The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-12-02T06:08:39Z Green Frog Systems Wins Exterior Luminaire of the Year at 2020 Lux Awards 2020-12-02T06:08:39Z green-frog-systems-awarded-exterior-luminaire-of-the-year-at-2020-lux-awards David Wilson, CEO of Green Frog Systems Australia, said in interview; "This truly is a terrific result for the Green Frog Systems and Acrospire Products collaboration. The Stealth is a relatively new product to the UK market and has undergone significant technical redevelopment to ensure reliable performance through UK weather conditions. So being recognised with this award is a real accolade." The independent panel of judges consisted of experienced lighting professionals, designers and end users of lighting and for the first time in history the trophy winners were announced in an innovative, online ceremony watched by lighting professionals all over the world. The judges described the Stealth as a step change in all-in-one solar luminaires. It features some of the most advanced technologies seen in this type of product, including a best-in-class mono-crystalline panel and a lithium-iron-phosphate battery, all combined with a sophisticated solar energy management system. The standout feature that set the Stealth solar light apart from the other entries was the integrated SAM IoT hardware (Solar Activity Monitoring). This patented platform enables remote monitoring and control of individual solar lighting assets from a centralised access portal. The system is capable of real-time modification of operating profiles and live error reporting via secure cloud based servers on the cellular network. The aim of the Stealth solar light with SAM capabilities was to build the most advanced, all in one solar light capable of the sort of high-end performance that was previously only seen in much bulkier and give it a contemporary, modern exterior. Something that did not look anything like a ‘traditional’ solar light but more like a sculptural element for modern outdoor environments. Compact form featuring high quality components produce an outstanding result with this product delivering one of the most reliable all in one solar lights available which is being consistently chosen by city planners, outdoor architects and consulting engineers for its performance, appeal and ability to deliver illumination across a site while avoiding significant costs and ground disturbance when compared to grid tied lighting systems. The product is available through Green Frog Systems proven network of approved distributors. For more information please visit our website at or contact : Green Frog Systems (Australia) +61 (08) 7200 3909 Green Frog Systems (Americas) +1 (214) 838-7010 Acrospire Solutions Ltd (UK) +44 01256 308467 Green Frog Systems Achieves cTUVus Certification for Solar Lighting Products 2019-10-01T04:28:00Z green-frog-systems-achieves-ctuvus-certification-for-solar-lighting-products Green Frog Systems, Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of solar lighting products and energy storage systems, today announced that their range of Australian designed solar street lights and solar pathway lights have successfully passed rigorous UL equivalent testing by the TÜV SÜD laboratory and been awarded the cTUVus Certification mark. The certification is yet another layer on the company's foundation for market expansion into North America, as well as exemplifying the safety of their product ranges into further global arenas. Being one of the first solar lighting companies to achieve certification of a UL standard, testing proved challenging and was a learning curve for both Green Frog Systems and the testing house as very few low voltage DC devices undergo this level of testing. Solar lighting systems have different components to mains powered lighting alternatives, which meant the testing house were having to determine the appropriate and applicable testing systems for these new technologies.  “When we first began this process in early 2018, there was a lot of back and forth with the testing house, bringing a product based on solar lighting technology they hadn’t had experience with. Achieving this certification confirms not only the safety and durability of our products, it highlights our place at the forefront of reliable solar technologies.” – Kingston Lim, Product Engineering Manager at Green Frog Systems. The cTUVus mark and certification provides proof of compliance with UL 1598:2019 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 250.0-18. The following products have been certified: the GFS-Stealth series, GFS-200, GFS-200ES, GFS-400 and GFS-400ES. About Green Frog Systems Green Frog Systems is dedicated to producing quality solar lighting and energy storage products that deliver greater reliability and efficiency than conventional street lighting, helping to move people beyond the mains grid and into sustainable technologies. You can learn more on the Green Frog Systems website: Follow Green Frog Systems on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Green Frog Systems Unveils the Latest in Advanced Solar Lighting Solutions 2019-09-02T02:00:43Z green-frog-systems-unveils-the-latest-in-advanced-solar-lighting-solutions Green Frog Systems, Australia’s leading provider of quality solar lighting and energy storage solutions, today announced the release of the latest product in their state-of-the-art solar lighting range; the GFS-ASPIRE Solar Street Light. Designed in Australia, The ASPIRE truly brings together the latest in solar lighting technology, using mono-crystalline panels that can generate more power than ever in a smaller panel, combined with advanced CREE XP-G LED chips that can provide more light with less power. Each solar cell on the ASPIRE panel is tested to eliminate any poor performance cells, such as those with micro-cracks that are undetectable to the naked eye, ensuring the panel performs at its best. The ASPIRE was also developed with contemporary architectural design in mind, ensuring that the solar panel and pole unit would be elegant, low profile and fit in seamlessly with its surroundings. The pole was purposefully designed with a unique, curved modern look with a larger pole base that holds up to four stackable batteries for dependable energy storage. The ASPIRE is IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart City ready, with the ability to connect to the SAM (Solar Activity Monitoring) system. SAM allows lighting assets to be centrally managed, using software that provides users with a dashboard where they can command, control and monitor assets at an individual or collective level. When solar lighting first entered the market, it was difficult to guarantee reliability or easily monitor lighting assets, however with the ASPIRE and SAM systems utilising smarter technologies, highly reliable solar lighting is now possible. David Wilson, Green Frog Systems Founder & CEO expressed his excitement for the new product: “The ASPIRE was designed to include all of the latest technologies and smart systems to obtain high-reliability, while still considering architectural design to ensure the Aspire would look great in any city scape. The team and I are extremely proud to release a product which is designed upon what customers are looking for in their solar lighting today, as well as what they will need into the future.” The ASPIRE is now available for purchase and is suitable for applications including roadways, streets, car parks, pathways, industrial sites, recreational areas and marine infrastructure. You can find out more or contact our solar lighting experts via the Green Frog Systems website.   About Green Frog Systems  Green Frog Systems is dedicated to producing quality solar lighting and energy storage products that deliver greater reliability and efficiency than conventional street lighting. We are helping to shape the future of smart communities by delivering the backbone infrastructure necessary to move people beyond the mains grid and into sustainable technologies. For more information, visit us at Follow Green Frog Systems on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.