The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-11-22T02:13:30Z Financial Planners & Wealth Managers Flock To Innovative New Platform Offering Disruptive Approach To Property Investment 2019-11-22T02:13:30Z financial-planners-amp-wealth-managers-flock-to-innovative-new-platform-offering-disruptive-approach-to-property-investment SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — CityYield, a leading prop-tech investment platform, are proud to announce month-on-month user growth has surpassed 120% during November, driven by increased adoption among financial planners and wealth managers across Australia. The surge in participation among the finance community highlights the growing importance technology plays in finding new investments and building a modern portfolio for investors. Launched in 2017, CityYield has played an instrumental role in transforming property investing by developing an innovative online platform enabling participating agents and financial professionals to offer fully managed property investments from leading developers and real estate holding funds around the world. By joining CityYield, participating professionals have begun diversifying client portfolios by recommending investments from CityYield’s extensive selection of high performing properties. Each of the available property listings is supported by a comprehensive library of training, reports and resources to help CityYield partners present each opportunity as fluently as possible to their clients. The platform has simplified the entire purchase process for investment property by offering full end-to-end support covering mortgage financing, property management, insurance, taxation and more. Financial planners and wealth managers have been increasingly drawn to the CityYield investment platform following findings released by the Royal Commission in early 2019 which set forth revised guidelines designed to improve individual outcomes for investors. These changes have driven financial professionals to seek out new investment products which comply with the regulations limiting commissions and eliminating trailing payouts. CityYield will be opening the next enrolment period for new agents, financial planners and wealth managers on December 1st. Firms who would like to learn more about offering international investment property by leveraging the CityYield platform can submit an application by visiting the link below. Click here to apply