The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-03-25T23:57:14Z JG Vertical: Doing a Job Right 2021-03-25T23:57:14Z jg-vertical-doing-a-job-right JG Vertical gets the job done, using our specialised techniques of rigging and lifting, commercial window cleaning, high rise window cleaning, rope access, along with roof anchor points  we can get to areas that you otherwise were thought unreachable and do tasks that you otherwise thought undoable.  JG Vertical: Problem solvers at heart 2021-02-26T00:05:10Z jg-vertical-problem-solvers-at-heart JG Vertical are rope access specialists with a passion for problem solving and getting jobs done in a high quality fashion. All services JG Vertical provides are executed with this problem solving mentality in mind, from doing specialist rigging and lifting, to our commercial window cleaning  It's for this reason that JG Vertical are constantly chosen to undertake high rise window cleaning on some of Australia's most iconic and architecturally challenging buildings, such as the Sydney Opera House. JG Vertical uses Rope Access to be flexible and effective, along with roof anchor points to ensure safety. JG Vertical: Window Cleaning Experts 2021-02-10T23:53:27Z jg-vertical-window-cleaning-experts JG Vertical are industry leaders in commercial window cleaning and building cleaning. JG Vertical uses unique rope access techniques to access any building and hard to reach spaces. With an unbeatable safety record JG Vertical is qualified and able to perform high rise window cleaning at any height! Due to the highly flexible nature of rope access JG Vertical can perform a range of more extensive services. Rigging and lifting is one of these, we can rig for any occasion whether it be for entertainment or industrial needs. We also perform lifting services, being enabled to lift any object to any position. JG Vertical T: 02 8107 3910 E: W: JG Vertical: Rope Access Specialists 2021-01-27T23:48:53Z jg-vertical-rope-access-specialists JG Vertical uses state-of-the-art abseiling equipment to service buildings in a variety of ways. Some of these include the installation and certification of Roof Anchor Points as well as the design and supply of height safety systems. JG Vertical’s Rope Access Technicians are highly trained and certified according to Australian regulations with safety as a core priority, minimising the risk of Working at Heights and ensuring a high-quality service. JG Vertical is always looking to expand the team with individuals who have expertise that will provide value to JG Vertical’s clients. Careers in Rope access are difficult to find, but at JG Vertical you will receive the support and training that you need to realise your potential. JG Vertical T: 02 8107 3910 E: W: