The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-10-09T23:41:34Z Urban List Launches Challenge For Change Campaign To Find Australia’s Most Sustainable Agency and Most Sustainable Agency Employee 2019-10-09T23:41:34Z urban-list-launches-challenge-for-change-campaign-to-find-australia-s-most-sustainable-agency-and-most-sustainable-agency-employee Thursday, 10 October 2019 (Sydney): Urban List are embarking on a mission to find Australia's Most Sustainable Agency and Most Sustainable Agency Employee with the launch of their latest campaign Challenge For Change, collaborating with media agencies across the country to support them, and their people, in making simple swaps toward a more sustainable life.    Over 30 media agencies across Australia have already pledged their commitment, seeing the Challenge For Change as an opportunity to both do good and increase team engagement.    The Challenge begins this week, with all participating agency employees completing a quiz to receive their current eco footprint score (from 1-100). For the following four weeks, tips and tricks to living more sustainably are shared with the participants to help them reduce their eco impact: both at work and at home.   At the close of the Challenge, participants receive a new eco score, modelled on the changes they have made to their work and home life. The Most Sustainable Agency and Most Sustainable Agency Employee Awards will be selected through a combination of weighted eco scores and finalist submissions.    Sue Squillace, Carat CEO said, "Sustainability is an increasing part of a company’s culture and our team is excited to get involved in the Challenge For Change — joining our industry peers in doing more good and improving our impact. Both environmental and social sustainability are very topical conversations right now — something we're regularly talking about — and It would be a great achievement for all of us if Carat were to earn the honour of Australia's Most Sustainable Agency!"   Urban List ran a similar consumer campaign in June to coincide with World Environment Day, in which 27,000 people committed to the four-week Challenge For Change program to improve their environmental footprint.   Urban List CEO and Founder, Susannah George, says climate change is the key issue that’s concerning the Urban List audience and while 90 percent of Australians are concerned about environmental sustainability, only half feel they are doing their fair share to help*.   “There’s also the age-old complication that we want to do good, but not necessarily at the expense of the things we love — the changes we make need to be, well, sustainable, and if they’re perceived as sacrifice, the change will ultimately fail.”   “I’ve had so many conversations with brands who have identified a need to support their customers’ journey toward a more sustainable life; making a start, rather than needing to be perfect. As one of the largest audiences of Gen Y and Z in Australia, Urban List is well positioned to support this goal, and you’ll see a number of initiatives emerging from us through early 2020 — all designed to deliver ongoing sustainable change, for us, our audience and our partners.”  Urban List Diversifies Revenue By Launching Ultimate Foodie Card Urban Feast 2019-08-25T22:04:58Z urban-list-diversifies-revenue-by-launching-ultimate-foodie-card-urban-feast 26 August 2019 (Sydney): Today, Urban List announced the launch of a new dining card — Urban Feast — a reader-exclusive offering that encourages their audience to explore more of their city, and support local restaurateurs. Fuelled by the company’s relationships across the hospitality industry, the $100 Urban Feast card offers cardholders the equivalent of $500 to spend across 20 top restaurants, with participating operators benefiting from the new clientele and exposure to Urban List’s 1.5 million monthly UAs*. A limited release of Urban Feast cards are available across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, up for grabs through the company’s new eCommerce arm:  Participating restaurants include some of Australia’s best restaurateurs: ●      Sydney - Scout Sydney, nel., Long Chim, Hello Auntie and Pilu ●      Melbourne - Supernormal Canteen, Tokyo Tina, San Telmo, Lucy Liu and Gazi ●      Brisbane - Urbane, Phat Boy, E'cco Bistro, OTTO and Gerard's Bar ●      Perth - The Flour Factory, Bib & Tucker, Bivouac, Hadiqa and Sauma Each Urban Feast card sold will trigger a donation to The Hunger Project, with the goal of training 12,000 people about locally available, nutritious food through the program — changing the future of their families and communities. Urban List CEO and Founder, Susannah George, is excited by the company’s move to build more direct relationships with their audience, diversify revenue streams, and give back to those most in need. “Intrapreneurship is core to our culture, and I’m so proud of the team that brought Urban Feast to life”, says George. “Three months ago, I put a challenge to them — to develop a product that our audience loves and inspires them to explore more of their city’s culture — and they’ve knocked it out of the park. Urban Feast is such a natural extension of our brand, a truly valued proposition for our audience, and a meaningful way to ensure we can all do more good while having a good time.” Media companies around the world are seeking ways to diversify their business models and create new, non-advertising revenue streams through consumer engagement.  Urban List is no different, and in order to continue to thrive have identified opportunities such as Urban Feast that not only provide value to readers but also create new avenues of revenue growth and contribute to the sustainability of communities globally. About Urban List Urban List is the home of urban culture, inspiring Australians and New Zealanders to do more of what they love, to live their best life. Launching in 2011, the company has grown to influence the decisions of more than 2.4 million people every month across 20+ channels, with up-to-date recommendations and inspiration that help you make the most of your city; uncover the best travel experiences of your life; and have things effortlessly dialled across style, beauty, health, entertainment, career and money. * Nielsen Digital Content Ratings, July 2019 (Digital C/M), Text. Urban List Announces New Zealand Expansion 2019-05-29T23:19:19Z urban-list-announces-new-zealand-expansion 30 May 2019: Lifestyle media brand, Urban List—the home of urban culture—today revealed plans to extend beyond their Auckland footprint, with the launch of a new New Zealand-wide platform, designed to connect with Kiwis across both islands.   In early April, Urban List invited its 350,000-strong Kiwi audience to have a voice in the future of the brand, calling for input as to which regions and themes they would like to see covered. More than eight out of 10 readers supported Urban List’s expansion into new markets—primarily Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown, Hamilton and Dunedin—with readers requesting the platform extend beyond local things to do and eat. More than 80 percent of readers requested Urban List provide increased coverage of travel tips and destinations, as well as more content on lifestyle themes such as style, health, beauty, entertainment, career and finance.   "It is so exciting to see Urban List extending their reach—both thematically and geographically.”  Amber Young, Senior Account Manager from Drum Agency commented.   “They have built such credibility in the market so far and this expansion offers so many more opportunities for Drum clients, from the national reach to the diversity of themes that our clients can now leverage to connect with Kiwi passions.”   A number of brand partners have already embraced the channel as a vehicle to connect with young New Zealanders, including Estrella Damm, Mitre 10 and KFC.   Urban List Founder, Susannah George, says she is extremely proud of the impact Urban List has had in the New Zealand market so far, thanking both the Urban List team and audience for the support and loyalty they have shown to the brand.   “As a company, our number one goal is to help people find and do more of what they love—to live their best life—and I am both humbled and pumped by this opportunity to extend that mission to the entire country.”   The newly launched Urban List New Zealand will continue to provide local coverage of the best things to do and eat across a selection of New Zealand cities, as well as an extension of their coverage in Travel and Lifestyle categories: Style & Design, Health, Beauty, Entertainment, Career and Money.   About Urban List Urban List is the home of urban culture, helping Australians and New Zealanders do more of what they love, to live their best life. Launching in Australia in 2011, the company has grown to influence the decisions of more than 2.3 million people every month, with up-to-date recommendations and inspiration that help you make the most of your city; uncover the best travel experiences of your life; and have things effortlessly dialled across style, beauty, health, entertainment, career and money.