The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-04-07T01:32:09Z Paul’s Rubbish Removal Assures Swift Green Waste Removal Left by the Relentless Rain Across NSW 2021-04-07T01:32:09Z paul-s-rubbish-removal-assures-swift-green-waste-removal-left-by-the-relentless-rain-across-nsw Paul’s Rubbish Removal announced today its longstanding commitment to providing swift rubbish removal services all across Sydney. The relentless rain over the weekend left an enormous pile of green waste floating around the severely affected areas. Apart from that, the torrential rain invaded residential and commercial sites leaving the flood victims with a daunting clean-up task. The last couple of days have been devastating to the people in different parts of NSW. Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes as the life-threatening flood continued to rise due to the heavy downpour last Saturday (March 20). In some areas, floodwater is seen completely engulfing several roads, trees and houses. However, residents are urged ahead to evacuate if deemed necessary and heed emergency services advice accordingly. During the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, green waste and other detrimental debris will increase over time. Moreover, with the right means of assistance from a local rubbish removal service provider, every NSW resident can get back to their feet as soon as possible. The aftermath is expected to be overwhelming, and dealing with a major clean up on your own is challenging. The founder of Paul’s Rubbish Removal, Paul B., said on Monday, “The torrential rain a couple of days ago left widespread devastation in NSW which resulted in damages to the personal property, commercial and public infrastructure. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we remain committed to delivering fast and uncompromising rubbish removal services, especially in severely flood-hit areas. Seeing the major rehabilitation the people need during this time and the coming days, we have increased our labour force and heavy equipment to respond to your call 24/7.” Paul’s Rubbish Removal, a rubbish removalist company in Sydney, is dedicated to delivering fast and effective green waste removal. The local company remains committed to rendering stellar and uncompromising rubbish removal services. Gordon Powers Ensure Flooded Sydney Prompt Restoration of Power Supply 2021-04-07T01:29:43Z gordon-powers-ensure-flooded-sydney-prompt-restoration-of-power-supply Gordon Powers announced today the company’s prompt restoration of power supply in areas affected by floods all across Sydney. Over the weekend, people across Sydney experienced incessant and heavy downpour forcing thousands of people, especially in low-lying areas on the east coast to flee their homes. The electrical service provider assures every flood-hit resident the swift restoration of their electricity where required. Since Thursday (March 18), heavy rains have submerged different parts of Sydney. With the threat of severe weather, the Bureau of Meteorology issued a warning of floods and urged residents to stay at home, be on high alert and heed evacuation orders if necessary. Moreover, as the heavy rainfall persisted on Saturday (March 20), the risks of rivers and major dams swelling is anticipated. With the fears of severe flooding, this crisis prompted the people on the east coast to evacuate their homes in the middle of the night. They were assisted by the State Emergency Service (SES). On Sunday, the NSW and the federal government declared the central and mid-north coast under the state of natural disaster. With the widespread destruction of infrastructures and closure of several roads, Gordon Powers assures the residents of flood-stricken areas in NSW of their preparedness efforts. Even before the severe storm forecast, the company ensures its personnels’ readiness for when an emergency arises. The electrical service provider has increased its contingency response plans over the years. Their preparations include increased manpower and heavy equipment for fast, safe and reliable services. Charlie K. the spokesperson of Gordon Powers said on Monday, “Our technical team of electricians have responded to numerous emergency power supply restoration. We know firsthand the impacts of this kind of situation on our community. That’s why we remain prepared to alleviate your worries through the swift restoration of your electricity.” “As the flash floods have engulfed several major roads, we will exhaust our resources to restore your energy on time to provide you comfort during this difficult time. Our team always comes prepared to respond to your call, especially during these hard times. We value everyone’s safety especially from the dangers brought about by damage to electrical infrastructure.” Gordon Powers is a Sydney based electrical service provider company delivering safe and efficient electrical solutions. In the field of emergency power restoration, the team is prepared to render high-quality services. Red Search Launches New Website With A Modern Brand Refresh 2020-12-28T06:04:48Z red-search-launches-new-website-with-a-modern-brand-refresh-1 Red Search launched their new website with modern updates and a much-awaited brand refresh. The agency is gearing towards new challenges in 2021 after a productive and successful year, most recently winning best content marketing campaign at the SEMrush Search Awards. The new website will showcase the new services while presenting the company as a refreshed brand. The newly restructured services are designed to provide more clarity to Red Search’s award-winning four core services that include: Ongoing SEO, SEO Strategy, Red Local and SEO Website Migrations. A noticeable improvement on their new website is the clear presentation of their “Our Work” section where everyone can see the results of their campaigns. These new changes shall help catapult the brand into the top of the modern era of the industry. Their success stories will be their rudder as they sail into 2021. Daniel Law, Red Search’s Managing Director, says that the company’s new web design was part of the agency’s goal to better showcase their work and appeal to new clients. “With the complete revamp of Red Search’s website design and brand refresh, we are on the move to make sure that we are able to meet the ever-changing needs