. On March 18 2018 Liberal premier Steven Marshall was voted in, these laws would have been passed if labour won the election. However, with Liberal holding the majority, the new laws are uncertain if they will be passed. NORTHERN TERRITORY (NT) VAPING LAWS Congratulations Northern Territory, you are the most liberal state when it comes to the law and vaping. E-cigarette products are currently unclassified in Northern Territory which means the only laws that apply to the Northern Territory are at the federal level. This means you cannot buy e-cigarettes or e-liquids in Australia that contain nicotine. You can legally vape wherever you like in NT unless there are signs saying you can’t and you can display vape products in stores without any restrictions. The Northern Territory is considering regulations around e-cigarettes, but no proposals have been made, so if they do regulate e-cigarettes in future, it could still be a while away. AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY (ACT) VAPING LAWS ACT passed regulations in 2017 that now apply the same restrictions on e-cigarette products as tobacco products. The laws state that you cannot sell e-cigarette products to children under the age of 18, you cannot advertise e-cigarettes in stores and must keep them out of view. You also cannot vape in smoke-free zones. The sale and supply of e-cigarettes is legal, using vaporisers that contain nicotine is legal and you can still import nicotine from overseas. TASMANIA (TAS) VAPING LAWS Tasmania passed new laws on 29 November 2017 that treat e-cigarette products similar to tobacco products. You can not vape in smoke-free zones or in vape stores or stores that stock vape products. Stores need to carry a license to sell e-cigarette products and can not advertise e-cigarettes in stores. Stores need to display certain notices and there is a ban on displaying and advertising products in stores as well as a ban on shopper loyalty programs. The laws also prohibit the selling of e-cigarette products to children under the age of 18. WESTERN AUSTRALIA (WA) VAPING LAWS Western Australia is one of the strictest states with laws around vaping in Australia. In Western Australia provisions that relate to e-cigarettes come under the Tobacco Products Control Act 2006 and the Medicines And Poisons Act 2014. Under the act, you are not allowed to sell any product that is not a tobacco product, but designed to resemble a tobacco product or package. Unfortunately, due to this act, e-cigarettes with or without nicotine cannot be sold in Western Australia. You can still buy e-cigarettes and e-liquids online from vendors in other states and have it shipped to WA. The use of vapes and e-liquids is legal to use with or without nicotine in WA and there are no controls around vaping in no-smoking zones, so you are legally free to vape wherever you like unless the owner of the premises prohibits vaping. QUEENSLAND (QLD) VAPING LAWS Queensland has some of Australia’s strictest laws around vaping. e-cigarettes are considered smoking products under the Tobacco And Other Smoking Products Act 1998. Due to it being classed under the same laws as cigarettes, e-cigarettes and e-liquid cannot be sold to children under 18 years of age or be advertised, promoted or displayed at retail outlets. You cannot vape in smoke-free zones and Queensland is the only state in Australia which you cannot import nicotine for personal use from overseas and it is illegal to use an e-cigarette containing nicotine.