The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-05-08T22:30:26Z Rebranding and Major Acquisitions Force Change 2019-05-08T22:30:26Z rebranding-and-major-acquisitions-force-change Australian IoT tech provider for the industrial sector announces acquisition and rebrand from Fleet Effect to Kynection. In 2018 the business undertook its first merger by acquiring a 44% share of Kontrol4 into their business which resulted in tripling their employee headcount and diversification of their software portfolio with new Quality Management System offerings. The figureheads of the new entity are two bots called Ky and Kim who are helping bring the company into a new world of chat and voice led technology innovation. Courtney Smith (Managing Director) said, “The company has been planning an identity change for months to signify a brand new and exciting direction. Following the integration of Kontrol4 customers, an announcement of our new software and service offerings will be presented for the first time at the Brisbane Truck Show on May 16th, 2019". He also stated, “We need to show a stronger presence to ensure current and future clients understand we are on the path to provide software and hardware products the market has been dreaming about for years. Kynection will remain true to our focus on customer service, custom development and face to face training which goes against the tide of “off the shelf” applications out there which generally don't meet customer needs". Within the last 6 months, this entity has made large investments in staff, training and R&D, by focusing on a “One System” approach to help their customers grow and comply to industry rigours set by clients and government. When asked to clarify this vision Courtney responded, “We have undertaken significant investment over the last 2 years to develop an application that can be rapidly customised to customer needs. Unlike our competitors we use the same technology in our business and it has allowed us to achieve ISO9001, AS4801 and ISO14001 in less than 3 months using 100% digital platforms. We can confidently perform software miracles for a range of vertically integrated industries like: Transport, Building Services, Manufacturing and Agriculture where people and assets are critical to operational success." Courtney shared, “Our rebranding solidifies our commitment to expand our client and industry based solutions deeper than our traditional Fleet focus. We chose the new name to signify how we are able to connect business systems, people and assets on a much broader scale for a much wider audience.” The company aims to become the benchmark for quality, safety and environmental management and drive remarkable results for our customers into the future.