The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2010-08-23T02:48:45Z Telstra Selects Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi as an In-Home Distribution Option for its New Internet TV Service 2010-08-23T02:48:45Z telstra-selects-ruckus-smart-wi-fi-as-an-in-home-distribution-option-for-its-new-internet-tv-service Ruckus Wireless™ today announced that it has been selected by Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications provider, to offer Smart 802.11n Wi-Fi systems as part of its Home Network Extender accessory range for enabling wireless distribution of its Internet-based broadband television service within subscriber homes. Ruckus Wireless is providing Telstra with its award-winning MediaFlex™ 7000 Series Smart Wi-Fi system for use with its new T-Box™ set-top box which combines BigPond TV, movie downloads, HD free-to-air channels and a personal video recorder. The Ruckus MediaFlex systems is being offered as an option for Telstra customers who need to connect T-Box™ beyond the reach of an Ethernet connection or normal Wi-Fi connectivity. The Ruckus MediaFlex 7000 series, based on high-speed 802.11n 5GHz technology, is a unique in-home Wi-Fi system specifically designed for high-reliability and long-range transmission of IP-based video. Unlike any other Wi-Fi system available today, the MediaFlex 7000 integrates patented smart antenna technology that focuses Wi-Fi signals only where they are needed while constantly steering transmissions over the highest performing signal paths. According to Telstra, the Ruckus MediaFlex Smart Wi-Fi system was selected due to its ease of use, superior handling of streaming video content and ability to automatically adapt to obstacles and interference that typically cause packet loss which results in the pixilation of content on TVs. To enable wireless TV in the home via the MediaFlex Smart Wi-Fi system, Telstra customers simply purchase and plug in a pre-configured Ruckus MediaFlex bundle that includes a 5GHz 802.11n access point and 5GHz wireless adapter. The Ruckus MediaFlex AP attaches to the Telstra home gateway via Ethernet and the Ruckus MediaFlex adapter plugs into an Ethernet port on Telstra’s new T-Box™ set-top box. No configuration or cabling is required giving Telstra customers the freedom to place their T-Boxes and televisions virtually anywhere in the home. Smart Wi-Fi Dominates the Market for In-Home Multimedia Distribution Smart Wi-Fi, the newest innovation in 802.11 technology, uses advances in intelligent antenna arrays and quality of service (Smart Wi-Fi) to effectively triple the range, reliability and performance of Wi-Fi communications. Smart Wi-Fi works by continuously routing Wi-Fi signals over the best and highest performing paths while steering these Wi-Fi signals around interference as it is experienced. This enables Smart Wi-Fi systems to automatically adapt to the changing Wi-Fi environment and support real-time, delay-sensitive applications such as streaming digital video. Based on patented technology, the Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi system is the world’s first and only Wi-Fi solution specifically developed to reliably transmit IP-based streaming digital video over standard 802.11 technology. This Ruckus MediaFlex system now dominates the market for in-home multimedia distribution, having been adopted by over 125 broadband operators and service providers around the world. To date, more than one million Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi units have been installed in subscriber homes to support commercial around the world by the world’s leading telecommunications companies including Belgacom, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, PCCW, Swisscom, Telecom Austria, SingTel, Telefnica O2 Czech Republic Telefnica Del Sur, Telenor and many others. Smart Wi-Fi Pioneer, Ruckus, Open for Business Down Under to Meet Expanding Market Demand 2010-07-28T00:51:42Z smart-wi-fi-pioneer-ruckus-open-for-business-down-under-to-meet-expanding-market-demand Ruckus Wireless™, globally recognised pioneer in smart mobile networking, has announced the opening of its Australia and New Zealand office in Sydney. The organisation will announce shortly the appointment of its national distributor for Smart WLAN systems directed at enterprise customers. Ruckus technology has already been adopted by a host of industries in Australia with the strongest uptake in the healthcare, education, hospitality and utilities sectors. Customers include The Sydney Opera House, Western Water, University of Melbourne, Hobart Waterfront, Trinity College and Shiavello amongst numerous enterprise and government organisations. “Ruckus Wireless has allowed Western Water to deliver a seamless wireless network across all of its sites in a mode that is fast, cost effective and simple to manage,” said Jeff Smith, Network Administration Manager at Western Water, one of many satisfied Ruckus customers who have expressed their delight at the opening of a local Ruckus office.. "As the market demand for our highly specialised and reliable Wi-Fi technology continues to surge, we want to do everything possible to provide the high-touch service our customers have come to expect from us," said Ruckus Wireless CEO, Ms Selina Lo. "Establishing a formal presence in the Australia New Zealand region marks an important growth milestone for our company.” Carl Jefferys has been appointed Ruckus Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand. Jefferys has over 30 years of experience in the IT&T industry. Before joining Ruckus, he held senior management roles in NEC and Macquarie Telecom. Prior to this, he held engineering and sales positions with AWA, Datacraft and Lucent. “Although Ruckus has had a solid customer base in ANZ for a number of years, the time has come to invest in the expansion of our distribution and VAR channels by providing in-country technical and sales support,” said Jefferys. “There’s no doubt that today the WLAN market is being driven by the strong trend toward the use of Wi-Fi as a ubiquitous utility to support more mature applications such as voice, video, digital signage and other sophisticated uses.” Background Formed in June 2004, Ruckus Wireless is credited with developing the first Smart Wi-Fi products and technology that extend the range of Wi-Fi signals and automatically adapt to environmental changes. Ruckus Wireless sells its wireless systems to mobile operators and broadband service providers to support a variety of applications such as 3G offload, wireless broadband access and in-home video distribution. For enterprises, Ruckus sells a complete indoor/outdoor Smart wireless LAN system based on state-of-the-art dynamic beamforming technology. To date, over 2 million Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi systems equipped with Ruckus-patented BeamFlex™ technology have been shipped around the world. Smart Wi-Fi technology steers signals around interference, obstructions and obstacles to ensure unprecedented coverage and consistent performance in a range of physical environments. Its flagship product line, ZoneFlex, represents the next generation of centralised WLAN systems, built with Ruckus’ patented dynamic beamforming, one of the newest breakthroughs in 802.11 technology. The technology constantly forms and directs Wi-Fi signals over the best performing signal path, continually steering signals around obstacles and interference that can degrade performance. Ruckus has won a number of awards noting it as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. DellOro Group rates Ruckus top market share leader in outdoor mesh AP shipments while Gartner ranks Ruckus No. 1 in 2009 relative industry performance among WLAN vendors. Ruckus debuted on Inc. Magazine’s 28th annual Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest growing private companies, ranked No. 26 overall on the list, No. 1 in the Top 100 Telecommunications Companies and No. 2 in the Top 10 Women-Run Companies. Jim’s Computer Services takes MPmail nationwide through its franchisee community 2010-07-28T00:50:44Z jim-s-computer-services-takes-mpmail-nationwide-through-its-franchisee-community The national network of Jim's Computer Services has added Manage Protect’s successful MPmail managed service to the armoury of its franchisees’ offerings. Two years ago, Jim’s Computer Services’ customer base was 60 per cent consumer and 40 per cent business. Today, this has reversed, with 60 per cent of customers being small businesses. “Not only have we promoted MPmail to our franchisees as an ideal anti-spam, anti-virus managed email solution for their customers, we are adopting the service to protect our own franchise email systems,” said Andrew Hart, National Franchisor Manager for Jim’s Computer Services. Hart indicated that they had evaluated a number of mail security products but found MPmail offered the best of breed, comprehensive security to businesses. “Our franchisees are only interested in offering the best product on the market, with strong local support to customers as its performance reflects and impacts directly on them,” he said. Andrew Johnson, Manage Protect’s Managing Director, said that over 50 per cent of the 85 national franchisees have already signed agreements with Manage Protect, with the remaining to sign in the next six weeks. The Jim’s Computer Services franchise community is expanding rapidly with franchise numbers forecast at 100 by the end of 2010. MPmail training for the franchisees has taken place in New South Wales and Victoria and is scheduled to take place in the other states shortly. They have also been supplied with technical and marketing collateral. “At the end of the day, the web-based service [MPmail] sells itself to both the franchisee and the customer due to the simplicity of implementation, the low monthly service fee and the clear productivity return a business derives,” said Hart. “The franchisee receives an annuity based on the monthly recurring fees paid by the customer. It can’t be simpler.” The online security SaaS provider offers two engagement options depending on how involved the organisation wishes to be. Franchisees can become a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or a Value Added Reseller (VAR) partner. “Our per seat per month pricing model suits the small business market Jim’s Computer Services franchisees