The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-12-09T22:13:53Z Aspera Mobile goes ultra-rugged with new R9 smartphone 2020-12-09T22:13:53Z aspera-mobile-goes-ultra-rugged-with-new-r9-smartphone Aspera Mobile has launched its new ultra-rugged R9 4G smartphone designed with a particularly robust exterior to cushion heavy knocks and drops. It also has the highest IP69 rating which means it can withstand being blasted by a high pressure hot steam jet and be dropped into two meters of water for 30 minutes. The R9 also has facial recognition, packs a large 5000mAh lithium polymer battery for a full day’s performance and has a tempered glass display which adds significant extra strength compared to a normal smartphone. All for just $279. Aspera Mobile MD Allan Roberston said, “The R9 has you covered for working in tough environments. Facial recognition makes using the phone easy in tricky situations but if you get it a bit dirty or muddy it’s no problem as you just hose it down and dry it off. The R9 is unlocked so you can connect to any plan on any network, has dual sim functionality and its 5.45” HD+ resolution screen provides excellent viewing for videos and images.”As the R9 is unlocked to any network and has dual sim functionality, users can search out the best plans for voice and data and run two mobile numbers across different networks. This is particularly useful if you need a business account and a personal account. You can even use the second sim to grab a good value data plan and run wi-fi hotspot for the home or office environment.The R9 also boasts the latest Android 10 OS, a modern Mediatek Helio A22 2GHz quad core processor for snappy performance, a 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM (and expandable memory via an SD card up to a maximum of 128GB), so R9 users get good performance along with the rugged design.Allan Robertson concluded, “With the R9 Aspera brings another great rugged smartphone specifically tailored to Australian conditions at a very affordable price. Users of the R9, as with all Aspera Mobiles, also enjoy our continued high level of commitment to local, Australian-based customer service. So, if you are a tradie or just someone who wants a smartphone that can withstand the hardest of knocks without having to pay thousands of dollars for it, then the Aspera R9 is an ideal solution.” R9 key features and specsScreen: 5.45” HD+ 1440*720, tempered glassProcessor: MediaTek Helio A22 6761 Quad core 2.0GHzOS: Android 10IP Rating: IP69Memory: 3GB RAM + 32GB ROMExpandable memory: SD card max 128GBFlexibility: Unlocked Dual 4G sim cards,Secure: Facial recognitionCamera: 13MP Auto focus rear Camera + 5MP front cameraNetwork Reliable: 4G bands 1/3/5/7/8/28a+b and 3G  850/900/2100MhzBattery: 5000mAhSize: 160.8*76.9*15.3mmConnectivity: NFC, OTG, USB, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-fi hotspot, VOLTEAvailability and pricingYou can buy the R9 at Harvey Norman, Bi-rite and Leading Edge for just $279. For more information on the new Aspera R9 smartphone go to: Aspera Mobile launches new, low-cost AS6 4G dual-SIM smartphone and new F42 4G flip phone 2020-12-01T23:46:37Z aspera-mobile-launches-new-low-cost-as6-4g-dual-sim-smartphone-and-new-f42-4g-flip-phone Aspera Mobile has launched the latest in its range of full featured and cost effective mobiles - the feature-packed, 5.99” large screen AS6 smartphone which features face recognition, a fingerprint sensor, dual-SIM and 4G for just $149 and the F42, 4G flip phone with pre-loaded social media apps and easy to use large buttons at only $99. Aspera Mobile MD Allan Robertson explained, “In the AS6 Aspera has kept its brand promise to bring a great value, budget-priced smartphone to consumers and we have specifically designed it to suit anyone looking for a large screen, full Android phone that won’t break the bank. Also, to get face recognition and a fingerprint sensor in a full-featured smartphone for $149 is exceptional value and very rare indeed.” Robertson takes his and Aspera Mobile’s commitment to Australian consumers very seriously and the company has continued to forge ahead in a very competitive market for close to a decade with local Australian-based customer service backing up its range of high quality, unlocked, reliable, and budget conscience phones. He continued, “In an age where the price of some mobile phones is running into thousands of dollars despite them being locked to a network, our success over the last ten years has proven that there is an increasing demand for high quality, low-cost alternatives. The AS6 gives you that in a smartphone and the F42 is ideal for the young or elderly, budget-conscious user wanting a simple phone with easy-to-read large buttons and the most commonly used social media apps – including WhatsApp™ and Facebook™ - already installed.” As all Australian telcos continue to wind down their 3G networks, having a new 4G phone is not only critical but makes good and practical sense. At just $149 the Aspera AS6 offers consumers a surprising number of features including the fact that its large 5.99” screen is