The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2001-07-06T16:20:00Z Abbotsleigh uses Sitaras QoSWorks to improve students online access from home to school education resources 2001-07-06T16:20:00Z abbotsleigh-uses-sitaras-qosworks-to-improve-students-online-access-from-home-to-school-education-resources Students at Abbotsleigh School in Sydney are no longer held back by an Internet link unable to cope with their work loads, thanks to Sitaras quality-of-service solution, QoSWorks. The school is using QoSWorks to give priority to educational activities on its Internet link, including access for students and teachers from their homes. The school has also saved an estimated $60,000 a year in bandwidth costs by optimising the performance of the existing 2Mb link. Abbotsleigh School was considering buying expensive extra bandwidth to further upgrade the existing communications link between school and the Internet. However, by using Sitaras QoSWorks, the bandwidth requirement for Internet access has been met by the existing link because of greatly improved performance. Warwick Noble, director of technology at Abbotsleigh School said, For some time weve had issues with our school Internet link not being able to keep up with the students demands. The Sitara solution improved the service between the students, the network based resources, and the teaching staff Were running Windows 2000 on 16 servers. We have 350 student work stations and lap-tops for every one of the 150 staff. Plus, the 900 high school students and 350 junior school students are all set-up for external access. Using Citrix Client from home and connecting to three Citrix servers at the school, the students and teaching staff are now able to use their home computers to undertake their homework and to prepare for class. Were able to satisfy their expectations by maintaining a high-level of performance through the Internet link. Citrix based external network benefits from Sitaras solution Sitaras QoSWorks enables us to give priority to the Citrix-based traffic using the external link before 7.30am and after 5pm on school days. When school is in, the priority is changed so that the LAN receives most of the available bandwidth, while still guaranteeing 0.5 Mb of bandwidth to parents connecting to the school via Citrix during school hours. With QoSWorks were able to control the timing of which pipe youre giving priority to and this can be applied to inbound as well as outbound traffic, said Warwick Noble. Excuse-proof homework A fully networked school lets teachers provide lesson material to students in three different ways. We can post it to the public drive, email it to students or use AbbNet Abbotsleighs intranet. This means there are no more issues about students losing work sheets or assignments. All the information is centrally located online and can be accessed by students in their own homes, said Justin Raymond, one of Abbotsleighs computing teachers. Another advantage of computer-based teaching is that students can learn at their own pace. If a student doesnt finish with the rest of the class, they can log-on when they get home and complete the lesson. Conversely, if a student finds the work interesting and easy, they can do extra work or move ahead. Also students who are away sick can log on at home and see what their classmates are doing, so they will have less to catch up on when they return to school. explained Justin Raymond. With QoSWorks, Abbotsleighs Internet link now optimises the distribution of content from various sites and in different applications and give student more flexibility in the allocations of their study time. Schools bandwidth appetite sparks search for solution Abbotsleigh first approached Netlan about concerns with its continually increasing bandwidth requirements. Despite having a 256k ISDN link, the school was still unable to reliably cope with the high network demands made by an educational environment. In addition to increasing the bandwidth of the school Internet link, Netlan recognised that a quality-of-service solution would improve management of network resources and as Abbotsleigh was using Citrix servers, Sitaras QosWorks would be the best option because of the technology partnership between Citrix and Sitara. Gunter Baurhenn director of Netlan said, The special requirements of the school meant they needed an adaptable solution. We needed to make all the applications available in the school network also available from home. For example, if a student wants to print-off something after hours while working in a resource area, the Citrix server located in the school can redirect the print job back to the students printer at home. The volume of mixed application traffic the students require is astounding and expectations from the students are only going to increase. Sitara is essential in this type of situation if network managers want to provide an acceptable level of service and manage their network resources efficiently, said Gunter Baurhenn. About Abbotsleigh School Abbotsleigh is an independent Anglican school for girls in the diocese of Sydney. It encourages each girl to develop her potential in a caring Christian environment by fostering her pursuit of personal and academic excellence. In providing a broad, well-balanced education the School helps each girl develop inner strength and a philosophy of life which will enable her to be an independent, constructive and compassionate world citizen with a will to serve others. Abbotsleigh offers a broad, university-oriented curriculum. It is one of the oldest schools in Australia, surviving and thriving because of the ability of her staff and students over the last 115 years to set and reach the highest standards, enjoying all the while what they were doing and finding many ways to build traditions and form friendships to last a lifetime. About Netlan Netlan Pty Ltd has specialised in system integration and data/ telecommunications cabling for over 12 years. Netlans activities have increased as industry and commerce recognised the benefits that an effective network can provide. The continued growth of Netlan depends on the quality of service it provides and the customer satisfaction that results from this service. As a result, Netlan is committed to providing its customers with the right level of service and support. Netlan develops specifically tailored solutions to suit each client and as a technology partner it provides a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance any business. About Sitara Networks Sitara Networks designs, develops, and markets a comprehensive, integrated suite of high performance quality of service networking products for enterprises and communications service providers. Sitara Networks products are designed to address the inherent limitations of Internet Protocol, or IP, in order to optimise overall network performance, ensure the availability of mission critical applications, and ultimately allow service providers to deliver additional, revenue-generating services, on demand, with the level of services their customers require. Sitara Networks is also a leader in the enterprise QoS market by enabling e-business and protecting mission critical applications. Sitara Networks is headquartered in Waltham, MA/USA and operates subsidiaries in Canada, South America, South Africa, Europe, and Asia. Sitara Networks Asia Pacific is headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Sydney. More information about the company can be found on the Web at or Sitara Networks, Sitara, QoSWorks, QoSArray, and QoSDirector are trademarks of Sitara Networks, Inc.