of Australian businesses in a post-COVID19 era.” Red Search is an award-winning in-house Australian search agency focused on helping growing brands scale online. They provide bespoke SEO services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Red Search has worked with many of Australia's leading brands including Coca Cola Amatil, Eyecare Plus, Cerrone and Barnardos Australia. Red Search announced winners for Best Content Marketing Campaign in SEMrush AU Search Awards 2020 2020-11-02T09:59:23Z red-search-announced-winners-for-best-content-marketing-campaign-in-semrush-au-search-awards-2020 Red Search were announced winners for the Best Content Marketing Campaign in the SEMrush AU Search Awards 2020. The agency won the award after driving exponential SEO growth through content for one of their long-term clients, Paul’s Rubbish Removal. This year’s shortlist, SEMrush announced Red Search as finalists in three categories: best local campaign, highest website traffic growth and best content marketing campaign. After the online awarding ceremony on October 22, Red Search were officially announced as the winner of the best content marketing content campaign category.  Over the years, Red Search has successfully helped numerous leading Australian brands scale and grow online through SEO. The agency firmly believes that by staying at the forefront of the ever-changing SEO landscape, any brand can exponentially grow and achieve their digital revenue goals. In the official statement of Red Search’s managing director, Daniel L. was proud of how the company won best marketing campaign at the SEMrush Search Awards. “Massive congratulations to our amazing team for their hard work, and more importantly a huge thank you to our loyal clients for their constant show of support. We look forward to another big year in Search.” Red Search is a Sydney-based SEO agency providing bespoke search solutions to Australia's leading brands. We house a team of SEO specialists who consistently strive to be at the forefront of the search industry, serving our clients with innovative SEO and content strategies. Some of our clients include Coca Cola Amatil, Eyecare Plus, Barnardos Australia, House of Cerrone and more. Reach out to us today and let's chat about your brand's SEO. Red Search Announced as x3 Finalists in SEMrush AU Search Awards 2020 2020-10-16T02:24:30Z red-search-announced-as-x3-finalist-in-semrush-au-search-awards-2020 Red Search has been announced as multiple finalists to SEMrush AU Search Awards for the country’s top digital marketing teams that have helped propelled brands’ exceptional performance in the online space. In this year’s shortlist, Red Search takes the spot as one of the finalists in best local campaign, highest website traffic growth and best content marketing campaign categories. With Red Search’s mission to help businesses scale online, the brand’s extraordinary effort paved its way to land in the highly coveted awards in Australia’s marketing industry. As a data-driven SEO agency, the agency provides bespoke search solutions that enable brands to stay forefront in the ever-changing SEO landscape. In a recent statement of Red Search’s managing director, Daniel L. was thankful for how SEMrush recognised the brand’s effort in boosting its clients’ services through online platforms. “We're extremely humbled to have our work recognised by industry peers. Despite being a challenging year, our RED team have pushed onwards – a true testament to their drive and commitment towards getting results for our loyal clients. I strongly believe that we still have so much potential and growth — as we’re still only a small agency and already competing in the national stage with Australia’s biggest agencies. For how much we’ve achieved in just a year is truly phenomenal, and we’re excited about what we can do more to help countless Australian brands succeed in the coming years.” Red Search’s partner, G Squared, also became one of the finalists in seven different categories for this year’s SEMrush Australia awards. The awarding of the said event will be on the 22nd of October through an online ceremony at 4 PM (Australia’s standard time). Over the years, SEMrush Search Awards recognises and celebrates the success of online marketing professionals across Australia. The award-giving body looks for top marketing campaigns and best marketing teams that propels online presence— contributing to companies’ exponential growth and revenues. The national awards fall into different categories that identify best practices, professionals, companies and communities within the marketing industry. Website:  Services:  Blog: Facebook: LinkedIn: G Squared Announced as x7 Finalists in SEMrush AU Search Awards 2020 2020-10-16T02:24:03Z g-squared-announced-as-x7-finalists-in-semrush-au-search-awards-2020 Leading digital agency G Squared has been announced as finalists across five different categories in the SEMrush 2020 Search Awards, an award ceremony that recognises the country’s top digital marketing campaigns & agencies.  G Squared is included as finalist in the following categories: Best Online Marketing Campaign (Retail and Health Care);Best B2C Campaign;Best Advertising Campaign (x 2);Best Integrated Campaign; and Best Marketing Agency. Since the agency’s inception in 2012, G Squared has specialised in delivering digital solutions that drive real results across digital media, social marketing and web design. With their deep passion and industry experience, G Squared has secured work for leading brands including Bunnings, Wattyl Paint, Coca-Cola Amatil and SanDisk. Over the past two years, the company has received various state and national awards across all facets of their service offering. G Squared’s Director of Performance & Strategy, George Photios, reiterated in his latest statement how thankful he is, stating: “It humbles us to be nominated and listed amongst the best in the industry. Congratulations to our amazing team! Despite the challenges this year, we have all worked hard to ensure we continue to succeed for our clients. And on that note, a big thank you to all our clients - without whom there would be no nominations!” The award ceremony will take place through a virtual ceremony event on October 22 at 4 PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time).  For more information, visit: