The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2011-08-25T01:14:00Z Object Consulting wins Innovation Partner of the Year Award at Microsoft Australian Partner Awards (2011 MAPA) 2011-08-25T01:14:00Z object-consulting-wins-innovation-partner-of-the-year-award-at-microsoft-australian-partner-awards-2011-mapa Object Consulting is proud to announce it has been acknowledged as Winner in the Innovation Partner of the Year category at the 2011 Microsoft Partner Awards (MAPA). Object Consulting received this award on the strength of its Connected Experience solutions on the Windows Azure platform. Connected Experience connects devices and screens together with the Azure cloud to deliver unique, innovative and compelling experiences to link organisations with their customers. Azure provides the Cloud content store that allows all of the connected devices to access shared content. It also stores identity and state such that experiences can be started on one device and then continued across other devices. Gil Thew, Object Consulting's Executive Director responsible for New Business Development and Strategic Partnerships said at the Awards Event: “Two years ago Object recognised the great potential of Microsoft Surface in the emerging world of systems delivery. "We have been working on this to perfect Connected Experience, a horizontal solution for any organisation that wants to optimise its contact and business relationship with their consumers. Surface and Connected Experience on the Windows Azure platform is a genuinely successful B2C solution. This award from Microsoft confirms that as much as the recent orders from our clients." Kevin Francis, Object Consulting’s National Microsoft Practices Manager, added: “All of our cloud solutions, including Connected Experience, work across industries including financial services, healthcare and government, utilities, museums and libraries, retail, hospitality, transport and entertainment. “Connected Experience is a unique, world-leading solution to the problems of staff and customer engagement. “Leveraging Windows Azure and a range of exciting technologies like Microsoft Surface, Interactive Digital Signage, Tablet computers and customers’ mobile phones, and home computers, Object Consulting is able to provide a range of consistent, engaging, connected experiences in store, at home and on the move.” Further details on Object Consulting’s Connected Experience Solution are available at - Ends – About Object Consulting ( Object Consulting is Australia’s leader in delivering enterprise business solutions. With 21 years of experience, Object’s consulting, development, training and support services keep their customers at the forefront of innovation. Educators get hands on with rich media at Macquarie University 2011-03-28T07:10:00Z educators-get-hands-on-with-rich-media-at-macquarie-university Educators can get ‘hands on’ access to the world’s richest media platforms, as Object Consulting demonstrates the Microsoft Surface and other multi-touch digital signage, tablets and mobile devices at Macquarie University, April 18 – 19. Launched to the Australian market last year, the Microsoft Surface is a 360o computing table that responds to multiple users’ touches. It is designed for multiple users at once – and with its rich graphics capabilities, Surface has been hailed by education innovators as nothing less than an education ‘revolution’. Object Consulting will install its Surface (one of fewer-than-10 in Australia) and demonstrate how its Connected Experience applications can be implemented to aid learning in libraries, museums, schools and other educational institutions. Specifically, Connected Experience demonstrates how users can zoom in and out of large amounts of information, and manipulate data using natural touch and gestures. This, combined with rich graphics capabilities, opens up a new field of opportunity for promoting an effective cognitive process in learners. The demonstrations will be run April 18 – 19 at Macquarie University, E11A, Art Gallery. While they are part of the Museums Australia – NSW Conference, “Place, Space & Identity” event, Object is also making its demonstrations available to educators interested in strategies for harnessing the rich media expectations of today’s students into programs that deliver integrate effective learning. Object Consulting leads Australia’s in multi-touch projects. Recent projects have included for the Maritime Museum, as well as Australia’s first Surface applications for the Victorian Electoral Commission, ANZ Bank and others. The company is one of a handful of Microsoft Surface Strategic Partners across the globe and has 250+ consultants engaged each day in projects that help enterprise, government and institutions achieve their business goals.For further information, please visit, with examples of the capability of multi-touch technology (including videos) at the Touching the Surface gallery. To book a demonstration, contact Margriet Wooldridge via or02 9459 3300.-Ends –About Object Consulting ( Consulting is Australia’s leader in delivering enterprise business solutions. With 20 years of experience, Object’s consulting, development, training and support services keep their customers at the forefront of innovation. Object Consulting Backing Lonely Planet’s Windows Phone 7 travel picks 2010-10-13T07:11:00Z object-consulting-backing-lonely-planet-s-windows-phone-7-travel-picks Object Consulting announces that among its developments for the new Windows Phone 7 platform is the Lonely Planet TOP CITIES 2011 application - an extract of the travel guide company’s BEST IN TRAVEL 2011 annual guide to the year’s best journeys and experiences. Lonely Planet’s TOP CITIES 2011 preview app will be available free to Windows Phone 7 users via the Windows Phone Marketplace. Lonely Planet Global Director Digital Kelly Brough comments that the application includes inspirational images, as well as information that will help take travellers to out-of-the-ordinary, unforgettable city highlights. The Phone 7 app is linked back to more detailed information and communities on“We wanted to share our passion for travel with Windows Phone 7 users,” says Brough. “The speed with which we were able to turn an inkling of an idea into an entertaining preview app is testament to our relationship with Object Consulting – and the potential of the Windows Phone 7 platform,” she adds. “Object brought highlights from our annual print edition of Best in Travel 2011 to life on Phone 7, providing our travellers with a mobility product that can inspire them on spur-of-the-moment adventures by shaking or sliding their way to a new city.” Object’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr Julian Edwards comments, “Object Consulting is delighted to be among the first movers with Windows Phone 7. This is testament to our strategy of innovation, investment in new technologies and finding ways to bring these together for the benefit of our customers.” “Phone 7 development extends Microsoft’s powerful development environment onto a solidly reliable code platform that underpins rich applications across phone, tablet, PC and Surface, which makes it massively beneficial in terms of effort and cost for our customers. “Also, with Phone 7’s next generation design I am confident that as Phone 7 handsets hit the market, their information and social networking strengths will see it gain a prominent place alongside other major mobile technology platforms,” Dr Edwards says. “Working with Lonely Planet has been an absolute delight. Their rich content of images and stories work exceptionally well on mobile platforms and their innovative and business savvy culture has enabled us to create great experiences really quickly.” Object Consulting, whose Windows Phone 7 capabilities augment its Connected Experience Solutions set (which also includes Surface and Windows 7 multi-touch expertise), completed the app in partnership with Automatic Studio. For Object, this development further strengthens its close working relationship with Microsoft, which includes as one of fewer than 20 Surface Strategic Partners globally. Object Consulting is further leveraging its investment in mobile technologies and other innovations by working on projects with a number of leading and high profile organisations across industries. These consumer and business applications on various platforms are being released over the next few weeks. - Ends – About Object Consulting (, Consulting is Australia’s leader in delivering enterprise business solutions. We work with organisations to effectively create and execute on digital strategy, including mobile and multi-touch. With 20 years of experience, Object’s consulting, development, training and support services keep their customers at the forefront of innovation. About Lonely Planet ( Planet is the leading global travel information company. Lonely Planet currently has more than 360 writers, researchers and photographers and produces around 500 trustworthy and inspiring books, innovative downloadable digital guides, an award-winning website, wireless applications and cutting-edge television programmes. Lonely Planet was founded after Tony and Maureen Wheeler left London and hit the road in search of adventure in 1972. Lonely Planet is majority (75%) owned by BBC Worldwide. Object Consulting Triumphs at Microsoft Partner Awards 2010-09-03T04:31:00Z object-consulting-triumphs-at-microsoft-partner-awards Object Consulting is delighted to announce that it has been acknowledged as a Finalist in the prestigious Innovation Partner of the Year Award at the 2010 Microsoft Partner Awards (MAPA), announced at Microsoft’s APC Conference on the Gold Coast yesterday evening. Object Consulting was acknowledged for its work in building applications with ‘wow factor’ using Microsoft’s Surface and multi-touch technologies.MAPA celebrates Microsoft partners “... who have used Microsoft technologies in an original way to solve customer needs and challenges” in the past year. Object Consulting was one of three Finalists for the Innovation Partner of the Year, for innovation demonstrated through its solutions such as Connected Experience, which harnesses multi-touch technologies into applications that help retail, banking, government and other organisations engage their customers. Object Consulting’s Connected Experience Solution provides a platform for building information-rich applications, delivered on devices that use Windows 7 multi-touch – including Surface, digital signage, Windows 7 touchscreens and Windows 7 phones. Kevin Francis, Object Consulting’s National Microsoft Practices Manager, comments: “Being acknowledged by Microsoft as a Partner who develops and delivers exceptional Microsoft-based solutions over the past year is a significant achievement.“Object is pioneering the use of computers in ways and in places that companies had not considered before – with an eye to helping business truly engage the customers on their premises. “The strategy behind these innovations is achieving a vastly increased ratio of closed sales and greater opportunities for businesses to upsell or provide timely advice to their customers. In short, we believe – and we are beginning to see – that innovation really is a source of competitive advantage – and so we are delighted to have Object Consulting’s innovation strategy endorsed by Microsoft via this Award.” Based on the Connected Experience platform, Object Consulting is tailoring applications that are driven by natural gestures and visually engaging graphical user interfaces. This rich user experience is particularly well suited to effectively demonstrating products that: • Require data input or financial modelling (for instance, when demonstrating the impact of different financial products to the customer’s circumstances)• Are complex or have complicated options• Need to be visualised (for instance, when putting together tailored travel or retail packages)• Enable customer self-service at the business premises (while helping the organisation track customer interactions so as to provide timely assistance)• Allow a web shopping experience to be easily completed in-store in an engaging way without losing the customerObject has already successfully deployed a number of Connected Experience installations for customers in financial services, and has several more underway – or in the planning stages - in the retail, real estate and public sectors.Object, who is one of fewer than 20 Microsoft Surface Strategic Partners globally, is assisting Microsoft on future product developments. The company is also partnering with Hewlett-Packard to leverage the full capabilities of its hardware in Connected Experience Solutions. George Creighton, Marketing Manager – Microsoft Surface Team described Object’s development as delivering “.... an exemplary customer experience utilizing Microsoft Surface. We very much value their partnership and look forward to their bringing more outstanding customer experiences to our shared valued customers.”Object Consulting has outlined core elements of its Connected Experience Solution at - Ends – About Object Consulting ( Consulting is Australia’s leader in delivering enterprise business solutions. With 20 years of experience, Object’s consulting, development, training and support services keep their customers at the forefront of innovation. OBJECT CONSULTING MAKES GARTNER ‘COOL VENDORS’ LIST 2010-05-21T01:39:00Z object-consulting-makes-gartner-cool-vendors-list Object Consulting, one of Australia’s largest enterprise solutions developers announces that Gartner has named its Process Mentor methodology in its Cool Vendors in PPM Methodfor 2010 research report. Process Mentor is one of only four – and is the only Australian platform – in the Gartner report of ‘interesting, new and innovative’ approaches to project and program management. According to Gartner, “Roughly half the PMOs we talk to are considering developing their own [project and program] methodologies,”[1] at the expense of delaying other, more important activities. Gartner instead recommends that companies adopt a methodology such as Process Mentor to help achieve “high-quality solutions, often at less cost than most organisations can develop internally.”[2] The research company says that Process Mentor is defining a unique corner of the market: “Process Mentor first made our list as a result of satisfied clients.Process Mentor's prepackaged content ranges from templates to support small projects, agile projects and larger programs. Compared to other companies reviewed in this research, Process Mentor occupies a special niche that makes it a good fit for organizations that are slightly more process-oriented. While the other vendors focus on templates and practices, Process Mentor leads with solid process modeling.”[3] Process Mentor synthesizes Object Consulting’s 20+ years of application development, into applications that help developers create, modify and enhance process architecture. Object Consulting’s Brent Cahill, Product Manager - Process Mentor said, “Process Mentor gets the whole team on the same page.” “Object Consulting is delighted that Gartner has recognised Process Mentor as a ‘Cool’ methodology. And more importantly, we’re delighted that it has achieved a significant track record in helping businesses of all sizes generate the shared vision and practices that lead to successful project outcomes,” Cahill commented. About Process Mentor Process Mentor helps accelerate project ramp-up and implementation, development productivity and consistency, continuous improvement, greater visibility and the rapid take-up of ‘lessons learnt’, with features including: • Accelerator: Process Mentor helps project practitioners increase ramp-up speeds on new projects, with rapid ‘criteria based’ roadmap selection and auto-generation of key files and portals. • Project Roadmaps: Readymade project roadmaps - covering lifecycles for particular size/styles of project – with tools to guide the initiation and subsequent approval, gating and audit of projects. • Advisor – identifying inherent risks: This configurable survey tool helps organisations determine best of breed approach based on their risk appetite – including a customisable questionnaire addressing the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of a project, and highlighting the most appropriate project roadmap selection. • Project Enactment: Enabling practitioners to ‘virtually’ enact the process, adjusting phases, activities, tasks and deliverables to produce a project-specific breakdown. • Authoring and publishing tools: Including approved modified processes to be incorporated into the Process Asset Library for future projects. This ability is crucial to all organisations seeking Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level three compliance. • Ease of integration: The platform is simultaneously shipped with the new Microsoft Visual Studio platform, and also integrates with Microsoft Project, Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Compuware’s Changepoint. - Ends – [1]Gartner ‘Cool Vendors in PPM Method, 2010’, April 2010, (Research ID Number: G00175296, retrieved May 2010 from, p1. 2 Ibid3 Ibid, p3 About Object Consulting ( Consulting is Australia’s leader in delivering enterprise business solutions. With 20 years of experience, Object’s consulting, development, training and support services keep their customers at the forefront of innovation.