also an 18:9 IPS 550 cd/m² extra bright display that is FWVGA+ with 2.5D glass. It also has a fast Mediatek Quad core 1.5GHz MT6739WW processor that easily runs Android 10 and despite the phone already having 2GB RAM plus 32GB ROM, you can also expand the memory using an SD card up to a maximum of 64GB. There’s two good 8MP and 0.8MP rear cameras and a 5MP front camera, a large 3000mAh battery, plenty of connectivity via USB, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot and VOLTE, support for 1/3/5/7/8/28a+b 4G bands and 850/900/2100Mhz 3G bands and even a free bonus gel protective case. All of this in a phone which measures just 159.5 x 78.5 x 9.3mm. The Aspera Mobile F42 flip phone again perfectly embodies the company’s ethos of providing high quality phones with as many features as possible and it is ideal for anyone who wants a simple and easy to use phone. First off, as a flip phone, the F42 is compact at just 105 x 56 x 19mm when closed and enjoys a satisfying “flip” action as well as large, soft touch keys. It’s also a fully unlocked 4G phone that connects via Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi hotspot or VoLTE. Also, as a flip phone it has two screens, a 2.8” main display and a 1.8” external screen for notifications and messages. Then the F42 has GPS built in and features social media apps including WhatsApp and Facebook already installed. The 1350mAh Li-ion battery gives F42 users good usage time as it powers its 512MB RAM plus 4GB ROM memory (expandable via SD card to 64GB) via its fast Mediatek 6731 quad core 1.1GHz processor. The F42 also features a 2MP rear and 0.3MP front camera, High Definition (HD) voice, programmable speed dials, a USB charge port and a 3.5mm earphone jack. You can find both the new $149 AS6 smartphone and $99 F42 flip phone in Australia Post, Harvey Norman and Big W stores and in petrol stations, service stations and convenience stores all across Australia. For more information on the new Aspera AS6 smartphone go to: For more information on the new Aspera F42 flip phone go to: Aspera Mobile launches a GEM of a 4G dual-SIM smartphone for just $149 2020-01-22T09:13:32Z aspera-mobile-launches-a-gem-of-a-4g-dual-sim-smartphone-for-just-149 Aspera Mobile has launched the latest in its range of affordable smartphones with its new GEM 4G dual-SIM device costing just $149. Aspera Mobile MD Allan Robertson explained, “We had our new Jazz 2 smartphone targeting the $99 entry-level 4G price point but could also see a gap at the $149 price point for a model that came with full Android 9 Pie and better specifications, so that’s where the new GEM came in.” Aspera’s new GEM offers snappy performance with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of ROM and a quad-core Mediatek processor. It also comes with the full version of Android Pie giving the consumer a good experience with pre-installed Android apps including Google Maps, YouTube and Google Assistant. There’s also an 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera and for added security GEM has a fingerprint sensor and face recognition. Robertson continued, “I think most people would agree they are an excellent set of features for just $149. As usual with Aspera phones we strived to offer the best value for money at the price point in terms of display size and resolution, memory, camera and processor.” GEM’s 5.5" display has a 1440 x 720 pixel HD+ resolution and the phone offers dual-4G SIM card functionality, a set of features Robertson says the market will appreciate. He added, “The kind of person who will buy a GEM wants more than our entry level Jazz 2 but does not want to break the bank spending big money for a top end mobile. For $149 you get a big package that’s suitable for phone users young and old who also like to browse the web, use email and popular content and social media apps like YouTube and Facebook.” Aspera Mobile phones are designed and developed to be more than just about price. According to Robertson the company genuinely cares about its customers, their experience and the fact that they only pay for what they want, need and use. He continued, “The new GEM really is the best value smartphone on the market at just $149. Many of our competitors at that price point only offer Android Go not Pie, just 1GB of RAM and a single SIM option. GEM’s better specs and dual 4G SIM cards means customers can get the best BYO SIM plans to maximise their usage costs, run two numbers and pick up and use a local SIM card when travelling overseas. Fingerprint and face recognition are a huge bonus at this price point and definitely not the norm. Combined with a HD+ display and a good camera experience GEM’s appeal is very broad.” Aspera Mobile customers can easily and cost effectively step up from the company’s F40 flip phone to their first smartphone or from an entry level smartphone like the Jazz 2 to a higher spec smartphone like the GEM that offers more advanced features without a huge increase in price. Allan Robertson concluded, “Having different tiers of product experience at a reasonable cost means our customers can