The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-06-19T10:13:06Z “Love knows no age” – a new dating app not based on age 2019-06-19T10:13:06Z love-knows-no-age-a-new-dating-app-not-based-on-age Move over Tinder, Gaper is the new innovative age gap dating app on the block where matches are not determined by age.     The app is designed for males and females around the world who like to date younger or older people regardless of the age gap.   "Our new app gives people the ability to create relationships with others on the app, even if they are younger or older. The only restriction we have on our app is that users need to be over the age of 18 to join. We want to provide people with a platform where singles are free to date who they want no matter what age,” said a CEO of Gaper, Easton Chen.     With instant messaging, picture sharing and a protection censor to ensure all profiles are real, Gaper is opening up a new revolution to online dating. Unlike other dating apps, Gaper allows users to search through all those available on the app, there is no “match” process - someone using the app is free to message anyone they are interested in.    “Gaper is strictly not a ‘sugar daddy – sugar baby’ relationship finder app. It is about real people finding others they connect with no matter what the age gap is. It is about making no boundaries or limitations, whether that is age or distance. These relationships are based on trust and loyalty,” continued Easton.    Gaper is an app for iPhone and Android and is available through the Apple and Google Play store.    IOS:   Google Play:   For more information contact:  Easton Chen| How to enjoy a Starbucks quality Matcha latte at home 2019-06-19T02:15:30Z how-to-enjoy-a-starbucks-quality-matcha-latte-at-home Matcha specialists and wholesalers, Matcha Outlet, has launched a new product: Sweet Japanese Matcha. The product is their version of the famous matcha green tea latte drink at a well-known coffee chain, Starbucks. This powder has the same high-quality ingredients but costs a less than the Starbucks Matcha drink. “Our Matcha powder comes from Japan, Uji prefecture, a well-known place for producing the best Matcha powder. This new product has a unique flavour, a great balance of grassy notes and the creamy sweetness everyone loves in a matcha latte,” said Robert Rydzewski, Operations Manager of Matcha Outlet. The new product comes in an array of sizes from small, 12 oz bags - which provide around 25 servings - to wholesale 18 lbs bags. “Our new matcha powder allows our customers to enjoy a perfect matcha green tea latte from the comfort of their own home or office. Or if you are a cafe shop owner, our matcha would be a great addition to your menu,” said Robert. The Sweet Japanese Matcha powder has over 80 5-star reviews and currently is on a special promotion sale. These deals include “Buy 3 get 1 FREE” and “Buy 5 get 2 FREE”! Right now, you can use coupon “PRFREESHIP” to get FREE USA Shipping for this wonderful product. To experience the mouth-watering beverage for yourself, please click here. For more information, please contact: Robert Rydzewski | Operations Manager E: P: 224-653-9400   About Matcha Outlet A family owned and operated business, Matcha Outlet offers 100% USDA Organic matcha green tea powders. No matter if you drink your favorite matcha latte at home or offer it at your café, bar or bakery - now you can enjoy it at a very affordable price. Matcha Outlets also offers all the tools and equipment for anyone to create a fantastic matcha drink wherever they are. From matcha cups to whisks, Matcha Outlet ensures the customer has all they need to enjoy the perfect drink.