The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-09-09T05:47:51Z Two Tradies Start Conversations About Mental Health Everyday 2021-09-09T05:47:51Z two-tradies-start-conversations-about-mental-health-everyday Brisbane based social impact workwear brand, TradeMutt designs colourful workwear to start conversations about mental health among blue-collar workers on construction sites across Australia.  TradeMutt co-founders and former carpenters Ed Ross and Dan Allen started the company with the aim of changing the culture around mental health in the industry after Allen sadly lost a close mate and fellow tradie to suicide in 2015. Since starting in 2018, TradeMutt  has successfully created a movement in the industry and during this time, they have helped fund more that 2250 hours of mental health support by supporting mental health support service, TIACS.  TIACS is a service that aims to reduce the physical and financial barriers that stop everyday Australians from accessing mental health support by providing support over text and call without a mental health care plan.  “We are about starting conversations everyday, not just at crisis point.” says TradeMutt co-founder Ed Ross. “While it is awesome that more people are having more conversations about mental health, there needs to be a support network that sits below those conversations for when people need more than a chat with a mate. That is why we fund an organisation like TIACS because the mental health clinicians there are equipped to provide people with further support when they need it .” says TradeMutt co-founder Dan Allen. Do Tradies Really Wank In The Portaloo? 2021-08-02T00:36:21Z do-tradies-really-wank-in-the-portaloo Global sex toy retailer, Lovehoney and Brisbane-based mental health initiative and workwear brand, TradeMutt have teamed up to conduct Australia’s largest tradie sex survey. This is the first time that any data will be collected about the impact that a physically demanding job has on the sex lives of tradies across Australia.It is expected that the survey will highlight issues in the blue-collar community that have never been addressed before with questions covering a range of topics, beginning with how stress impacts the relationship that many tradies have with sex, how comfortable tradies feel talking about sex, adult content habits and sex toy use. The ultimate goal is to use this information to improve tradies relationship with sex and sexuality and as a result the overall mental wellbeing of Australia’s blue-collar workers.The two companies connected earlier in the year to record an episode of TradeMutt’s podcast “TradeMutt Radio” with Lovehoney’s Australasian director Rob Godwin where they discussed the intersections of the sex, porn and mental health industries.And, it was clear from the favourable response to this collaboration, that for TradeMutt’s community of blue-collar workers, conversations about sex were an easy gateway to talking about mental health and other taboo subjects. After the podcast, TradeMutt gave away a “wild weekend kit” courtesy of Lovehoney via their social media channels and the overwhelmingly positive and open response from the community was a sign to both companies that they needed to continue this conversation and listen to the what tradies had to say on this topic, which is how the idea of conducting Australia’s first ever tradie sex survey came to be. “Obviously the ideal outcome would be that we are able to directly target more of the issues that blue-collar people are having when it comes to sex and relationships. It will also allow us to make sure that the psychologists at our free mental health support service, TIACS, are getting the right training and are in touch with the issues that our community is facing at the moment.” says the team at TradeMutt.With sexual happiness being key to what Lovehoney does and starting conversations about mental health at the heart of TradeMutt’s business model both companies are excited at the prospect of the survey being able to create change in the way these two topics are discussed.The survey can be completed here: You can find more information about TradeMutt here: Contact: Edward.ross@trademutt.comPhone: 0438 118 214Email: Two Mates Tackling The Mental Health Crisis In Australia With Help From Mazda 2021-04-29T18:54:57Z two-mates-tackling-the-mental-health-crisis-in-australia-with-help-from-mazda Since 2018, co-founders of TradeMutt and former tradies, Dan Allen and Ed Ross have been on a mission to reduce the rate of suicide and start conversations about mental health amongst tradies, truckies and blue-collar workers by creating colourful and vibrant workwear. TradeMutt is also committed to providing a solution for those who are struggling with their mental health by removing barriers to assistance through their discreet and free text or call mental health support service, TIACS, which stands for This Is A Conversation Starter, a message embroidered on the back of every TradeMutt workshirt. In just under a year the service has already provided over 2000 hours of free, professional mental health support and already employs 4 full-time psychologists, with no plans to slow down anytime soon. When local, family-owned businesses Mount Gravatt Mazda and Wippells Mazda saw the impact the brand was making, they offered to come on board to help take the conversations on the road.  “Dan and Ed are such likeable characters and their shirts are almost as colourful as they are.  They are both making positive waves in the community and what better way to strengthen their message than providing moving billboards in the shape of two Mazda XTR 4x4 BT-50’s” - Julian Mason - Director, Mount Gravatt Mazda TradeMutt, which already has a cult-like following in the industry and over 42,000 tradies across Australia wearing their conversation starting workwear were ecstatic with the idea and thought that a uts wrapped in their most popular print was a perfect way to reach tradies. Samantha Bailey, Director of Bailey Print Group who supported the collaboration by overseeing the design, printing and wrapping of the utes couldn’t agree more. “Blokes and cars- it’s a part of the Australian culture and something that they openly talk about. We were convinced that by partnering with Trademutt to wrap the BT50’s in their eye catching design that we would help Ed and Dan make a real difference by creating an icebreaker for men to not only start a conversation about a car but help them open up about their mental health issues and emotions.  “We have learnt a lot from the boys working with them on this campaign and hope that the cars create real conversations that can help, save or change people and their lives.” The teams at Mount Gravatt Mazda, Wippells Mazda and TradeMutt are hoping that this collaboration will not only act as a conversation starter on the roads around Brisbane but that it will serve as a reminder to everyone that sees the cars that TIACS is a safe environment for them to seek help. Wippells Mazda Director, David Russell added, “this collaboration is very special to everyone involved and something money doesn’t buy”.  See the collaboration in action here ***ENDS*** Media Contact Daniel Allen | Co-founder | 0413 377 912 | Two Tradies Fund 1000+ Hours of Free Professional Mental Health Support 2021-02-01T20:27:37Z two-tradies-fund-1000-hours-of-free-professional-mental-health-support Brisbane based social enterprise and workwear brand, TradeMutt has launched its new non-for-profit organisation; This Is A Conversations Starter (TIACS). The service is aimed at tradies, truckies, blue-collar workers and their families and helps continue the conversations that TradeMutt’s funky work shirts have started across the nation. Since March 2018, the eye-catching shirts have taken the blue-collar community by storm and amassed the support of over 42,000 tradies across Australia, many of whom wear their bright coloured work shirts every Friday to help start conversations about mental health. Co-founders and carpenters by trade, Ed Ross and Dan Allen decided to launch the brand after Dan lost a close mate to suicide. After their early success starting public and cultural conversations, launching the TIACS text and call service, the first of its kind in Australia, to continue these conversations at a private and clinical level seemed like the natural next step. So far, the service has provided 1000+ hours of mental health support and employs two full-time psychologists. That equates to $260,000 worth of services that were provided for free based on the Australian Psychological Society’s recommended consultation fee for a 45 – 60 minute session of $260. “We have been blown away with the positive feedback as well as the stories of people showing vulnerability once they know what the shirts are about” says co-founder Ed Ross. However, the brand has no plans to stop anytime soon and with 5% of profits from every garment sold going directly to TIACS, the boys are hoping that the launch of their new line of workwear will continue to bolster the “Funky Friday” movement across worksites all around Australia. TradeMutt’s new collection, “Retrospective” is the latest colourful offering from the brand, with a nostalgic Aussie feel that is designed to inspire tradies to reflect on the last year, embrace new challenges and look ahead with a positive perspective. Catering to tradies who require day/night rated workwear as well as those who don’t, the new collection has three new prints in five styles. With print names such as T.I.E. (Take It Easy), Whoopsie Daisy and Open Road, each with a unique story, the shirts are bound to start conversations about learning how to take it easy on ourselves and other, owning up to our mistakes and learning to let go and enjoy the moment. The “Retrospective” collection is limited-edition and launches on the 3rd of February 2021. You can find out more about TradeMutt and view their products at: You can find out more about TIACS and access their services at: CONTACT - EDWARD ROSS (Co Founder) 0438 118 214 or