The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2005-05-04T22:00:00Z Minomic reaps a prize and two Government grants for its pioneering proteome biomarker work 2005-05-04T22:00:00Z minomic-reaps-a-prize-and-two-government-grants-for-its-pioneering-proteome-biomarker-work Australian specialist in proteome technology, Minomic Pty Limited, has achieved government recognition of its skills by winning two highly contested government grants to take its pioneering development work to the next stage. It also has received recognition for its diabetes biomarker work by winning the recent 2005 Biotechnology Week On-the-Spot contest. Biotechnology Innovation Fund Minomic has used its close relationship with LifeTherapeutics, formerly Gradipore, to develop a separation technology based on the miniaturisation of the Gradiflow BF400 system. That innovation has received AUD$250,000 from the Australian Federal Governments Biotechnology Innovation Fund, for developing instrumentation to access the hidden part of the proteome, said Brad Walsh, Minomics CEO. It is a condition of the grant that Minomic matches the government investment and this will take the total funding for this project to $500,000. The project will demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of using a small-volume protein separation instrument in the field of proteomics. This novel and innovative technology contains elements of two different methods of molecule separation electrophoresis and liquid chromatography and will deliver both cost savings and greatly increase access to regions of the proteome not previously available. DEST/ISL Grant In December last year, we were awarded a NSW Government Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST), International Science Linkages (ISL) grant of AUD$262,500, said Dr Walsh. The grant is to further our collaborative research with our biotechnology partner, Hong Kongs CK Life Sciences, into developing an anti-cancer compound. This project links Minomic with the largest biotechnology company in Hong Kong, bringing together expertise in new drug discovery and development and Australian proteomics biotechnology and skills. It will help us understand the mode of action of the new anti-cancer compound and may even lead to clinical trials being set up in Australia to further test this compound, explained Dr Walsh. It also will enable us to build a world-class capability for such analysis here in Australia. It is a condition of the grant that there is matching funding for the government investment and this is being provided by CK Life Sciences to take the total funding for this project to $525,000. The Minomic grant was one of only ten awarded by DEST/ISL in 2004. BioFirst Commercialisation Awards During the recent Biotechnology Week Australian Technology Showcase, April 4-8, Minomic again won out against an impressive field to win first prize of $1,500 in the On the Spot Investment Pitching competition in front of 80 entrepreneurs and angel investors. We also were one of nine finalists in the prestigious BioFirst Commercialisation Awards 2005, said Dr Walsh. The New South Wales Government Department of State and Regional Developments (DSRD) aim with Biotechnology Week is to showcase top quality business opportunities to prospective investors. The On the Spot contest is intended to educate entrepreneurs about the tips and tricks involved in making a superior pitch to sell their achievements. Minomics winning pitch focussed on our work in developing a non-invasive test for Type II diabetes, based on our discovery of biomarkers unique to diabetes sufferers, explained Dr Walsh. The test will provide a rapid, accurate and non-invasive solution to a growing and poorly served health problem. Delivery of an earlier diagnosis will reduce the health costs associated with diabetic complications and provide improved health outcomes, he said. Our business strategy focuses on partnering with multinational companies to provide manufacturing and distribution networks to market the test globally, said Dr Walsh. We welcome expressions of interest to assist us in taking our biomarker tests to market to provide significantly faster, cheaper and easier-to-implement tests for a global market of 150 million Type II diabetes sufferers. As a commercial exercise to fund its ongoing research, Minomic provides expert research into the area of maximising protein quality to Australasian companies such as Carlton & United Breweries, A2 Corporation and Advanced Dehydration Technologies. Were small, smart and fast, said Dr Walsh. Thats the Australian secret for attracting investment from larger overseas investors. They just dont have the infrastructure economies of scale in that first early innovation stage of development. However, we look to them to help us proceed to the next stage to take our products and services to market to provide mutually rewarding results for ourselves, our investors, the health industry and the end users. Its a highly rewarding and satisfying role we play and we are extremely grateful and proud that DEST, DSRD and the Australian government have seen fit to support our efforts and award our skills, ahead of notable competition, he said. ABOUT MINOMIC PTY LTD Minomic is a leading proteomics research company producing in-house discovery for diagnosis of human health problems as well as contract services for discovery. Minomics focus is in developing novel targets and biomarkers for the diagnosis and treatment of major diseases including diabetes, retinopathy, prostate and bladder cancer. Accordingly, it is a leading biomarker discovery company. Our expertise in proteomic analysis of tears and urine positions us at the forefront of non-invasive diagnostic technology. Minomic Pty Ltd aims to become a pre-eminent global protein discovery company by using its proteomics platform to discover proteins that can be used for diagnostics, therapeutics and quality improvement. The goals of the company are to: continue core in-house Research and Development to enhance its portfolio of diagnostic and therapeutic targets; to use the libraries of expressed proteins it discovers to derive novel diagnostics, therapies, quality markers and for directed screening of chemical and informatics-derived drug libraries; and to apply the proteomics platform to contract proteomics research. Minomics convergent approach to the application of proteomic technologies drives the MiNavigator platform, allowing it to advance its product pipeline and service the needs of partners. Leadership and staff provide a strong blend of scientific, technical and business skills delivering the critical balance needed for ongoing discovery, intellectual property/patent accumulation, and product commercialisation. Operating from state-of-the-art laboratories in Sydney, Australia, Minomics team of experienced technical experts know how to bring product to market as quickly as possible. Minomic is the PerkinElmer Asia Pacific Centre for Excellence in Proteomics.