The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-04-07T00:35:28Z New moving guide released to help make moving easier during these uncertain times. 2021-04-07T00:35:28Z new-moving-guide-released-to-help-make-moving-easier-during-these-uncertain-times Had enough of your location, or do you just need to move to get that prized job?  No matter the reason, moving can be a painstaking endeavour. But not to worry, Austate Removals has released a moving guide that will make it that much easier on you, not to mention your back pocket.  The new free guide is titled: The Ultimate Moving Preparation Checklist, so feel free to access this now>> Chris Cornish (Owner) said: “No matter the distance you are moving or whether or not you use a removalist company to move, this detailed guide is designed to make people's lives easier on their next move.”  “With over 30 years of moving experience, we realised there are eight critical dates to moving a house or office, and in the Ultimate Moving Preparation Checklist, we break these dates down and give a checklist for each one”, said Chris.   Overall, if you are moving during the COVID period, this will help make things a little easier, ensuring you do not miss anything important. If you follow the checklist in our guide, you will not only have peace of mind, but it could save you money.  Other key things that this guide will help you with:  Lessening the possibility of breakages.  Missing a bill because you forgot to redirect your mail to the new destination. The important pre-packing tips to ensure your valuables are stored correctly. Ensuring any pets are appropriately prepared and taken care of. How to manage your stress levels as the big day gets closer. At Austate Removals, we are happy to help anyone moving around Australia, and this guide is our way of giving back to anyone moving. Even if you choose not to relocate with us, please still use this guide, and most importantly, stay safe during these difficult times.  For further media information contact:  Chirs Cornish 1800 681 434  Austate Removals has been an Australian owned family business since 1990, and we pride ourselves on our customer service. We know that there are many more moving companies out there in Australia that have been around longer. But to us, this does not mean they are better. Because what matters to us is the service you receive, be it just so tips and guides to help you move yourself to a complete corporate move from Melbourne to Brisbane, we are there to help.