stay within the Aspera Mobile family and move to a more sophisticated phone whenever it suits them.” Aspera Mobile’s new GEM smartphone is available now and can be purchased outright for just $149 at BigW, Retravision, Leading Edge and BNE Express. For more information on the new Aspera GEM smartphone go to: Aspera Mobile sees significant growth in Australian market 2019-11-27T22:40:59Z aspera-mobile-sees-significant-growth-in-australian-market Aspera Mobile has launched two new $99 4G phones in the last few months, the new Jazz 2 smartphone and most recently the new 4G F40 ‘Easy’ flip phone. Both phones have been a huge success for the company who specialises in lower cost, easy to use, fully functioned phones. Commenting on the phones’ success and the company’s future growth in Australia Aspera Mobile MD Allan Robertson explained, “We get important information from our regular customer interactions and use that in defining our new models. In relation to the F40 flip phone we know that there is a sizeable market segment resistant to adopting smartphones. So, with that in mind, our Easy range of phones like the F40 give the best possible experience to these users, through practical and fresh design, simplicity of use and affordability.” Robertson had a slightly different view for why the company’s most recent smartphone had sold so well adding, “For the Jazz 2 we recognised that not everybody can spend $500, $1000 or more on a smartphone, but critically nor should they have to. With the Jazz 2 we put together a product aimed at the entry level and low affordability users. It offers Android Go, Google Play Store with all of its applications, GPS, WiFi, dual 4G SIM cards and much more for just $99. So as we always do at Aspera, we placed significant importance on addressing the needs of certain market segments, rather than competing high-end and high-cost, head to head with the likes of Apple and Samsung.” Aspera Mobile has been going and growing for several years now. A fact that Robertson acknowledges is down to several factors. He continued, “Firstly our customers support the fact we are Australian owned, and they enjoy being taken care of by a local support team. Our products offer something different, with most of the big brands offering ‘me too’ mid to high-spec smartphones. Focusing on customer needs that haven’t been met by other manufacturers and offering cost effective solutions is what we do well.”Aspera Mobile phones are sold in a number of large retailers including Big W, Harvey Norman and Bing Lee as well as in Caltex and Puma service stations, Bay Audio and Retravision. Online options to purchase Aspera Mobile phones include Mobileciti and Amazon. For Robertson he clearly has one main and key focus and that’s his customer. He believes he knows them well adding, “Typically they are not power users or those motivated by the latest and greatest spec. Our customers want a practical solution, based on good functionality, value for money, and local support. I guess it’s fair to say we obsess a little about our customers and how to give them the best value for money. Our product evolution is aimed at giving them progressive choices, for instance moving from an Easy flip phone into a suitable entry level smartphone, or simply moving from 3G to 4G and keeping the Easy phone style. Simple, straightforward, easy to use, low cost, practical and efficient.”Aspera also has a rigorous process in terms of product development as Robertson explained, “We are always assessing the market and trying to address un-met mobile needs. That can mean a rugged smartphone when currently there are few available, or as with the Jazz 2, an entry level smartphone with dual SIM cards. Typically a model may have a 12-15 month lifecycle, so we try to keep the range fresh and in tune with rate of mobile turnover of a typical user.” One aspect of the company Robertson is particularly proud of and invests a great deal of time, money and effort in is Aspera Mobile’s support. He explained, “Our support is a real positive point of difference for us. Our customers love communicating with someone locally, be it via email or on the phone. Most calls are answered on the spot with less than 20% being put on hold. Not only are our customers well taken care of but they are listened to. This has led to our policy of not being like the big brands who market a global model as a one size fits all solution, and instead tailoring our product development to meet the needs of our customers and the Australian market.” Allan Robertson has a real affection for his company and the products it manufactures. In fact he still keeps and uses most of their phones, swapping them over regularly. He concluded, “I have a soft spot for the R5, it was our first rugged smartphone in Australia, launched in 2014, and many are still out there. We got a buzz hearing about R5s churning through cement trucks, getting trampled by cattle or sliding off the dash of cars and out the window - and yes, still working. I do think, though, that the Jazz 2 and F40 are the best value for money phones we’ve produced to date.”