The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-04-15T20:44:41Z Liquid Magics Eliminates the need for Single – Use Plastic Bottles 2021-04-15T20:44:41Z liquid-magics-eliminates-the-need-for-single-use-plastic-bottles Press Release   For immediate release.   Liquid Magics Eliminates the need for Single – Use Plastic Bottles   Sydney – Australia – 1st April 2021. Liquid Magics Australia a local manufacturer and leading supplier to the cleaning industry defies trend producing Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tablets in Australia   Reducing the number of Single – Use Plastic Bottles in the Environment.   Replacing the need to buy Ready to Use cleaning products in Plastic Bottles every time you go to the supermarket.   Why do we use single-use plastic every time we need to buy cleaning products?Something needed to change! And that is why we created Liquid Magics Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tablets. We wanted to disrupt the market and give people a cleaning product without the single-use plastic. Being lightweight also reduces our carbon footprint in production and distribution making it a better product for you and the planet. More Than 90 Percent of a Typical Bottle of Cleaning Product is Simply Water.   By asking consumers to use their Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tablets, consumers can make their own cleaning products at home. Reducing the amount of water being transported by 90%. Drying out these cleaning products does several environmentally friendly things: It reduces their Volume, thus reducing the Energy required to transport them. It reduces their Weight, thus further reducing Fuel and Carbon Emissions associated with shipping them. And it reduces the Plastic Packaging by requiring a smaller container to hold the refillable Tablet concentrate, or by precluding the need for any Disposable Plastic at all. An estimated 20 percent or more of global disposable plastic packaging by weight could be replaced by reusable packaging if we only shipped active ingredients. The time is ripe for a low-plastic, just-add-water revolution. You’ve probably heard this before but there’s a lot of plastic swirling around in our oceans, and in developing countries, single-serve product sachets are a scourge on the rivers and beaches. The facts are black and white, plastic pollution is a real problem. Plastic can be found everywhere. From the deepest parts of the ocean to the remote parts of the Antarctic. A quick walk down the supermarket cleaning isle and you’ll be hit with a sea of plastic packaging.Our habits need to change, Stop Buying Plastic. It’s A Scourge on The Environment you can make a difference!   An Australian First.   Stanley Butts Director Liquid Magics Australia Phone: 0410091918