deal with, said Johnson. “There is genuine enthusiasm about the partnership and we’re looking forward to working together.” A number of the regional franchisors have also shown interest in MPweb, Manage Protect’s business grade, automatically updated web filtering and security service. “We are impressed with MPweb and the simplicity in implementing the service. We are next evaluating MParchive and, I believe, that we will have a suite of Manage Protect cloud based services available to our customers via our franchisees by the end of this year,” concluded Hart. - ENDS - About Manage Protect Pty Ltd ( Manage Protect is an Australian online security SaaS provider to the VAR (Value Added Reseller) and MSP (Managed Service Provider) channel in Australia and New Zealand. The company delivers SMB focused security SaaS powered by best-of-breed vendors from around the world under the Manage Protect brand. Jim's Computer Services ( Jim's Computer Services provides a full range of computer solutions for business owners, home office workers and home computer users. The national network of locally based IT professionals covers all metropolitan and country areas around Australia. The Jim's Computer Services network is backed by the Jim's Group of companies and has the staff, expertise and resources to be able to react quickly to any IT related issues. Multidirect focuses on conversations rather than technology 2010-07-20T22:45:14Z multidirect-focuses-on-conversations-rather-than-technology Premier Technologies (Premier), a leading Australian supplier of contact centre solutions, has announced that Multidirect, an Australian call centre operator providing telemarketing services to Australian charities since 1992, has chosen to implement the Premier Contact Point hosted contact centre solution in its call centres throughout Western Australia. Starting with one call centre employing 30 agents, today, Multidirect has 5 call centres employing offering flexible work hours to its 130 agents. Multidirect’s Operations Manager, Andrew Lockyer, maintains that the organisation has grown a very successful business over the last 18 years by focusing primarily on people and process rather than technology. “Our success in sourcing charitable supporters is founded on ensuring each and every conversation with a potential supporter is just that - a conversation,” said Lockyer. “We were concerned that interposing any form of technology, such as a dialler, that might cause supporter frustration, would reduce our success rates and negatively impact supporter attitudes.” However, after a successful pilot program, Lockyer and the Multidirect management team were convinced the dialler technology, incorporated within Premier Contact Point, would do exactly the opposite and the organisation signed an agreement to implement Premier Technologies’ hosted contact centre solution. The solution introduced the dialler technology without the associated hardware, software and maintenance responsibilities. “In some cases,” Lockyer reported, “we’ve significantly increased our sales per hour. Fundamentally, these outstanding results are due to increasing agents’ talk time in servicing the various charities Multidirect represents.” “From an operational perspective, adopting a hosted solution such as Premier Contact Point allows the focus to be taken off the technology and placed squarely back on the people, skills and contact centre processes that deliver real tangible benefits to a contact centre’s bottom line,” said Premier Technologies CEO, Fausto Marasco. He outlined why Multidirect was an ideal candidate for hosted technology. “Multidirect has centres in various locations around Australia. “With Premier Contact Point, all those centres can be managed in real-time as a single virtual centre from one central location.” In addition, because the hosted model requires no capital expenditure, medium sized organisations like Multidirect can access enterprise-level technology at a fraction of the usual cost. Lockyer also praised the solution for its ease of use, saying that although staff had initially been apprehensive about the introduction of a new system, they were up and running much quicker than expected. “The training was exceptional,” said Lockyer, “and the visual nature of the user interface means that anyone can jump on as an agent and be up to speed in no time.” “We’re particularly excited about our relationship with Multidirect,” said Marasco. “In sharing with them the experience Premier has gained in the contact centre industry over the last twenty-four years, we’re confident that we can help to drive Multidirect’s business and work with them to achieve new levels of success.” - ENDS - About Multidirect Multi Direct is a Contact Centre leader who provides funds to charities by selling products to a supporter base through telemarketing. Money raised is provided to those charities that receive none or limited Federal Funding. Multi Direct is a family owned business that has been operating for more than 15 years with five large call centres located in Australia employing local people. About Premier Premier Technologies is a leading Australian supplier of contact centre solutions. Founded in 1986, Premier Technologies is wholly Australian-owned and continues to provide innovative solutions to the contact centre industry. Premier Contact Point is Premier Technologies’ hosted contact centre solution, with the application hosted at Premier’s secure data centre and supplied to customers over the internet for a subscription-based monthly fee. Manage Protect wins iAwards Annual Industry Award in Start-up Company Category 2010-07-20T22:31:09Z manage-protect-wins-iawards-annual-industry-award-in-start-up-company-category Online security and productivity SaaS provider, Manage Protect, has been selected by a panel of industry experts as the award recipient of this year’s iAwards industry award in the Start-up Company state awards -Victoria. The Parliamentary Secretary for Regional and Rural Development, Industry and Trade, Jaala Pulford, presented the award to Andrew Johnson, Manage Protect’s Managing Director. As the winner of the Victorian state awards, Manage Protect will go on to represent Victoria at the national iAwards in August and will also have the opportunity to participate in the Innovation Showcase. The 2010 iAwards celebrates the ICT industry’s accomplishments, contribution to strong and efficient business across the economy and the importance of technology innovation to Australia’s international competitiveness. Manage Protect offers four business-grade SaaS offerings for small to medium businesses which require no hardware, software or maintenance: MPmail, MParchive, MPweb, MPexchange. Johnson said, “We are thrilled to receive this award and thank our channel partners for their strong commitment to us and the support of their customers. Through the execution of a one hundred per cent channel partner strategy, Manage Protect has built a highly robust and rapidly growing business. Our partners are confident that there will be no conflict with a direct channel, and that our marketing and technical resources are there to support them 100 per cent. “This award is continued validation of our growing reputation since launching in early 2008. Manage Protect is today protecting over 700 businesses, representing thousands of end users across Australia and New Zealand. We believe that our unwavering commitment to the channel and delivery of best of breed security SaaS to businesses is striking a chord with both the partner community and the businesses that we serve daily,” concluded Johnson. ENDS - About Manage Protect Pty Ltd ( Manage Protect is an Australian online security SaaS provider to the VAR (Value Added Reseller) and MSP (Managed Service Provider) channel in Australia and New Zealand. The company delivers SMB focused security SaaS powered by best-of-breed vendors from around the world under the Manage Protect brand. Media enquiries Andrew Johnson, Managing Director, Manage Protect, T: 1300 657 500 Dolores Diez, Rivers of Communication, T: +61 417 330 881 /E: Caroma Dorf Implements Premier Technologies Hosted Contact Centre 2010-05-17T09:08:04Z caroma-dorf-implements-premier-technologies-hosted-contact-centre Premier Technologies (Premier), a leading Australian supplier of contact centre solutions, announced today that Caroma Dorf, Australia’s leading supplier of tapware and bathroom fittings and fixtures, has chosen to implement Premier Contact Point at its contact centres throughout Australia. After multiple acquisitions, Caroma Dorf found itself with separate functional contact centres scattered across Australia, with multiple inbound numbers and no clear view or control of realtime as well as historical performance. Caroma Dorf selected Premier Technologies’ hosted solution, Premier Contact Point, as their preferred contact centre application after a successful pilot program proved it would be able to give them a unified view of their contact centre operations. Premier’s hosted contact centre solution has tied together sixty agents across the country into a single virtual contact centre and assisted Caroma Dorf as they work to create a consistent and efficient experience for all their customers. “Premier Technologies has delivered a solution that is easy to understand, easy to maintain and very effective at tying together all our resources,” said Caroma Dorf National Customer Service Manager Josephine Galazzo. “For the first time, we are able to respond to and manage the centre in realtime.” “The circumstances in which Caroma Dorf found itself are perfect for a hosted solution,” said Premier Technologies CEO Fausto Marasco. “By investing in this platform to enable unified performance reporting across all agents in realtime, Caroma Dorf is in a position to focus on developing the skills and capabilities that will continue to build their business.” In addition to clear savings in the areas of hardware and software purchases and maintenance, a hosted solution delivers peace of mind and increased security and redundancy for organisations. From an operational perspective, adopting a hosted solution such as Premier Contact Point allows the focus to be taken off the technology and placed squarely back on the people, skills and contact centre processes that deliver real tangible benefits to a contact centre’s bottom line.