The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-10-15T01:08:06Z Hong Kong protest activists go undemocratic: shut other people’s mouths up, creating fake book reviews 2020-10-15T01:08:06Z hong-kong-protest-activists-go-undemocratic-shut-other-people-s-mouths-up-creating-fake-book-reviews Hong Kong Protest Leaders – Sick Facts that Western Countries do not know written by Hong Kong citizen, Selina Co (in Australia), is a rare book that speaks against the protests. It informs Western countries on the vast anti-protest voices in the Hong Kong Community.   While most reviewers have been appreciative about this book, few fake book reviews start to pop-up in Amazon, Kobo and Google Play.  The Amazon 1-star Review by “Hung Hoi Chun” claimed the book fails to mention “the majority of protests were peaceful", which is actually in P.26 of the book. In Google plays, the 1-star review criticises the “Chinese Communist”, “womenize” and “Uighurs”, which are not even related to the book. There were no purchase records found from the concerned parties in Amazon and Google Play. In Kobo, a 1-star rating and a 2-star rating has no contents – the reviewers could not tell what they knew about the book. Amazon: Kobo: Google Play:   Google Play has removed the fake review; but has kept the 1-star rating from that reviewer. Amazon and Kobo have refused to remove the fake reviews as of today.   Hong Kong Protest Leaders – Sick Facts that Western Countries do not know analyses why large number of Hong Kong locals are against the movement when the others are fully dedicated. It lists out different accusations and allegations against both Chinese/Hong Kong governments and protest leaders, presented with videos, their own speeches, interviews with locals, statistics and local newspapers, translated from Cantonese to English.  It suggests how the unrest has brought more harm than benefits to the Hong Kong community. Many facts are revealed to western countries for the first time. Book award finalist: a sophisticated Romance Scam story, multiple clever professionals victimized 2020-08-07T05:03:38Z book-award-finalist-a-sophisticated-romance-scam-story-multiple-clever-professionals-victimized I’m a Romance Scam IT Detective by Selina Co has been honoured as an Award-Winning Finalist in the True Crime: Non-Fiction category of the 2020 International Book Awards. This advanced romance scam story illustrates fake websites, fake email addresses, fake banking documents, fake passports and fake personal videos. In the latter half of the story, victim Selina became a hacker and actress to confront and brainwash the criminals. This book also explains cybercrime investigation, legal limitations and misconducts of certain banks and their roles in the crime. Victims are clever professionals, namely engineers and a politician. This romance scam true story involves seven countries (Australia, the United States, Singapore, New Zealand, China, Ghana and Nigeria).   Paperback and eBook: available now in Amazon, Kobo and other major bookstores. Audiobook: coming soon.     Contact: Selina Co URL: URL2: Amazon: E: Hong Kong protest Leaders: when a democratic movement itself is not democratic ... 2020-08-07T02:45:16Z hong-kong-protest-leaders-when-a-democratic-movement-is-only-an-excuse-for-rioters-and-dictators Explosive news! Do you know:• Hong Kong protest leaders had publicly requested protesters to paralyse banks, enterprises, public transports and the airport?• Joshua Wong was confirmed to have taken syrup in his 'hunger strike'?• Hong Kong protest leaders use different English slogans from traditional Chinese slogans (Hong Kong language) to mislead the foreign press and foreign governments?• and more ...Videos, evidence, sources will be presented to you. Learn how dictatorial this 'democratic movement' has been. Book title: Hong Kong protest Leaders - Sick facts that Western countries do not know: when a democratic movement itself is not democratic ...Paperback and eBook available now in Amazon, Kobo and other major Internet bookstores. Contact: Selina CoURL: