The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2006-09-21T13:37:00Z RightNow Technologies and Lithium Technologies work together to enhance customer experiences 2006-09-21T13:37:00Z rightnow-technologies-and-lithium-technologies-work-together-to-enhance-customer-experiences Lithium Technologies and RightNow Technologies today announced they are working together to enhance customer experiences by connecting Lithium-powered forums with the RightNow Service solution to provide seamless and superior customer experiences. By bridging the gap between customer exchanges happening within online forums and interactions that occur through more traditional channels, such as a call center or Web self-service site, Lithium and RightNow are able to help organisations around the world deliver exceptional customer experiences. These experiences can be the single most powerful way for companies to set themselves apart from competitors. By working together, RightNow and Lithium are able to connect Web self-service sites and forums, creating a unified customer care environment that features a single sign-on, enhanced search and advanced customer activity tracking capabilities. Through this integration, customer search queries will produce results from both the RightNow knowledge base and Lithium online forums making it easier for customers to find the information they need. Nader Alizadeh, vice president of business operations for Lithium, said, Lithium and RightNow share the same goal; creating positive customer experiences. While we approach the goal from different angles, by working together, we can provide a simpler, more productive user experience. Now it is more convenient for customers to find the answers they need and provide agents with a more complete understanding of an individual customers interaction with that company. Customer support agents also benefit through an integrated agent console that provides a more complete view of a customers interactions with the company. From the console, agents have access to all of a customers forum activity, including login history, posting history, forum ranking and online status, forum metrics (views, minutes online, etc.), last browser used, and if a user has been banned from a forum. This insight helps agents provide personalised service, address issues quickly and exceed customer expectations. The seamless integration of Lithium forums with RightNow Service also helps ensure that all customer questions are answered promptly. If a customer does not get the answers they need from fellow users within a forum, their question is automatically escalated as a new incident in the RightNow Support Console. Any incidents that require attention are routed to the appropriate queues and agents to ensure that customers receive an accurate and timely response. Scott Creighton, vice president of business development for RightNow, said, To succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy, companies must better manage the quality of their customers experiences. By connecting Lithium forums to RightNow Service, we are giving our clients an opportunity to provide seamless and exceptional customer experiences. This will in turn help them outperform competitors who havent realised that customers are no longer willing to tolerate poor experiences. As a matter of fact, we have integrated Lithium forums into the RightNow customer environment to ensure that we give our clients the experiences they expect and deserve. About RightNow Technologies RightNow (NASDAQ: RNOW) delivers the high-impact technology solutions and services organisations need to cost-efficiently deliver a consistently superior customer experience across their frontline service, sales and marketing touch-points. More than 1,700 corporations and government agencies worldwide depend on RightNow to achieve their strategic objectives and better meet the needs of those they serve. RightNow is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. For more information, visit About Lithium Technologies Lithium Technologies provides market-leading solutions for building successful online communities. Lithium's on-demand technology, backed by community management expert services, enable clients to increase brand loyalty, sales, and customer satisfaction while decreasing customer care costs. Lithiums solutions have been implemented by many of the worlds largest organisations around the world. Vertical markets served include telecommunications, media, entertainment, technology and e-tail. Founded in 2001, Lithium is privately held with headquarters in Emeryville, California. RIGHTNOW 8 HELPS COMPANIES DELIVER EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES 2006-09-13T20:09:00Z rightnow-8-helps-companies-deliver-exceptional-customer-experiences RightNow Technologies today introduced RightNow 8, a new, significantly advanced version of its award-winning suite of enterprise service, sales and marketing solutions. RightNow 8 is designed to help companies ensure that a customers experience - the sum of interactions with a companys products, people and processes - consistently exceeds expectations. RightNow 8 will be available in December 2006. Alison Higgins-Miller, RightNows vice president Asia Pacific said, Globalisation has created customers that are better informed and who have greater market choices. In this environment, a commitment to delivering superior customer experiences is the only way to win new customers and maintain loyalty. With this in mind, RightNow 8 builds on our expertise and understanding of providing organisations and consumers with knowledge at the point of interaction, to ensure high levels of service. An exceptional customer experience can be the single most powerful way for companies to set themselves apart from competitors. Yet despite massive investments in customer relationship management (CRM) software, tales of abysmal service continue to make front-page news. These problems persist because conventional CRM solutions are narrowly focused on streamlining internal processes, rather than addressing the broader, more critical issues that define the quality of the customer experience. Built to meet the needs of the most demanding global organisations, RightNow 8 is easy to use, quick to deploy and simple to customise and manage. It directly addresses the customer experience challenge by ensuring that the knowledge required to optimise the quality of every interaction is available in real time wherever and whenever it is needed. New features of RightNow 8 include: Customer Experience Designer: RightNow 8s Customer Experience Designer is an easy-to-use graphical workflow engine that empowers business users to design, deliver and modify processes - from a customers perspective - that span sales, marketing and customer service. Users can map customer-initiated processes, such as product registration or the tracking of merchandise returns, to ensure that customers have a seamless experience as they interact with different departments. The Customer Experience Designer includes pre-built templates to speed and simplify deployment. In addition, users can easily modify processes to respond to changing customer expectations and market conditions. RightNow Feedback: RightNow 8 Feedback enables organisations to capture and measure customer feedback across all touch-points in real time and take immediate action on that feedback. For example, a company can route customer comments on products to design teams, which can then contact customers, solicit more information and, if appropriate, incorporate that feedback into future designs. Companies can also use packaged templates to gather, monitor and act on customer satisfaction and service issues or collect insights from their own employees. RightNow Analytics: New analytical features include Report Design Center, an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tool that enables users to assemble and present information such as tables, charts and fields in customisable formats. Multiple reports can be brought together in customisable dashboards and homepages, ensuring that needed information is immediately available for use in customer interactions. Another new feature is historical trending, which allows users to collect, analyse and compare current and projected information with historical data for time-based comparisons of sales pipelines, lead conversion rates, customer satisfaction rankings and other performance metrics. Workspace Designer: RightNow 8s drag-and-drop screen layout designer empowers administrators and users to customise desktop workspaces to map to key business processes by adding, deleting, moving or changing fields, tabs, embedded analytics and tasks. The Workspace Designer includes pre-defined, role-based profiles for customer service, sales and marketing staff at the executive, manager, sales rep and agent levels. These profiles include pre-configured workspaces with relevant dashboards and homepages. In addition, role-relevant analytical information can be embedded into users workspaces to ensure that they have the right information in the right place at the right time. Packaged Vertical Solutions: RightNow 8 is available in solutions tailored to government, business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments. These customisable solutions streamline deployment by incorporating industry-specific best practices, processes and workflows, profiles and roles, terminology, screen layouts, homepages and dashboards. Additional vertical solutions will be introduced throughout 2007. Enterprise On Demand Architecture: Designed for mission-critical business environments, RightNow 8 is fast, easy to use and highly configurable. With new Smart Client technology, RightNow 8 combines the flexibility and ease-of-use of web-based access with the full functionality of traditional client software. Microsoft Outlook email, calendaring, tasks and contact capabilities are all embedded into the highly intuitive RightNow interface, so that employees can use their standard desktop tools from within the RightNow environment. Greg Gianforte, RightNows president and CEO said, A superior customer experience is a critical competitive differentiator in todays high-choice markets. To do this, you must listen to customers, solicit feedback and act on that information immediately. RightNow 8 will help organisations outperform competitors that fail to recognise the power of a positive customer experience. No other on demand vendor comes close to providing the richness, flexibility and performance necessary to meet the business requirements of large enterprises. About RightNow Technologies RightNow (NASDAQ: RNOW) delivers the high-impact technology solutions and services organisations need to cost-efficiently deliver a consistently superior customer experience across their frontline marketing, sales and service touch-points. More than 1,700 corporations and government agencies worldwide depend on RightNow to achieve their strategic objectives and better meet the needs of those they serve. RightNow is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. For more information, visit RightNow is a registered trademark of RightNow Technologies, Inc. NASDAQ is a registered trademark of the NASDAQ Stock Market. Victoria University of Wellington increases out-of-country conversion rates using RightNow Marketing 2006-08-08T19:11:00Z victoria-university-of-wellington-increases-out-of-country-conversion-rates-using-rightnow-marketing RightNow Technologies today announced that New Zealands Victoria University has increased its overseas enrolments, despite a general decline in the number of international students in New Zealand, since implementing RightNows on demand marketing solutions. Victoria University has seen a significant increase in conversion rates for particular Asia Pacific regions where conversion rates had previously been low. The school has also used RightNow to increase enrolment in its post-graduate programs. Traditional advertising mechanisms are not practical for reaching a highly diverse range of prospects across multiple countries and continents. In addition, the information the University has to provide prospects during the course of their enrolment decisions is too rich and complex for conventional media. Using RightNow, however, both the University and its overseas contractor-partners can maintain an ongoing, content-rich conversation with prospects across multiple communication channelssignificantly increasing the likelihood that anyone considering Victoria University will ultimately choose it. Charles Brooks, Victoria Universitys emarketing coordinator, said, RightNow CRM provides Victoria University with the advanced emarketing and contact centre capabilities we need to create a superior experience for our prospects around the world, while allowing us to avoid the significant overhead associated with ownership of complex business applications. Our engagement with RightNow is delivering very high return-on-investment and helping us achieve strategic institutional goals that are critical to our long-term success in an increasingly competitive global market." RightNow automates the delivery of highly targeted information to all prospects based on their individual interests and attributes. Thus, for example, a prospective undergraduate science student from India making an initial inquiry receives very different information from a prospective post-graduate business student from Denmark who has to make a final decision within two weeks. RightNow also gives the University complete flexibility to mix-and-match content to create highly individualised messages that touch on each prospects likely concerns. A message may therefore combine information about curriculum, housing and financial aid if the RightNow database indicates that those issues could all impact the prospects decision. In addition to providing insight into individual prospects, RightNow has helped the University better understand the differences between the various geographic markets it serves. Students from certain countries, for example, may be more concerned about housing and student lifewhile others may be more focused on post-graduation employment opportunities. By providing visibility into these market characteristics, RightNow is enabling the University to deliver a higher-quality student experience from first touch through enrolment, thereby enhancing conversion rates by as much as 40 percent and strengthening the Universitys post-graduate admissions efforts. RightNow is being widely deployed by universities and colleges around the world to communicate more effectively with students, prospects, alumni, and other critical constituencies via both traditional and Internet channels. Alison Higgins-Miller, RightNows vice president Asia-Pacific said, In the globally competitive world of higher education, effective multi-channel communication is essential for attracting, retaining and serving a high-quality student body. RightNows advanced knowledge foundation and proven ability to automate content-rich, multi-channel conversations make it an extremely powerful solution for public and private institutions seeking to excel in this communication-intensive market environment. About Victoria University Victoria University was founded through an Act of Parliament in 1897, the year of Queen Victorias Diamond Jubilee celebration, and named in her honour. It is home to more than 19,000 students distributed across four major campuses located in the centre of Wellington, New Zealands capital. The University offers academic programs in more than 90 subjects at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. For more information, visit About RightNow Technologies RightNow (NASDAQ: RNOW) is leading the industry beyond CRM to high-impact Customer Experience Management solutions. More than 1,500 companies around the world turn to RightNow to drive a superior customer experience across the frontlines of their business. As a win-on-service strategy becomes a business imperative, Customer Experience Management solutions have become essential for business success. Founded in 1997, RightNow is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, with additional offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For further information, please visit RightNow is a registered trademark of RightNow Technologies, Inc. NASDAQ is a registered trademark of the NASDAQ Stock Market. RightNow boosts Australian team one month after launching Asia Pacific operations in Sydney 2001-06-21T20:10:00Z rightnow-boosts-australian-team-one-month-after-launching-asia-pacific-operations-in-sydney RightNow Technologies has appointed Greg Channer as corporate account manager for Asia Pacific. Greg will be based in RightNows Asia Pacific headquarters, launched last month in Sydney. RightNow Technologies makes self-service software for websites. Greg Channer will focus on growing RightNows business in the financial sector. Before joining RightNow Technologies, Greg worked in an executive business development capacity with Vigil Tech, a systems integrator specialising in enterprise computing platforms. RightNows launch timing is perfect because the market is really focussed on consolidating efforts in customer contact and support. RightNow is about making it easy for customers to help themselves online. When customers help themselves rather than picking up the phone or emailing this leads to significant cost savings. Any product that can be implemented quickly that reduces overheads is highly attractive in the market right now, said Greg Channer. Greg has extensive experience in the banking and finance arena having worked with a number of banks and insurance companies including ING Bank, ABN Amro, Perpetual Trustees and Zurich Insurance. RightNow Technologies has identified banking and finance as a growth area for web based self service in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. Typically, investors and clients want immediate access to their finances, preferring to go online than to wait on the phone or for their broker to return their call. The fast return on investment from RightNows website self service installations, plus the increasing demand from businesses and customers for better access to information and improved web services means that RightNow expects rapid growth in the Asia Pacific region over the next year. ENDS About RightNow Technologies Founded in 1997, RightNow Technologies, is a privately held software company which helps organisations effectively manage customer/partner relationships on the web. The company's flagship software suite, RightNow Web, offers web-based customer service and technical support for more than 1,100 organisations worldwide. RightNow Technologies' installed customers include Air Canada, Lufthansa, Virgin Travel, Motorola, Nortel, Sanyo, Xerox, CISCO, Polaroid and Crayola. RightNows headquarters are in Montana, USA and additional offices are located in Dallas, London, Munich and Sydney. Rightnow can be reached by email or on the web at