The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-01-19T04:16:24Z Too many cooks spoil the broth, but not with COVID! 2021-01-19T04:16:24Z too-many-cooks-spoil-the-broth-but-not-with-covid If reality television has done anything to redefine the popularity of cooking, it’s shows like MasterChef – but 2020 has changed lives, and because of COVID, home cooking has flourished. For all COVID’s darkness, it is instrumental in returning the fulcrum of time back where isolation has seen cooking and eating together strengthening family ties which is good news for home cooking. Following on from the kitchens of reality TV, a world-first digital video innovation now allows people to express their inner Jamie Oliver through a partnership between Australian based video platform Pixmoto and Canadian software company Voiceflow. Connecting Pixmoto’s Video Commerce Platform to VoiceFlow voice software opens a world of opportunity for content creators and how they produce, monetise and distribute video content online. Previously, most of the produced and published video content was monetised via delivering pre-roll advertisements – generating engagement and revenue but little assistance or value for people trying to cook recipes of their choice. Rather than focussing on how to best serve the pre-roll advertisement, Pixmoto’s web solution becomes the anchor point for content creators to use the same video to drive revenue through online commerce at the highest point of inspiration and in the kitchen during the cooking process using hands-free voice control features. Until now, most video-based voice skills operated in silos struggling for traction and failing to deliver quantifiable returns on investment - often requiring large budgets and enormous time and effort to build. With the combined Pixmoto and Voiceflow solution, the complexity of creating the voice skill has been eliminated meaning video producers, and commercial teams can create and publish voice skills in a matter of days at a cost that promises to deliver real returns on investment. According to Pixmoto CEO, Simon Knapp, the digital video advertising model has benefited from little or no innovation of the last decade. “Most digital videos can’t be viewed online without being forced to watch a disruptive pre-roll advertisement. This model runs counter to a cooking video's primary goal, which is to provide the user with a visual representation of how to cook the recipe. “With online commerce on the rise, Pixmoto’s platform allows publishers and bloggers to connect to multiple commerce pathways aimed at helping customers achieve the ultimate goal of any recipe – to cook it! Our SaaS-based model makes it easy for content creators to simultaneously publish, monetise and track and entire video library at scale across web and voice.” “Voiceflow has established itself as the leading global voice software platform, and the moment we saw it in action, we knew it was time integrate the two solutions,” Knapp said.  “In a first,” Knapp said, “video creators will be able to get started with as little as 50 videos – a level that will appeal to a large number of food bloggers. Creators with larger video libraries, like major food publishers, will have access to a dedicated Voiceflow account that provides the opportunity to create many voice projects and customise the voice experience.” Knapp said, “Timing always plays a role in technology adoption and due to the global pandemic, online video creators are now presented with the opportunity to perform a digital video reset and move towards rebuilding trust with brands and users.” Media enquiries: George Hazim, 0417516262   About Pixmoto Pixmoto Video Commerce Platform is redefining the e-commerce landscape by marrying compelling video content with an intuitive and interactive e-commerce experience. Pixmoto opens up entirely new revenue streams and distribution pathways for bloggers, publishers and retailers alike. About Voiceflow Design, prototype and build voice apps.  Collaboratively design, prototype and launch voice applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. No coding needed.