The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-09-18T03:30:19Z A Green Future for Cities, using Duncan Solutions’ Parking Meters 2020-09-18T03:30:19Z a-green-future-for-cities-using-duncan-solutions-parking-meters In an era of increasing environmental awareness, Duncan Solutions is at the forefront of making Electronic Vehicle (EV) usage in cities more viable.   Like many cities, Sydney strives to maintain a sustainable environmental footprint. Transportation is a significant source of emissions, with cars making up about 85% of this sector in NSW[1]. Growing awareness of environmental issues is causing many local authorities to take a proactive role in contributing to a greener, lower emissions future for cities.   Place Management NSW is helping to improve environmental sustainability in Sydney by making EV charging more convenient and cost effective. As an existing trusted provider of integrated parking management solutions (ticketless payments, Park’NPay, enforcement), Place Management NSW turned to Duncan Solutions to help make The Rocks an area which is more accessible to EV motorists.   With Duncan TX Parking Machines installed throughout The Rocks, repurposing this infrastructure and giving it a new functionality made sense. Duncan Solutions has integrated EV charging equipment into a TX Parking Machine, which enables the adjacent ‘green’ parking spaces to be used by Electric Vehicles and use the charging facility whilst the vehicle is parked. Duncan Solutions has partnered with JET Charge, Australia’s leading provider of EV charging equipment and payment solutions in creating this integrated solution. The EV TX Machine features: 2 Type 2 charging ports which is the industry standard and can charge vehicles from all major EV companies, quickly and safely. Solar cells which power the parking functionality of the TX Machine with the EV charging facility supplied from the mains power supply. Contactless and ticketless payments including Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay and the NSW Government Park’NPay app.   Trent Loebel (CEO): “We’re thrilled to have worked with Place Management NSW and JET Charge to deliver such an innovative, world leading solution to encourage the use of Electric Vehicles in The Rocks. With Duncan Solutions parking machines deployed in all major cities in Australia, we look forward to providing this capability across the country.”   With the TX Meter being ubiquitous across Australia, it is an interface which is highly familiar to the EV driving community. Drivers can now charge their vehicles in The Rocks for free when they pay for their parking. This is creating a city that is more accessible for EV motorists, all while helping to reduce carbon emissions in the city. Place Management NSW’s Kylie Doulman: “This initiative is a great example of Place Management partnering with innovative businesses to improve sustainability in The Rocks. The Rocks is a vibrant retail heritage precinct and we are committed to its continued transformation into a sustainable place for Sydneysiders.  JET Charge CEO, Tim Washington said: “With EV ownership set to skyrocket over the coming years, having convenient places to charge your car will be vital.  Incorporating EV charging into existing streetside assets is a no brainer, as it reduces visual clutter whilst increasing amenity.  We look forward to working with Duncan Solutions on the rollouts to come”.   [1],tonnes%20CO2%2De%20per%20capita.