The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-02-12T06:58:51Z Snapgo has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign through Birchal; providing Australian small business owners a revolutionary digital solution to bounce back from Covid-19. 2021-02-12T06:58:51Z snapgo-has-launched-an-equity-crowdfunding-campaign-through-birchal-providing-australian-small-business-owners-a-revolutionary-digital-solution-to-bounce-back-from-covid-19-1 The Snapgo flame ignited when co-founder Stephen Brechany lost a dear friend to a business-related suicide. The news hit him hard; likewise, for the friends and family of 60,000 other Australians who attempt suicide every year; it was time for change.   Since that day Stephen has been on a mission to change the lives of small business owners everywhere. His team at Snapgo follow a real "build it they will come" approach towards engineering competitive solutions that can serve small business first; at global scale.   "I am setting focus towards the immediate $4+ billion dollars of potential revenue available to Snapgo nationally and with your support we can make this mission a reality.” Says CEO Steve Brechany     Our Story - from Perth start-up to emerging tech giant.   Shortly following the company registration on the 16th of January 2020, Snapgo received a whopping 3M + valuation from early investors. Snapgo has since conducted an, under the radar, trail in Perth to rave reviews from local business owners.   Unlike competitors, Snapgo provides its members year-round advertising with unlimited growth potential, having no ongoing sales commissions or lead costs ever!   The engineering team designed Snapgo to specifically align with 70% of consumers and their cognitive buying process. This revolutionary map-based app allows anyone to simultaneously browse 200+ business categories while instantly displaying available buying opportunities in their geographical location; no further steps required.   This makes Snapgo a "one stop shop" for consumers and small business advertisers alike.   “Businesses need to understand what they did marketing wise, 6 to 12 months ago is not going to deliver what it used to deliver” Says Snapgo COO Brett Fawell   The Mission – scale nationally.   To achieve their goal Snap Go Pty Ltd is partnering with Birchal to give the public the opportunity to become shareholders as they raise up to $1.3 million dollars. From trades, home services, retail, professional and everything in between, Snapgo has the potential to change the lives of small business owners across the nation; Snapgo is ready to scale the product nationally.     Investment Opportunity – included bonus for business owners.   Offer of fully-paid ordinary shares in Snap Go Pty Ltd at $1 AUD per share to raise a maximum of $1.3M. Individuals who invest $2k or more will be eligible to nominate a small business owner to receive a complimentary Snapgo subscription; providing them 12 months online advertising support.   “Better than yellow pages, better than Google” Says Snapgo member Sharon Fowler. (Nail Affair).