The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-05-28T05:39:40Z The Drop Returns: Shorty’s Liquor Orders Another Round Of Their Custom Magazine 2019-05-28T05:39:40Z the-drop-returns-shorty-s-liquor-orders-another-round-of-their-custom-magazine Immediate release May 2019  The Drop Returns: Shorty’s Liquor Orders Another Round Of Their Custom Magazine Sydney-based retailer Shorty’s Liquor will continue to expand their custom publishing marketing strategy with the release of a second edition of their magazine ‘The Drop’.  David Short, Managing Director of Shorty’s Liquor, says that the success of the first edition made the decision simple: “The response from our customers, fans and suppliers on the first issue of ‘The Drop’ was simply remarkable. It’s a win-win for everybody - our customers and fans love getting this high quality magazine, and our suppliers love seeing their brand stories told with such passion. And from our perspective, we get to service our customers in a new and innovative way, by opening a really personal, high quality communications channel.’’ The second issue boasts more quality content than the first issue, with more than 115 glossy pages of industry interviews, product stories, brand features, tourism guides and more. David says he couldn’t be prouder of the result: “The first issue was great, but this is really something. There’s double the articles and it’s really fun, engaging content, with some of the biggest brands and leaders in the industry. We’ve always said we wanted this magazine to walk the line between education and entertainment – it’s for everyday winelovers, after all, not professional sommeliers –  and this is just jam-packed full of laughs and information.” Magazine editor and consultant Robert O’Reilly says that the magazine is an expansion on the marketing priorities of the Shorty’s Liquor business. ‘I think we’re beginning to see businesses, even in the drinks industry, embrace print again, as they’re looking for more memorable and substantial ways to talk to their fans. But I think most examples are trending toward product catalogues and sales tools, rather than an editorial-focused magazine like ‘The Drop’. I’m really grateful that Dave and the Shorty’s team continue to be so eager to invest in this channel and I think it’s aligned with their ‘customer first’ strategy – rather than repetitive social media ads and emails, ‘The Drop’ is all about trying to add real value to the lives of their customers. We want this magazine to be fun, informative and readable, not just a sales tool. We want to tell stories and build quality relationships with our customers, and we want to show our suppliers that we really love their brands and products, and we’re proud to showcase them.” You can request a copy of the magazine by emailing or view the digital version here: