The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-05-04T05:20:08Z Innovative fixed-route and on-demand transport integration 2021-05-04T05:20:08Z innovative-fixed-route-and-on-demand-transport-integration Sydney, Australia, 5 May, 2021. As public transit operations increasingly incorporate on-demand components to complement their fixed-route operations, Optibus—a cloud-native AI platform powering mass transportation operations in over 450 cities around the world—has partnered with Liftango, a leading APAC shared mobility provider. The two organisations combine to give public transport agencies and operators an innovative approach to fleet optimisation. Optibus’ platform uses artificial intelligence to reduce costs and boost service quality by improving the efficiency of transit networks and schedules. This includes planning routes, building timetables, scheduling vehicles and crews, as well as improving working conditions for drivers to increase retention. Liftango brings to the table its dynamic vehicle scheduling and routing expertise, allowing passengers to book trips when and where they want.  From here, vehicles are automatically dispatched and sent to the passenger location ‘on-demand’. The partnership with Liftango complements the planning and cost analysis of large, fixed-route public transport networks by meeting the needs of passengers who are not adequately served by other public transport options. This increases network coverage and ridership while using resources more efficiently, yielding greater cost savings for transport operators and agencies. “Offering an integrated system to enable Public Transport Agencies and Operators to improve the efficiency of a mixed bus network will allow for greater access to transport and give members of society a more sustainable way to move around,” says Kevin Orr, Co-Founder and CEO of Liftango. “Partnering with Optibus enables us to provide the maximum benefit to passengers as well as transport providers.” As public transport networks continue to adopt on-demand solutions as part of their service offering, efficient design and implementation is needed in order to complement and not cannibalise existing services. “We’re excited to announce Liftango as our latest on-demand partner,” said Optibus CEO and co-founder Amos Haggiag. “We look forward to working with Liftango to break down the silos between fixed-route and on-demand transportation, and offer a stronger, more comprehensive solution together.” This partnership will extend within the APAC region—where both Liftango and Optibus have a strong market presence. About Liftango We help cities, communities and organisations reduce congestion and combat climate change by providing equitable access to shared transport through a carpool and On-Demand transport technology platform. This technology makes best use of vehicle capacity whilst giving passengers the freedom to travel the way they want to. Together, we help: ● Cities evolve into Smart Cities ● Transit Agencies to create better public bus systems ● Private Bus Operators to digitise their services to become more efficient ● Corporates to create sustainable and scalable mobility solutions for their staff ● Property Developers to design sites around future mobility solutions instead of using space for parking We believe access to transportation is a fundamental right for people in modern society and through our technology, we provide convenient, efficient and sustainable transportation for the people that need it the most. For more information: | About Optibus Optibus is an AI platform that brings much-needed innovation to the essential mobility mode at the heart of our cities: public transportation. A cloud-native SaaS company founded in 2014, Optibus powers complex transit operations in over 450 cities around the world, and has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer and by Gartner as a Cool Vendor. It has offices in Tel Aviv, London, New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and São Paulo. ( | Battle Creek Transit Launches On-Demand Microtransit Service 2021-05-04T01:51:52Z battle-creek-transit-launches-on-demand-microtransit-service As part of a Coordinated Mobility Pilot, Battle Creek Transit and Liftango have collaborated to launch BCGo, the first App-powered On-Demand Transit service for Calhoun County.  The service launched on the 8th of March and is a 12 month pilot to demonstrate the benefits of On-Demand Transit. BCGo is a door-to-door service and enables passengers to request rides in a flexible manner. Using technology to improve the routing and scheduling of vehicles, passengers can book trips through the BCGo smartphone App or by phoning the Battle Creek Transit Call Centre and vehicles will be automatically dispatched in real-time to their location.  “Our On-Demand Transit platform not only provides a greater level of access to transport for the members of society that need it most, it enables Transit Agencies to expand their reach in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” says Liftango VP of Americas, Jacob Greig. Working in the background, Liftango’s technology platform calculates the best route for a vehicle to meet the needs of multiple passengers at any given time. This removes the requirement for fixed timetables and provides a personalised experience for passengers by allowing them to be picked up and dropped off when and where they need within the county.  BCGo fares will range between $3 and $15 per trip depending on distance travelled. Payments can be made onboard or through the App and each additional passenger added to the booking will be charged a flat rate of $3.  All vehicles are wheelchair accessible and the service will run from 6:00am to 9:00pm Monday to Friday, and 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays. The App is available to download on both Google Play and Apple App Stores and for those without access to a smartphone they can book through the Call Centre on 269-966-3474. For more information visit