The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-04-06T04:44:11Z The Game-Changing Australian Sustainable Skincare You Need In Your Life Right Now 2021-04-06T04:44:11Z the-game-changing-australian-sustainable-skincare-you-need-in-your-life-right-now Eco-friendly, minimalistic, ethical, low-waste and doing a whole lot of good for your face and planet Earth, Sabbia Co is saving our oceans one reusable makeup wipe at a time. Kiss your skin concerns goodbye with Sabbia Co’s range of unique, chemical-free facial kits, masks, oils and reusable, biodegradable tools which cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin, and remove makeup with just water! Born on the east coast shores of Australia in 2019 by Founders Katie Eales and David Tingle, Sabbia Co is a luxury, sustainable skincare company making waves in the world of wellness, health and beauty. On a mission to turn customers’ skin and beauty routines into rituals, Sabbia Co offers Australian-made reusable skin health and wellness products to eliminate single-use consumerism. Not only simplifying the beauty routine and transforming skin, the Brand also educates their customers and followers on the impacts and benefits of their choices, allowing them to make informed decisions on what is best for their skin, their health and our planet. Inspired by her own personal journey with skin health and wellness, Founder, Katie recalls: “I have been playing around with natural skincare and beauty products since my late teens, making masks and scrubs out of things we had in the pantry.” “The idea for Sabbia Co all really started following a trip Dave and I took to Sri Lanka in 2018. Already living a low-waste lifestyle ourselves, we were devastated by the amount of single-use items (makeup wipes included) littered across the beaches. We came home with a goal to make a change. Tossing around a few ideas, we landed on sustainable face kits and products that would change the skincare game.” More than 20 million makeup wipes are thrown away every single day, making them the third most wasteful product in the world! The majority of these wipes contain harmful chemicals and plastics which are not only bad for your skin, but the environment too. Enter Sabbia Co’s reusable makeup pads - the first product the Brand took to market. A unique blend of fibres that are super soft, gentle and effective (just add water!), these pads last for over 200 machine washes and replace up to 1,000 single-use wipes. To date, Sabbia Co has saved more than 13 million single-use wipes from going into landfill. Oh, and they offer an up-cycling program for all used pads so the products never end up in landfill. Following the huge success of their eco-friendly and chemical-free tools, the Brand went on to release a lineup of innovative, sustainable products including a Botanical Glow Cleanser, Collagen C Serum, Charcoal and Matcha Masks, Cleansing Bars, Gua Sha and more on the way this year (stay tuned for a range of beauty and makeup products. Formulated by Katie herself and then made entirely in Australia (at labs in Newcastle, Burleigh Heads and the Gold Coast) Sabbia Co utilises minimal but powerful natural extracts and ingredients to create a line-up that doesn’t sacrifice on quality, resulting in better skin and a better planet too. Harnessing key ingredients such as Finger Lime, Seaweed Collagen, Davidson Plum, White Willow Bark, Kakuda Plum and Calendula, Sabbia Co has effectively cleared stubborn acne, eczema and dermatitis for hundreds of Australian men and women. “We are geared towards the movement of skinimalism (skin minimalism), simplifying the process, the products and the environmental impact of a skincare routine. Less really is more!”, says Katie. David continues: “We’re doing what we love, making a positive impact on the environment and also making a difference in the lives (and faces) of our customers. We are warmed and motivated by the amazing reviews, comments and messages we receive from our customers showing us how much their skin has healed and improved since using products.” Turn your beauty routine into a ritual with sustainable skin tools that are guaranteed to make your skin glow. Learn more about Sabbia Co- Ends - About Sabbia Co Sabbia Co was born after Burleigh Heads Founders Katie and Dave found themselves on a remote beach in Sri Lanka and devastated over the amount of single-use personal items they were surrounded by. Katie has a huge passion for skin health and well- being, while Dave is a surfer dude and green-thumb. They both do their bit in their home to reduce their footprint, but wanted to do more. And that’s why they launched Sabbia Co in September 2019. An ethical brand with minimal impact on the environment, that creates unique facial kits out of sustainable, biodegradable, reusable and chemical free tools. These kits cleanse, exfoliate and remove makeup with just WATER! Sustainable Skin Care Products That Work Boasting more than 440 five-star reviews, Sabbia Co customers claim their products are ‘the best they have ever used’ and thank Katie and Dave for clearing long-term skin issues where nothing else had worked. Most popular products include; Face It Face KitThe first product to market, the Face It Face Kit comes complete with a charcoal konjac sponge, large reusable makeup pad, cotton pad, headband and face brush. Suitable for all skin types, this luxe kit offers a unique set of plant-based cleansing and skin-loving tools that promise to rejuvenate your skin, reduce blemishes, breakouts, acne, oily skin and remove makeup with just water. Match Clay Mask and Charcoal Adaptogen MaskWhen it comes to pamper-time, Sabbia Co’s powder-based masks are a cult-favourite - the Matcha Mask has sold out five times in the past 8 months, claiming its place as the brand’s most popular product. All-natural and packed full of raw, organic, vegan ingredients, all you have to do is add water and apply to skin. Designed to be used 2-3 times per week, these go-to masks are effective for clearing acne, healing chronic skin conditions and resulting in clear, glowing skin. Collagen C SerumA first birthday release, the Collagen C Serum is a daily ritual for a youthful-looking glow - brightening, hydrating and softening fine lines. Packed full of Australian, raw, vegan ingredients that plump, repair, strengthen and naturally boost skin’s collagen and elastin. Discover all of Sabbia Co’s products here